The Power Of Dragons

The Power Of Dragons

No Turning Back

Eragon and Saphira soared over the city of Belatona, which was currently under siege by the Varden. A lake side city only slightly smaller the Dras-Leona. They were both clad in silver armour crafted by the elves.

The city itself being built in a semi circle, with the north side protected by the lake. It contrasted Dras-Leona as it was made of white stone and seemingly the cities, people took great pride in their city.

The Varden under Nasuada's leadership had pushed through the southern part of the empire like a hot knife through butter. This was in no small part due to Eragon, he had completed his training in Ellesmera. He had learned some of the darkest magic known from Oromis and Gleadr. He had rescued Katrina from the Ra'zac and with the aid of Roran killed them and their steeds.

Wielding a borrowed elfish blade, Saphira and he dived down towards the city. The Varden had broken through the walls and Saphira and Eragon had destroyed most of their catapults.

Saphira let loose a tidal wave of flame at a group of twenty soldiers in a courtyard on the southeastern edge of the city.

Just as Saphira pulled out of her dive, Thorn crashed into her.

Where the hell have they been? Thought Eragon angrily.

It doesn't matter, we have to end this Eragon! Replied Saphira rolling to avoid a ball of flame courtesy of Thorn.

Saphira, head into the water!

Saphira flew over the city and shot down like an arrow into Leona Lake. Thorn and Murtagh followed close behind.

Saphiras blue hide although partially covered by armour did camouflage her in the water, whereas Thorn stood out with the sunlight silhouetting him.

Saphira used her wings and pushed forward before clamping her jaws down hard on his neck. Thorn opened his mouth to roar in pain, but water suddenly rushed down his throat. He desperately unfurled his wings knocking Saphira back.

Thorn swam out of the water and shakily took to the sky, only to be crashed into by Saphira erupting from the lake. Thorn tumbled onto the shore of the lake and Murtagh dismounted and drew his sword. Whereas Eragon's armour was silver, Murtaghs was jet black and lined with red.

Eragon leapt from Saphira and landed gracefully on the shore in front of Murtagh.

"Surrender Murtagh." Said Eragon drawing his sword, "You do not have to serve Galbatorix."

"Spare me your pity!" snarled Murtagh, "For I have no use of it!"

On these words Murtagh leapt at Eragon, who side stepped to avoid a blow that would have cleaved his skull in two. Eragon slashed at Murtagh's right, but was blocked just in time by Murtagh.

Murtagh threw himself at Eragon who landed a savage blow to the red riders stomach with his gauntleted left fist. Murtagh staggered back and swung at Eragon's head who ducked under it and lunged at Murtagh who swung his own fist into Eragon's side

Eragon swung wildly at Murtagh forcing him to back away and giving Eragon time to recover.

Suddenly Thorn reared up and lunged at Eragon, who just managed to leap out of the way just in time. Saphira dived out of the sky and pined Thorn to the ground, which in his wounded state was easy.

Murtagh however took the moment when Eragon was on the floor to hack at Eragon, Eragon blocked the blow and kicked Murtagh in the back so that Murtagh rolled over him. The blue rider leapt to his feet and placed his elven sword to Murtagh's throat and his boot over Murtagh's sword arm.

Murtagh lay there panting as the sword was against his throat. His helm had come off in the fight, he had changed. He looked… ill. He was pale and his face was thinner than it had been. His eyes now looked empty, like there was no soul left in them.

"Do it." He sneered, "Kill me."

"No," replied Eragon, "you know I won't… can' kill you."

Eragon leant down and picked up Zar'roc, this thing was his by blood now, but it was evil and Eragon felt repulsed by it. So he threw it into the lake with all his strength, and walked away from Murtagh.

"Run away Murtagh." Replied Eragon sadly, "and never return."

Murtagh got up a look of shock on his face, but it was soon replaced by one of rage.

"I do not want your mercy" he yelled, "If you won't kill me, I'll kill you!"

More animal than man he charged at Eragon drawing a dagger from his belt. Eragon turned to face him, but by a cruel twist of fate hadn't sheathed his sword. Murtagh was running at him with such force that he impaled himself on the blade.

Murtagh let out a loud gasp, as Thorn drew his dying breath.

Murtagh's face became healthier, and his eyes were joyful, he looked at Eragon and smiled.

"Thank you." He whispered before falling to the ground.

"No!" cried Eragon, crouching down beside his brother and pulling his sword out.

"Weise Heil." He yelled placing his hand over the wound.

The magic did not respond, Murtagh was gone and nothing would bring him back.

Saphira let loose a mournful earth shaking roar, as the red rider and dragon found the freedom they so longed for.

"Murtagh." Sobbed Eragon pulling the body of his brother into an embrace, "I'm so sorry brother. I should have saved you."