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Rise of the Dark Rangers

Chapter 9

New Ranger Rising, Part 2

The Dragonzord and Mega Terrorzord faced each other for their final confrontation.

"Let's take him down." Justin said.

"Right!" Blake said. The other Rangers ushered their support.

"Bring it on!" Kyle said from his cockpit.

The Dragonzord roared as it lumbered towards the Mega Terrorzord who did the same. The two machines grappled their hands together as they struggled to overpower each other.

"Fire cannons!" he yelled.

The five chest cannons glowed and opened fire on the Dragonzord nearly tearing it apart. The machine flew backwards as it roared in agony and fell backwards. The Green Ranger was thrashed around the cabin as he tried to recover from the blast.

"Oh man, that was brutal. Dragonzord you all right?" he asked. The mech groaned a response.

"Ugh I feel the same way, come on let's go up." he said.

The mighty machine struggled to get up still on it's back as the Mega Terrorzord made its way over to them.

"If you know what's best you'll stay down." The Red Ranger said.

"Not likely. Come on buddy, hop to It." he said.

"Allow us." he said and the machine kicked the Dragonzord in the side sending it over.

The massive machine rolled over onto its stomach and struggled to get back up but its weight and build worked against it as it tried getting to its knees. The Mega Terrorzord put its arms around the Dragonzord's torso and lifted it high above its head before tossing it into a mountain. Kyle yelled as he was pressed against the front of the cockpit and crashed into the mountain demolishing the stone structure. Though he couldn't describe it, the Dragonzord sounded like it was in pain it was a feeling Tommy was all too familiar with.

"Come on buddy, just hang in there." he said softly.

Kyle pressed his hands against the glass window as he tried to pull himself back across the control council since the Dragonzord was face down. Once he was in, he strapped himself into his chair and took control of the joystick trying to get the creature back on its feet all the while the Mega Terrorzord casually made its way over to them while the Rangers watched on helplessly.

"He's not going to make it." Trini said.

"There's got to be something we can do!" Kimberly added.

Billy sighed. "Without the Thunder Megazord, we're not much help."

"Come on there's got to be something we can do!" Zach said.

"I agree Zordon are there any other weapons we can use?" Jason asked on his communicator.

"I have one other zord in reserve that might be of some assistance." The wizard replied.

"All right, I'm going after it." Jason said.

"Be careful." Trini told him. The Red Ranger nodded.

"Alpha can you disengage the Thunder Megazord?" he asked.

"You got it." he replied.

"The other zords are too badly damaged. But I think my zord may be able to take one last battle. If not then this other zord may be our only chance." He told the team.

"Good luck Jason." Kim said as he teleported off.

Jason arrived at the Command Center a second later and found himself down in the Zord Bay.

"I've never been down here before, this place is huge!" he said carrying his helmet.

The interior was a gigantic steel hanger with support beams that crisscrossed down the hallway and saw the zords sitting there in a dilapidated state. Sparks flew as robotic arms worked on the machines trying to repair them as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Red Ranger looked on in wonder as they continued to work on the battle scared zords, a door opened and a ray of light filled the corridor as Alpha stepped in.

"Alpha." He said jogging over to the robot helper.

"The new zord is over here." He told him.

"How the Red Dragon Thunderzord?" he asked.

"It's in a lot better shape than the others, but I'm afraid its had its share of damages as well." He said. The pair looked up at the Warriorzord that stood in a small holding bay.

"Will it still work?" he asked.

"Yes but you must be careful with it. I'm not sure exactly how it'll behave and could self-destruct. It's power couplers have been spent and is running low on power. I'm afraid it wont be much use on it's own." Alpha told him.

"Then what do you suggest?" he asked.

"The new Carrierzord has a compartment that can hold the Red Dragonzord and effectively act as another armor for it. But in either form it has very limited mobility." He says.

"What about Titanus?" Jason asked.

"Since its last battle, we haven't found an effective power source to keep it running." He told him.

"Well what if my zord rides on top of it?"

"It wont be enough, as I said the Red Dragonzord is far too underpowered to help Titanus. I'm afraid this is all we have." the robot said.

"We're really scrapping the bottom of the barrel here." He said.

"I am sorry Jason." He told him. The Red Ranger shook his head.

"It's not your fault." He said patting his shoulder.

