By: jEaNs 'N' tEe GiRl

Disclaimer: I do not own anything that is familiar, but I do own my Original Characters, they are a figment of my imagination and how I perceive them to be. Also Brinley Academy does not truly exist!

Summary: Aubrey Higgins was quite literally taken from her home in Ipswich, when her father deemed she'd spiraled out of control after finding out about her 'certain someone'. He sent her away to Brinley Academy in Westport, Maine to get her away from that same 'certain someone' saying it was for her own good. When Aubrey gets expelled from Brinley and Black Listed for her shenanigans her father has no choice but to let her return to Spencer Academy.

Aubrey vows that when the inheritance her mother's left her, after passing away from cancer three years prier, comes through on her eighteenth birthday that she will no longer be under her father's roof and can do as she pleases. But will she be able to wait that long or will that 'certain someone' she'd been dragged away from have other plans in mind?

Chapter 1: Memories That Pull Us Away

"Miss Higgins would you care to enlighten us with the answer to what's written on the board."

A young reserved girl in the back of the stadium seating, at the top in the corner away from lingering eyes looked up. Her brown eyes falling on the teacher down below sitting leaned back against the front of his desk. She tucked the loose brown hair behind her ears and nodded.

"Negative four." She answered her pen momentarily ceasing it's vehement writings.

"Very good. Mr. Garwin please explain how Miss Higgins came up with that number."

"Guessed." He said sarcastically.

The whole class snickered lowly and the Professor shook his head. "No Mr. Garwin, please stay after class." At the end of class Reid walked up to his professor. "Miss Higgins would you mind staying behind as well." The young girl walked up to the front desk as well.


"Mr. Garwin here seems to be failing my class..."

"Shocker." Reid bit out sardonically.

The professor simply shook his head at Reid's annoying defiant behavior. "I'd be very appreciative if you would consider tutoring him." She nodded. "Good, I'll let you two work out a tutoring schedule then." With that he left for his office.

Reid looked at the girl with a raised brow and then started to leave. "Teacher's pet." He bit out harshly as he walked passed her and left the classroom.


That same girl sat in the far back corner of the library, writing furiously in a black composition notebook. She heard someone clear their throat, a male someone and lifted her head up. "You're a hard girl to find."

"Maybe I didn't want to be found."

"Tough. Your father called me in to his office, gave me an ultimatum either get a tutor and pass the class and go on to my sophomore year, or fail and get held back. And while that sounds like tons of fun, I'll pass on sitting with sniveling freshmen next year." Reid said in disgust.

"I'm sorry I generously offered you my time and you turned it down, so how about you go find yourself someone else to tutor you." She said irritated and went back to her notebook.

Reid clenched his fists. "Look..." The girl sighed.

"Aubrey." She said flatly knowing he didn't know her first name. She stuffed her notebook and pen in her messenger bag and stood up from the floor of the corner. She dusted of her jean clad bottom as she did so.

"Look Aubrey..."

"No you look, I am so sick of every one thinking that I'm just some bookworm they can make fun of because I'm the provosts daughter and I happen to be smart. So the answer is no. No, no, no. N-O! Deal with it."

Reid frowned at her. "What am I supposed to do then?" He questioned in annoyance.

Aubrey shrugged. "Not my problem." She went to walk passed him and he grabbed her bicep holding her back.

"Look I really need a tutor." Reid said.

"And I really need to get the hell out of Ipswich, wish in one hand shit in the other and see which fills faster." She growled yanking her arm away from him and walking away.


"Look I was out of line, that day I called you a teachers pet." Reid said not looking away from his Geometry book.

Aubrey looked up from hers. "I guess that's as close to an apology as I'll ever get from you Reid Garwin." She said lightly looking back down at her book.

Reid glanced at her, he hadn't noticed her all freshmen year, what was so different now. He saw her once a day in the library where they would study and then they'd go their separate ways. She didn't go out of her way to look stunning and she didn't do anything that could get her in trouble. Where as he made it a point to cause some sort of trouble at least once a day.

It had taken him only two days to annoy her to the point where she'd help him in math and now two months later he'd pulled up his grade to a high D. "Stop staring and do your work."

Reid smirked to cover his discomfort of being caught staring at her. "So what's it like being the Provosts daughter?" He asked.

Aubrey looked up at him slightly annoyed. "Like I want to shoot myself in the foot every day, why?"

