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My god Mariska is a goddess, in that episode she was doing more than acting, it was…I don't know what it was it was but it was pure brilliance, her father would be so proud of her. I bet Peter was right there behind the cameras reading to just praise her the moment the cameras finished rolling.

Anyway, stop rambling Jo, when I was watching it I kinda thought that the guard was going to get away with it so me little brain got ticking and I came up with this.

Personally I love Fin but Elliot should have saved her and kicked Harris' ass, and I think they should have got Parker for it too, because lets face it he was already for taking her off and having his merry way with her but Harris jumped the queue, which you could so tell pissed Parker right off, that guy was hard for her.

Anyway I came up with this, hope ya like it. It'll only be one or two chapters..

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Chapter 1

As Elliot drove her back to her apartment all she could think about was no matter how hard she had tried she still couldn't get justice for Ashley and Risa and all those other women, and for herself.

She would never tell anyone just how scared she had been in that basement. After it though, all she could think was 'is that how scared my mother was'? God now she understood why her mother hated her so much and not one bit of her blamed her anymore, she hated herself.

She was so lost in her thoughts she hadn't noticed Elliot pull up outside her building. She was looking out of the window, but at nothing in particular. She near jumped a mile as Elliot put his hand on her knee to get her attention.

"Shit…" She mumbled. She took a deep breath and rubbed the spot above her eye where she had the worst migraine she had ever had in her life coming on.

"Let me walk you up." Elliot said.

"No." She said.

"Liv I'm gonna walk you up." He said firmly.

"Elliot back off." She said. She opened the door but he grabbed it and shut it again. She just closed her eyes she could feel tears stinging her eyes, but she was determined she wasn't going to cry.

"I know you Liv. I know you think you screwed you up because we can't hold Harris, but for Gods sakes, what would you do? Go back there and let him rape you…leave some of his DNA in you so we could hold him? What makes you think he would have stopped at that, what makes you think he wouldn't have killed you after he'd raped you?" He said.

She wanted to answer him but she couldn't she had a huge lump in her throat, so she tried to push the door open again, but he was holding it firm. "You did your job, that's all you can do, that's all any of us can do." He said.

She turned to face him. The tears in her eyes were about ready to burst their banks. "I screwed up El, me. I wanted to get him so bad I didn't think any of it through and then when it did happen, I got scared and I panicked so I ran from him…" She said choking on the lump that refused to budge.

"As opposed to what laying there and taking it…" He said getting frustrated that he didn't know what she would do if she were in that situation again, he wanted to believe she would do the same, fight like hell, but he knew how damn stubborn she was about helping the victims at whatever cost.

She pulled his arm off the door then pushed it open. "Then will you please flash your lights once your inside." He said.

"Will it make you fuck off?" She asked.

He just nodded. He was hurt because he knew she was hurting and that she was ashamed so she was lashing out at him. Just like he knew he did with her when the situations were reversed and he thought he had screwed up.

She jumped out and he watched as she walked up to her building, he was looking around everywhere and he had his hand ready to open the door if need be. He watched as she walked inside the building. He knew she would take the stairs instead of the lift so he waited.

After a minute or two she flashed her lights, three times. Satisfied she was in he checked around again then slowly pulled away, he'd already decided he was driving round the block once…maybe twice.

- - - - - -

Inside Olivia had taken a bottle of beer out of the fridge and was almost halfway through it when there was a knock on the door. She slammed the bottle down. She knew it would be Elliot worrying about her. Didn't he understand she just wanted to be left alone to hide under her blankets and try to feel safe again and forget the whole thing?

She stormed over to the door, so ready for yelling at him she didn't even bother to check the peephole, she just unlocked the door, took the chain off and swung it open, quickly regretting it.

Harris grabbed hold of her and pushed her back into her apartment, whilst Parker quickly followed behind him shutting the door.

"Help me!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

Harris clamped his hand over her mouth and pushed her down on the worktop. "Cuff her." He said to Parker.

