Nightmare Game
A -Man Fanfiction
By SisterWicked
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Lavi shook his head, moaning at the sharp throb that settled between his eyes. Opening the right one, he blinked as an unfamiliar room swam into focus. "Where.. Oof!" He grunted in surprise as his attempt to rise brought him into immediate contact with the ground, his arms refusing to obey his mind's command to stop his fall.

Struggling awkwardly, he realized that his arms were held tightly behind him, his bindings nearly cutting off the sensation to his limbs. "What the FUCK!" He yelled, flopping ungracefully to his side. "Who did this?!"

His angry demand was met with a soft laugh, causing his breath to catch in his throat. "Where are you? Let me go, you bastard!"

His face scraped painfully on the rough ground as he turned his head, seeking out the source of the derisive chuckles. "Shit!" He swore, his eye watering with stinging tears as he felt the skin of his cheek give way to the jagged rock beneath him.

"Such language! I thought the priesthood had rules about that sort of thing." He caught a slight movement from the extreme edge of his vision, ignoring the renewed pain in his abused face to whip his head around.

A tall figure moved in the shadowy recesses of the room, the guttering light of a scant few candles failing to illuminate the speaker. "Ah, you've hurt yourself.. You should be more careful, little Exorcist. You really are quite lovely, for one so disfigured." He scowled angrily.

"When I get out of these, I'll show you disfigured! Who are you?" Again, the figure only laughed, the voice strangely familiar as it's owner stepped closer. "Stop laughing and answer me! What the hell do you want?!"

The man's next statement chilled him deeply, his eye widening in disbelief. "I'm wounded that you could forget me so easily, Boy. I expected a clearer memory from a Bookman, even an apprentice."

Lavi shook his head desperately. "It can't be you, you're dead! All of you sick bastards are dead!"

His captor hummed in amusement, stepping into the light. "Oh? And I suppose you attended the funerals for us, saw our bodies? Perhaps the others, but not me. Your idiotic friends may have slain my siblings, but they never thought to make sure that we were truly dead."

Lavi could only stare helplessly up at the golden-eyed man in horrified shock. He no longer wore the exquisitely tailored gentleman's suit, but the loose hair and angular eyes of the Noah of Pleasure were unmistakable. The cross-shaped markings that had previously adorned his high forehead were nothing more than sunken scars, barely noticeable unless the man's hair was swept back to reveal them.

"Does your silence mean that you do remember me, Boy? I'm flattered to have left such a lasting impression after our brief meetings." The man approached his quarry steadily, his eyes never leaving the boy's pale face. "Oh, come now. Don't look at me as if you expect me to kill you! It is not my intention to hurt you at all, Little One."

Lavi snarled at his condescending tone, struggling to free himself as the man's unhurried steps brought him within kicking distance. "Oh, I'm totally convinced now. Thanks for clearing that up." He clenched his almost-numb fists, straining against the skillfully tied knots with a growl of frustration. "How about you get these off me, oh benevolent one? I think it's customary to treat your guests with some level of respect."

Tyki Mikk snorted indelicately, shaking his head. "Indeed. I suppose we could make ourselves an evening of it, reminiscing on past battles and rivalries." He knelt by the panting Exorcist's side, his hands crossed on top of his bent knees. "Alas, I doubt that you're of a mind for conversation. Do you need proof that I'm real, Boy? How does this suit your analytical mind?"

He reached forward, drawing a finger through the glistening trail of blood on the boy's cheek. Bringing it to his smirking lips, he sucked at the tip thoughtfully. "Hm, you could do with more salt in your diet. Do you have a name, Boy? Or has the old man taken even that from you?"

Lavi shuddered at his touch, jerking away in disgust. "No one's taken anything from me! And as for a name, why would I tell it to you, if you don't already know it?" The man laughed softly, shaking his head.

"So ill natured.. What harm would it do to give me your name? Surely your Order no longer believes that a name given willingly can be used to compel it's holder?" He sighed in mock injury. "So be it then. Tyki Mikk, as you knew him, no longer exists. The human Tyrone Michaels has taken his place, at least in the eyes of your fellow man." He smiled almost frighteningly wide, his yellow eyes gleaming with mirth. "Will you do me the honor of returning my introduction, Lovely?"

The boy's face wrinkled in disgust at his friendly tone. "Oh, certainly. My name is Screw. As in screw you, asshole. Pleased to make your acquaintance, now would you mind untying me before you run along and play a nice game of Hide and Go Fuck Yourself?"

The man barked in surprised laughter, waving a long-fingered hand at the fuming Exorcist. "Well, you are a feisty one, aren't you? I think it rather suits you, from what I've heard of redheads." He placed a hand on the ground, leaning close enough that the boy could smell the faint scent of sweat and cologne on his dark skin. "You were quite rude before, as well. What was it that you said? Oh, yes! 'The one with the mole is mine'. I should have thought that someone of your profession could have picked a more.. Outstanding characteristic for identification."

His voice lowered slightly, all traces of mirth erased as he continued. "Your friend with the sword cut short our first meeting, and then the Walker boy interrupted our last. We never had a chance to meet properly, did we?"

Lavi glared up at him from his awkward position. "I never got to introduce you to my Innocence, either. That's the only thing about meeting you that I regret, bastard." He jerked against his restraints with renewed vigor, struggling for traction on the rough floor. "How many of the Noah survived? Without the Earl, you're just a gang of odd men out, aren't you?"

Tyki smirked, reaching toward the other again. "Oh, I think I may have had the good fortune to be the sole survivor. And you're quite right. Without the Earl, the term 'Noah' really has no more meaning." He knelt completely, his knees settling carefully on the crudely paved ground. "I'm not that person now, I'm merely a man with rather unusual talents. Would you like to see, Pretty?" Without waiting for a reply, he allowed the tips of his fingers to come into contact with the boy's skin, a tingle of almost electrical energy sparking at his touch.

Lavi gasped in revulsion, hurling himself back, unmindful of the new scrapes to his already bleeding skin. "Don't you fucking touch me!" He snapped, fighting for balance as he struggled to his knees. "I swear to God I'll kill you, human or not!"

