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Chapter title: Day 1: Messed up vacation?

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"Aah, this is life!" Hanabishi Recca, the leader of the Hokage, exclaimed in satisfaction whilst lying down on the white sands, his hands outstretched. A silly grin on his face was painted... almost as if he just reached paradise.

"So ne, Recca-kun," the brown-haired girl beside him agreed with a smile. She was seated comfortably right next to Recca as she admired the beautiful view in front of her, watching the waves hit the shore.

Recca then sat upright after a few moments and moved closer to Sakoshita Yanagi. His grin became even wider when he saw Yanagi, leaning her head on his shoulder. 'Hahaha... Time of my life… just my luck!' The raven-haired boy thought silently. Just when he was about to put his arms around the girl...

"Oi, you two, Snack is ready... postpone the mushy moments for later!" Domon shouted, making Yanagi turn her head and stand up, much to Recca's disappointment. If looks could kill, Domon would have died a thousand times already with the look that the flame caster had been giving him.

'Damn Domon... you ruined it!' Recca thought as he followed Yanagi with a very disappointed look.

He wondered why bestfriends could be so meddlesome.


Leaning against the back of the chair, Mikagami Tokiya, who was half bare-chested at that moment (which could have resulted to excessive drooling, unwanted attention, and fainting by his fangirls if they had seen him), since his Polo was unbuttoned, continued to read the book entitled, "Emma".

That very moment, he was almost sure that it was a good idea after all -- him, coming with the others for a vacation, that is. Of course, he had no choice, since the one who invited him was Yanagi, who sported out the best puppy dog look she could give. He was almost sure that it would be a relaxing vacation...

"Yo, Mi-chan!" A voice, which Mikagami knew oh-so-well, said. Alright, he takes it back, maybe he spoke too soon. Tokiya snorted in displeasure.

"What do you want?"

Fuuko pouted and feigned hurt. "Ow, that hurts, Mi-chan... I thought you love me!"

Mikagami rolled his eyes and just continued to read. LOVE was such a strong word, that he'd rather not comment on what she said. He had a serious look on his face.

"Eh, I was only kidding Mi-chan!" Kirisawa Fuuko told him as she sat down on the empty chair beside him.

"Thanks for telling, captain obvious," the silver-haired bishounen muttered under his breath.

Fuuko leaned towards him and looked at what her companion was reading before looking at him, her face inches from him. "Mou, Mi-chan, what are you reading?"

"Kirisawa, pull your face away from me," Mikagami muttered, his face void of any emotions.

'If I didn't know any better, I'd think you want to kiss me,' He thought.

Fuuko laughed and pulled her face away from Mi-chan and leaned on her chair. "Hey, don't think that I want to kiss you, because I don't," the purple-haired girl said and stuck out her tongue. It was as if she had read his thoughts. Aah, lies...

"It's 'Emma'," Mikagami simply mumbled, his voice was soft, but was enough for her to hear.

The fuujin-wielder rested her head on her right hand, her arm was supported by the arm rest of the chair, as if she was thinking. Well, she was, actually. "That's one of Jane Austen's novels, right? Hmm... not a surprise that you would read that."

Tokiya looked up. He was actually quite taken aback that she knows something about the book. He smirked, nodded and then continued to read. "Surprised?" The girl asked, facing him with a grin on her face.

Mikagami tore his gaze from the book to look at her again. "Not so."

"There you are! You two, come on, snack time," Kagerou said, without really looking at them. Seconds after, she lifted her head and turned towards them.

"Err, bad timing?" She added the moment she looked at them.

"Aah, Kagerou-san, no. Mi-chan and I was just talking," Fuuko said, waving her hands in front of her, motioning Recca's mother to dismiss the thought. Whatever Kagerou was thinking, she was quite sure that it involves their friendship.

Mikagami nodded at what Fuuko said and stood up. He'd rather not be involved in any issues and gossips.

He wasn't really a fan of showbiz news anyway.


The rest of the day went by just fine. That was until Recca told the others to gather 'round...

They were seated on the sands, making a circle. The order was:


"So, Recca-niichan, what's this about?" Koganei Kaoru asked, showing his fangs as he smiled.

All heads turned to him, each has an eager smile on their face… well, all, except for Mikagami of course. Well, what do you expect from Mr. Pretty boy?

"Well, I'm really bored, and I guess our vacation needs a little more spicing up," Recca replied with a mischievous grin.

Tokiya's eyebrow twitched. He didn't really like what he was feeling right now. Something about Recca's plans, whatever it is, makes him feel uneasy. He closed his eyes and dismissed all that he was feeling. He shifted on his seat and just listened on.

On the other hand, Kirisawa Fuuko noticed Tokiya's sudden change of aura. She blinked, once, twice, thrice. He looks as if he could almost fidget in his place anytime. She almost laughed but resisted the urge.

The others? Well... Recca's speech was getting longer each second. And they were starting to get pissed of. The raven-haired lad was really beating around the bush... and they were starting to hate it... even Yanagi was getting pissed.