"Wow that's a bit harsh don't you think?"

"Everyone around her seems to think I get special treatment for being the provosts daughter and they hate me for it. Or there's people like you who seem to think I suck up to my teachers because I'm such a goody-two-shoes. Is it so hard to believe that all I want is to get good grades, graduate, and then get as far away from Ipswich as possible?" Aubrey asked a bit defensively. Her eyes held a fierceness Reid had never seen before. But like he said he'd never paid attention to her until now.

"Why do you want to get away from Ipswich so bad?" Reid questioned before he could stop himself.

Aubrey snorted. "Mostly because I hate my father for letting my mother die." Aubrey gathered her books and held them to her chest and stood walking away from Reid.


"This is hopeless!" Reid said slamming his geometry book shut. "It's been four months and I still haven't pulled my grade higher then a D plus."

"Well what do you think will help?" Aubrey asked calmly not looking up from her notebook at his tantrum.

Reid snorted. "Short of a smart person invading my body every day for an hour, nothing. I hate math, I hate geometry and I am never going to use it in real life." He said irritated.

Aubrey decided to take a new approach. "Do you play any sports?"


"Anything that interests you?"

"Like?" Reid asked uncaring.

Aubrey sighed. "Hobbies, games..."

"I play pool." Reid said nonchalantly.

A smile appeared on her lips. "Are you any good?"

Reid nodded. "I don't suck if that's what your asking."

Aubrey stood up from her seat and gathered her books, sticking them in her messenger bag. "You use geometry you just don't realize it. Come on, we are taking a field trip." She said with a grin.

A grin placed itself on Reid's lips. He'd grown accustomed to seeing her every day. He'd caught himself staring a time or two during their tutoring sessions. She wasn't 'Would you look at that?' beautiful, but her beauty took time to comprehend. She had soft flawless skin, deep brown soulful eyes, long brown hair highlighted with natural dark blond. He'd also come to realize she had a bit of a bark to her bite, Aubrey could defend herself verbally quite well. Something he'd never expected about the reserved girl. But he didn't really know anything about her.

"Where are we going?" Reid questioned gathering his books and carrying them grasped in his hand at his side casually.

"Nicky's." Was all Aubrey said as she lead him to the parking lot.


"You beat me." Reid said his jaw dropping.

Aubrey grinned. "And I used geometry to do it." She said. "Under normal circumstances I probably wouldn't have made any of those shots."

"How?" Reid asked.

Aubrey smiled knowing she'd finally found a way to relate Reid with geometry.


"Dream on Reid." The blond girl walk away from him. Reid hung his head turning around and leaning back against the lockers he'd been propped up against.

"You know if you put enough effort in to school as you did hitting on girls you'd probably be number one in the class." Reid opened his eyes to see Aubrey standing before him.

"Go away Higgins." He said annoyed.

"Unfortunately Garwin you are leaning against my locker, and I need my French book." Reid shifted to the side and Aubrey stepped in to reach her locker. "Rough day?"

"You could say that." He grunted.

"Why because Kimber the sophomore homecoming queen along with the rest of the girl population of Spencer didn't fall for you?" She mocked.

Reid looked over at her and sneered. "Shut up Higgins girls like me just fine."

"Right." Aubrey said switching out her text books and shutting her locker. "You keep telling yourself that." With that said Aubrey left Reid standing there and he watched her go. Who was he kidding the girl was right. There were very few girls that actually liked Reid's company, he never understood why. He was rich, good looking, had that bad boy thing going for him, but most of the time the girls wouldn't even give him a second glance. That would change someday. He just needed to keep telling himself that.


"Ok fine I want your opinion." Reid said. He and Aubrey were at Nicky's again after studying a little in the library. This had become a regular event especially when Reid was having a hard time relating geometry to something in his head. He and Aubrey were on good terms, not completely friends but they talked during the study sessions.

After spending five and a half months with the same person it kind of gets old not talking at all. Tyler had started teasing Reid about liking the Provosts daughter and Pogue and Caleb had encouraged him. Reid denied it, but he couldn't help if he'd started seeing her in a slightly different light, but she never let on that she liked him in any other way besides being his tutor friend.

"Your cocky, over arrogant and you say the cheesiest pick up lines. Girls want someone that's real, sweet and kind." Aubrey said angling her shot and taping the white ball ever so gently with the end of the cue.