The older man sighed ruefully, shaking his head. "I told you, I'm not going to bring you pain, Boy. You belittle yourself with your crudeness." He eyed the other's ragged form critically. "You've managed to make quite a mess of yourself, for someone who's tied up. We can't have that, now can we?" He rose, striding forward purposefully as the Exorcist fought to back away. "Oh, do stop that. If I wanted to hurt you, you'd already be dead, Boy. What power remains in my grasp is merely a shadow of what you saw before."

He reached behind his back, his hand reappearing with a delicately-shaped knife. "I carry these for my own protection," He said casually, fingering the gleaming edge. "I've had them for a long time, a gift from an old friend." He smiled suddenly, his free hand darting out to grasp the boy's jacket firmly as he hauled him fully to his knees. "I've kept them sharp, in memory of the gesture. They're quite deadly, if I need them to be." He flipped the blade expertly in his palm, slicing deftly into the thick material of the black jacket.

"I haven't found anything that they wouldn't cut, given enough time." He continued his task, severing the tightly sewn seams of the boy's garment until it hung in loose tatters of cloth. "Much better," He murmured, pulling the strips of material free from their places to uncover his captive's undershirt. "It looks as though you've managed to keep this clean despite your efforts to the contrary. Your pants, on the other hand.."

He smiled at the boy's hostile glare. "Do you like being dirty, Boy? I should think that you'd be grateful for my generosity in light of your rudeness." His smile never wavered as he hooked the Exorcist's waistband with the edge of his blade. "Your lack of trust is most unsatisfactory." With that said, he ripped the knife through both cloth and leather, allowing the belt buckle and pants button to fall to the floor with matching clinks.

Lavi resumed his struggles despite the proximity of the older man's knife hand, his eye wide with sudden trepidation. "Get off! I'd rather be covered in horse shit than ask you for anything!" Tyki laughed quietly, releasing his hold as the startled Exorcist jerked away. "Son of a Bitch!" He yelled, feeling himself tip sharply backwards. Bracing himself for a painful impact with the floor, he sucked in a surprised breath as the former Noah pressed a hand to his back, halting his fall.

"You are determined to make this as difficult as possible, aren't you?" The man raised an eyebrow at his continued struggles. "Didn't I tell you that I have no intention of harming you, Little Exorcist? That includes allowing you to harm yourself." He eased the other's rigid body down, lying him back full length on the cold ground. Avoiding a swift kick, he stepped nimbly over the redhead's body, dropping quickly to his knees. His position effectively pinned the younger male to the floor, his desperate attempts to roll away hindered by his still-bound hands.

Resting his weight on the boy's abdomen, the golden-eyed man took a moment to shake his head tiredly. "Now that you're back on the floor, do you think I could get your name, Lovely? Look at it as starting over, if that assuages your dignity."

Lavi made a sound of righteous indignation, bucking upward in a vain attempt to dislodge the man from his perch despite the rough stone that dug furrows into the skin of his hands. "Go to hell! Get the fuck off of me, and stop calling me stupid things!"

Tyki blinked down at him in feigned surprise. "Stupid things? On the contrary, I think it suits you." His eyes narrowed slightly as he grinned. "Unless there's something else I could call you? No? Then Lovely it is, until I think of something more fitting."

The boy's face colored with ire, his face stinging as sweat from his exertions ran unchecked over the torn skin of his cheek. "For an evil guy, you're starting to bore me. Do you think you could get on with the torture and mental warfare already? I've got places to go, people who actually matter to see.."

The man frowned in the first stages of annoyance. "Did you hit your head, Lovely? I keep telling you that I'm not going to hurt you, is that too difficult for you to understand?" He leaned forward slightly, placing a hand beside the boy's blind side. "Let me make it plainer for you, then. Do you remember what my place in the Noah was, when you met us?"

Lavi scowled up at him, refusing to look away despite the older man's closeness. "Weren't you the one that stood around looking nice and innocent until someone's back was turned?" Tyki's eyes gleamed strangely for a moment as he visibly collected himself.

"No, Lovely. I was the embodiment of Noah's pleasure. My preferences aside, I find it oddly satisfying that you don't know that." He smiled wickedly, a faint trace of his former self in the expression. "All manner of pleasures, from the barest feelings of happiness to the most intense of joys." His free hand rose suddenly, joining it's mate on the ground beside the Exorcist's head as he bent still closer. "Perhaps you need another example?"

Lavi stiffened, willing himself to sink into the ground as the man lowered his face purposefully. When he could feel the faint stirrings of the other's breath on his skin, he jerked away, averting his face in open revulsion. "No!" He pressed urgently against the rough ground, straining to shift himself backward. "Don't!"

Tyki paused, his eyes regaining their almost copper hue as he smiled. "Why are you frightened, Lovely? Does the idea of pleasure unnerve you so?" He lifted a hand to the other's unscathed cheek, forcing his head around to meet his wide-eyed stare. "You truly are a strange one," He murmured, almost to himself. "You fear pleasant things more than possible death?"

He laughed quietly at the dawning horror on the boy's face. "Don't be so timid, Boy. I think you'll find it a most.. Educational experience." He held the other firmly as he bent his head again, still faintly smiling as he felt the body beneath him shudder. Before he could complete his intended action, the redhead's eye narrowed in determination.

Jerking his head forward, Lavi felt a moment of satisfaction at the stunned expression on his captors face before he dropped his head back sharply against the hard stone, the concussive blow bringing stars into his field of vision even as he lifted his head for a second attempt.

Tyki gaped at him in shock, seizing his shoulders before he could accomplish his task. "Idiot, what are you doing?!" He forced the boy upright, fingers digging insistently into his hair in search of blood. "Stupid little fool!" He cursed, his urbane demeanor nonexistent as he felt a lump rising on the other's skull. "I should have known that you were no more intelligent than the rest of your ridiculous compatriots!"

He shook the dazed boy roughly. "Desist with your childish tricks, Boy. If you can't be trusted to keep yourself unharmed, I'll have no choice but to move you somewhere less likely to avail you of a means to self-mutilation!" His eyes were fully dilated with his anger, the iris' nearly swallowed by blackness until only a sliver of their bright gold remained visible.

