Day started quietly

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Chapter title: Day 5: Gone 'kaplooie'

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Day started quietly. No one bothered to say anything during breakfast. It was really a shock for both Kagerou and Shigeo (who was used to seeing the group, except Tokiya, of course, being talkative and loud even in the mornings). They haven't even finished their food; they were really, really out of it.

They also refused to go to swimming, which is what they usually do after breakfast. They went to different areas. All of them wanted their momentums. Indeed, this was a new sight for the flame caster's mom and dad.

Time passed slowly and painfully for the Hokage. Each minute was protracted. At that point, they even came to a conclusion that it wasn't really their idea of a good vacation. All of them seemed to do a lot of thinking for the past few days, and with each day, it aggravated. Today wasn't an exception.

Morning became afternoon, and the Hokage opted to take their lunch separately... if ever they actually took it.

Headaches were taking over.


It was esoteric, his situation, that is. Mikagami Tokiya was facing something new. He was making himself believe that this was just all a dare... easy, enough? No! Why should he make himself believe when ab initio, it should already have been established to be a given? 'What have you gotten herself into now, Tokiya Mikagami?'

Tee Hee... my little brother has a crush...

'Onee-chan..?' He thought as his head shot up. Right in front of his very eyes, a brown-haired, gentle-faced girl with wings appeared.

La da da da... he has a crush on her... or is it love?

"Crush? Love? What are you talking about? Who's her?" He asked. Was it really his sister? Or had he gone insane? What is her sister playing at?

The 'her' who has a nice-built body... The 'her' who has deep blue eyes...

Mikagami frowned. That moment, he started to have doubts about his decision to avenge his sister's death. Her sister, even if it was just her voice, was now haunting him... and she was giving him more headaches.

The 'her' who you always call 'monkey'... even though you had actually admitted to yourself that she doesn't actually look like one.

Ugh. "Nee-chan..." He called. Something in his face twitched badly... his left eyebrow was doing an up and down movement, a sign that he was starting to get really annoyed.

The 'her' whose initials are 'F.K.'... And of course, who could forget? Dum, dum, dum, dum... The 'her' who has purple hair!

Someone didn't have to be the smartest person in the world to figure out who she was talking about. 'Kirisawa, Fuuko...' He absent-mindedly thought. He looked down and stared at space.

Ding! You got that right! I would have loved to spread some confetti but it's out of stock up there...

"What? You're a mind reader now?" His voice was soft, careful not to let anyone hear him in case someone was out there.

Maybe it was just him, but he thought he saw his sister smile at him before disappearing. He frowned and had grown more puzzled and confused... confuzzled, maybe?

"What, what? And who's a mind reader, Mikagami?" Opening the fridge and taking two cans of soda, Recca then proceeded to the chair in the counter beside Mikagami. He handed the Ensui master a can and opened his own.

"It's none of your business," said the silver-haired bishounen.

Recca laughed which made Mikagami's frown deeper. "Thought you'd say that. But you know what?" The flame caster paused to take a sip of his soda.

"You seemed a little deranged today. It's as if, hey dude, no offense here," He hesitated, but Mikagami gestured him to continue.

"It's as if you're getting too stressed out because of too much thinking. Not that you don't always do a lot of thinking but..." He stopped and just shook his head.

"Look who's talking," Tokiya mumbled. Recca looked haggard himself. Tokiya proceeded to take a gulp of his soda. He finally answered, "I get it."

Recca just nodded and emptied the contents of the can. "You know, it'll help to let that out. I'm not really very good at this, but hey, I'm a man too." The flame caster put down the can and looked at him.

Mikagami was surprised. It's not everyday that you'll see the leader of the Hokage become serious. He didn't know if Recca actually had the capacity to be like that, or if that was only the effect of being away from Yanagi for a few days. For once, Tokiya respected him and his words.

"Hey, there you are Recca-niichan! Mikagami-niichan, he hasn't been doing anything strange, has he?" Kaoru asked, entering the room.