After her shot missed Reid went in for his next shot. "I can't help it if I'm confident." He said knocking in the solid blue in the corner pocket.

"Confidence and cockiness are very different Reid. Confidence is sexy but reeled in. Cockiness is just a complete turn off." Aubrey informed him watching him move in to take another shot.

Reid snorted. "How would you know?"

"I'm a girl. Or have you forgotten. And I'm fourteen and a half I make it my business to know these things." Aubrey said matter-oh-factly.

"And yet you are still boyfriend-less." He mocked her. Having missed his shot he turned looking at her leaning on his pool cue.

Aubrey glared at him. "Maybe I don't want boyfriends. Besides most guys that say I'm worth their time want to impress my father, not me. I want to have a boyfriend who wants to impress me."

"Picky, picky. You know..."

"No Garwin."


Sniffling. She was sniffling, her back turned to him as she sat on the bench just outside the school gymnasium. The music was just a dull thrum in the background as I walked towards her. She was wearing an off white v neck halter dress, with a see through material around the abdomen, delicate jewel work to decorate. The off white chiffon fabric fell straight down her slender frame, if he remembered correctly from the few times he'd seen her that night.

"Hey." Aubrey stiffened and turned her head before turning back away.

"Go away Garwin." She said wiping at her eyes. Reid sat down next to her ignoring her request.

"I can't do that." He said lightly looking over at her, despite the bit of black streaking down from her eyes, so looked gorgeous. She wore light make consisting of black eye liner, mascara and a shimmer over her eye lids that sparkled in the moonlight. Her full pouty lips were smeared lightly with gloss and her skin was light and flawless. "See this girl I know is crying outside on a bench."

Aubrey snorted wiping away the remnants of runny make-up from her face with her thumbs and the back of her hand. "I think she'd rather be left alone."

"Come on tell me what happened?" Reid asked.

"No go away." Aubrey said turning her body and looking away from him.

"I'm not going anywhere..."

"Fine then I will." Aubrey stood and Reid could hear the click of her stiletto heels as she quickly walked away from him.

Reid stood walking after her quickly trying to catch up. "Come on we're friends right? Tell me what's wrong."

"No we aren't friends. I'm your tutor who you talk to occasionally to pass the time." She irately.

Reid scoffed. "Well slap my ass and call me stupid." He said jokingly sarcastic. A small giggle escaped Aubrey's lips. "I heard that." Reid mocked lightly, playfully.

Aubrey stopped walking and turned to him, he'd fallen in step next to her. "What do you care Garwin, why I was crying?" She asked.

"I honestly can't tell you." Reid said looking slightly confused. "It's just I've never seen you with anybody, you steer clear of people and I just..." He paused trying to think of the right words to say. "I just thought you might want someone to talk to."

A tiny twitch rose the corner of her lips into a itty bitty smile. "Well slap my ass and call me stupid, Reid Garwin's acting like a human being." She mocked.

Reid frowned at her. "Well if your just going to mock my sincerity I think I'll go." Reid moved to leave but Aubrey reached out grabbing his arm. He wore a black collared button down, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a white tie with black slacks and interesting enough mens black dress shoes. But to rebel he wore a three row studded black belt.

"Wait." She said lightly. Reid turned and looked at her questioningly. "If you go who will the girl talk to." He grinned.

"The voices in her head."

"Now who's mocking whom?" She questioned jokingly. She let go of his arm, noticing briefly the tingle the ran its course from her finger tips through her body. "My dad made me come tonight."

"Why is that so bad?" Reid asked curiously.

Aubrey sighed. "He just likes to parade that he has 'family values' to his students. I can't stand it when he uses me. Did you know members from the school board were here tonight? That's the only reason he wanted me here. And what makes it worse, he made me come with his colleagues son, who is in college and a complete jerk." She vented.

Reid's lips twitched into a half smile. "Feel better?" Aubrey nodded a little crossing her arms over her chest and looking down. "I can see how the night would suck a little."

"More like a lot. Logan decided because I was his date he could fondle me every chance he got. And to top it all off, he said if I was lucky after tonight he might take me to dinner. One good recommendation from my father and he could get in to an even better ivy league school next year. What a pompous asshole." Aubrey fumed.

Reid looked at her and nodded. "Why don't you have any friends?"

"Same reason I don't have boyfriends, everyones looking to get on my father's good side by getting in good with me." Aubrey said looking down at her strapy blue heels. "Logan is just a perfect example, he volunteered to be my date when he overheard our fathers talking."