Lavi laughed drunkenly, his vision still blurred with painful tears. "G' Fuck y'self.." He muttered, jerking back convulsively. Tyki tightened his grip, refusing to allow the other to move away. "I think you've misunderstood the situation, Lovely." He hissed, his fingers still entwined in the boy's hair. Yanking him up, he met his unfocussed eye with an intensity that penetrated the Exorcist's trauma-induced stupor as surely as his knife had pierced the material of his clothing. "I have no intention of allowing you to distract me from my purpose."

Before the younger boy could form a reply, Tyki closed the distance between them without hesitation, his mouth closing firmly over the other's slightly parted lips. Lavi bolted upright, muffled sounds of protest issuing from his throat as he bucked desperately against the taller man's unrelenting hold. Galvanized into action by the feeling of the man's slick tongue on the edge of his lip, Lavi heaved himself back, his teeth snapping together in an attempt to bite the offending object.

Tyki growled warningly, his fingers closing tightly into the boy's hair. He kept his mouth steady, ignoring the stifled exclamations of dissent from his captive prey. He sucked on the other's lower lip, refusing to be deterred. Feeling the Exorcist's mouth open for a second bid at violence, he grasped his jaw tightly in his hand, his fingers digging into the space between the boy's joints to prevent his teeth from closing.

Smiling viciously against the other's lips, he delved fully into the wetness of his mouth, his tongue sliding eagerly into the farthest recesses of that moist cavern to stroke at the other's retreating organ as his struggles intensified. Catching the boy's choked sound of denial, he withdrew, releasing his hold on the younger boy's jaw with a smirk.

He licked his lips thoughtfully, his eyes once again flashing gold. "Delicious," He remarked, taking in the redhead's sickened expression. "You could do with a bit of instruction, Lovely. Perhaps I should teach you, in return for your services?"

Lavi shuddered, turning his head to spit in disgust. "I'll kill you," He snarled, twisting his hands roughly against his bonds. Feeling the friction burn on his wrists, he wrenched futilely at the undisturbed material. "Fucking sick son of a bitch! You can't keep me like this forever, and when I get loose, you're as dead as the rest of your twisted family."

Tyki smiled quietly, listening to the boy's rising tirade with remarkable good cheer. When the Exorcist began to repeat himself, he shook his head with a laugh. "You seem to be running out of insults, Lovely. Would you like to use your mouth for less repetitive activities, for variety's sake?"

Lavi froze, unable to speak in his fury. Tyki's smile grew almost feral as he looked down at the speechless redhead. "I think I prefer to have you silent, Lovely. Anger suits your complexion." He leaned down abruptly, meeting the boy's gaze from less than a foot away. "They say that anger sours the body, but you tasted quite sweet.. Perhaps you've had more time to grow bitter?"

The boy's eye widened as he drew back in alarm, stumbling over his feet in his haste to widen the distance between himself and the smiling man. Tyki let him go, advancing calmly as the Exorcist neared the far wall. "Even better, I won't have to hold you up this time."

Lavi backpedaled clumsily, groping behind him as best he could with his arms out of commission. Feeling stone against his fingertips, he pressed back against the wall, bracing himself to at least kick the older man as he drew steadily nearer. As if sensing his intent, Tyki waved a finger in warning. "I wouldn't do that, Lovely. You won't hurt me, but you'll put yourself at a serious disadvantage.."

The Exorcist scowled grimly, his muscles coiling in readiness as the former Noah sighed in resignation. "As you wish, then. Should I give you a moment to collect yourself, Sweetling?"

Lavi clenched his hands as tightly as he could, lashing out with a strangled yell at the insulting endearment. Tyki sidestepped his foot, catching his raised knee in one hand as the other slapped lightly on the stonework behind the boy. Pressing close, he used his superior weight and leverage to pin his target against the flat surface.

"I tried to warn you, didn't I?" He asked rhetorically, shaking his head. "I merely thought of testing the idiom, but this allows for a much more interesting diversion." His free hand slid between the other male's head and the wall, fingers digging into the boy's hair as he jerked the Exorcist's bandana up and off. "Much better. With that out of the way.." He shoved the folded cloth negligently into a pocket, his hand returning to its former position as the boy twisted away.

"Now, now, Lovely," He said, his voice chiding. "I still don't mean to hurt you, despite your tiresome attitude." He smirked at the Exorcist's defiant glare, noting his tightly closed mouth. "So you won't let me taste you, then? That's fine." Leaning heavily against the boy's slighter frame, he dropped his face into the side of his neck, biting down on the sweaty skin.

Lavi tried to duck away, arching against the wall to give himself room to move to the side. Tyki hummed quietly, sucking on the line of his pulse as he jerked the boy's leg up to his hip. "You're going to fall, Lovely." He warned, tightening his grip as the other continued to struggle. " You should be careful, because I don't feel as patient as I did before."

Feeling the boy shift slightly, he had only a moment's warning before the Exorcist kicked viciously with his remaining leg, intending to catch him off guard. He laughed, catching his knee as before. Lifting his head, he smiled brightly. "Are you so eager, Lovely? I was thinking that I should go slowly with you, but I'm hardly adverse to picking up the pace, if you wish it."

He pressed closer, rocking into the cradle of the boy's spread thighs with a murmur of appreciation. Lavi cursed aloud, squirming violently.

"Stop it! I don't want anything from you, you..!" Tyki cut him off mid-sentence, repeating his movements even as he claimed the boy's mouth. Reaching behind himself, he gripped the Exorcist's opposite ankle with his hand, his elbow hooked securely beneath the knee of the first leg, locking him in place. Humming in satisfaction, he used his now-free hand to keep the struggling redhead from biting him as he once again teased his mouth with his tongue.

Lavi howled indignantly at the intrusion, his outraged cry vibrating against the older man's lips. Tyki only shifted in reply, rocking against him more insistently as he sucked the tip of the Exorcist's tongue. Pulling back for air, he laughed at the boy's attempt to turn away. "I think the stories are wrong, Lovely." He said, lapping casually at the blood-streaked cheek before him. "You still taste like honey to me."

