Cabin Fever 18



The girls screamed in the back, Max braced herself against the dashboard and Logan reached out with one hand to hold her back and stop her from hitting the windshield head first

After the car made several 360° turns it reached the deer and hit it with a very loud thud.

The atmosphere in the car was tense, everyone kept quiet for a moment and all that could be heard was the unsteady breaths and the pounding of four hearths

Then, almost immediately, Logan turned his attention to Max

"Are you ok?" He ran his hands over her head to check for bumps or cuts

"I'm fine... I'm just..." Max opened the door and stepped out

Logan didn't even bother to turn off the car and followed her

He met her at the front of the car. Max leaned down to check on the poor animal. Logan checked the damage on the car and groaned, the bumper was very damaged and the front of the car was squashed in on the form of the animal. It was a miracle it still worked

"I think it's dead" Max leaned closer to the deer but her visibility and hearing were limited by the rain

"Max? What's wrong baby?" Logan knew that wasn't the only thing bothering her

"Everything! Don't you see? Absolutely nothing in this trip has gone as planned, we've had more accidents than a drunk Sketchy on a bike!"

Logan smiled. She looked adorable when she was frustrated and wet. He tried to pull her into a hug but she drew back

"Come on Max, it hasn't been that bad"

"Oh no?" Max raised her eyebrows "Let me refresh your memory"

She moved closer to him so that he could hear her over the pounding of the rain

"We had to bring my brother and my friends along for our romantic get away. We almost lost our plane. They lost my bag. We changed our destination because of a fucking military base. We almost crashed, TWICE. The car got stuck. We were late to pick up the key. We rolled down the mountain and you got hurt..."

"It was just my pinky" Logan interrupted her but she gave him a look and he shut up

"I went into heat, we ran into your aunt and the animals she calls relatives. We had to go to diner with them only to find ourselves playing a nasty foot game. Zack almost burned down the cabin. We broke the bed. You burned toast, probably for the first time in your life. You revealed yourself as Eyes Only. We got food poison. Zack almost saw my laptop strip tease. I almost jumped a horny waiter. Your old friend thought you were my sugar daddy. He almost blew or cover at the bar. You called me a whore..."

Logan groaned "Max, I didn't call you..." But the look in her eyes stopped him again

"I had an awful seizure. We got snowed in. We broke a vase AND the heater, turning the cabin into our personal hell hole. I almost cracked my skull and some other... important places. We got caught, my best friend got pissed, my brother tried to kill you and then just left. I had another seizure. We got lost and almost killed... AGAIN! Not to mention the poor animal"

Max turned around and kicked the tire, it made a hissing noise

"And now we have a flat tire" Logan shrugged

"Logan, this is just NOT NORMAL"

Logan grabbed Max by the shoulders and pressed her against the car. He kissed her tenderly but passionately for a few seconds

"What's so great about normal?" He asked inches away from her lips, water dripping from their noses and hair

Max wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her soaking body against his "Let's find someplace to stay"

"Hey guys! Get a room will ya? And get one for us in the process" Original Cindy yelled from the window

"Oh we're planning to" Max yelled back, struggling to be heard through the downpour

"Not unless we change that tire" Logan pointed out

Max groaned "Well we should move the dead deer first" She bent down to pull the deer by the antlers

The animal looked up and mooed

"ARGH!" Max screamed and leaped away and into Logan's arms

The animal got up on shaky legs and walked away calmly

Logan wanted to laugh at Max's reaction but he was too shocked to do so

"I guess it wasn't dead after all" He decided to say

"Either that or it's a cat in deer's clothing" Max let go of Logan and went to get the tools to change the flat tire


Once the tire had been replaced and Original Cindy had voiced her concerns for Logan's sanity they got back on the road and looked for a hotel

After two hours of driving around in the awful weather they reached an old motel

"Logan, this place looks like shit" Max wrinkled her nose

"It's the best I could find. Well, more like the only thing I could find"

Logan killed the engine and opened the door quickly

He made a dash for the motel's doors and got inside. Max and the girls had followed him

Original Cindy stepped forward and addressed the rather old receptionist eating a messy sandwich

"We would like two rooms, a double and a single please"

Max smiled

The receptionist whipped the mayonnaise away from his chin and tossed two keys at her "Pay when you check out"

"Thanks" Original Cindy took the keys, checked the small map taped to the desk and led the group back to the car

They parked in front of their rooms and got out

"I can't believe we managed to get the rooms one next to the other" Kendra took their key and opened their door

"Well, it seems like we're the only clients" Original Cindy glanced around the deserted parking lot

"Can we just get away from the rain?" Max stuck her hand out for their key and opened the door to hers and Logan's room

The room was small, the stained maroon carpet and the puke green walls contrasted with the old red bedspread

Max wrinkled her nose again and dropped her bag

"Hey, look!" They heard Kendra say "An adjoining door!"

