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Good bye? I Think Not


Teris Xenite

Author's Note: This is a short piece written after the second episode I ever watched (Flushed). I wrote it afterwards and then left it sitting on my hard drive (it hasn't been betaed, proofread or edited). It's a plot what plot, but I figured after the whammy all Max and Logan shippers have taken over the last few days we needed some fluff. God knows I do (if you heard a guttural scream of "Dear God no that is sooooooooo not fair!" right after the angst moment....well that was me). *Pokes at latent authors in the Dark Angel verse* Come on...anybody got a story written out there submit it please? I'm running out of stuff to read, and my muse doesn't talk if I don't feed her.

"So I guess this is it? I guess this is good bye?" Max had always thought that finding her sibs would make her feel whole, like she belonged somewhere, but as she stood her making a lame attempt at telling Logan good-bye she felt more alone and empty than ever. It'd been the rockingest year that she could that she could remember, Logan had helped her find her sibs, she'd helped him with his therapy and do-gooder stuff and somewhere along the line she'd started to care. She'd learned early on never to take it for granted that you'd see someone again once you told them good bye. She looked at him one last time to commit every detail of his face to her memory and turned to walk away.

Logan watched Max as she prepared to walk out of his life forever. He'd thought that bringing down the criminals of the city would bring meaning to his life, later on he'd thought that regaining the use of his legs would make him whole again. But he'd been wrong both times. The only thing in his life that gave him meaning and made him whole was two steps away from walking out of his life forever.

I can't let her leave, I at least have to try to stop her. Better she turn me away than for me never to try and always wonder. "Max, wait." He walked up behind her and laid a gentle hand on her arm. She turned around to look into his deep eyes that had captured her soul with their intensity, and kept her heart a willing prisoner. "I don't want this to be good bye."

"Well where exactly do we go from here? I mean you got to bust up the bad guys, I found my sibs, and you're done with your therapy. What's left for us to do?"

"Anything that we want to Max. You told me once that most guys are willing to rearrange their priorities when they find a girl who moves their furniture. I never realized how true that was until I met you. I think that I love you Max, and I don't want to let go of this until I find out for sure." He stepped closer and brushed a lock of hair from her face and pressed his lips to her in a kiss as gentle as a breath, and as soft as a whisper.

"Don't have to ask me twice…" The kiss intensified, and soon all need for words ceased. "Don't let go."

"I won't." Another passionate kiss. "Don't leave."

"I won't." Throughout the night they proceeded to discover just what it was that they felt for one another, and as the morning dawned both realized that they had never been complete, not until this very moment.

Well there it is. Filled with errors that I missed I'm sure, but I hope you liked it anyway. If anyone wants to see more shippery fluff then review and I'll post it. There are a few other bits lying in wait.