Chapter 29: It's What I Always Wanted

"Ok, ok...everybody quiet." Randall stated loudly so that the bickering teens would cease their arguments. "I'm sure all of you got Aubrey something magnificent. And it doesn't matter what gift she opens first." He said sighing shaking his head.

Aubrey giggled. She'd been amused by her friends bantering over what gifts she would open first. There were some very cute gift bags placed on the table in front of her, she was sure the girls did those, one wrapped in news paper that she had a feeling was from Pogue, and two of them were sitting neatly wrapped in purple paper with a bright white and black polka dot ribbon tied on neatly, which she had a feeling were Tyler's and he had help wrapping them from his mother and Jack.

"Well how about to settle the argument, you open my gift first." Nicky stated. He held out a small flat three by three jewelry box with a pink bow on top. "Sorry it's not wrapped nicely, I never got the hang of that."

Aubrey smiled and turned looking at her friends who had ceased their arguments now and were sitting just watching her. "It's ok." She said and opened the box, inside was a silver chain a white gold class ring attached to it. When she pulled the chain from the box and held it up to examine the ring she gasped. "Is this..."

"It was your mother's class ring." Nicky confirmed.

Smiling brightly Aubrey reached over and gave him a hug. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Nicky said giving her a side hug before she sat properly back in her own chair.

"Mine next." Val said and Aubrey turned her head just in time to see the package fly across the table at her. She caught it and laughed lightly at the way Val had given her the gift.

"Val it's not even wrapped." Tyler rolled his eyes jokingly.

Val nodded. "I know. I was lazy, sue me."

Aubrey looked down to the gift in her hand. "It's in the sock right? It's not the sock." Aubrey asked Val sarcastically.

Val laughed and nodded. "Yeah it's in the sock." Val had put the gift inside a sock and made it in to a ball.

Aubrey managed to get the sock out of ball form and dumped the contents on the table. Twirling on the wooden surface of the table was a plastic egg. Aubrey picked it up and opened it, inside was a folded piece of paper. Written on the fold was 'This one is on me. Happy B-day Aubs – Val'. Aubrey unfolded the paper and found a picture of simple triquetra simply sketched on the paper.

"Mind, body, and soul." Aubrey murmured and looked up at Val. "How'd you know about this?" She asked.

Val grinned. "You have a picture of yourself as a little girl examining your mother's wrist...I just looked closer."

Aubrey smiled. "I love it thank you."

"No problem, just let me know when you want to go, I need some new ink done to." Aubrey agreed and another present was shoved in front of her.

"This is from Caleb and I." Sarah said. It was a decent sized gift bag, black with hot pink tissue sticking out of the top neatly. Aubrey pulled the tissue from the bag and reached her hand inside and pulled out a black Betsey Johnson Tote bag. "We thought you could use it next year." Sarah told her.

Aubrey smiled. "It's wonderful thank you."

"You could probably fit your whole life in that thing." Reid joked leaning casually in his chair.

Aubrey giggled. "Well my laptop would fit in here, so I think you are right." Kate pushed a bag towards her.

"This one is from me, Pogue wanted to get you something different." She said eying her boyfriend. "So be afraid, be very afraid."

This made everyone laugh. "I'll be sure to keep that in mind." Aubrey said smiling taking the tissue out of the small blue gift bag with dark purple tissue. She pulled out the contents which happened to be a gold box, she lifted the lid and saw a beautiful watch with sea charms inside the glass. "Kate it's beautiful thank you."

"You're welcome."

Next Jack and Tyler handed her the neatly stacked packages that Aubrey had originally thought were from them anyways. "Mom's gift is the card." Tyler told her.

"The card." Caleb sighed and shook his head. Sarah giggled. "That's what I forgot."

"It's ok." Sarah giggled.

"Looks like Mr. Wonderful isn't so wonderful all the time." Reid mocked him.

Aubrey smacked Reid in the arm. "Be nice." She ordered him playfully.