Max and Logan glanced at each other and the door that separated both rooms flung open

"Uh, I thought you needed both keys to open that door" Logan pointed out

"Oh, it's not a problem. Our key works just fine" Kendra smiled and closed the door again

Max fell on the bed and smiled "Just when I thought I was finally getting you alone"

Logan smiled too "Oh I don't think the girls are going to burst in here any time soon"

Max's smile broadened and she started unbuttoning the shirt she was wearing but Logan stopped her

"What's wrong?" Max asked him

"I want to go slow" Logan sat down next to her and reached into his bag to find the bottle of expensive champagne that he had stashed there along with two paper cups

"Since when?" Max raised her eyebrows at the cups and couldn't help laughing

"What?" Logan smiled too "Somehow I doubt this place has room service so my paper cups will have to do"

This only made Max laugh harder. Logan laughed with her, her smile was so contagious

"You know, we don't have to go slow" Max bit her lip

"We've been rushing all week, I want to take you slowly for once" Logan reached out and stroked her smooth cheek

Max leaned into his touch "You know there's no foreplay when I'm in heat"

"But you're not in heat any more are you?" Logan reached behind her and turned on the radio on the alarm clock

*When I'm lost in the rain,
In your eyes I know
I'll find the light to light my way*

Logan opened the bottle with his Swiss knife. Some of the champagne bubbled out of the bottle, soaking the carpet

"If aunt Margot saw me opening a bottle with a knife and making such a mess..." Logan laughed

"Somehow I doubt the owner will notice the stain" Max giggled too

*For a shield from the storm
For a friend
For a love to keep me safe and warm
I turn to you*

They sipped on their drinks. Logan reached out for Max and sat her on his lap

*For the strength to be strong
For the will to carry on
For everything you do
For everything that's true
I turn to you*

Max curled up on his lap and he leaned against the headboard. He held his paper cup in one hand and rubbed Max's back with the other



"I'm sorry I made you drive all the way over here and then decided to turn back"

Logan kissed her forehead

"Max, I don't mind. I would go to the end of the world for you, what makes you think I'd be mad? I'm the one that should be sorry, for blowing up like that"

*When I lose the will to win
I just reach for you
And I can reach the sky again
I can do anything
'Cause your love is so amazing
'Cause your love inspires me*

Max turned around so that she was straddling him, with her knees on either side of his hips

"I love you" She kissed him so softly that he wondered if maybe he had imagined the whole thing

"I love you" He kissed her back just as softly

*For the arms to be my shelter
Through all the rain
For truth that will never change
For someone to lean on
For a heart I can rely on through anything
For the one who I can run to*

A new song started. Logan recognized the beat from his childhood and stood up, careful not to spill any champagne on the bed

He placed his cup on the bedside table and stretched his hand for Max to take

*I'll be your dream
I'll be your wish
I'll be your fantasy*

He held her close and she rested her forehead on his shoulder

*I'll be your hope
I'll be your love
Be everything that you need*

He wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and she placed both of her hands on his chest

*I'll love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply do*

They swayed to the music, their slow rhythm soothed their worries

*I will be strong I will be faithful
'cause I'm counting on A new beginning
A reason for living
A deeper meaning*

Logan inhaled the sweet scent that was pure Max. One of his hands reached under her damp shirt to stroke her skin

*I want to stand with you on a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me*

"You know," said Logan, "we really should get you out of those wet clothes"

"Wait, please?" Max got even closer to him "Don't let go"

*And when the stars are shining
brightly in the velvet sky,
I'll make a wish send it to heaven
Then make you want to cry*

"I won't" Logan raised her chin with one hand "Ever"

*The tears of joy for all the
pleasure in the certainty
That we're surrounded by the
comfort and protection of
The highest powers
In lonely hours
The tears devour you*

Max's eyes clouded with tears. She couldn't believe how lucky she was. The greatest man in the world loved HER, a genetically engineered killing machine