He lowered his head to the younger boy's throat again, interspacing his bites with quiet laughter. "Your body isn't so reluctant, is it? I can feel you.." He ground against the other firmly, chuckling at the Exorcist's choked cry. "Don't be afraid, Lovely. I promise to take very good care of you."

Lavi bucked harshly against the man's hold, shaking his head in denial. "No! I won't let you! GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!"

He felt the man's quiet laugh against his skin, the sensation spurring him on to desperation. "What the hell do you want from me?! Are you so Goddamned desperate for ass that you'd whore yourself?"

Tyki stilled instantly, jerking his head up to fix the red-faced boy with a fierce glare. "I'm not desperate for anything, Boy. And as for whoring.." He smiled humorlessly, his eyes almost glowing with their intensity. "The only one who'll be whoring here is you, Lovely." He laughed at the redhead's panicked expression.

"Do you know what I'm going to do to you, Exorcist?" He said, resuming his slow movements. "I'm going to strip you completely naked, and after that.." He smiled, his face alight with mirth. "I'm going to fuck you until you scream. And you'll enjoy every second of it, I promise you that, Lovely. You might not want it, but you're going to beg for it all the same."

Lavi shook his head in horrified denial. He could find no words to express the sudden nausea at having his suspicions confirmed so bluntly, with the man's intentions laid squarely before him with a chillingly mad smile.

"You can't," He said, finding his voice. "You that, but you can't make me like it." Tyki laughed outright, the sound grating on his captive's already shaking nerves.

"I can and I will. Would you like to tell me your name now, Lovely? I'd like to know what to call you, when I'm proving you wrong."

Lavi clamped his mouth shut, summoning up the most horrible glare he could muster as he stared directly at the amused man.

"You still won't tell me? All right, keep your secret, if it helps you pretend that this isn't real." The older man smiled, undaunted at the severity of the boy's expression. "At least you have mine, do you not? I look forward to hearing it from your lips when you come, Lovely."

He reached back, producing a mate to the knife he'd used before with a quiet laugh. "Hold very still, I'd hate to cut you in so delicate a place.." He held the shining blade up for the boy to see, turning it until he could clearly see it's curved tip. "This one is different, it's made to go in easily.." He slipped the flat edge carefully into the side of the redhead's already loosened waistband, glancing up at his quick noise of discontent. "And when it comes back out, all sorts of interesting things come with it." He jerked the blade cleanly through the seam of the other's clothing, watching the boy's face as he slipped the knife back into it's hidden sheath.

"I'm rather fond of that one, so I'll keep it handy." He murmured, taking a firm hold on the severed cloth. He yanked viciously, splitting the threads with a ragged tearing sound that made the boy shudder.

"That's one side," He whispered, holding the Exorcist's gaze. "Is there anything you'd like me to do, before I get the other?" Lavi swallowed thickly, forcing his voice to be steady.

"You could try dying, asshole."

Tyki shook his head ruefully. "It wouldn't agree with me, Lovely. But I have a better idea, in place of that." He stroked the exposed skin of the boy's thigh, his hand rising to cup the Exorcist intimately. "So much for pride, hm?" He squeezed gently, his fingers moving patiently over the line of the other's zipper. "If you weren't so reluctant, I would show you something truly unbelievable.."

Lavi made an inarticulate sound of disgust, refusing to give the man the satisfaction of a response. Tyki raised an eyebrow at his silence, having expected a scathing commentary. "Nothing to say, Lovely? That's almost unnerving, after your earlier verbosity. Ah, well. No need to dwell on the past, right?" He removed his hand, lifting it to cup the boy's uninjured cheek. "Do you have a preferred position, or would you rather that I took that decision from you?"

Still the Exorcist refused to speak, averting his face defiantly.

Tyki smirked at him, drawing his knife once more. "I suppose I shouldn't make you wait, should I? If there's nothing left to say, then perhaps it's time to forego conversation in favor of action.." He repeated the procedure deftly, cleaving the material before tucking the blade securely away.

Lavi thought desperately, struggling for something, anything that would prevent the man from completing his self-appointed task. As he rejected one idea after another, he felt the other man's forceful yank at his clothing, the ripping sound adding a renewed sense of urgency to his rapidly growing panic.

"Don't!" He yelled, breaking his silence. "Don't do this, Tyki." He resumed his frantic struggles against the suddenly still man's tight hold. "Only a coward would do this! Are you a coward, Noah?!"

Tyki met his question impassively, dropping the ruined garment to the floor with a soft noise. "I fear nothing, Lovely. Are you afraid?" He smiled, nodding thoughtfully. "I believe you are. Could it be that you've never done this? How delightfully ironic, that you would look as you do and still have your virginity.."

He thrust against the boy sharply, his smile widening at the boy's unwilling gasp. "That's much better, without your clothing to keep me from feeling you.. Perhaps I should take more time with you, in light of your inexperience." He stepped back, supporting the boy's neck with his hand as he sank to his knees. "I wouldn't want your first time to be over so quickly, since you've waited this long, Lovely."

Lavi bucked upward, taking advantage of the ground beneath him to intensify his movements. "No! I told you, don't touch me!" Tyki moaned quietly as the other's attempts at escape brought their bodies together enticingly.

"Be very careful, Boy." He said, lifting himself on one arm. "You feel surprisingly good, and I've waited a long time to have you like this." Lavi stiffened in shock.

"What the fuck are you talking about?! Why would you be waiting for me, when I didn't even get a hit on you?" He shook his head rapidly. "Yuu was able to fight you. Hell, even Allen managed to kill you, as far as we knew! What the hell did I do to compare to that? Explain that shit to me, because I'm starting to think you're even stupider than I imagined!"

The man's eyes widened in mock thought. "Perhaps it was your expression, Lovely. You wanted me dead so badly that I couldn't forget you." He rocked their hips together, humming in contentment as the younger boy growled in frustrated anger. "In truth, I have no idea. Neither of your companions interested me, I'm afraid. The samurai was far too feminine for my tastes, and the Walker boy.. He was Rhode's pet. That left me with you, didn't it."