Pulling the card out from beneath the neatly tied ribbon Aubrey opted to open it first. "Best wishes to you..." Aubrey opened the card, that had a cute puppy wearing a birthday hat on it's head. "On your birthday. Georgie." She finished reading the card allowed and pulled out the mini envelope inside opening it as well. Inside was a hundred dollar visa gift card. "Oh wow, Georgie this is way too much."

Georgie shook her head and smiled. "No it's not."

Aubrey knew it was useless to argue with the people surrounding her, so she just smiled and thanked Georgie for the gift card and set it to the side. Next was Tyler and Jack's gift and she opened one to find the Nightmare before Christmas on DVD and the other was a hand painted shot glass with fireworks on it and a recipe for the shot. "Aren't I still too young for this?" Aubrey questioned them.

Jack nodded and smiled. "Meh, I figured you needed something to collect and those are so cute. They have one with gum balls all over it that I wanted to get for you, but I liked the fireworks better."

Aubrey grinned. "It is cute, I'll have to keep my eye out for more." Jack had pestered Aubrey one day about why she had no collectibles or hobbies and Aubrey simply had no answer. She'd just never collected anything. "And Nightmare before Christmas, Ty you listen so well, I love this movie."

"I know." Tyler grinned.

Last on the table unopened was Pogue's gift wrapped in newspaper. "Dude." Reid chuckled looking up at Pogue.

Pogue smirked. "What it's the funnies." He said sarcastically. "Sorry for the wrapping Aubrey."

"I'm not, I love it, it's the most originally wrapped gift I've ever gotten." She said smiling at him.

Reid jokingly scoffed and Aubrey flicked her hand out hitting him in the stomach. "What? Jeez you're abusive." He teased.

Rolling her eyes Aubrey set her eyes back on the newspaper package. It was decent sized and Aubrey couldn't really figure it out and she tore the newspaper off to find a simple leather jacket. "Pogue this is really great thanks." Aubrey said happily. The jacket was the perfect style with the right collar that she liked and it was form fitting, and probably warm it would be great for winter.

"Yeah no problem. I think everyone needs at least one leather jacket in their closet." He said.

Kate rolled her eyes. "Says the motorcycle maniac." She joked.

Everyone laughed lightly until Melinda came over and set and small box down in front of Aubrey. "And this is from Randall and I. Hope you like it dear." Melinda said patting her shoulder.

"Oh you didn't have to get me anything." Aubrey said picking up the long black skinny box.

"Well we did." Randall said and smiled at her.

Aubrey smiled back and lifted the lid of the box. Inside was a chain bracelet a horseshoe charm attached with alternating aquamarine and diamond stones in it. "Oh look Reid, our birthstones." Aubrey said mesmerized by the bracelet.

"Yeah look at that." Reid smirked over at his parents.

"Here Reid put it on for me." Aubrey asked sweetly holding the box out to him. He took the bracelet from its box and she held up her left wrist and he slipped the bar through the loop and it held closed. "It's wonderful thank you so much." Aubrey said smiling.

A little while later Reid and Tyler came back in to the dinning room after excusing themselves from the light conversation, with the cake. It was three layers, two of which were decorated zebra print and one was plain blue. Black and blue gum balls surrounded the edging of each layer and on the top layer the number 18 was pipped on. And painted white chocolate stars were attached to thin wires and placed randomly into the cake.

The group began singing happy birthday as Aubrey blushed profusely from the attention as Reid and Tyler set the cake on the table, one single candle lit on the top of the cake. When they finished singing Reid reached his hand out and Aubrey placed hers in it and he pulled her up from her chair. "Happy birthday Sweets, make a wish." He said grinning at her.

Aubrey grinned back and leaned forward wishing silently to herself and lightly blew out the candle. Everyone cheered and applauded while Sarah became the busy bee and started to prep the cake for serving. Reid put his arm around Aubrey's waist, everyone beginning to stand from their chairs, they'd take a slice of cake and head in to the front room to sit more comfortably. "What did you wish for?" Reid whispered in her ear.