*Oh can you see it baby?
You don't have to close your eyes
'Cause it's standing right here before you
All that you need will surely come*

Logan whipped one salty tear away from her face with the pad of his thumb and pulled her into a crushing hug. He knew how much she needed him right then and he was going to be by her side for ever, even if it killed him

A man's voice over the radio interrupted their romantic moment

"Good night peeps, you're listening to your favorite radio station. 100.3, the best place for pre pulse music! The songs you just heard were 'I turn to you' by the pre pulse teen Christina Aguilera and 'Truly Madly Deeply' by Savage Garden"

Logan moved to change the station but the next words cut him short

"For our next song we have a dedication. It's for 'Lovebirds' from their Boo. She says "Listen to your Boo and take advice from the music. Just remember the walls aren't that thick'"

The couple heard the girls in the next room erupt into giggles. Max took off her boot and threw it at the adjoining wall. This only made the girls laugh harder

*I've been waiting for the stars to come out
Dinner it was fine,
But I can't lie 'cause I've been waiting for ya
To come back to mine*

Logan raised his eyebrows and glanced at Max, who also had a look of annoyance on her face

*I've been, thinking of you 24/7, every 365
Now the girl from Impanema
She's here right by my side*

Soon though, her annoyance turned into something else

"You know, I think we should listen to them for once" Max advanced towards Logan, swaying her hips seductively

"Oh really?" Logan licked his lips

"Really" Max whispered, mere inches away from him

*I wanna go all night
Ain't no stoppin' 'till the breakin' of the dawn
I wanna go inside every corner
Girl you really turn me on*

Logan took Max's hand and guided her to the bed. He laid her down slowly and unlaced her remaining boot before sliding it off her foot

*I wanna go knock knock
Our bodies to the beat
And when the morning comes
we're letting the sun shine
We'll stay in bed
You can't separate us
We fit together...*

Max smiled and waited for him to continue undressing her but before he did anything else he snapped the radio off

"Uh, I think it would be easier to drown the noise if we keep that on" Max pointed out

Logan removed her soaking socks and placed a delicate kiss on each foot

"I'm done being careful. If they don't want to hear us THEY can turn on the radio"

Max giggled but didn't say anything else. She waited patiently for him to continue

And continue he did. Logan made a trail of wet kisses up her right leg, past her waist, through the valley of her breasts all the way to her mouth

The kiss was intense and full of passion but it was also tender, a reflection of the gentleness with which Logan wanted to treat Max

Max wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to lie on top of her. He kicked off his shoes and joined her on the bed without breaking the kiss

He slid one hand up her arm and held himself up with the other. His fingers brushed the back of her neck, resting for a moment on her barcode and the small scar below it

"Let's get you out of this wet clothes" Logan whispered against her lips

He sat up, bringing her with him. She raised her arms and Logan slipped both hands under the hem of her shirt and slid them up her body, caressing her stomach and breasts and lifting the shirt on the process

Once the offending garment was off Logan went to work on her pants. He made her lie down again and kissed her navel while working on the buttons and then kissed his way down along with the pants.

He stood back to admire her beauty. She was now wearing only her small black panties and matching bra but he was still fully clothed

"You know, I think we need to do something about your clothes as well" Max licked her lips

"Oh and why is that? Are you just self-conscious or is it... something else?" Logan stood by the foot of the bed, grinning mischievously

"Well..." Max sat up and crawled towards Logan, swaying her hips and looking like a rather gracious cat. Once she was in front of Logan she kneeled and smiled, "What good is a guy with the sniffles?"

Logan groaned and tossed her back down, landing softly on top of her. Max giggled uncontrollably

KNOCK KNOCK "Guys, could you keep it down?" Original Cindy teased

"Oh shut up!" Max shouted back and sat up again

Logan was a little frustrated by the interruption but he was also grateful. He really wanted to take it slow this time

He took off his shirt so that the coldness of it wasn't uncomfortable for Max. She was sitting between his spread legs, with her back to him

Logan hooked his fingers with the left strap of her bra and slid it down her arm slowly, covering her shoulders with small sweet kisses

"Logan" Max whispered and leaned closer to him

"Mhm" He kissed her arms, her neck, her cheek

"Don't stop"

He took her by the shoulders and made her lie down once again. Then he proceeded to worship her body with his hands and mouth

Once he had reduced her to a quivering mass they removed the rest of their clothes and proved just how much they loved each other until the early hours of the morning, this time, without interruptions.