"I guess I better get ready." He said putting his helmet back on.

Back at the battlefield the Dragonzord was back on its feet, and Kyle seemed to be getting the hang of it.

"It's not so bad once you get use to It." he said.

"Too bad you wont have time to enjoy it." Justin said as the Mega Terrorzord punched the Dragonzord in the chest knocking it back.

The Megazord advanced again with another hit, but the Dragonzord blocked it and threw up its arms before returning a punch to the Terrorzord's chest and knocked it back and followed up with a head butt. Sparks flew as the crescent blade hit its chest. The Mega Terrorzord fired its cannons again at close range knocking the Dragonzord back; the Mega Terrorzord continued its assalt with a series of punches. Dragonzord caught its hand and wrangled with it while its tail drill started to spin and struck the rogue Megazord across the back and shoulder. Angered the machine kicked the Dragonzord below the chest, grabbed its tail and took it for a ride. Kyle grabbed the sides of the cabin as he was lifted into the air and thrown into another mountain. It seemed as though this time he was down for the count.

"Come on Dragonzord get up!" he said.

The machine groaned and its eyes flashed as it hovered in and out of consciousness, inside the cockpit the lights started to flicker signaling that it was close to shutting down.

"No, no hey come on. Don't do this to me!" he said and began pushing buttons.

As he reached for his Dragon Dagger something came over him. He listened intently even though there was nothing audible. The Dragonzord's eyes continued to flicker as it communicated with him.

"I understand." He said removing his hand from his hilt.

"Its all right, let my strength be your strength." He said as he wrapped his hand around the joystick.

"I think it's time we finished this once and for all." Justin told them.

"Right." agreed Hilary as she undid her harness and stood up and was soon joined by Tina, then Blake and Zane stood up.

The four Dark Rangers exited the cockpit and landed on the Dragonzord's shoulders and went inside. Without warning they broke into the cockpit and began attacking Kyle. Explosions rang out from outside the cockpit; the four Rangers beat down the Green Ranger was he was still strapped in. Blake and Tina grabbed hold of his harness and ripped him out of his seat and were ejected from the cockpit in the next second. The four Rangers went after him. He hit the ground hard and rolled a bit as the Power Rangers rushed to save him. Before he could even recover the fight was underway. Hilary came at him with an axe kick as he rolled out of the way and was struck across the chest by Zane. Blake joined the fray and got him with his Shadow Lance and was assaulted on all sides. Kimberly jumped in the air and shot an arrow at Hilary while Trini threw her daggers at Tina. While Billy and Zach took on their counterparts, Zach did a midair split and brought his axe down on Zane's chest. Sparks flew as he toppled to the ground. The Black Power Ranger did a somersault and continued to battle his contemporary. Billy twirled his Power Lance above his head and went into battle with Blake. The two Blue Rangers locked weapons and sought to overpower each other. Leaving Justin to pilot the Mega Terrorzord alone.

As the Red Dragon Warriorzord re-entered the battle it stood guard over the Dragonzord, and helped the Dinozord to its feet.

"You think you have what it takes to beat me? I trashed your other Megazord and I'll do the same to you." Justin said.

"I guess we'll just have to see." Replied Jason.

"If that heap of yours can keep up." he said.

The Warriorzord waved its staff ushering it to come at them and accepted the invitation.

"Dragonzord you ready for this?" Jason asked.

The machine nodded and the two advanced in battle. The Mega Terrorzord's eyes glowed and raised its Halberd to the sky and began to power up the massive blade.

"Not this time." Jason said as the Power Staff began to rotate in hand and began generating hurricane force winds.

The evil Megazord stuggled against the billowing winds at the same time pieces of red shrapnel struck the robot but it wasnt enough to deter it. At the same time the Dragonzord started to power up, as bolts of green lightning came down from the sky and coursed through its tail. But the Mega Terrorzord wouldnt go down without a fight and shot its cannons at the two zords again. The blast knocked them back a couple steps and began to short circuit. The Mega Terrorzord advanced towards them and began slashing them with the halberd taking out its fury on Dragonzord. The Red Dragon Warrior grabbed it from behind, but the Megazord broke free and gave it a one-two punch to the chest knocking. The Dragonzord countered it from behind but was met with a kick to the stomach and a punch to the face. The Dragonzord decked it across he face with its fist. The Red Dragonzord grabbed it from behind again. By this time Justin had enough and pryed himself free of the zord's grip turned and punched a hole in the Red Dragonzord's armor. The robot stood there stunned as the evil Megazord ripped its hand free of the hole in the Thunderzord's stomach.

