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Battousai's Aprrentice: Chapter 1

After Iruka, an academy instructor, was able to get the class to quiet down, he began announcing to the students what teams they would be placed on.

As for Naruto, well, he just looked outside the window and watched the clouds drift by.

After a few long minutes, Naruto started to pay attention to the teacher again when he heard his name being announced.

"Team 7 will consist of Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, and Haruno Sakura."

Once Iruka finished announcing who would be on Team 7, Naruto went back to staring out the window again, thinking about the past. He didn't really care about who was on his team. He just kept thinking of ways to escape from this village.

As for Sakura, she would have been cheering like crazy had she not been outside with a Chuunin teacher who was watching over her, waiting to see which team she would be put on.

Sasuke simply chose to sigh. 'Great. My biggest fangirl in the village is on my team. She'll definitely get in my way later on. Normally, it would be even worse by having the deadlast on my team. Not to mention that just being on a team would only serve to hinder me. However, since the legendary Battousai trained Naruto, perhaps the situation won't be so bad after all. Yes, someone worthy to test my abilities against. Though, a deadlast is just a deadlast, and he has no clan. So he's still below an Uchiha.'

Sasuke had a small confident smirk.

After Iruka was done announcing the teams, he sat back down on his desk and gave the class instructions, "Please wait here for your Jounin sensei. They should be here very soon." And with that, Iruka quickly left to go outside to inform Sakura of her team placement. Well, that and to allow her to come back inside the academy.


Sasuke was staring intently at Naruto as the blond samurai had lazily decided to light up a cigarette and take a drag out of it before exhaling the smoke into the air. After Naruto had lit up his cigarette, he continued to stare at his desk as if he was deep in thought.

Sasuke just shrugged before going back to his daily brooding while the rest of the kids in the class were filled with excitement over graduating.

A few minutes later...

Iruka walked back into the classroom followed by a cheering and joyful Haruno Sakura, who was very happy to have her precious Sasuke-kun on her team. She really didn't care about the new kid on her team though, because to her he's just a dobe who better not get in the way of her love.

After being quickly reprimanded by Iruka about her past behavior, Sakura simply shrugged her shoulders in a disrespectful manner before skipping over to Sasuke and sitting beside him. It wasn't too long until she started fawning over the pretty boy.

Iruka almost felt sorry for him, but than he felt comforted by the fact that it wasn't him having to deal with such annoyances.

After that thought, Iruka decided to sit down and wait with the students until every Jounin teacher would arrive to pick up their respective team.

As for Naruto, well, he was going to just sit in his seat and smoke a cigarette. After awhile though, a few of the kids in the classroom started coughing and moved away from him.

Iruka snapped out of his thoughts when he heard the coughing that was going on, and when he saw the cause of it, had an annoyed look on his face.

Naruto took one more drag out of his cigarette before flickering it out of the window. When he turned his attention back to the classroom, he saw a few kids looking at him with annoyed looks on their faces, especially Iruka.

Naruto just shrugged before pulling out a lighter and preparing to smoke another one.


Naruto turned to look at Iruka.

"Excuse me De-, I mean Naruto, but besides the fact that you're way too young to be smoking, could you please not smoke inside the classroom?" Iruka asked with an irritable tone in his voice.. "Not everyone wants to smell your smoke or catch your little habit!"

Naruto just shrugged once again before putting his lighter and cigarette away and then going to sleep while still sitting up in his chair.

After a few minutes went by, Jounin instructors began arriving to pick up their assigned teams. Two hours later, Iruka and Team 7 were the only people left in the room.

Naruto was still asleep, while Sakura continued fawning over an annoyed and brooding Sasuke. Thirty more minutes went by before Iruka announced that he had to go to a teacher meeting, and wished good luck to Team 7 before exiting the room. Naruto woke up at that time and looked around, noticing that his team's teacher still hadn't shown up yet. He didn't need a clock to know that him and his teammates have been in that classroom for a long time now. Longer time than they should have been to wait for their Jounin instructor.

Naruto simply sighed, catching the attention of Sakura who at that time ceased her flirting with the last Uchiha when she started to become very angry at having to wait so long for their tardy sensei.

"What's up with you?" Sakura asked with the same haughty voice that all Harunos have when they look down on someone, which by the way they do a lot. Naruto stared at her for a few seconds, before slamming his hand on his desk, which shocked Sasuke out of his brooding. The young blond stood up out of his desk.

"Fuck this shit."

Sakura and Sasuke blushed at Naruto's use of language.

"I'm not going to waste my time like this. If our sensei even shows up, tell him that I got tired of waiting and went to spend my time on something more productive. I've already wasted two hours and a half of my life with this bullshit. Fuck it, and if I had my way, fuck Konoha." And with that, Naruto started to walk quickly out of the room.

However, just before he reached the door, Sasuke jumped out of his desk and ran up to Naruto.

Naruto looked at Sasuke with a confused expression, wondering what the Uchiha wanted.

"I'm coming too dobe. I'm not going to stay here with that crazy fangirl while you get to skip out."

Naruto just shrugged, which is something he's been doing a lot lately, and continued to walk out while Sasuke followed him.

As for Sakura, she sat there in her desk, dumbfounded for a minute, before snapping back to reality and chasing after her precious Sasuke-kun.