"It wont come true if I tell you." Aubrey replied lightly.

Reid kissed her cheek. "True."

"Aubrey here you go." Sarah handed her a piece of cake across the table.

"I'll share mine with Reid, I'm really full." Aubrey told her before Sarah could cut Reid a piece as well.

Sarah nodded. "Ok." She smiled and picked up the last two plates handing one to Caleb and they headed to the front room.

Reid grabbed the slice Sarah had given to Aubrey and two forks. "I need to hurry up and get these people out of here so we can celebrate the rest of your birthday in private." Reid said heading towards the front room.

Aubrey giggled. "Yes you do." She said lightly still standing in the dinning room, Reid having not heard what she said. She followed after him and found him sitting in the comfortable lazy boy chair alone and she walked over and perched herself in his lap taking the fork he offered her.

Later On:

"Well we must be getting on, our flight leaves in three hours and we have to be checked in an hour before take off." Randall stood and so did Melinda. "Happy birthday Aubrey."

Aubrey stood up from Reid's lap and walked over to them. "Thank you so much for coming." She said. Melinda gave the younger girl a hug.

"You're welcome." Melinda said pulling away. "Your mother would've been so proud of the young woman you've become." She said lightly.

A smile graced Aubrey's lips. "Thanks."

Randall gave her a smile and took Melinda's hand. "Reid we expect the house in one piece when we return with Grandma Dorothy in a week." He said sternly.

Reid nodded. "Yeah dad, I know."

"Good, we'll see you soon." Melinda said and waved to the kids in goodbye as her and Randall left the house.

"I should be going as well." Nicky said as he stood.

Aubrey smiled and walked over to him and he opened his arms for a hug. "Thanks for coming. And dressing up." She said sweetly.

"Happy birthday baby girl." Nicky said squeezing her tightly. When they pulled away Georgie standing caught Aubrey's eye and she turned her head.

"I should leave as well, it's late. Nicky would you mind giving me a lift? I brought Tyler's Hummer and I would like to give him some alone time with Jack." She asked kindly.

Nicky nodded. "Sure." With that Georgie wished Aubrey a happy birthday and bid farewell to the other teens.

"Well I think the rest of us should get the hell outta here and leave the birthday girl to celebrate with her boyfriend." Val stated bluntly making everyone laugh.

Aubrey wasn't embarrassed by the comment cause dammit she wanted to be alone with her boyfriend and Val was absolutely right. Jack, Sarah and Kate all stood up with Val and the girls gave Aubrey a group hug. "Happy birthday." They said together.

"Thanks guys. Now go enjoy the rest of your evenings." She said laughing softly.

Jack broke away first with a grin. "Yeah Ty, lets um go to that place..." She said mysteriously.

Tyler chuckled and stood. "Later guys." He grinned and grabbed Jack's hand and they left the Garwin residence. Next to go were Pogue and Kate and after them was Sarah, Val and Caleb. Sarah was going to stay the night with Caleb, but they had offered to give Val a ride back to the dorms.

"Alone at last." Reid smirked and wrapped his arms around Aubrey from behind and buried his face in her shoulder. Aubrey gently nuzzled her cheek against his and sighed.

"Yes we are." Blissfulness was evident in her voice as Reid's lips began trailing tender butterfly kisses along her bare shoulder. "Reid?" Aubrey breathed out.

Reid lifted his head and Aubrey turned in his embrace. "Hmm?" He questioned his lips moving to kiss along her jaw.

Aubrey let out a shaky sigh before kissing his lips hungrily. But only seconds later she broke away. "Catch me." She whispered pulling out of his grasp and giggling before running off out of the room.

Smirking to himself Reid went after her. He could here the door to his downstairs apartment creaking shut and made his way down the stairs slowly. He opened the door at the bottom of the stairs and shut it behind himself. As his eyes scanned the dark living room of his apartment he heard a soft giggle.

