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Olivia Benson smirked as the little IM box on the bottom of her screen blinked indicating she had a message. She had been talking back and forth now with her friend Casey Novak for a good hour playing their favourite game, Friend, Fuck or Foe. The game was simple, one would offer up the name of a man and the other had to say if they would have then as a friend, a fuck, or a foe. Olivia couldn't remember how they came up with the game but it sure did pass the time during dull moments at work.

Elliot looked over at his partner. She may have been fooling everyone else in the squad room but he knew she was screwing around making herself look busy. Elliot loved to sit and watch his partner. It was no secret that she was hot, but there was more to her than just her looks; she had this mysterious quality about her always making her seem untouchable. Even to him.

Olivia clicked on the blinking icon

ADA Chick: Trevor Langan

Olivia scrunched up her nose and cocked her head to the side and thought about it.

Det.Babe: If he talks then it's a definite foe but if he keeps his mouth shut I guess it could be a fuck

She hit the send button and got up to grab herself a coffee. As she moved across the room Elliot kept his eyes on her when she was a safe enough distance away he got up and moved around to her side of the desk to see exactly what was keeping his partner so entertained. He knew she was messaging someone and his guess was Casey but what he wanted to know was what was so important that she couldn't wait for lunch to discuss and why she would look deep in thought before replying. He sat down on her seat and winced as it made a squeaky noise under his weight. Olivia whipped around as soon as she heard the familiar squeak of her chair. She knew Elliot was dying to know who she was talking to and what they were talking about but she didn't think he would go this far as to snoop on her computer. She dashed across the room and jumped on his lap causing the chair to skid a little. Elliot looked at her surprised by the sudden weight in his lap. Not that he wasn't enjoying it. Elliot's hand was resting on her mouse and she quickly covered his hand with her own.

"What the Hell do you think you're doing?" she demanded looking him in the eye not letting his hand move the mouse a fraction.

"I could ask you the same thing" he smirked at her raising an eyebrow.

"This is my computer. You can't go snooping through it" She said using her free hand to point her finger at him.

Their little antic was gaining some attention in the squad room. As officers and their fellow detectives looked on. It was no secret to anyone who worked in the 1-6 that Detective Olivia Benson and her partner Detective Elliot Stabler definitely had some unresolved sexual tension issues but lately there seemed to be an increase in moments like these that kept everyone guessing what the true nature of their partnership was.

"What are you hiding Liv?"

"None of your business"

"Hey El, quiet an ingenious move you got there. Making her jump in your lap like that" Detective John Munch said peering at the two of them over his glasses. Olivia's face flamed red as she realised exactly what she had done by jumping in his lap. She quickly stood up but kept her hand over his on the mouse. Elliot gave her his most cocky grin taking her getting off his lap and a small win. Olivia rolled her eyes at him knowing that he thought John had gotten to her with that remark.

"I don't think so John, Elliot's a definite foe" she said the only one knowing the true meaning behind her words. She was still leaning over him not surrendering her mouse.

"Your foe? I'm your foe? That's harsh Liv" Elliot said trying to drag the mouse down on to the blinking icon. Olivia wrestled her hand against his as the mouse zig zagged sharply across the screen.

"Yep you're a foe" she gritted out between clenched teeth struggling to maintain what little control she had over the mouse.

Ten minutes passed and neither one was any closer to relinquishing their hold over the mouse. Olivia was getting frustrated and kept sending Elliot dirty looks. She had contemplated for a brief moment to let Elliot look at what she and Casey were talking about, I mean it really wasn't that bigger deal; it was just two girls having fun. But she quickly dismissed that idea. She worked in a male dominated field so she treasured what little girl things she did have.

"Fin," Elliot called out to the man sitting across the room at his desk, "come over here and grab Liv for me will ya"

Fin looked up from the file he had been working on and gave Elliot a sceptical look. No way was he going to get on Olivia's bad side. Olivia gave Fin a look that said 'touch me and die'. Fin held his hands up in a mock surrender.

