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She had heard Brass and Catherine joke about it but when Sofia Curtis actually saw it, there was nothing to laugh about. Nick Stokes' mustache made Sofia hang her head in shame and think, 'I've actually slept with this man.'

The life of a CSI and detective was very busy at best, so she hadn't seen him in awhile. Sure, Sofia had seen the back of his head in the lab, but they kept work and play firmly separate. Work definitely wasn't the place to yell out "Hey baby I miss ya! Come plant one on me!" The wait was what made their reunion all the sweeter.

But now, there would be no sweet reunion. Sofia's main priority wasn't to get Nick outta his shirt and pants. It was to shave that damn pornstache off.

She rang on his doorbell and waited, trying to think of a way to say things gently. The door flew open and Nick stood shirtless. He smiled at her but his smile, which is usually such a handsome smile, was destroyed by that…that…thing on his face. Sofia pushed him inside, closed the door and pulled him into the bathroom.

"Um Sofia…the bedroom is-"

"No talking." Sofia said, pulling open drawers.

Nick frowned. "What are you doing?"

She couldn't find it. Where the hell is it?


"Where's your razor?"

Nick got really nervous. "What do you need-"

"Just tell me where the damn razor is."

Nick slowly opened the medicine cabinet.

Sofia snatched it. "Why didn't I think of that?" she mumbled to herself.

"Sofia?" she looked at him. "You're scaring me."

Pushing him down on the closed toilet lid she said, "Your mustache is scaring me."

The need to shave it off rose as he smiled at her. "Shaving cream?" she asked.

"Under the sink."

Nick had never been shaved before. Honestly, he never could trust a woman with a blade in his face. Too many crime scenes. But he trusted Sofia and there was no point in trying to talk her out of it anyway, even if he did offer to do it himself.

When she was done, Sofia rubbed Nick's upper lip with her thumb. "Nick?"


Sofia leaned down and kissed him seductively. "If you ever want to be kissed again, you will never have another mustache."

Nick smiled his handsome smile and Sofia wondered what the hell he was thinking to have grown a pornstache in the first place.