"Hey." Aubrey breathed out laughing softly. He turned his body around to find his girlfriend leaning against the wall, her shoes laying haphazardly next to her bare feet a look of mischief in her eyes.

"I thought I was supposed to catch you?" Reid smirked.

"I decided to make myself easy prey." Aubrey replied cunningly. Reid made his way over to her and Aubrey's eyes lit with a gentle smile as Reid's hands grabbed her waist and he leaned in to her, pressing her back completely against the wall behind her.

Aubrey saw the lustful twinkle in Reid's eyes his lips firm in a crooked sweet grin as he moved his face closer to her own. "Well in that case." He said lightly before his lips pressed firmly to that of Aubrey's remaining gentle as their lips worked together. Aubrey put all the fears she had about what she was going to tell him aside and put all her worth in to that kiss.

Her fingers lightly trailing up his clothed torso reaching for the top buttons of his shirt and she began to undo them slowly but surely each button came undone. Taking in a deep breath through her nose and letting out a soft gasp into Reid's mouth, as his hands moved around grabbing her backside forcefully, she let out a faint giggle and nipped his bottom lip then broke away slightly from the kiss. "Reid?"

"Yeah Sweets?" He asked, his lips moving over her chin and down her jaw to the side of her neck.

"I want to tell you something." She said lightly.

Reid pulled away from her neck and looked down in to her eyes. "What's wrong?"

A minute smile graced her lips and she held his gaze. "Nothings wrong. I just have something I need to tell you." He nodded in understanding and Aubrey decided to continue. "I'm ready."

"As in..." Reid trailed off giving her a look.

Aubrey averted her gaze to that of Reid's exposed torso, his shirt hung open untucked, her hands clenched in his dress shirt she returned her gaze to his. "Yes." She said breathlessly.

Reid's left hand came up, his fingers ghosting over her cheek into her hair as his right moved from her derrière to around her waist pulling her up flush against his lean body slowly. "Only if you want to." He said as he pressed his forehead to her own. "Are you sure?" He questioned.

"I am." She spoke softly. "Besides I think I've made you wait long enough." She added jokingly with a soft laugh.

Reid smiled. "I can keep waiting to." He said sweetly.

"No. No more waiting." Aubrey shook her head slightly pulling her forehead back from Reid's a little.

"Are you sure you're healed enough? Maybe it's to soon with your injuries. I don't want to cause you more pain." He said lightly.

Aubrey unclenched her right hand from his shirt and brought it up caressing his cheek softly and cupping her hand gently against his jaw. "Reid I'm fine." He sighed. "But you seem to be putting up road blocks." She said gently.

He shook his head. "No, not intentionally." Reid sighed heavily. "I just...I'm nervous I guess."

"About?" Aubrey questioned licking her dry lips.

"About it not being everything you want. And a bit about hurting you, last week you were still in pain and now..." Reid trailed off.

Aubrey giggled breathlessly. "Reid, as long as I'm with you it'll be everything and more then I've ever imagined. I love you and I trust you. And I trust myself to know that I'm healed enough for this. I wouldn't be telling you I'm ready if I knew it could cause me pain." She tiptoed up kissing him lightly on the lips and pulled back. Reid followed her lips and kissed her again.

"I've somewhere..." Reid murmured nervously.

But Aubrey knew what he was trying to say. "It will a little. But it's alright."

Reid nodded kissing her again massaging her lips gently with his own. Aubrey pushed in to him and Reid started stumbling back chuckling huskily as their lips broke away. "Jeez Sweets, not even going to romance me first." Reid teased.

Aubrey giggled and teasingly steered Reid into a side table by the main door as she continued pushing him back, thus making him trip a little into it. "Like you weren't about to rip my clothes off and have your way with me right there." She said into his ear as she pressed him against the wall now next to the side table.

"Good point." He smirked.

"I don't have many demands about how we do this, but I do demand that my first time be in a bed." Aubrey nipped his earlobe and heard him groan with satisfaction as her teeth caught on his gage and pulled a little.