"Well I'm not looking to get on his good side." Reid said matter-oh-factly.

"No you just want me to have sex with you." She said back.

Reid shook his head. "No, not really. But I know you dislike your father and what better way to show him then to hang out with the student he dislikes the most."

"I'm sure you rank in the top four but you aren't number one." Aubrey said back. "I'd have better luck befriending Carl Lancaster."

"Carl is a poser, he does shit just to get sent to the office so people think he's cool." Reid said shaking his head. "No you don't want to be friends with him."

A small laugh escaped from Aubrey's lips. "But I should be friends with you?"

"Why not? You see me every day anyway." Reid said nonchalantly.

"And this isn't some ploy to get in good with my father, by befriending his socially malfunctioned daughter?"

"Definitely not." Reid smirked.

"Or some ploy to get me in bed?"

"You're not that pretty." Reid said carelessly.

Aubrey scoffed. "God your an ass."

"But we're friends." Reid taunted playfully.

"I'm going to regret this." Aubrey said shaking her head shamefully.

Reid chuckled. "Come on, I think you have a date to get back to. And I'm sure Caleb's wondering where I've gone off to. God forbid I miss the point where he's announced lead schmuck by Provost Higgins."

"God being friends with you has got to be painful." Aubrey said as Reid offered her his arm. She linked her arm with his.

"That's what they tell me." Reid grinned proudly.

Aubrey sighed. "Let's just keep our friendship..."

"On the D.L." Reid said.

"What?" Aubrey asked.

Reid frowned at her unbelievingly. "The down low. Come on you aren't that antisocial are you?"

Aubrey smiled sheepishly. "Of course not, I knew that."

"Liar." Reid said as they headed up the steps to the main doors.


"So what are your plans this weekend?" Aubrey asked leaning back against the wall in the back corner of the library.

Reid shrugged. "Probably go to Nicky's, other than that nothing."

"Wow how repetitive of you." She teased.

"Well what are you doing?" Reid questioned. "Staying home and reading a book?" He mocked.

"Actually no." Aubrey told him. "I am going to Boston for the weekend. My mother she, she left me her flat there and I think it's about time that I go see it."

Reid scoffed lightly. "You just turned fifteen, you can't go alone to Boston and spend the weekend alone wondering around that city. It's dangerous."

"You care." She teased shoving him slightly with her shoulder.

Reid chuckled. "Nah just trying to come up with an excuse for you to take me." He joked back.

Aubrey looked over at him and smiled. "You don't need excuses, I was going to ask you to come with me anyway."

"Really? Tyler's the only one to ever ask me if I wanted to go somewhere." He said thoughtfully.

Aubrey shrugged. "Well I'm asking."

"And your father knows you're going?" Reid questioned.

"I told him I needed to be alone with her things for a little while." Aubrey said softly. Reid nodded.



"So where'd you learn to cook?"

"My mom." Aubrey said. They were sitting on the sofa in Aubrey's flat/apartment eating homemade chicken pot pie.

"Really the only thing my mom ever taught me to make was a gray goose martini." Reid joked. Then his slight laughter died away. "How'd she die?"

Aubrey looked over at him and leaned forward setting her bowl down on the coffee table in front of the couch. When she sat back she let out a heavy sigh. "Cancer. At one point her doctor didn't think she was in the right frame of mind to make her own decisions and when he asked my father if they should keep trying, my father said no. He said it was for her own good, but really I think he just didn't want to take care of her anymore. He gave up and that's when I stopped having respect for him."


"Please don't. I never understood why everyone feels the need to apologize when someone dies. It's not like they killed her, it's not like you killed her. 'I'm sorry' starts sounding mindless and numb after a while though." Aubrey said thoughtfully. Reid's eyes shifted downward and Aubrey took the chance to change the subject. "Stop staring at my boobs."

"What? I wasn't..." Reid's eyes moved back up quickly to hers. He saw the mischief and amusement on her face and frowned.


He glared playfully. "You are so dead." He stood setting his bowl down and Aubrey quickly stood running towards the bedroom away from him.

Reid went after her in to the room, looking around he didn't see her. He heard something creak behind him and turned seeing her trying to sneak out of the door behind him. But he was too fast for her snatching her around the waist he dropped her on the bed and started tickling her.