Lavi glared at him in rising anger. "So you just said 'Oh well' and decided to take your fucking issues out on me by default?! Jesus, you really are a piece of work. It makes me feel almost guilty that I'm going to kill you."

Tyki nodded patiently, letting him finish. "Indeed. I wonder at my choices as well." He leaned closer, his body pressed as tightly as possible to the other male's as he dug eager fingers into his hair. "I had intended to break you, Lovely. Then I planned to leave you at your friends' doorway, naked and defiled beyond belief." He smirked, shaking his head. "Now, I think that perhaps I should just keep you. You're delightfully entertaining, for someone who's name I don't even know."

Lavi snarled up at him, jerking away as the man's face began to draw closer. "Stop doing that!" He growled, his teeth clenched as he bit off the words. "Keep your fucking mouth off of me, it makes me sick!" His voice rose to a hoarse shout as he kicked violently at the man's legs. "I'll chew off my goddamned arm before I let you think you're keeping me anywhere!"

The older man's eyes narrowed dangerously. "I beg to differ. You're in no position to do anything. If I wanted to put my mouth on any part of you, the only thing that you could do is scream. Do I need to show you, Lovely? I did wonder if the rest of you was as delicious as that horrible mouth of yours."

He pulled back, reining in his temper as he slid down the boy's body with deliberate patience. "Don't be silent on my account, Boy. I've decided that you obviously need firmer handling than I originally planned." He glanced up, his eyes locking on his quarry's suddenly frightened face. "I'm still not going to hurt you, but I'll crush your pride if it kills us both."

He latched firmly onto the boy's thighs, forcing them apart as he settled between them. "If you think you can stop me, do it. Otherwise, give me your name, your real name." He dropped his eyes to the Exorcist's barely covered skin, taking in the sharp scent of fear that leaked from his pores. "I won't stop until you do one or the other, and I won't let you come until I choose to do so. Can you stop me yourself, Lovely?"

He ripped the boy's scant clothing away from his hips, ignoring the shrill protest from above. "That's a good start." He said, lowering his head inexorably. Dragging his tongue over the redhead's unaroused length, he smiled at the jolt that met his efforts. He repeated the motion steadily, his hands preventing the boy from moving as he worked intently at his task. Taking the tip into his mouth, he sucked firmly on the sensitive skin, relishing the other's ragged cries of denial. Tracing the contours with his tongue, he pulled almost completely away before taking the boy in as deeply as possible, his rhythm slow and torturous.

His ministrations met with no small amount of success, the Exorcist's back arching as he struggled to move away from the man's skillful mouth. "Stop.! STOP! I don't.. I don't want it!" He shook his head frantically, his eye clamped shut as he moaned in distress. "God, please stop! Dammit, listen to me! Stop!"

Tyki glanced up briefly, raising an eyebrow at his cries. When the boy bit his lip defiantly, he hummed in amusement, resuming his motions with renewed enthusiasm.

Lavi tasted the slight flavor of blood as he strove to keep silent, his eye tearing in humiliation as his body betrayed him by straining upward. He could feel the effects of the older man's touch eating away at his control, and he sobbed dryly as the sensations increased steadily in their intensity. "Lavi," He choked, his voice breaking halfway through. "My name.. It's Lavi, please stop!"

Tyki sighed in satisfaction, giving the boy's aching flesh a final caress before releasing him. "Lavi," He said, musingly. "Is that why 'Lovely' troubled you, because it's similar in sound?" He smiled brightly up at the still-shaking Exorcist, sliding up to cover him with his weight. "Well, Lavi," He murmured, licking a stray tear from the other's flushed face, "I still think either one would suit you. You have a lovely voice, really." He pressed against the boy's arousal tauntingly, thoroughly enjoying the sudden pressure of knees against his sides.

"Yes," He hissed, rocking forward, "It's wonderful, isn't it? Do you want me to fuck you now, Lavi?" He laughed at the other's sharp negative. "I think you do, but I can wait for you to ask." He lowered his head, covering the boy's mouth possessively. Catching his lower lip, he sucked at the torn skin thoughtfully. "Gods, you certainly are delicious. I think I'm going to enjoy taking you very much, maybe more than I expected."

He shivered when the Exorcist bucked weakly against him, his eyes closing at the hardness beneath his own. "Oh, yes. Most definitely more than I expected. Don't bite me, Lovely, or I'll have to start all over again." He warned, sliding a hand under the boy's head as he kissed him. Moving patiently against the smaller male, he stroked his tongue over the roof of his mouth, urging the younger boy to return the gesture.

Lavi shook his head as much as the man's hold allowed, trying to avoid the slick muscle when it sought out his own. Tyki lowered his free hand to the boy's naked hip, lifting him slightly as he increased his efforts.

The small change drew a shuddering cry from the redhead's throat, his eye still shut tight as he tried to break the kiss for breath. "Please don't do this!" He gasped, casting off his bravado in desperation. "I don't want you, please find something else! Anything you want, just don't..!"

Tyki laughed sharply, nodding. "Of course, Lavi!" He waited for the boy's eye to focus on him before continuing. "Give me back my family." He whispered, smiling. "Give me back the world, too. And while you're at it, give me back the man I was!" He finished with a harsh growl. "Give me back my life, you little bitch, and I'll give you back yours!"

Lavi stared up at him in horrified shock, his eye wide at the utter madness in the man's voice. "I..I can't.." He stammered, flinching as the other dropped his hips and slammed his hand into he ground beside his head. "I didn't..!"

Tyki smiled at him, his pupils contracted until only a sliver of black remained. "You didn't what, Lavi? You didn't think that we loved each other?" He leaned close, his eyes narrowing. "I'll bet that you lot had a good laugh at our expense, didn't you? We were better than you, do you know that?" He laughed at the boy's whine of fear. "We were better," He snarled, "Because we never hated you for doing what you thought was right. We hated you for taking our lives!"

He shook his head, breathing harshly. "We were all just people, Exorcist. Then your fucking Innocence came. That woke up the Noah, not the Earl. The God you serve did this to us, for nothing!" He shoved himself to his knees, dragging the boy up by his shoulders. "The Earl found us, after it was too late to do anything but suffer."