"Baby girl, you know I'd never go against you" he said grinning

"What is this crazy hold you seem to have over the men in this building?" Elliot asked shaking his head at Fin and Olivia's alliance. Olivia shot Fin a look a blush creeping up on her cheeks. Elliot noticed Olivia's look of awkwardness as to what he said. Anger and his own humiliation pumped through him. Olivia sensed immediately Elliot's change of mood and again shot a look at Fin for some sort of help.

"Are you fucking kidding me!?" He shouted pulling his hand away from Olivia's and the mouse the standoff for the control of the mouse forgotten.

"Shhhh Elliot, Jesus." Olivia looked around noticing once again that all eyes were on her and her partner. Fin quickly made his way over to where the two of them stood not wanting to let Olivia have to explain this alone.

"Look man, it ain't what you're thinking" he said quietly hopping to avoid gaining to much attention for Olivia's sake.

"You and Fin? You've been fucking?" Elliot asked his head still reeling from the thought of his partner and who he thought was his friend going at it behind his back. He off course had no claim over Olivia but it was a well known fact throughout the 1-6 that Olivia was off limits to any man there. To have someone from his own squad go against the unwritten rule was devastating to him.

"Elliot... Keep your voice down" Olivia hissed dragging her partner by the arm upstairs to the lunch room with Fin following. Once in the lunch room all Elliot could do was stare at the two of them as the stood side by side. How long had this been going on? He was a detective for Christ sake, if anyone should have known about an interoffice affair it should have been him.

"El it's not what you think" Olivia began shaking her head. She could not believe after all these months it was going to come out. If anything she would have thought it would have been exposed right after it happened. She glanced over at Fin. He was a good man and kept his word that he would not say anything about that night; she actually felt guilty now for putting him in the middle of this and in the path of Elliot's rage.

"Off cause it's not. It never is, is it Olivia" he let out a bitter laugh.

"Man, if ya just listen to her, you will know what's up" Fin said stepping forward but only to take a step back when he saw Elliot clench his fist. Olivia put her hand on Fin's forearm to stop any more movements from him. The moment her hand touched Fin she knew it was a bad move. Elliot's eyes flashed with an anger she had never seen before.

"El, I never slept with Fin," she began hoping those first few words would simmer him down, "I was all kinds of fucked up drunk one night...Fin found me in a bar...he took he home...and I ah...well I propositioned him" Olivia blushed at the memory. It was all so humiliating now. The way she came on to Fin. How she pulled him into her bedroom and ran her hands over his body letting them drift lower and lower. She had to give Fin credit; the man was made of stone to resist what she was throwing at him that night. She wouldn't have blamed him at all if he took her up on her offer.

"Nothing happened El. I just made sure our girl got home safely" Fin jumped in hopping he was helping.

"Hey, it was better that it was him than some other guy" Olivia offered hopping that Elliot would see that too.

Elliot looked at the two of them. He hated that they had a secret. He thought that he was the only one she had secrets with. And what he also hated was the twinge of jealousy he had towards Fin. The man had been offered what he never had. All the times he and Olivia got shit faced together not once had she come on to him. Sure there had been flirting and suggestive comments but none of which led him into her bedroom. He supposed he should be grateful that it was Fin with her that 

night and not some other slimeball who would have greedily taken her up on the offer, himself included. Though he would like to think he would have enough restraint to turn down an intoxicated Olivia Benson he had serious doubts.

"Why didn't you just tell me?"

"Yeah right. 'Hey Elliot how was your weekend? Mine? Well mine was ok. Oh by the way I almost fucked Fin last night'. No thanks. It was best just to forget it happened at all" Olivia said taking a seat at the table.

"I'm gonna leave you guys to it. I have shit to do. We cool?" Fin asked Elliot. Elliot gave a quick nod of his head and a small smile. Fin smiled back and headed down the stairs to leave the two of them alone.

"So are we good?" Olivia asked playing with a small packet of sugar.

"Yeah, we're good. It's just that you have this whole other life, you know, when you leave here that I'm not a part of. I keep having to tell myself that you're a single woman not just a hard ass detective"

"I have to tell myself that everyday" Olivia joked throwing the sugar packet at him, "Elliot, I am a woman and with that you have to know that I want the same things men want. You know?"