Aubrey laughed hysterically trying to grab at his hands or push him away. "Stop! Stop! Please!" She laughed.

"Say uncle."

"Never!" She cried through her laughter. Reid kept tickling her. After about three minutes Aubrey couldn't breath she was laughing so hard and the lack of oxygen was starting to make her dizzy. "Uncle!" She screamed in mirth.

Reid smirked down at her, leaning over her as she lay on the bed wiggling as his fingers finally ceased their assault. He looked in to her eyes and froze. Aubrey was staring back at him her smile soon melting away as she just watched him watching her.

Aubrey watched his eyes change from amusement to something else. Something she wasn't quite sure she'd seen in his eyes before. His face was getting closer to her own and she in took a deep breath just as his lips came within centimeters of her own. He looked away from her eyes at her lips and then back almost asking permission.

Reid didn't know what had pulled him in, but he didn't mind and she didn't seem to resist as he pressed his lips to hers. Aubrey's hands soon found their way into his hair. While Reid had one hand on her hip the other pressed firmly into the mattress next to her head supporting his weight off of her smaller frame.


"Ty I'm going out." Reid said grabbing his keys and cell phone and heading for his dorm room door.

"Third time this week Reid, where you going?" Ty asked curiously.

Reid shrugged turning to look at his best friend. "No where."

"Seriously Reid, man you know you can tell me things right."

"Are we girls Ty? No. I didn't think so either. Nothings up I'm just going out." Reid said irritably.

Tyler sighed and rolled his eyes. "Whatever man." With that Reid left the room after a quick see ya to his roommate and long time friend...

A giggle, he made her giggle. Reid broke away from her neck pulling back to look at her face. "You know Baby Boys starting to get suspicious about my where abouts and where I've been going off to." He said grinning at her.

Aubrey's arm were around his neck her fingers playing lightly with the hair at the nape of his neck. "You tell him?" She asked.

Reid shook his head. "No, but I want to. He's my best friend Bre." He said getting a little serious.

"So all summer you didn't want to tell them and now being back in the dorms you want to tell Tyler?" She questioned softly.

"It was easy to get away this summer, I didn't live with him then. Now I do and I know he's just worried I'm off doing something stupid." Reid explain holding her pinned against the tree. They were at the cliffs over looking the dells, where the senior party was held most years.

Aubrey nodded. "Ok."

"Ok?" Reid asked raising a brow at her lack of argument.

She nodded again. "He's your best friend. If you trust him not to run off and tell my father than tell him. I just..."

"Don't want your dad to find out I know." Reid said seeming a little disappointed.

Aubrey brought one of her hands forward resting it delicately against his cheek. "He'll ruin it if he ever finds out Reid. He'll say you're no good for me and he wont let me see you. I don't want that, do you?"

"No." He emphasized this by kissing her lips softly. Aubrey smiled against his lips and Reid smirked seeing her eyes light up. He pressed his lips to hers more passionately, nipping her bottom lip with his teeth playfully asking for admittance and she opened willing with a soft moan of enjoyment.


Reid walked in to the library to the right, avoiding the librarian at the front as he disappeared behind the large bookshelves and made his way to the back corner. This had become quite easy for him to do after seven months. It was now march of his sophomore year and he and Aubrey had managed to keep their relationship completely under wraps. The only people who knew were the guys and Pogue's girlfriend Kate.

They'd been sworn to secrecy, by Reid. He made his way to the back corner and saw her sitting there with her notebook writing frantically. "Hey." He said quietly.

Aubrey looked up at him and smiled. "Hey." Reid sat down next to her kissing her in greeting and her smile just grew bigger. "So my dad's gonna be gone all day saturday."

Reid smirked. "Is that an invite Miss Higgins?" He asked playfully burying his face in her neck and gently placing light nips and kisses on her soft skin.

"Yeah." Aubrey said tilting her head a bit giving him more access.

"I'm there." He muttered in to her skin making her giggle.


"Come on we can rinse the chlorine off in my shower." Aubrey said grabbing his hand and dragging him upstairs to her room. They'd gone for a swim in the Higgins pool in her spacious backyard.

Aubrey made her way in to the bathroom shutting the door behind her, leaving Reid in her room alone. The next thing Aubrey knew the shower curtain opened and Reid stepped in still clad in his soaked board shorts. "Mind if I join you?" He asked huskily.