He forced the younger male to meet his eyes, shaking him roughly when he tried to look away. "Look at me, Goddamn you! Are you still too fucking stupid to understand what I said? I'm not going to hurt you!" Lavi choked out a reply, his heart thumping painfully as he struggled to pull away.

"We didn't know! No one laughed at you! Allen cried when he thought you were all gone, because he couldn't save you like he saved the akuma's souls!" He jerked away from the man's painfully tight hold, his arms protesting the movement.

"You had a choice to make, and you made it!" He winced as the bindings on his arms bit into his skin. "If you were human, you should have known that killing was wrong, but you did it anyway! At least the Order didn't kill other people because they were normal!"

Tyki jerked back as if the boy had slapped him. "A choice, boy? You're a fine one to talk about choices. I was there when you made yours, remember?" He laughed at the redhead's bewildered expression, shaking his head. "You were screaming about not taking a side, but you didn't let that stop you, did you? You were just stupid enough to think that there wouldn't be consequences."

"I think I will keep you, Lavi. Since you're so sure of your side's right to exist, maybe you should be the one to take responsibility for the result. Are you still convinced that you made the right decision now?" Tyki laughed at the boy's horrified face. "I'm glad I chose you, Lovely. I could argue morals with someone like you forever."

He smiled, pulling the other back against him. "But before all that, I'm going to show you what it feels like to have everything you believe in taken away by someone who doesn't give a fuck about you." His eyes returned to normal, the pupils expanding to their proper shape as he regained his hold on himself. "You seem to believe that a Noah is incapable of keeping their word, so I'll take that away from you first."

He slid his hand back into the boy's damp hair, holding his gaze. "I'm going to make you want me so much that you could die, Lavi. Do you understand? You're going to remember my touch for the rest of your life, because no one else is ever going to make you feel as good as I'm about to." He closed his eyes, pressing their bodies together as he pulled the boy's face up for a kiss, his lips and tongue coaxing the other to open his mouth.

Lavi leaned back, refusing to allow him entry. "No," He said, shaking his head. "You'll have to force me, because I'm not going to let you do this unless you do."

Tyki smiled, following his retreat. "Yes you will, Lovely. I'll start with this, but the rest will get easier and easier, I promise you that." He ignored the boy's disbelieving expression, resuming his efforts. Nipping at the Exorcist's swollen lips, he traced their shape teasingly as his free hand moved down to stroke the other's arousal. "Let me in, Lavi." He mumbled, tugging the younger boy's head back. Licking up the front of his throat, he nearly purred in satisfaction when the redhead whined in protest. "I only want to taste you, what harm could that do?"

Lavi twisted away, hissing as the man's fingers tightened in his hair. "Plenty," He said, flexing his numb fingers. "I don't care what it feels like, Noah. In the end, you'll still be the same asshole you were when you started this."

Tyki laughed, nodding. "I'll be the person that your Order has made me. And that person is tired of trying to reason with you, Lavi. I can do this," He punctuated his words with a light squeeze of his hand. "Indefinitely. The question is, can you outlast me?" He pushed the boy backward, resuming his place between his spread legs. "Perhaps I should satisfy my craving somewhere else. Would you like more of that, Lavi?" He began to slide back, smirking as the Exorcist's legs clenched around his waist to halt his decent.

Lavi shook his head desperately, his eye wide. "No! Don't.." The older man raised an eyebrow curiously.

"No? Then I should think you'd be more willing to allow the lesser evil, Lovely." He leaned back in, lifting the boy's head slightly. "Let's try this again.." His pressed his lips firmly to the other's, smiling as he felt them part hesitantly. He deepened the kiss, curling his tongue questioningly against the younger boy's, humming in pleased surprise when he felt him respond. Resting on his elbows, he cupped the Exorcist's face in his hands as he ground against him, swallowing the quiet gasp his movements produced.

Lavi tried to control his breathing, fighting his body's urge to press back into the older man's weight with little effect. The steady rocking motion of the other's hips drew a sharp hiss from him, his legs shaking as they pressed against the man's sides. Tyki smiled against his mouth, one hand moving down to stroke the side of his thigh with teasing fingers.

He pulled back to breathe, taking in the boy's tightly closed eye and heated cheeks. "Good boy," He said, lowering his face into the curve of the other's throat and shoulder. Feeling the younger boy squirm uncomfortably, he lifted himself slightly, taking his weight on one arm to relieve the pressure on the Exorcist's trapped arms.

"It truly unfortunate that I have to keep you restrained, Lovely," He said, sucking on the boy's skin. "But I simply can't afford to set you free, now can I?" Lavi growled at his laughing tone, the sound rising into a cry as the man's hips snapped forward. His back arched away from the ground in an instinctive effort to feel more, even as he shook his head.

"If you didn't.. I'd kill..Ah!" He moaned in surprise when the man slid a hand beneath him, lifting his hips as he pulled him closer to his body.

"That's better. Don't waste your breath on empty threats, Lavi. I know perfectly well what you want to do, let's just leave it at that, shall we?" He tugged his shirt over his head, dropping it nearby. "I should get rid of yours as well, before it gets dirty." He eyed the boy's position thoughtfully, frowning. "This poses a problem, doesn't it, Lovely? I could always cut it off, but then you wouldn't have anything for later, would you? That won't do.."

He smiled suddenly, nodding. "I suppose I'll have to do it the other way, then. First, lets make things a little simpler.." He pushed the material up, tugging it over the boy's head before lifting him slightly. Working it down to the other's bound hands, he narrowed his eyes in concentration. Lavi frowned curiously, then gasped at a strange tingling sensation the settled briefly on his skin. Tyki leaned back quickly, his smile satisfied as he dangled the boy's shirt in front of him.

"As I said, I still have some small part of my power left, though it may continue to fade with time.." He dropped the garment beside his own, turning back to the shivering Exorcist. "There are other things.. Remember when I touched you before, Lovely?" He smirked at the shudder that crossed the other's skin. "Hm, I see that you do. I can do small things like that, with only a touch." He placed his palm on the smooth expanse of the redhead's abdomen, watching his face closely.