When she released his gage Reid gained enough composer to think properly and moved down breaking her other hands hold on his shirt and scooping her up in his arms bridal style and started walking the rest of the way to his bedroom door. Walking in to the room he walked straight over to his bed and set Aubrey down so she was seated on the end of the bed atop his dark bedding.

Standing fully erect he slipped off his dress shirt and used a little to untie his boots and kicked them off as well. Aubrey watched as he knelled down before her taking her hands from his mattress and holding them gently in his own. He looked up at her. "We'll go slow, if you want to stop..."

"I wont." Aubrey said assertively.

Reid sighed. "If you want to stop, just tell me." Aubrey smiled at how sweet he was being and nodded in understanding.

"Ok." She said softly and then took her hands from his grasp and raised her arms over her head. Reid moved his hands to her thighs and clutched the hem of her dress and started to lift it up. Aubrey stood slightly so he could get the dress from beneath her sitting derrière and then sat back down as he lifted it up and off of her body. When he tossed the dress to the side and then brought his attention back to Aubrey he had to smile.

Her hands came up and gently cupped his face as she sat before him only clothed in a skimpy pair of pink panties. Reid's eyes roamed her nude body like they always seemed to do when he saw all of her. When he was visually satisfied he leaned forward pressing his lips in light butterfly kisses along her abdomen over that of her tattoo.

Aubrey moved her fingers in to his hair as his lips ghosted over her soft firm skin. "Mmm..." She moaned before letting out a soft gasp as his teeth tugged on the barbell in her belly button.

Grinning to himself Reid moved up her torso coming to her supple breasts taking one delicate rose bud nipple between his lips he palmed the other gently taking his time on both switching his lips and hand a few moments in. When he felt content he'd shown them enough attention he pulled his head back hearing soft murmurs from his girlfriend as her neck rolled from side to side enjoying the pleasure he was impacting on her body.

When Aubrey's eyes shifted down, finally noticing the lack of his mouth and hand on her breasts, she saw his eyes on her and let out a small grin as she gripped his hair and pulled him up to kiss her, his body moving out of the kneeling position and he straightened his legs and kept his torso leaned down as their lips worked together furiously.

As soon as they parted Aubrey's fingers left his hair and he stood tall as her hands wandered down his chest to his pants and undid the fasteners and pushed them down his legs. Reid stepped out of his pants standing before Aubrey now in only his gray boxers. She pushed herself back further on the been grinning at him and Reid couldn't helping thinking how feral she looked moving back like that. He'd seen her naked on, now, numerous occasions and she was perfect to him. Aubrey's body was immaculate. Her breasts firm and not to small they seemed to fit perfectly in his palm, her torso was lean but not straight, she had curves and a nice waistline.

"Well are you going to join me or stare at me?" Aubrey smirked.

Reid climbed up on the bed and over her kissing a path up her body to her lips. "You really are amazingly gorgeous." He mumbled against her lips.

"And you are stalling." She giggled lightly as her hands gripped the top of his boxers and began tugging them down.

A husky growl emitted from Reid's lips and he helped her remove his boxers leaving her the only one with any scrap of clothing. "I'm not stalling I'm taking my time." He brushed his lips against hers. "I want to remember every moan, gasp, and whimper that you make tonight. I want you wet and ready." Aubrey never thought she'd like dirty talk, but she found it highly arousing. "I want to have you screaming my name when you cum..." He whispered in this deep sexy voice biting down on her ear lobe making her whimper softly.

Aubrey's hands trailed down his chest and she grabbed a hold of his throbbing erection. "Don't make me wait." She whispered as her hand glided smoothly up and down his shaft.

Reid's hands fisted in the black comforter beneath her body closing his eyes as he tried to think of anything but her hand. "Sweets, baby, you keep doing that and this wont last long." He growled.