The machine staggered back as sparks flew, the Dragonzord couldnt believe what it had seen. The Red Dragon Warrior struggled to stay up, clutching the hole. The Mega Terrorzord raised its halberd aiming to finish the job, the Dragonzord armed it's rockets and fired blowing off the evil Megazord's wings as it staggered forward the machine turned to face the Dragonzord as it powered up its finishing move and slashed the evil Megazord with its tail. The beam of energy cut right through the Megazord's torso to Justin's shock. A plethera of explosions went off it was then Jason saw his chance.

The Warrorzord's lance began to spin at supersonic speed gaining up power and momentium as it wound up took the weapon with both hands and swung it crossways at the opposing Megazord another massive explosion issued from its chest as it staggered back until finally the robot could take no more and collapsed to the ground and explodes.

The rogue Red Ranger ejected before it did and was hurled to the ground as the battle amongst the Rangers continued. Several of the Dark Rangers looked up and couldnt believe what had happened. On the Moon fortress Lord Zedd slammed his fist against the bannister.

"Nooo! This is unacceptible! I will not allow those putrid Power Rangers to defeat me! I must call them back before it's too late." he said raising his staff.

Back on Earth the battle continued still, Billy and Blake threw themselves in the air with flying kicks, the soles of their boots connect and rebound off each other. By this time Justin recover and Jason rejoined the other Rangers. The evil Red Ranger growled getting into fighting stance.

"Bring it on!" Jason yelled.

And the two went at it, Jason opened up with a foward kick. Justin tumbled past him drawing his Blade blaster and struck the Red Ranger across the back as he fell to the ground, Jason flipped over and drew his weapon blocking it as Justin attacked him. Zach did a roundhouse kick above Zane's head, the Dark Ranger ducked and did a sweeping kicking knocking Zach to the ground. Zane jumped up and did a double elbow drop Zach got out of the way before he could. Trini and Tina battled each other with thier daggers, their weapons clashed as Kim and Hilary went into a series of roundhouse kicks mirror each other's moves. Goldar entered the battle and took on Kyle. The Green Ranger drew his Dragon Dagger and blocked his sword as best he could. In the next second the Dark Rangers disappeared Goldar included.

"What?" Billy said.

The rest of the Rangers looked around confused not sure what just happened. The communcator went off a second later.

"We read you Zordon." Jason said.

"Lord Zedd has called back his troops report to the Command Center." he said.

The Rangers teleported into the Command Center a second later with their helmets removed Travis hugged his son as soon as he arrived.

"You did great out there." he said.

"Thanks." he replied.

"I'm afraid the battle is far from over. Even as we speak Lord Zedd is planning his last assault." the wizard said.

"Yeah but how can we stop them? I mean they dont have any weaknesses." Zach said.

"The only way they can be defeated is by destroying the Dark Crystal, only then will they be free of Zedd's evil thrall." Zordon said.

"Meaning we'll have to break into his Fortress to do so." Billy stated.

The team looked at each other concerned.

"I'll do it." Tommy said.

"No." Kim said.

"You cant." reasoned Trini.

"I'm the one that allowed this to happen, I have to be the one to break it. That's how it has to be." he told them.

"I'll go with you." Kyle replied.

"No, it's too dangerous." he said.

"Excuse me but which one of us has the powers here?" he asked.

"I'm going too, I have a score to settle with him." Travis added.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah I'm positive." he told him.

"So am I." Kyle added.

"The mission you are about to undertake is an extremely dangerous one, once you are in his fortress we will not be able to teleport you out." Zordon told them.

"Whatever it takes Zordon, we need to eliminate the threat once and for all." Tommy said.

"I understand your concerns, I commend you all on your bravery. Becareful and may the Power protect you." he said.

"Be careful Tommy." Kim said stroaking his cheek.

"I will, I promise." he told her.

"Good luck guys." Jason said shaking hands with Kyle.

"Yeah thanks man, let's do this." he told them.

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