"Good then. He had been drinking at the bar with Domon since eight in the morning. He's drunk… and that man over there, is drunk as well," he said, pointing at Recca and Domon.

Okay, maybe he spoke too soon. He thought the man was serious. He was taking it back. Of course, Recca was just wasted. But for a drunken man, Recca sure has control, unlike the other one who was sitting near the entrance to the kitchen, leaning his body on the wall, mumbling incoherent things.

Recca frowned. "I'm not drunk! I just had two bottles!" The flame caster denied fervently. But he really seemed sober.

Then, Domon talked. "You know... I'm feeling something deeper for Natsumi-san, but I don't know how to express it."

All 3 heads turned to his direction. The flame caster and the Kougan-anki wielder both sighed. They also have their own love problems.

"I really miss hime. It's not the same... she's there, but I can't be with her. That hurts a lot more. You know, she's near, yet she's so far. Like Jack and Rose..." Recca said nonchalantly, like he was already used to saying those words. It seemed like the beer was slowly taking its toll on the man. He slowly bent down and leaned his arms and head on the kitchen counter, as if he was going to sleep.

Kaoru handed each of the two alcohol-influenced men, a cup of coffee, saying that it will help the two of them in getting sober. "But, it's not really the best coffee, so don't expect that it will taste good."

Koganei took a soda from the fridge then sat down on a chair near them. "It's not only the two of you that are having problems, me too. I know that you guys already know who the girl is, so I won't hold back in telling you. Problem is, I don't really know how to tell her."

"Speaking of Ganko, why isn't she with you? It's her task to follow you around." The flame caster shifted his gaze to the youngest lad with a frown on his face.

"Asleep... so I can't really be with her right now... unless you wanted me to be punched and accused of being a pervert because I stayed in her room."

Opening the can, he chuckled bitterly, before sighing and looking down. Recca and Domon were listening intently and before heaving a sigh as well. "How about you Mikagami, you have a problem too, right?," Domon pressed as he looked up with an expectant look.

Tokiya shifted uncomfortably at his seat. He didn't really want to tell them, but it seemed unfair that they were opening up while he was bottling it all. "I'm not really sure what I feel about someone. It's something new," He simply said.

The three others exchanged looks before looking back at Mikagami. "Heigh-ho! Looks like the famous Hokage lads were destined to have a stinking love life!" Recca said a little loudly, before laughing.

And so the men's talk carried on.


Fuuko wandered aimlessly along the shores. Yes, it was not pellucid, not the slightest bit. It was difficult for her to comprehend why she was feeling that way towards him, when it was clear that he didn't feel the same.

Her head hanged low. She trudged along the sandy path, kicking it from time to time. Why did she even bother thinking about it? It was only giving her headaches... and not to mention, heartaches as well.

Heaving a sigh of disappointment and pain, she looked up and saw a familiar light brown-haired girl. It was a new sight, since she was already used to the idea of Recca being always with her during these times. She forced a smile and walked towards the area where the lone figure of her friend sat.

"Hey, Yanagi-chan!" Fuuko said with a forced grin.

Yanagi looked up from where she sat. She wanted to smile, but just made do with a nod. She repeated to herself over and over again, the dare. The healer knew that something worse would be given to her as a task if she would fail and she had no plans of doing anything more than that.

Sensing the discomfort Yanagi felt, Fuuko sat down beside her. "It's hard, isn't it? Doing something that you don't want to do, that is."

Her companion looked at her and nodded, her face, blank. She then proceeded to look at the vast sea in front of her. Fuuko put up a small smile before averting her gaze to the scenery before her too.

"You're getting good at being Mi-cha--..." She trailed before clearing her throat. "Mikagami-like, you know," She continued.

This caught the other girl's attention. It wasn't the thought in the sentence, that made her curious, but the fact that Fuuko hesitated in calling Tokiya, 'Mi-chan'.