The girl before him hadn't had time to remove her bathing suit and while he was slightly disappointed at the thought, they hadn't gone that far and he didn't want to push her to do anything she wasn't ready for. Aubrey smiled at him and then turned back to let the hot water cascade over her form, as it seemed in rinsing the chlorinated water from her hair.

After quickly washing her hair with some distraction, as Reid kept dragging his fingers up and down her hips, Aubrey turned to him pouring shampoo in to her open palm. Reid grinned as she started massaging the shampoo into his scalp and was unhappy the moment she stopped. "Rinse." She instructed with a playfully smile that reached her eyes.

Getting the remaining remnants of shampoo out of his hair Reid stepped out from under the constant stream of shower water pulling Aubrey closer to his chest, pressing her against the side wall of the shower. "You know I've had fantasies about this." He said looking into her eyes devilishly.

Aubrey grinned. "Really?"

He nodded. "Yeah." He said leaning down and pressing his lips along her jaw and down her neck to her shoulder. Aubrey sighed as her fingernails gripped in to his shoulder blades and just like that the moment was over.

They both heard the door slam and instantly broke away from each other looking completely nervous. "I thought you said..."

"I did. He wasn't supposed to be back this early." Aubrey said shutting off the shower and climbing out of the tub snatching her light blue robe from the hanger on the back of her bathroom door.


"JUST A SEC DAD!" She yelled as she pushed Reid in to her room running over and shutting and locking her bedroom door. Reid quickly started gathering up his clothes, he slipped his jeans on over his board shorts not caring if they got wet.

"Where are shoes?" Reid questioned frantically. Aubrey came over handing them to him. "Thanks." He said smiling at her.

"Shh...if we get caught..."

"Sweets, don't worry so much." His demeanor turning cocky.


"COMING DAD!" She turned back to the boy standing next to her window. "Go please." She whispered. Turning her head slightly as the door started to rattle.

"Not without a kiss." He bargained grinning at her.

"Please?" She begged.


"Aubrey why is this door locked!"

"Just a sec dad I'm in a...towel." She lied.

"Aubrey open this door right now!"

"Hold on!" Aubrey turned back to the boy, his light blue eyes. "Go, just go Reid." She hissed lightly.

Reid smirked. "Nope, I'm staying right here until..." So Aubrey did the only thing she could do, to get him to leave. She tip toed up pressing her lips against his in a firm kiss. Reid put his arms around her waist pulling her closer until they're lips parted and he sighed dropping his forehead lightly against hers.

"Tomorrow? Back corner of the library?" Aubrey asked softly.

He nodded his eyes watching her with such... "I love you." Love.

Aubrey smiled and kissed his cheek. "I love you too. Go now before he kicks the door in." She insisted with a soft giggle hearing the door handle jiggling again.

"Aubrey Morgan Higgins open this door right now!" Reid released her with one last kiss on the lips and stepped through her open window hunched over one leg at a time and he dropped in to the garden below. Aubrey watched to make sure he went around the side of the house before closing her window and grabbing a towel hurriedly wrapping her hair up into it. She walked swiftly over to the door and unlocked it.

"Dad." She said casually.

Robert Higgins a man of many years walked through the threshold of her door looking around. "What were you doing in here?" He asked crossing his arms over his chest.

Aubrey walked over and sat down on her bed. "Nothing. I told you I just got out of the shower." She said looking up at him with a smile. "Don't worry so much."

Robert sighed and relaxed a bit. "It's just your my daughter, I only do what I think is best for you. You know that right?"

Aubrey smiled. "Of course Dad." She lied.

"It's just with your mother gone..." He trailed off a bit uncomfortable. "You would tell me if something was going on with you?"

She nodded. "Of course Dad. But you don't need to worry."

Robert eyed her a bit suspiciously. "Remove the towel."


"Humor me." He said gently.

Aubrey removed the towel from her brown locks, waterlogged ringlets fell down around her shoulders. "See." She said smiling.

Robert smiled back. "Ok. Do your homework and go straight to bed, you've got to be up early tomorrow for classes."

"Yeah dad I know."

"Night Sweetheart."



"Holy shit!" Reid and Aubrey broke away from one another and looked over at the person that intruded on their time together.

Reid groaned. "Fuck." He muttered. "Abbot..."

"Dude your fucking the Provosts daughter!" Abbot laughed. "Oh man wait till the guys hear this one."

"No." Reid said moving away from Aubrey and towards Abbot.