On the other hand, Kagerou and Shigeo, the two of whom Recca disclosed the matter beforehand, refused to join the teens. They reasoned that they were too old for those kinds of games and that they would just prepare dinner. They promised, though, that they would watch them and see if they were all doing their 'tasks', just to make sure that there would be no cheating. Let's just say, it's part of Kagerou's power to be able to spy on each of them.

"…so, I came up with something," Recca stated.

A few moments of silence.

"…unless anyone would come up with a better—"

"JUST SAY IT!" Everyone (except Mikagami, who fought the urge not to shout as well.) exclaimed in extreme annoyance, cutting Recca off.

The flame caster was taken aback and laughed nervously. "Hehe, alright, alright… You didn't need to become so..." He trailed, but he saw Yanagi's annoyed face, even though the healer did try hard to conceal it.

"Err, anyway... let's dare each other. The dares should last for the rest of our stay here, except the day where we would already depart... and so, the dares should be decided by the whole group, except for the one who is being dared."

The intention was clear enough... Recca also added that anyone who would fail to do the task would face many a great consequences... like dancing in front of many people while wearing the opposite gender's clothes, but that's just an example.

"Count me out. I don't have time for such silly games," Mikagami, who had already stood up, said. He was about to walk away from the group when a hand grabbed his arm.

"Mi-chan, come on, just this once, please?"


Recca smirked, he knew Mikagami would instantly refuse the moment he discovered what the game would be. So, he said, "What happened? Got scared?"

That hit it. Of course he wasn't, was he? Okay, maybe he is... but not afraid like a mouse for a cat. No, not that. He was afraid that his dear and clean reputation would be messed up. But gah, his ego would never admit that. "Of course... not."

With that, he sighed and sat back down.

All smiled and they started to decide the dare each of them would be doing for the rest of their vacation.

Domon's dare was quite easy to decide. He needed to find a girl (well, aside from Fuuko) that would willingly spend time with him for the rest of the week. Of course, that's not all that there is to it... He should find one in that day so that he could spend the remaining days with the girl. The girl should not know about the dare... (until the 6th day, when he should tell her already) and should not leave him in mid-air, for that would result in failure.

Kaoru, who had grown into a fine young man and was currently in his first year in College, was not an exception. His task was to show his feelings to the girl he loves... and by the end of the week, should confess his love to the girl. Easy enough? No! Ganko would be the one to tell him the things he should do... and he would do that, in front of them all.

"But, the girl is not here, is she?" Ganko asked with an inquisitive look. The blonde had already matured, and proved to be a very beautiful teen.

"Aah, trust me, she's somewhere here in the resort. In fact, I've already seen her here," Fuuko answered and gave everyone a wink.

"Eh? You knew that she'll be here? Am I the only one who doesn't know who this girl is?" Ganko pressed, apparently annoyed.

"No, Ganko-chan. I don't know about that too," Domon, who had been quiet, interjected. Well, he was telling the truth. He and Ganko were the only two people oblivious to that. It's either they were too daft, or they weren't really paying attention.

"But you'll know soon enough... I think," Kaoru mumbled softly, not planning to let them hear. But gah, who said the blonde-haired teen, was deaf?

"Enough about that. Let's decide hime's dare," Recca told them whilst looking at his princess, who had a nervous look on her face. The raven-haired boy patted her on the back and encouraged her.

Yanagi, who had been the kindest and nicest of them, was dared to become quite sardonic and sarcastic... and to quote Fuuko, "You know, like Mi-chan." Mikagami glared at Fuuko, who just batted her eyelashes and chuckled.

Recca sweatdropped. Imagine his princess being like that. Just the thought gave him chills. Ah, maybe that wasn't really a good idea, but what the heck?! He could not turn back anymore..

Ganko, aside from giving Kaoru instructions, needed to follow Kaoru everywhere (well, except when it's already bed time or when in the bathroom). When asked why that was her task, they reasoned that she would be the one to check if he was doing his dare. "You would thank us after this," Recca, who had a mischievous grin on his face, voiced.

"...and besides, that's the easiest task," Mikagami added, to everyone's surprise.

"Man, we're running out of ideas here," Domon started, after a few moments of silence.

"Not really, we've already thought of something for Fuuko and Mikagami," the Kougan-anki master said, showing his fangs as he gave them a toothy grin. He then, gave Recca and Ganko a knowing look.

Mikagami's hunch was right. They were planning something. Now he was starting to feel uneasy. Same is thru with the Fuujin-wielder.

"The dare's easy enough. Just pretend to be a couple," Recca said nonchalantly, as if saying that this wasn't planned beforehand.

Domon's head shot up. "What?! You're gonna pair Fuuko-sama with that... that Ice bloke?! Are you outta your mind??" He exclaimed, his face, already red in anger.

It took a few moments before it all registered to Fuuko's head. Recca already had his earmuffs on, waiting for Fuuko to let it all out, or maybe even kick him to oblivion... but it never happened. Instead, Fuuko remained silent, her head hanging low.