"Huh? Why? I just observed that—"

"No, I mean, why didn't you call him by the nickname you've given him? You... hesitated," Yanagi interrupted, silently hoping that she would not seem so nosy and eager to know. 'Mikagami can talk like this too, right?' The healer thought.

"Oh... that," Fuuko said dryly. She ran a hand through her purple locks and looked ahead. The sun was almost setting.

"Nothing really... it was sort of... I don't know. I just didn't feel like it, I guess," Fuuko finally answered. There was some truth in her answer anyway. Half of her really wasn't sure why, and the other half, well...

"Oh, well, it's none of my business really. Sorry." Yanagi said. Man, what she was doing was not easy. She wanted to comfort her friend. She knew she was feeling down too, for reasons unbeknownst to her.

"You're really strong, Yanagi-chan. You're keeping up with the façade. I know you must be feeling miserable, but you're still not giving up," the wind child replied as she massaged her temples.

The brown-haired girl was taken aback. Yanagi and strong? Those were the words she thought that could never be in the same sentence. If ever they were, it would usually include the a word used for negation, like 'not', perhaps. She blinked three times before shaking her head. "I'm not. You are, Fuuko-chan."

Yanagi paused, before realizing that she just said, 'Fuuko-chan'. Now that was not something Mikagami would say, or any other person in the likes of him.

Fuuko noticed this and said, "It'll be a secret." She stuck her tongue out before chuckling. "Pray though that Kagerou-san won't find out," She added in an afterthought.

The Sakoshita girl sighed. She could only hope. "I'm tired. I can't help it..." The girl whispered softly as she fidgeted. Oh well... "So.. what's wrong, Kirisawa" Yanagi looked at her as she asked this, concentrating hard. Well, if she can't do it in a nice way, then at least, she'll just ask what's wrong in a not-so-nice way.

"What? Nothing's wrong," Fuuko denied nonchalantly. Her companion knew better, though. Yanagi was sure that something had gone, 'kaplooie'. "You're not fooling me."

The purple-haired girl sighed in defeat. Yanagi knew that she wasn't in her greatest dispositions. So, she took a deep breath, before letting it all out.

She just confessed.


Dinnertime had not been as quiet as breakfast. They seemed to be improving, in terms of going back to their old selves... albeit very slowly. They talked mostly about anything that would come to their minds, although there would still be the deafening silence that would engulf all of them from time to time. Recca desperately tried to strike up a conversation when this happens, but most of the time, only Koganei, Domon, and Ganko would reply.

Shigeo leaned over Kagerou and whispered, "What in heaven's name is happening?"

Kagerou put down her chopsticks and sighed. "I don't really know... but it certainly is getting awkward here. But at least, it's better than what we had in breakfast."

"Mikagami, can you pass that plate of tempura here?" Recca asked, reaching his hand out as Tokiya quietly handed him the plate of shrimps, his face was void of any expression.

Domon and Kaoru exchanged looks. They merely shrugged as they remembered what they talked about earlier. That wasn't something they would talk about everyday... and in such a serious way too.

Fuuko just concentrated on eating. She would occasionally talk if asked, but never really indulged on the meek conversation. Her face was blank. She wasn't annoyed at the quietness of the surroundings, but she wasn't entirely happy about it too.

Watching the 'semi-silent movie' in front of her, Yanagi finished her food. She didn't stand up; instead, she just sat quietly there, waiting for the others to finish too. Coldness was not an excuse for not having manners, after all.

Ganko was confused about what was actually happening. She spent most of the day in their room, sleeping her problems away. The situation during breakfast was odd enough, but dinnertime had been weirder. She didn't think that it would last the whole day. The girl thought that upon waking up, warm smiles and loud laughter would welcome her. What happened was the exact opposite.

'Boy... what the hell is wrong with these people?!' Shigeo thought in exasperation. He settled his empty bowl and chopsticks down a little loudly before standing up. He proceeded to put the used utensils on the sink.

Soon after, Kagerou did the same.