Lavi gasped as a bolt of heat emanated from the man's hand, his skin rising with goosebumps as his arousal spiked sharply. "Don't..!" He panted, willing his suddenly urgent need to abate. "Don't do that anymore.." Tyki laughed, shaking his head.

"That remains to be seen, Lavi. If I can manage without it, so much the better. Now, before I forget.." He reached into his pocket, producing a small container. Setting it carefully aside, he smiled down at the boy's pale face. "I think I should move things along, since it must be uncomfortable for you to be left in your present state, hm?" He bent his head, lapping at the other's skin as his hands sought out the aching hardness between his legs. "Well, you are eager, aren't you?"

Lavi bucked at the touch, an unwilling moan answering the older man's question. He clamped his mouth shut, his teeth scoring his lip as Tyki's mouth closed on the sensitive skin of his nipple. He squirmed in frustration, gasping when the former Noah sucked gently on the tightening bud. The sound brought a quiet noise of agreement from the other, one hand leaving it's place in search of the discarded bottle.

He worked the lid open, allowing some of the cool liquid to pool into his hand before setting the bottle down carefully, spreading the slick substance over his fingers. Turning his full attention to the matter at hand, he released the boy's skin with a final lick. "Relax, Lovely.. This won't be pleasant at all if you don't."

Lavi stiffened, his eye widening in apprehension. "What are.. Oh, God! Don't!" He struggled fiercely, ignoring the scrape of stone on his bare back as he fought to move away from the man's dampened fingers. "No!"

Tyki hooked an arm around the boy's waist, holding him still as he slid his fingers over the hot skin of his entrance. "Shh.. I won't hurt you, Lavi, just relax.." He pressed inward experimentally, breaching the clenched muscles as the other's voice rose in a frantic plea.

"No! Please don't.. Tyki, stop! Stop!" He tried to pull back, shaking his head in denial. "It hurts! Let me go!"

The older man tightened his grip, sliding his finger backward before pressing deeper, keeping his movements gentle despite the boy's choked cries of protest. "Relax.. If you don't, you'll hurt yourself, Lovely." He worked slowly, spreading the slippery liquid into the Exorcist's untried passage with careful strokes. Pulling back, he took advantage of the other's shock to pour more of the fluid into his hand, setting the container aside as he faced the younger boy directly.

"Don't be afraid, Lavi.. If I don't do this.." He slid his newly slickened finger back into the slightly loosened opening, sighing at the heat he found there. "It truly will be painful. I told you, nothing you say is going to change my mind, I'm not going to stop until you are mine."

He smiled pleasantly, his voice quiet. "You're still ready, even if you deny it. I can feel how hot you are, so unless you want me to do this the hard way, I suggest you relax." Lavi shook his head, gritting his teeth.

"I don't want you! Nothing you do will change that for me!" He yowled indignantly as the man worked in a second finger, struggling to pull back. "Goddamn you, stop! I'm not.. God!"

He bucked harshly as the man's fingers curled, pressing insistently against something that brought a stifled cry of pleasure from his throat, his back arching painfully at the feeling. "Oh God! Stop! Please don't..!"

Tyki hissed at the sudden tightness around his fingers, smiling wickedly at the boy's shaky cries. "That's good, isn't it? I told you, there won't be anything better than what I'm going to do to you, Lavi. Whether you want to admit it or not, you love this." He moved his fingers again, relishing the other's high pitched moans. "You're already so close.. Don't you think I know? Even without doing anything else, I could make you come right now, if you wanted me to." He leaned close, his fingers pressing firmly against the boy's prostate as he claimed his open mouth.

He sucked teasingly on the younger boy's tongue, delighting in the other's urgent whine. He broke away, panting quietly against the redhead's mouth. "Do you want it, Lovely? Do you want me to make you come, just like this? All you need to do is ask.." He chuckled at the Exorcist's gasping negative, nipping at his swollen lip. "Not like this, then? Wonderful.." He withdrew his hand, smiling viciously at the boy's shuddering moan.

"We'll do it the other way, then." He pulled the Exorcist upright, turning him around as he pressed himself to the sweat dampened skin of his back. "Gods, Lavi.. You wouldn't believe how much I want you.. Are you still going to say that you don't want me?"

Lavi sagged bonelessly in his hold, gasping for breath. "I don't want it.. Please don't do this, Tyki.." He choked on a sob, his eye closed tightly against the sting of tears. "I don't want you, not like.. No! Wait!" He jerked away from the sudden heat of the man's arousal against his skin, his back arched in a desperate move to keep him away. "Please don't!"

The older man laughed softly, holding the Exorcist's hips tightly as he coated himself with the remaining liquid from his hands. Pushing the boy's knees apart, he settled close against him, biting down on the nape of his neck. "But you need it, Lovely.. And so do I, even if it's only a game." He rocked forward, moaning quietly into the boy's hair. "And you were right, I did lie to you, before."

He slid a hand up the boy's body, placing his palm directly over his pounding heart. "I didn't really choose you because I had to." He pulled the Exorcist back, gasping at the tightness of his body as he thrust carefully into him. "I chose you because I wanted to."

Lavi shrieked hoarsely at the intrusion, his head snapping back at the feeling of the man's shallow penetration. "No!" He whimpered brokenly, shuddering. "Please don't do this! I don't want it!"

Tyki moved again, pulling the boy's hips back as he rocked upward. "So tight," He whispered, resting his head on the redheads heaving shoulder. "I can't believe how good you feel, Lavi.. I think I might have to be careful, because right now.." He pulled back, shifting his weight before pressing deeper into the other's body, seeking out the place he'd so recently discovered. "Right now, I could almost pretend that this actually means something."

Lavi gasped, shaking his head. "Don't! It doesn't mean..Aah!" His eye widened as the man's erection brushed against his prostate, the slight pressure sending a coil of heat up his spine. "Don't.." He moaned, trying to pull away from the other's grip. Tyki gasped sharply into his neck, his arms locking around the boy's body like a vice.

"Don't do that, Lovely.. Moving like that makes me forget that you don't mean it." He breathed in deeply, striving for control. "Stay very still, for a moment.." Lavi shivered with nerves, the feeling of the older man's breath on his back making his legs shake. Tyki closed his eyes, rocking upward slowly.

