Title: The Pirate

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: oli

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Rate: K/K+

Warning: None. Would you believe it? grin

Summary: A little Estel story been told by Queen Arwen to her son, while the king is away.

Written for Teitho Theme "The Sea, The Sea!"


"Eldarion, my sweet child," she gathered the boy in her arms, and asked him with concern, "Why are you not in your bed?"

The boy sniffled into her neck, sobbing because of his father's lost presence.

Arwen took the boy to his room, and placed him on the bed, covered him with a blanket, and started to tell him of Estel, the man that simply caught her heart with his mischievous act time after time, and this scene she knew that she would not be able to forget.

"Do you remember the time, when your Adar took you to the sea, my son?" Arwen asked.

"Yes, I do." Eldarion replied with a smile.

Arwen smiled at her son, and when she noticed a change in his face, she knew that her son was going to add more to his answer. The boy was just like his daddy.

"Ada even brought me his wooden sword… and we played something with it, and Ada spoke very funny."

"Would you like me to tell you the story behind that sword my dear son?" Arwen asked with grace.

Arwen noticed the pleading eyes that her son gave her. She smiled and began telling the tale.

Estel was in the tub, almost causing a chaos driving the maids to the edge as he chucked water all over the room from his tub.

He was alone, and felt bored, with nothing to play with.

Then the door opened, Elladan and Elrohir came in, with hidden gifts behind their backs.

They knelt aside of the tub, and placed the wooden boats in the tub, gave one to Estel, and asked him, "What captain would you like to be? A pirate?"

Estel interrupted them, as he loved the way they used to ask him, 'the pirate' sounds good to him.

"Pirate?" the boy giggled at the twins.

"Estel the pirate against us," Elladan smiled at the boy, and added, "Against the bad elves."

"You are not bad?" Estel said to them.

"Nay, we are not, but we are pretending little brother." Elrohir explained to him.

Estel took one of the boats and pushed it toward the twins', "Estel the Pirate against the bad elves… I will defeat you…"

The twins enjoyed playing with him, until they saw him shiver, they let him defeat them, that way they could take the boy, cuddle him within the towel, then let their Adar dress him, and placed him in the warm bed.

"I want to play too," Eldarion said, and then he asked his nana, "Do you think Adar saved those wooden boats?"

"That my son, you can ask him when he returns." Arwen asked.

The End