Max's eyes fluttered open. She was half lying on top of Logan. Her head on his chest, he had one arm wrapped around her waist and the other one was on his chest beside her.

There was a soft knock on the door and Original Cindy barged in without waiting for an answer, her eyes covered by her hands

"Hey peeps, hope you're dressed!"

"Shhh" Max rolled away from Logan to face Cindy, she pulled the sheets up to cover her chest

"Turn it down, you'll wake him up"

Original Cindy snorted "After all the exercise he got last night? I don't think so"

But Logan defied all logic by turning towards Max, he wrapped his arm around her waist like it was before and slid the other one under her neck to support her head. He wasn't, however, totally awake.

"Max?" His voice was rough from sleep and muffled by her shoulder

"Shh, go back to sleep sweetie" Max turned around to give him a quick kiss before returning her attention to Original Cindy

She was still covering her eyes but she was also smiling

"Just wanted to let you know that Kendra and I are taking the car over to the little market that we saw on our way here, we're not done shopping yet"

"Ok" Max closed her eyes and wiggled closer to Logan

"I was going to ask if you wanted to come but... it seems like you've been doing enough of that lately" Original Cindy grinned "just... let the man sleep or I'm driving us back"

Max giggled despite herself and nodded

Cindy left and Max rolled back to face Logan again

Logan kissed her and held her closer "Do you really want to go back and take the other road?"

Max sighed "You know what, you were right yesterday, I'm done being careful. And even though I still fear for your life, I think I can protect your cute little butt"

Logan smiled and said, punctuating each word with a kiss "You :kiss: are :kiss: the :kiss: most beautiful :kiss: butt saver :kiss: I've ever seen :kiss:"

Max laughed "Like I said once before, you need to get out more" She rolled on top of him and straddled his hips "that is, if you can get past me"

He laughed and kissed her back

By noon the girls were back and ready to go under one condition... Original Cindy was driving


Logan left to find some gas for the rest of the ride and Max wandered into the girls room

Kendra was just showing Cindy the bright pink shirt that she had bought

"Hey" Max sat on the bed and drew her knees up to her chest

"What's wrong boo? Your man treating you aiight? Because if he isn't Original Cindy is putting a smack down his sorry little white ass"

Max smiled "There's nothing wrong with Logan, he's perfect"

"Then what's the problem?" Kendra sat next to her

"There's no problem"

"Awww c'm on boo, we know something's bothering you so just spill it"

Max sighed "I was just wondering... well... what was Zack doing at the cabin at that hour? I mean, it was still early"

Kendra glanced at Original Cindy and she nodded

"What?" Max asked

"Well, we didn't want to say anything... we figured you were better off not knowing..."

"What?" Max raised her voice

Original Cindy nodded again and Kendra reached into her purse and said "I told Cindy it wasn't such a big deal but she said that it would upset you"

Kendra handed Max a crumpled piece of paper

"He dropped this when he... well, you know"

Max took the paper and smoothed the wrinkles. She read it quickly and then looked up at Original Cindy

"It's... It's a flier for a partner skiing competition"

"Yeah" Cindy took her hand and squeezed it

"He wanted me to enter a skiing competition with him and instead he finds me in bed with one of his 'worst enemies'"

Max buried her head on her hands

"Worst enemies?" Kendra wondered out loud

"He's my brother, Logan isn't end of story"

"Mmmm jealousy" Kendra said knowingly

"Hey, why did you guys go back to the cabin anyway?"

Original Cindy gasped and stood up

"Kendra! Your foot!"

Kendra shrugged "With all the confusion I kind of forgot I was hurt... It's not even swollen any more" She moved her foot around to prove her point

Logan knocked softly and walked in

"Ready to go?"