"It feels good, doesn't it? I told you it would.." He moved experimentally, biting his lip at the younger boy's choked cry. "There, Lavi? Is that what you need?" He thrust harder, pulling the other's hips back to meet him. "Don't be shy, I want to know exactly what you're feeling.." His efforts produced a gasping whimper from the Exorcist's arched throat, his hands curling tightly as he panted.

"I hate it!" He cried, ignoring the man's amused laugh. "Stop acting like you fucking care, bastard!"

Tyki shook his head faintly, licking the boy's neck. "But I do care, Lovely. I'm going to get what I want, one way or another.." He moaned quietly, enjoying the boy's renewed struggles. "I'll do this for as long as it takes, so you may as well take your pleasure as you can." He quickened his pace, driving into the redhead's body insistently. "You should move too, Lavi.. Perhaps it won't take so long if you do."

Lavi cried out, his voice ragged as he strove to keep as still as possible. The man's steady assault on his body was maddening, every move bringing more and more urgency to his need. Even the slightest change of pace was enough to make him gasp at the difference, his legs shaking as he fought the urge to press back against the panting Noah's hips. When the man's hand dropped to his waist, he jerked back before the long fingers could touch his desperately aching skin. "No!"

His sudden movement brought the man directly against his back, a surprised cry issuing from him as he sank completely into the boy's body. "Lavi! Oh Gods, yes!" He held the Exorcist firmly to his chest, feeling the smaller boy arch backward with a startled moan. "You liked it too, didn't you? You're shaking so hard.." He sought out the Exorcist's hands, wrapping his fingers around the twisted ropes that held him. "Do you want them off, Lovely?" He asked, punctuating his words with a light tug. "If you keep doing that, I might be stupid enough to let you go.."

Lavi nodded rapidly, pulling against the rough bindings. "Yes! Please take them off, they hurt.." He pressed back, gasping at the sharp pleasure he felt at the motion. "Please..! I won't..Tyki!" The older man laughed breathlessly, moving steadily.

"You won't what, Lovely? Try to fight? Of course you will, you don't want me. Perhaps I shouldn't have offered, it is foolish.." He sucked on the boy's throat, dropping his hand to stroke the hot skin of his arousal. "Why else would you agree, if not to resist?"

Lavi shook his head, his eye closed tightly. "Please," He choked, "I can't.." His words caught in his throat as the man's grip tightened, his eye tearing in horrified embarrassment at the sound of his own voice.

Tyki smiled against his neck, his rhythm unfaltering. "Say it, Lavi. Why wouldn't you fight me? Don't you want me to stop?" He halted his movements, keeping a tight hold on the boy's hips to keep him still. "Is that better, Lovely?"

The Exorcist moaned plaintively, shaking against the man's body. "Damn you!" He rasped, ignoring the waver in his tone. "You know! I don't need to tell you anything!"

The older man shifted slightly, his smile evident in his voice. "I know nothing but what you've told me, Lavi. You've been begging me to stop all along, haven't you?" He rocked tauntingly against the other boy's trembling body, his words dropping to a quiet murmur. "Have you changed your mind, Lavi? Tell me what you really want and we'll go from there."

Lavi whimpered sharply at his movements, struggling to push backward. "Don't make me say it," He whispered, shaking his head. "Please!" Tyki shook his head, nibbling the boy's earlobe.

"Tell me, Lovely. If you don't, I'll have to stop for now, and begin again when you've had time to think." The Exorcist's pulse jumped at the feeling of the man's teeth, his eye widening as his quiet words registered.

"Oh, God.. Please don't leave it like this! I..I need..!" He shook his head, biting his lip deeply to stop himself.

Tyki sighed, moving as if to pull away. "As I said, you obviously need time to think, Lavi.." The boy's shaking increased, his head whipping back and forth desperately.

"No! Tyki, please, I..!" He sobbed quietly, still shaking his head. "I want it.." He whispered, closing his eye in shame. "I want" Tyki hummed in satisfaction, nodding.

"That's better. Does it feel good, Lovely? You should tell me if it does." He resumed his movements slowly, pulling the boy's hips back with a moan. "Is there something you want from me, Lavi? I'm feeling rather generous, at the moment."

Lavi arched into him, nodding jerkily. "Yes! I want..Tyki, please don't stop!" He pushed back urgently, his knees shaking with his need. "Please, just let me..!"

The older man laughed, quickening his thrusts. "Is that all, Lovely? That was my intention, didn't I tell you? If that's what you want, then I'm happy to oblige." He tightened his hold on the Exorcist's straining length, stroking him in time with his movements. "Gods, you are sweet.. Are you going to scream for me, when I make you come?"

Lavi gasped, nodding rapidly. "Yes! Tyki, please.. I'm.. Tyki!" He moaned breathlessly, unable to speak through his rising cries.

Tyki growled softly at his pleas, his own need growing acute as he drove into the boy's shuddering body. "Now, Lavi? It feels like you're ready.. Are you?"

The boy's movements grew unsteady, his muscles drawn tight as he whined a wordless affirmative. The older man closed his eyes, hissing at the sound. "Good," He said, his thrusts turning forceful. "Because I want it, too."

Lavi moaned in reply, bucking frantically into the man's touch. Feeling his stomach clench in almost unbearable pleasure, he stiffened, arching back against the man with a ragged scream that left his throat raw with it's volume. Tyki groaned at the sudden pressure around him, sinking himself into the boy as deeply as he could as he filled him with his essence, a feral gleam turning his eyes completely golden for a moment as he panted against the Exorcist's shaking back.

"Oh, yes," He murmured, releasing his tight grasp on the boy's member. "I definitely think I'll keep you, Lovely. Would you like that?" Lavi slumped in exhaustion, his eye closed in humiliated disbelief at the obvious response.



Ah well. Maybe not the ideal ending, but then again, I suppose that would be too much to ask for. If anyone wants more of this horror, feel free to let me know. I'm sure I could think of something worse to give you. Thanks for reading, and please review, as this is the first fic of this type that I've attempted.