Title: Blood and Energon

2nd part of the Return Series

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Lennox Farm




Ratchet watched in disbelief as his human partner: Kayla Rayners performed CPR on the human female. Although he had never seen the victim before, he had the eerie sense that he knew her-he received his answer a few minutes later as he watched the firefighters carry over the body of a burned male-according to his scanners he was burned over nearly 80 percent of his body, his face was undamaged.

He felt a sharp pain in his spark as he realized the identity to the human male –Captain William Lennox. Which meant that the femme was his wife, but hadn't Ironhide reported that the couple had a child? Where was she at, wondered the medic as he opened up his scanners; not to mention where was the weapon's specialist?


Ratchet was parked outside of the hospital as he reported what he knew to Optimus.

"The Lennox's?"

"Still in surgery," the medic reported as he watched Kayla start to head toward him. "Why wasn't Ironhide there?" he questioned.

"I asked him to investigate a crash site near the Lennox's," Prime sighed over the comm.

"Who was it?"

"Unknown," he replied. "Ironhide discovered the attack and returned to the Lennox's."

"Ratchet?" Kayla asked quietly as she sat in passenger sit.

"What do you want me to do Prime?" the CMO asked as he started the engine and pulled out of the lot.

"I'm having everyone report to the base ASAP, in order to try to prevent and other attacks on our charges," Prime stated. "Seven Autobots have reported Deceptacon's in the area of their humans homes."

"Ok, I'll check on the Lennox's and then head to base," Ratchet reported as he ended communication with Prime.

"Ratch?" questioned the eighteen year old as she gazed worriedly at his radio. "What's wrong?"

"I have to report in to my commander," the medic said as he turned onto the highway.

"What about me?" the girl pushed her black/red stripped hair out of her eyes.

Ratchet considered her question; how would Prime react when he discovered that he had revealed his identity-then kept it a secret? But if he left her behind, what would stop the Con's from attacking her like they did to the Lennox's?


"Buckle up, it's a long ride to the ARC," Ratchet stated as he speed up.


-each part of the series is in a different bot's (or con's) point of view. The entire 'Return' series takes place over the course of only a couple of hours:

A Prayer and the Matrix (Ironhide)

Blood and Energon (Ratchet)

Flesh and Armor (Bumblebee) – Coming soon!

-but since each part is done by their own 'vantage' point; what is the truth and what are the lies?