"Zack dropped this" Max briefly explained and handed the flier to Logan

He sighed and drew Max into a hug "He'll come around when he's ready Max, he loves you too much to stay away"

"He's also very proud... and stubborn" Max sighed and buried her face on Logan's neck

"Let's just go home, there's nothing we can do"

The girls nodded, they took their bags and got ready for the long ride home


It was after midnight by the time they got back to Seattle. Logan drove the girls home and parked the car

Original Cindy and Kendra took their bags, mumbled sleepy thanks and headed upstairs

Max leaned against the car

"Want to go home with me or stay here?" Logan asked her

"I think I'll crash here for tonight... I need some quality time with my girls"

"Ok, let me take your bags upstairs"

"No, it's ok, I've got them. You just go home and get some sleep"

Max took her bags and leaned forward for a kiss. Logan kissed her softly and waited until she was inside the building before getting inside the car and driving off

Max closed the door to her place with her foot and sighed

"We thought you were going with your hotboy to have wild monkey sex all night" Original Cindy frowned

"Naw, I decided to hang with you guys tonight" Max dropped her bags and joined the girls on the couch

"Well, I'm just gonna crash here... I'm to tired to move" Kendra rested her head on Cindy's shoulder and closed her eyes

"I should probably go unpack then, before the wet clothes get stinky" Max groaned and stood up again. She opened her bag and started pulling wet things out

Suddenly her hands brushed against something hard and cool. Max frowned and took it out

It was the framed photograph of her and Logan gazing into each other's eyes. Max smiled and flipped the photograph over. She noticed some writing on the back and smiled

*Getting to think on why you love me,
God! I can't understand,
why, out of all people, you chose me?
like the smallest pebble from among the sand.
Must've been luck I thought,
But a glimpse in my broken mirror,
made me change my mind.
Couldn't have been for beauty, or so I think,
for a true and lasting love like yours
is completely blind,
led by the heart rather than the mind.
The one that I seem to lack when I'm with you,
for I'm not bright either
for a black burnt coal could lighten you
better than what I ever could.
My foolness has gotten worst with you
for now, all that I can think about is you.
You're my mind, soul and spirit;
my life, thoughts and feelings.
Whatever it is you have,
you've cast your spell on me.

I think I'm falling deeper for you,
However, I'm delighted
with your existence,
with yourself, completely lightened.

I think I haven't gotten to the point.
I still don't know why your heart is mine,
but I don't care no more.
I can't explain myself some mysteries
of nature,
Can't explain how God created such
a lovely creature
Because it was God who made you
my angel
no human could ever presume
to be the creator of such beauty
Can't tell why I love you so,
such a deep love that gets to the bone
Or why my life is completely empty,
when I notice you're gone.
But don't think me a fool
I can't find sense to all above,
For there is only one thing I really know:
You're the only one I shall ever love.*

Max sniffed and whipped a lonely tear from her face

"Boo, you aiight?" Original Cindy asked form the couch

"Yeah... I'm fine" Max sniffed again

Original Cindy smiled "Just go to him Boo, you know you want to"

"But I wanna spend time with you two" Max protested

"We've got all the time in the world to hang out. Just follow you hearth"

Max smiled and got up. She grabbed her Ninja and jacket and fled into the night and the arms of the man she loved.

(One month later)

"You know, flipping pancakes isn't that difficult" Logan smiled and tossed another pancake into the air, catching it smoothly

"It's not the flipping that worries me, it's the bottom part of the pancake that stays stuck on the pan because I take too long" Max swung her spread legs back and forth. She wiggled on the counter to get more comfortable but only succeeded in making the barely buttoned dress shirt that she was wearing move further away from her body, exposing more of her chest and thighs

Logan smiled "You know, I think with some practice you could get to be a very gifted cook" He whipped his flour covered hands on his bare chest

Max laughed, she covered her fingers with honey and licked it off

Logan reached behind her for the honey and accidentally spilled some of it on her

"Hey, careful with that! It's hell getting the stains off your shirt" Max teased

"Oh like you ever do laundry" Logan teased back and made a trail of honey going from her black polished toenails to her inner thigh

Max smiled "Oh someone is getting creative"

She dipped her fingers into the waistband of his boxers and pulled him to her

Logan smiled and bent down to lick the honey away from her

Max moaned and tossed her head back while he continued his ministrations

He licked her foot, her ankle, her calf, her knee, her thigh

Max held on to his hair to press him closer and he complied. He moved her shirt aside and reached with his tongue for her center

Max's breathing became erratic and her moaning more frequent

"See, I told you we should've called" A female's voice interrupted Max's pleasure ride

Max jumped back and Logan's head snapped up like a rubber band

Zack was standing by the door next to a young girl


"This was certainly NOT how I wanted our reunion to go"

Max jumped off the table and rushed over to her sister. Jondy embraced her and gave her a squeeze

Max then turned to Zack. He had a pained expression on his face but he didn't seem angry.

