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Maximum Ride: Moonshot

24 hours from MR4

"Fang, get up." I said, prodding him with my foot, Fang woke up and asked what I needed. I handed him the MacBook Pro he lifted from Itex, "Boot it up and get on to the internet I have no clue how to work whatever operating system this is." Fang opened the MacBook and hit the on button, the screen displayed lines of some kind of jargon going by a mile a second, then the login screen. Fang typed in his password and opened up a terminal, then began typing whatever it is he typed to bring up the internet browser. Fang handed me the laptop then started to his "bed" in the tree. "When you're done, be sure to turn it off. Last time I checked, forests didn't have power outlets." I rolled my eyes at him. "You sure you're not enough of one?" I parried. Fang turned around, "Funny, funny." he said, walking back over. I had decided that now was the time I had been planning for the past few hours. "Come closer, Fang." I said, Fang did as he was requested. As soon as he was close enough I pulled him into a kiss.

A few minutes or hours or days later we broke apart, "So there's the answer, Fang. No more shying away whenever we kiss, no more getting jealous over girls you meet." I said, closing the lid of the laptop. In the darkness I could barely make out a bit of Fangs' cheeks turning red. Fang whispered very quietly "I love you, Max," and pulled me into a hug,"I always have." He kissed me gently and flew into his tree. I opened the laptop and logged back on, I checked my email account and saw one very peculiar message.

Subject: NASA and the CIA need your help!


I opened the message and read:

Dear Max, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Central Intelligence Agency need the help of you and your friends. Three days ago, a re-con probe sent to the moon detected a base operated by a terrorist group that aims to destroy the planet Earth via nuclear weapons. What is known about this group is that they have worked closely with Itexicon Corporation and have shared technologies and ideals. What NASA and the CIA want out of you are to 1) Stop the delivery of the nuclear weapons to the base and 2) Use the delivery vehicle to arrive at the base and 3) Arrive home in the return to the moon mission that is going up in eight days. Additional information will be provided when you arrive at Kenedy Space Center Launch pad 32-B. Air Clearance has been granted for you so you will need not worry about being shot down.

Please accept this mission, only you and your friends can save your country and planet.


Michael D. Griffin

"WAKE UP!" I yelled, "Everyone up and at 'em! We're going right now." everyone's eyes looked up at me. "I'll tell you on the way to Florida!" I said. "Florida again?" Iggy complained "Every time we go there, bad stuff happens." "Well Iggy, bad stuff will happen if we don't go, so get up." I pushed on. I packed the Macbook into Fangs' backpack and handed it to him, getting a raised eyebrow from him. I took off and heard the others follow suit. On the way to our first stop in North Carolina I recited the letter. "That's just horrible!" Nudge said "All the animals and people will die!" "Well radioactive fallout does have a tendency to cook you from the inside out while you're still alive, and give you about three hours of excruciating pain to live after exosu–" Gazzy said, me cutting him off in mid sentence by kicking at him. "EWWWWWW!!" Nudge squealed. "Calm down, Nudge, nobody's going to be cooked inside out. Not on my watch." I said. I looked down at the city below, admiring the street and building lights. "And they won't be there forever, Max. Neither will you for that matter." My favorite voice said, "What gloom and doom are you forcasting now?" I asked it. "No gloom and doom this time. Everyone will die, nothing can stop it, the only question is when." The voice said, really pissing me off now I asked "What are you getting at?" The voice sounded strained, "What I mean is that no matter what you do, no matter how careful you are, you will die, everyone will die. Time is like a beast that chases you, you can try to outrun it with doctors, but you will slow down eventually and it will get you." Now I was confused. "Tell me what you mean right now!" "What I mean, Max, is why should you bother with the problems of humans if they'll all die eventually?" The voice said then did something I was unprepared for. The voice could control my body and used it to halt my wings.

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