"Who are you playing with, Hanabishi?" Tokiya, in his usual icy voice, muttered.

"I'm not playing with anyone. A dare's just a dare."

Tokiya gritted his teeth, restraining himself from strangling Recca to death. "Alright, fine," he finally said. Fuuko looked up, apparently shocked, but just nodded her head in agreement. Afterall, it was just a dare, wasn't it?

Recca grinned. Kaoru and Ganko was trying hard to restrain Domon from attacking the flame caster.

"That's enough, Domon," Fuuko finally talked, returning to her normal said. She had a cheeky grin on her face.

"Dear Mi-chan and moi won't take it seriously."

With that, Domon quieted, but not before taking a look at Tokiya, who just raised his eyebrow at the big guy.

"Your dare would be to not be with Sakoshita for the rest of our stay," Mikagami plainly said, looking at the surprised and taken aback Recca in the eye. Haha, revenge, revenge.

"What?!" The raven-haired yelled in frustration.

"A dare's just a dare," Tokiya replied nonchalantly, using the flame caster's own words.

Domon, Fuuko, and Kaoru nodded their heads. "Revenge is sweet, Hanabishi," Domon commented with an evil laugh... as he was still slightly fuming at Hokage leader's idea to pair his Fuuko with the popular, but quite obnoxious, pretty boy.

The youngest, blonde haired just laughed at Recca's dumbfounded and defeated face. Of course, the man couldn't say 'no'. After all, the game was his idea. "Ne, ne, Recca-niichan, it's only temporary, no worries," said Ganko sweetly and winked at the other three.

Recca was sure that instead of him having an even more exciting vacation, it will dwindle down and will become, and he was quite certain of this, more boring.

Yanagi, on the other hand, almost felt the same way as Recca... just only less disappointed. She sighed and forced a smile on her face. "That's right, Recca-kun. Better just agree, it was your idea."

As the decisions were already done, Kaoru already stood up, preparing to go back to the flat they rented for their stay. Ganko followed his suit, as her dare was, to follow him everywhere. Mikagami stood up too, and was about to leave, when Recca interrupted, "How about walking with your girlfriend?"

Fuuko's eyes widened as she felt her hand being taken by another. Her fingers suddenly intertwined with the other. She felt heat slowly creep to her face.

Mikagami looked at her and rolled his eyes. If it wasn't for the threat of him, being thought of as a scared cat, he wouldn't do this.

'Curse you, Recca,' the silver-haired bishounen thought angrily. Man, he swore he'll make the flame caster pay.

Well, Recca won't be entirely happy as well, anyway.


"Say, Kaoru, who's the not-so-lucky girl?" Morikawa, Ganko, asked nonchalantly, trying not to show any interest on the subject. But really, she's dying to know who this lady was.

Kaoru turned his head slowly and laughed nervously. He coughed before questioning her, "Why do you want to know?"

Ganko raised an eyebrow and shrugged. "Just because... well just because. Well, if you don't wanna tell, that's fine with me."

The Kougan anki master just grinned. "Well, you'll know soon enough."

The blonde girl just nodded.

"So, what's the plan? How do I show her... err... my feelings?" Kaoru added and looked at Ganko. How was he supposed to do the dare? She will know everything that he'll do already. He silently prayed that he would find the courage to tell her... or risk his very own reputation by facing the consequences that he'll face come failure.

"Well, first, describe the girl. How does she look like, what her attitude is like, how does she act... everything that you know about her."

Kaoru gulped, but answered anyway, "Well, she's really beautiful. She's just quite shorter than me. She has blue eyes... She also has a blonde hair, like you."

"U-huh… what else," Ganko asked, looking away.

Kaoru thought he saw a hint of sadness on Ganko's face but chose to ignore it. "Well, she can be quite sardonic and ill-tempered at times. Hmmm... she even smacks me with any object she can put her hands on at times... When she's pissed, she'll just tromp away. She can be a pain sometimes but..." Kaoru paused.

The young blonde shrugged and commented, "Sounds like some jerk to me..."

Kaoru laughed, "You think so? But anyway, she has her reasons. I usually tease her, that's why. Maybe she gets fed up sometimes so... yeah. Practically my fault."

"But really, she's nice, kind, and caring. She seems very vulnerable but she's strong... and she's really cute when she pouts," Koganei continued afterwards.

He paused and looked at the girl beside him. He frowned when he saw her just staring at space. He stood up and walked towards the fridge across them. The young teen took out two cans of soda and proceeded his way back.

"Here... you're starting to scare me. You won't win if you're putting up a staring competition with the table. The table always wins," He said with a grin as he handed Ganko one can of Pepsi.

"Sorry..." She replied with a smile before opening the can. The girl then, proceeded to drink.

"Her interests?" Ganko pushed.

"Well, she likes music.--" Kaoru started, but was cut off.

"Aah, I know…!" The girl exclaimed.

And he felt that the turtles would be flying soon.

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