Max opened her arms and Zack hesitated for a moment before giving her a quick hug

"What are you guys doing here?" Max took Jondy's hand and guided her over to the couch

"I was exposed. We were on our way to Canada and decided to stop by. I wanted to meet the man who stole my baby sister's heart"

"OH" Max jumped up from the couch "This is Logan"

"I kind of figured that" Jondy said while shaking Logan's hand. He reached behind Max for a shirt from a freshly laundered bunch that hadn't made it to the bedroom

Zack was staring at Max and she noticed this. She looked down at herself and blushed. Her legs glistened with Logan's saliva and there was still some honey on them. Her shirt barely covered her and a big part of her chest was also exposed

"Hum... I think I'll go get cleaned up" She said and rushed off to Logan's room

The living room became quiet and uncomfortable

"So" Jondy broke the ice "Zack told me you're great with computers"

"Well... I know what I'm doing" Logan responded modestly "Want to check out my equipment?"

Jondy nodded enthusiastically and they headed off to the computer room. Neither one of them noticed Zack going in the direction of the bedroom


Max was pulling up the zipper of her black leather pants when the door cracked open

"That was sooo embarrassing! Now my siblings know just how kinky our sex life is!"

She heard the heavy footsteps behind her and a hand rested on her shoulder

Max tensed and turned around quickly, dodging the intruder's touch

Zack flinched and pulled his hand back

"Oh Zack, I'm sorry! You scared me!"

Zack shrugged but didn't move an inch

Max frowned "Zack? Are you ok?"

Zack took a deep breath "I love you Max"


"No! Please let me finish"

Max sighed and nodded

"I love you... I never knew what love was until I found you again and got to spend time with you. I would love it if you dished everything and came to Canada with me..."

Max tried to interrupt him again but Zack cut her off

"But I know you're not going to. I know you love HIM and I know that you're happy and it would be selfish if I was to take you with me and I know you'd be miserable so I'm doing the only thing I can... I'm letting you go. I want you to be happy so I'll stay out of your life"

"Zack... you don't have to do that"

"Yes I do. I can't tell you that it doesn't hurt for me to see you with HIM. And besides, I have to move... we can't risk tactical exposure by staying in the same place..."

"Blah blah woof woof" Max filled in. Her eyes were shiny with tears

Zack whipped a lonely tear away form her cheek

"Tell Jondy I'll pick her up tomorrow" He turned around and headed for the door

"Zack where are you..."

"Goodbye Max" Zack walked back to her took her hand in his and placed a delicate kiss to her cheek

Zack walked out the door and after a few moments Max heard the front door open and close slowly

She stared down at the small piece of paper on her hand

/I'll be here for you when you need me/ and a phone number

"Max? Have you seen Zack? I... Angel, why are you crying?" Logan rushed over to her and lifted her chin with his hand

Max smiled "The contact number" she held up the paper

Logan hugged her tightly and kissed her hair "I told you he'd come around"

"I love it when you're right" Max sniffed and pressed her cheek closer to his chest

(Five weeks later)

Logan threw the keys behind him and picked Max up. She wrapped her legs around his waist without breaking the kiss and clawed at his shirt, trying to find a way of getting it off without parting their mouths

Finally, frustration got the best of her and she growled and ripped the shirt in half

Logan chuckled "That's the seventh shirt I've lost since we got together"

Max used her strength to thrust him backwards into the wall "We can count the ruined clothes later. Let's concentrate on getting them off for now"

Logan moaned as she rubbed herself against him "Never again are we eating oysters outside the house"

He picked her up again and sat her down on a small table. He used his hand to clear it, throwing everything to the floor

The answering machine clicked

/You have one new message/

You know, I think this table isn't gonna hold us" Max informed him and threw him to the couch

Logan chuckled again "Since when do you care?"

/Hey guys! It's me, Kendra! I was calling because I was remembering that trip you guys took us on.../

Max practically ripped off her own shirt and straddled Logan's hips before bending down and kissing him

/...and well... remember that new job I got at the travel agency? Well they were having this contest... first price was a trip for six people to a Mexican beach, all expenses paid and well.../

Logan fumbled with Max's pants but she wasn't making things easier by gliding her hips against his

/...I won! And I was thinking that since you were so kind before and you ARE two of my closest friends well.../

Max and Logan sat up half dressed, their eyes as wide as saucers

/We're going to Mexico! Isn't that great?/

/BEEP! End of messages/



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