Parker walked towards her swinging the cuffs, taunting her. The tears were streaming down her face, she knew now her rape was inevitable, two against one, she just about had a shot in the basement when it was just her and Harris.

Her heart was pounding and her head was dizzy with the thoughts that were whizzing around it, telling her she was about to be raped. As Parker got a little closer she kicked out hitting right between the legs, he fell into Harris clutching himself. Harris almost fell flat on the floor so as his grip on Olivia loosened she bolted.

She ran straight into the bathroom, she tried to shut the door knowing she would be able to lock it, but Harris ran into it sending her and the door flying across the bathroom. She fell into the sink, hitting her already bruised back. She just looked at Harris. "Please just get out!" She begged him.

"We will once I get what a came here for." He said before he grabbed her hair and dragged her out of the bathroom, he threw her right over the back of the couch so she landed smack bang on it, in seconds he had jumped on top of her. He was holding her arms above her head whilst Parker cuffed them.

"Stop!" She cried. "Help me, somebody please help me!" She screamed. She knew her neighbors would be able to hear her.

Parker was holding her arms down and Harris was quickly working on getting her jeans off, thanks to her squirming he was finding it quite difficult. "Hold her still!" He yelled at Parker.

"I'm trying…" Parker yelled back at him.

Olivia managed to rip her arms free from Parker's grasp and she quickly used them to push him, he lost his balance and fell back.

Outside, Elliot was driving past her building again, he could see a dull light on in her apartment he guessed it was the lamp. Suddenly there was a flash and it went off, her apartment went almost completely black. He stopped the car dead in the middle of the street and dove out. "Olivia!" He yelled as he ran towards her building.

He began pushing all the buttons. "Please, somebody let me in." He said franticly.

The sound of the door buzzing as someone let him in was the best thing he'd ever heard. He barged through the door and began running up the stairs, taking them two at a time.

Harris was heavy on top of Olivia. He was kneeling on her legs with his sharp knees that were keeping her legs apart. "Dirty lying cop…." He spat at her, "…I'm gonna make you wish I'd killed you back in that basement." He said grabbing her bruised face and holding it still whilst he kissed her hard in the lips, forcing his probing tongue into her mouth.

She cried and tried to scream but his mouth over hers muffled her screams. "Hurry it up Harris I want a go off her." Parker said impatiently like a kid waiting in line to play with a toy next.

"You'll get your turn." He said as he pulled his pants down, just enough so he could hang out of them comfortably.

"No!" She screamed. "Get off of me!" She ordered.

Parker slapped his mouth down on hers, he wanted his turn early. Harris grabbed a handful of his shirt and pulled him off her.

"Wait your god-damn turn!" He yelled at him.

Harris began squeezing her breasts through her shirt as she lay there crying, still squirming but her body was so tired, she had used up every ounce of adrenaline in the basement. "Please don't do this." She whimpered.

"But this is what you wanted…" Parker said, "…it's why you came to Sealview." He said before he grabbed himself, positioning himself ready to push into her. "No!" She screamed…suddenly there was a bang and the door flew open.

Elliot ran in pointing his gun at them. "Back off. Get the fuck away from her!" He yelled.

Harris just huffed and climbed off her, using her body to push himself of her, leaving behind what she knew would lead to more bruises. Both Harris and Parker backed up. Parker had his hands held up in the air but Harris was too busy putting himself away.

Keeping the gun fixed on them he walked over to the couch and put his hand out for Olivia, she quickly took it and he pulled her up, backing up a bit with her before wrapping his arm around her as he fell into his arms. "It's okay Liv, I got ya. I got ya." He said as she cried against his shoulder.

His heart felt about ready to explode, he had never ran so fast in his life. He had heard her screaming two floors down. He had ran past someone already on the phone calling for the police, now he could hear the sirens approaching.

He just glared at Harris, who glared back at Olivia, he knew now he had lost his chance to have her and that he was going away. At least he wouldn't be alone, Parker would be right there sharing a cell.


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