Her hand ceased and her thumb gently ran over the head of his engorged erection. A shaky breath escaped Reid's lips and he grabbed the comforter beneath her body tight in his fists and pulled it down without disturbing her form, almost like a magic trick. Aubrey giggled at his show of masculinity and watched as he pulled the comforter over his body, acting as a heat barrier and a slight tent over Aubrey's lower half.

The next thing to go were the skimpy pink panties left on Aubrey's body. They were ripped away forcefully and Reid attacked her neck with his lips. "Mmm..." Aubrey loved it when Reid was sweet to her, but she also liked his dirtier rougher side. He'd shown her a rougher side and she'd found it highly arousing.

His fingers trailed down her flawless skin over her belly ring and down between her legs. Two digits slipped passed her wet folds making her low back arch upward. Reid's lips kissed down her collarbone to her breasts nipping playfully at her pert dusty rose nipples before continuing down to her abdomen tugging at her piercing once again before moving back up. Aubrey's breaths began to come faster and heavier as the twisting aches in her abdomen started to grow. "Reid...please..." She whimpered lustfully.

Reid brought his lips back to hers and kissed her hard then broke away. "I don't want..."

Aubrey's eyes lulled back for a second and she maneuvered her legs around Reid's waist and with a force she didn't know she possessed she flipped them over, in the process Reid's hand left her wet center grabbing on to her hips with both as she sat precariously low on his waist. After the shock wore off of what she'd managed to do Aubrey grinned down at him and leaned down to kiss him lightly. "Reid I'm ready and I appreciate you trying to spare me pain, it'll only ever hurt once." She kissed him again.

Too shocked by her forwardness Reid didn't have much time to think before she grabbed him and guided herself down on his stiff erection a groan the only thing indicating that he felt it.

Aubrey had decided to take the initiative to get things farther, since Reid was so bent on not hurting her. And while she appreciated that kindness from him the pain was the least of her worries. When she felt him gliding inside of her she started breathing slowly knowing it was going to hurt a little as she pressed further she could feel her body resisting and just plummeted with all her might downward. A groan escaped her boyfriend as she gasped from the rush of pain she felt. It was more then the pinch she'd thought it would be, but she knew the pain would decrease.

Reid sat up pressing kisses to her lips, her eyes clenched shut. "Are you ok?" He asked the shock of what she's just willing done having worn off a bit, but still in the back of his mind.

Aubrey groaned faintly and nodded her head resting her forehead against his and opening her eyes. "Yeah. Just give me a minute." She whispered.

Reid nodded his head kissing along her neck and shoulder as his hands massaged her hips gently, his fingertips kneading her flesh. After a long pause Aubrey's started adjusting her her lower half. Wiggling a little, adjusting to the suddenly full sensation she was feeling. "Ok." She breathed out. The pain wasn't completely subsided, but it was less and she wanted to continue.

"You sure?" Reid asked lightly looking her in the eyes. Aubrey nodded and felt his hands cease their rhythmic massage and grip her hips tight. He helped lift her up a little ways and she sank back down. The first few times was a bit awkward for both lovers but eventually they both got into it. Aubrey pushed Reid back so his back was flat against the mattress and she braced her hands on his abdomen and began lifting herself up and driving back down while slowly rocking her hips forward and back.

Casually Reid met her tender thrusts for a while before rolling them over so Aubrey was beneath him. He leaned down kissing her eagerly as he reentered her silky warm cavity and grabbed her left thigh pulling her leg up so it could wrap around his waist. The change created a different friction for both and they both began breathing heavily from the sensations that were brewing inside of their bodies.

Reid's thrusts were tender but diligent and rapidly picking up speed. "Oh...oh god..." Aubrey cried out feeling the same swell of burning fire in her abdomen she felt when Reid performed oral on her body, but this swell was thicker and laced with more heat than she'd ever felt. Like she'd shatter into a million pieces at any second.

A grunt was all she got in return as Reid tucked his face into her neck breathing harder as sweat gathered on their bodies creating a sweet slickness as they moved together. Aubrey met ever thrust almost as if she knew his bodies actions before he did, but wasn't that what it was all about? Knowing each others moves and needs?