Aaron smirked at him. "Why the fuck not? You've got balls going after Higgins daughter man, I'll give you that." Reid knew Aaron was completely sober so he couldn't just play it off as he was seeing things.

"Abbot man..."

"Fuck this is too good." Aaron turned and started to walk away a new pep to his step as he headed back for the back door of Nicky's. Reid did the only thing he thought he could and grabbed Aaron spinning him around and decking him straight in the face.

Aubrey ran over grabbing Reid's arm. "Come on Reid." She said frantically. Reid followed after her to her car and they got in and she drove away from Nicky's. "Oh god this is not good." She said upset.

Reid looked over at her, he could see tears building in her eyes. "It'll be ok."

"No Reid really it wont. You just so fucked this up!" She said pulling off the main road driving down an old dirt path and stopping just inside a clearing. She shut the car off and dropped her forehead on to the steering wheel.

"Me? How did I fuck this up?" Reid asked angrily.

Aubrey lifted her head, her eyes full of fire. "You hit him! You've officially provoked him Reid what the fuck do you think he's going to do?"

Reid realized and sighed hanging his head. "Fuck. I'm so sorry Sweets."

"I don't want to say goodbye to you." She whispered.

Reid leaned over the center console and grabbed her face gently in his hands and made her look at him. "That wont happen. I wont let it. Not now, not ever."

"I love you." Aubrey said resting her forehead against Reid's.

Reid kissed her softly. "I love you too."


"Mr. Garwin I assume you know why you've been called in to my office?" Reid nodded. "You and Mr. Abbot were seen in a fight last night..."

"Yes sir." Reid nodded again.

"Mr. Abbot has also brought your relationship with my daughter into the situation. What might I ask are you doing with my daughter?" He questioned like an angry parent.

"Non of your business." Reid said sarcastically.

"It is my business. Aubrey is my daughter, she's bound for great things, you will not ruin that for her."

"No offense but I haven't ruined anything for her, if you want to know who's ruin her why don't you take a good look in the mirror." Reid said bitterly standing and leaving the office abruptly slamming the door behind him.


There was pounding on his dorm room door and Reid quickly made his way over opening it and Aubrey rushed in shutting it behind her. "What's wrong?" Reid asked seeing her frantic face.

Aubrey started crying and she reached forward hugging him pressing her face into his bare chest. He'd just returned from the showers barely having time to put his jeans on before Aubrey turned up knocking his door. "He's sending me away to Brinley." She said choking on her words as she cried heavily.

Reid spluttered. "What?"

Aubrey pulled away looking up at him, tears streaked down her face. "He's...sending...me away." She said between agonizing gasps of air.

"Oh god." Reid pulled her in tight holding her to him kissing her head. "This is all my fault."

"I don't want to leave you." She said into his chest.

Reid sighed pushing her back holding her biceps gently and looking down in to her eyes. "It'll be ok..." Just then Tyler walked in.

"Hey man there's security at the..." He paused as the two guards let themselves in passed him and walked over to Aubrey.

"Aubrey..." One of them said sternly.

"Just come with us, it'll be easier." The other added. Aubrey shook her head and Reid pulled her in tighter.

The first guard gently took hold of Reid while the other grabbed Aubrey's arms pulling her away, it took force to break their grip and Aubrey started crying as the other practically dragged her from the room. Tyler watched in astonishment as his best friend thrashed against the guard that held him back. "NO! YOU CAN'T TAKE HER! NO AUBREY!" He yelled after them.

Aubrey was in hysterics. "REID! NO PLEASE! NO!" She screamed trying to break the hold the guard hand on her. "LET ME GO!" She yelled at him.

"I'm sorry Aubrey." The guard said pulling her out of the dorms.

The guard asked Tyler for his help and he shook his head. "No. This isn't right." Tyler said.

"DAMN RIGHT IT ISN'T RIGHT! LET ME GO ASSHOLE!" Reid yelled furiously. The guard held him till he got the all clear over his walkie and let him go. Reid took off down the now filled halls of the dorms towards the front doors. He ran through them just in time to see a yellow cab pulling away.

Aubrey looked out the back window, her brown eyes deeply saddened and her hand pressed against the glass. Reid ran after the car but it was no use, he gave up chase when he saw the tail lights turn on to another road out of his sight. "No." He dropped to his knees in the middle of the street just as the rain started to pour down.

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