They just stared blankly at the older people's actions. That triggered it.

'That's it!' Kagerou sharply turned around and eyed them one by one.

"Tomorrow night, 7:00 PM, at the bar. That will be our last night here. Be there. It's nothing big, but wear your best casuals." She said firmly. It was like she demanded them actually. There wasn't anything to it, but she wanted to make sure that this vacation doesn't end badly for everyone.

One by one the dining area was emptied.


"Kirisawa..." She heard a familiar voice said as she neared the hammock. Her eyes widened. She thought no one would come to this place other than her. She brushed the leaves that blocked her view aside and saw light blue orbs staring at her.


Tokiya tore his gaze from her and looked up. He lied on the hammock comfortably before closing his eyes. He contemplated as to why she called him by his real name. Somehow, he missed the nickname she used to call him.

"I'm sorry if I disturbed you. I thought—"

"I could move. There's still space." He looked at her blankly.

The thought of them together on a hammock brought warm and fuzzy feelings to her. She just nodded and proceeded to walk towards him. As she was ascending, he moved to his side to give her space. They were still a couple, right? So, no biggie, right?

As she settled down, a flush on her face appeared. She just realized that he was half bare-chested at the moment... and she was so close to him! His fan girls would sell their souls just to have this moment with him. Ha, too bad for them!

She stirred, but this movement jerked the hammock. Tokiya quickly wrapped his arms around her and shifted his weight in an attempt to balance it. Well, he succeeded.

It took Fuuko a few seconds for the happenings to be registered in her mind. Mikagami, the obnoxious jerk that she used to always bug, now had his arms around her! She blinked three times and looked up at him.

Mikagami was giving her a funny look. Her face must've looked like it would explode sometime soon because of the excessive heat that crept on her head. The moon that was shining brightly didn't help. It made her face sooo visible.

Tokiya shrugged and withdrew his arms slowly, afraid that the hammock might fail them. "You're blushing... again," said the silver-haired bishounen dryly. He smirked inwardly and looked up, waiting for a retort or something.

"Thanks, captain obvious," she said, trying hard not to stutter.


Fuuko blinked. He was asking her why she was blushing? Had he not noticed why? What a nincompoop! And there she thought it had been obvious already! 'Because of you, darn it,' She thought. Had she been not sane enough, she would have said that aloud.

"I don't know. Heat likes my face, I guess," the wind child said casually and rolled her eyes. She was soooo going to punch him after all this. What she was doing was not easy.

Tokiya took a side glance at her before heaving a sigh. He was trying to have a decent conversation here, damn it. He did ask properly, right? Why give him such answer? He massaged his temples trying to keep his cool. On a second thought, he guessed it wasn't all too good either to ask that question.

Seeing his gestures, she could tell that he was serious when he asked the question. "O-kay. I really don't know, Tokiya."

Tokiya? He wasn't used to being called Mikagami by her, let alone being called by his first name. What's up with her? "You don't need to repeat your answer. I understand."

The purple-haired looked up. His voice didn't have the cold and icy feel in it. His eyes were surprisingly soft too. She cleared her throat and racked her brain for a reply. Unfortunately, the word "failure" appeared in big, bold letters. Sighing, she just held his hand on her and gave it a soft squeeze.

Mikagami turned his head to look at her. She just smiled at him and before looking up, gazing at the star filled skies. "Beautiful..."

Glancing at her one more time, he followed her line of vision. He smirked and said, "Very."

They stayed like that for what seemed like eternity, until Tokiya looked at his watch. "It's almost midnight, Kiri—" He stopped as he saw that her eyes were already closed. Her face was buried on his chest. He smiled before attempting to descend from the hammock. It jerked and he fell on the ground.

This sudden movement awakened Fuuko. She was about to open her eyes but restrained, as a pair of strong arms gently circled around her lifting her up. Yes. Mikagami Tokiya was carrying her in his arms, wedding style. Take that you giggly and swooning fan girls!

Pretending can sometimes do you good.

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