Aubrey stopped thinking the moment Reid sent her mind into oblivion shattering her thoughts with a mind blowing orgasm, the likes of which she'd never experienced. She breathed rapidly her body clenching and unclenching in glorious ways around him as the orgasm traveled quickly from the center of her body all the way up to her head and down to her toes. His name tore from her lips as she arched off the bed letting the sensations chorus through her.

"Shit." Reid hissed and quickly pulled his throbbing erection from her dripping core in time to release on his sheets.

When he collapsed to the mattress on the other side of Aubrey he grabbed her and pulled her body up against his, away from the mess he'd left on the shits and into his arms hold her hot sweaty body next to his.

Neither spoke for a few minutes, both enjoying the harsh ragged wheezing of air the other was letting in and out. After a few moments Aubrey took and released a deep breath calming her lungs. "Wow." She said softly.

Reid chuckled lightly. "Very cliché Sweets." He managed around his still rushed breaths.

Aubrey giggled lightly. "You have no idea what you just did to me." She replied.

"Clue me in." Reid retorted.

"Just wow." Aubrey teased snuggling in to his side and closing her eyes.

All Reid wanted to do after that was sleep as well, but one thing needed to be done first. "Sweets?"

"Hm?" She hummed.

"We need to shower." He spoke lightly his hand gently stroking through her hair.

"Why?" Aubrey complained.

Reid smiled lightly looking down at her small frame curled against his body. "Just trust me." He spoke as he removed the covers from their heated bodies. Aubrey shivered from the cool air that breezed over her sweat soaked skin. Reid climbed off the bed and turned back around grabbing Aubrey up and she moaned in displeasure, but wrapped her arms around his neck all the same.

Carrying her in to the bathroom, Reid kicked the door shut behind him out of habit and walked towards the shower. "Can't we just sleep?" Aubrey grunted.

"We will." Reid stepped in to the shower and the door gently sealed itself shut behind them. Carefully he set Aubrey so she was standing upright and then turned the water on. The warm water felt really good on his damp skin. Rinsing off quickly he turned back towards Aubrey and saw a small drip off blood running down her leg and pulled her under the faucet. "Thats why." He whispered in her ear.

Aubrey looked downward where she saw Reid looking and saw a small bit of a pink line down her leg. "Normal." She murmured resting her head on his chest as the water did its job washing their bodies.

After a few minutes of Reid holding an exhausted Aubrey in the shower he let her go. "Stay here, I'm going to go change the sheets." He kissed her forehead and Aubrey woke herself up enough to clean her body with some soap and shampoo her hair. She turned the shower head off shortly after and climbed out of the shower and grabbed a towel from the rack wrapping it around her body.

She towel dried her hair and brushed it out with Reid's brush and then went out in to the bedroom to find Reid laying out a new comforter on the fresh clean gray sheets. He was wearing boxers now and the water from the shower had evaporated into his skin, but his hair was still damp. "Can we go to sleep now?" She asked a smile on her lips.

Reid turned his head to look at her and smiled nodding. "Yeah we can sleep now. Need a shirt?" He asked climbing into his bed. Aubrey walked over to the bed, dropped her towel and pulled back to covers climbing in next to him.

"Nope." She said and snuggled up to his body. Reid grinned wrapping his arms around her protectively.

"You are something else Sweets. I love you." He kissed her forehead.

Aubrey smiled. "Love you too." She lifted her tilted her head and kissed his chin lightly before nestling down into the mattress and cuddling closer to his body for more warmth. The warmth plus the sexual workout that had exhausted her energy put her to sleep right away.

Reid lay awake listening to her even breathing and gently running his fingers through her hair. He'd never expected this of himself. He never thought he'd make love to a woman. Always telling his brothers he'd have a different girl every week, but now he couldn't fathom that being his life. This was his life, this was his love and this was the way things were meant to be. He soon fell into one of the best nights sleeps he'd had since Chase had reappeared.

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