Elliot nodded his head. In all the years of them working together they had never really discussed their sex lives. They had alluded to it off course but never blatantly acknowledged it with one another. Since Elliot's divorce almost a year ago his interest in his partners' sex life had peaked a little.

"I think we just need to be more open and honest with one another. We're both adults and we both call each other best friends. So why can't we tell each other things?"

Olivia thought about it for a moment. It was true that Elliot was her best friend but she didn't know if she could do the whole sex talk with him. She had Casey for that. It was Casey and hers favourite subject. If she included Elliot into it she would worry what he would think of her.

"I don't want you to think any less of me" she mumbled

"I wouldn't think any less of you" He said astonished that she could even think that he would ever think anything but highly of her.

"See guys say that, but when it comes down to it men start to think of a woman as a whore if she is all open about sex. I'm not talking about screwing around with lots of guys; I'm talking about just sex talk. Guys are ok with it if a girl talks about it the privacy of her own bedroom with her own guy or secretly with their girlfriends but the moment a girl talks about it with a guy who she is not sleeping with it's like they think she's a whore" Olivia explained

"But we're not talking about you just talking with random men about your sex life. It would only be me. What's the difference between you talking to me about sex than with Casey?"

Olivia thought for a moment and gave a quick shrug of her shoulders, "Ok then what do you want to know?"

Elliot almost choked on his own saliva. He had just been given the key to the sacred world of girl sex talk. The possibilities of where he could take this were endless. He thought for a moment. He had to start of small; he didn't want to scare her.

"Ok. Tell me what you and Casey were IMing each other about" He asked cocking his head to the side. Olivia grinned. She knew he would take the safe route first. That's how he operated. She saw it all the time in his interrogations if suspects. He would play it cool and slowly work it up to the tough questions.

"You're gonna think it's really stupid. And I will tell you, but keep in mind this is just what girls do," Olivia licked her lips, "Me and Casey have this game, it's called Friend, Fuck or Foe. We, ah, pick a guy we know and then we ask the question friend fuck or foe. It's all pretend, I mean I would never sleep with half the guys I say I would. It's just for fun"

Elliot looked at his partner like he had never seen her before. Here she was a woman in her late thirties playing silly little games that could keep her entertained for hours. If he didn't think she was adorable before he sure as hell did now.

"Before downstairs you called me a foe. Is that what you were talking about?" His eyebrow rose.

"Yeah well you were pissing me off" she sassed to him grinning.

He was about to ask more questions when Casey came bounding up the stairs. She smiled at the two of them before taking a seat next to Olivia and placing a turkey on rye in front of her.

"Hey guys what's up?" she asked unwrapping her own lunch.

"Not much, just letting Elliot in on a little girl talk" Olivia said watching her friend shoot her a weird look.

"What's that mean?"

"It means that Elliot wants in on our little talks. No holds barred." Olivia explained.

"For real?" she looked between the two detectives. This was new, she thought. She knew that Olivia liked to keep her good girl act up at work and with the people she worked with so for her to let Elliot in to girl world was huge.

"Yep. So ladies feel free to talk like you would like any other lunch" Elliot said going over to the fridge to retrieve his own lunch. Casey smirked.

"Ok. So Liv, you won't believe who I ran into this morning. Steven. He asked about you" Casey said her eyes twinkling with mischief. Olivia groaned to herself. She knew her friend would shit stir Elliot now that he was included into their little talks.

"Who's Steven?" Elliot asked feeling his blood pressure rise for the second time that hour.

"No one. Just a guy that Casey and I were seeing" Olivia explained

"At the same time?" Elliot asked astonished. He knew the two women were close he didn't think they were that close.

"No. I had no idea Liv had slept with him when I started to. It's funny really." Casey giggled. Elliot looked over at Olivia who gave a shrug of her shoulders.

"You have no problem that Casey slept with the same guy you slept with?" He couldn't believe how liberated Olivia was.

"It's a small island Elliot, we were bound to double up at some point" Olivia said with a smirk. Casey laughed at Elliot's expression.

"Don't worry Elliot. For both of us it was a short term fling. What did we end up giving him Liv? A three curl?" Casey asked.

"What's a three curl?" Elliot asked taking a bite of his apple and putting it back down. Olivia snatched the apple up and took her own bite flashing him a dazzling smile.

"It's our rating system for men. Olivia you can explain this" Casey said grinning. Olivia threw a scrunched up napkin at her friend.

"Oh gee thanks. Again this is going to sound silly if not bad," she started actually enjoying letting Elliot in on all her little secrets, "but we have this rating system. One curl is the lowest ten curl the highest..."

"Ok so what's the curl mean?" Elliot asked puzzled by the use of the world curl.

"You know when you, well a girl ...orgasms...she ah... curls her toes" Olivia explained feeling a little silly now about it.

"So you rate guys by how good they are at making you come? With toe curling" He asked raising one eyebrow.

"Well if I guy is a three, it's not like only three of my toes curl. It's just a rating I give him after" Casey said taking a sip of her soda.

"So what if he's good one time and crap the next? Do you give them an average?"

"It's not an exact science Elliot. It's just for shits and giggles" Olivia said getting up and placing her rubbish in the bin. Elliot nodded his head accepting her answer. He wondered how many men had been through this odd judging system these two had established.

'So Liv..." Elliot started

"No. I'm not going to tell you if I have had a ten curl or a one curl or any other curl. Or who has had the pleasure of being a part of the toe curling experience. Now let's get back to work" she said heading down the stairs.

It was getting late in the day and Olivia and Elliot sat quietly doing their work. They had screwed around enough today so now it was time to put it some effort to the mounting paper work. Elliot was just about to go and grab Olivia and himself a another cup of Coffee when the Captain Donald Cragen walked out of his office calling for the two of them to join him in his office. Olivia shot Elliot a quick look to see if he knew what was up, Elliot gave a quick shrug and followed his partner.

Olivia and Elliot sat down in the chairs facing their Captains desk. He looked up at them and gave them a small smile. The two of them were his best detectives and over the years he had grown quiet fond of them especially Olivia.

"I have an assignment for the two of you," he began looking at the two of them as they nodded, "it's undercover."

Elliot quickly looked at Olivia. They had done undercover before but it always come with more risk than normal cases. He would only do it if Olivia felt totally comfortable with it.

"Ok. So what is it?" Olivia asked knowing that Elliot would hesitate if she at all felt uneasy.

"Upstate there has been several women who have been murdered," he looked at Elliot who immediately tensed up, "local law enforcement has a lack of female detectives to send in. So we have been asked to help out."

"How exactly have these woman been murdered?" Elliot asked glancing over at Olivia.

"All the woman were in their eight month of pregnancy. The baby had been cut from them leaving the mother to bleed out. We need a pregnant woman up there and fast."

Olivia looked down at her flat stomach "Are you implying I could pass for an eight month pregnant woman?" she joked. There was a knock on the door and M.E Melinda Warner stepped into the office to join the detectives.

Cragen smiled at her "No. This is where Melinda comes in"

Melinda walked over to stand beside Olivia's chair. She was holding what looked like some weird flesh covered latex belly that had a wide Lycra belt.

"What's that?" Elliot asked leaning over Olivia to feel it.

"This is Olivia and yours baby. Off course underclothing it's going to look much better" Melinda explained smiling. Olivia shot Elliot a surprised look. She had never been pregnant before. How in the world was she going to pass off being an eight month pregnant mother to be?

"Come on Olivia, I'll show you how to get this on" Melinda said motioning for Olivia to follow her.

"Hey El, do you have a t-shirt or something in you locker that I can wear with this thing? I don't want to stretch out my shirt" she asked

"Oh but you can stretch out my shirt" he said sarcastically

"Hey, I'm going to be carrying your child the least you could do is give me one lousy shirt" she mocked being angry. Elliot laughed.

"There's a shirt in my locker Liv. Help yourself"

Olivia smiled sweetly at him and walked out with Melinda. Cragen watched as the two women left and looked at the grin and Elliot's face. He stifled a sigh knowing that his two detectives were going to wreak havoc on his squad over the coming weeks.

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