Title: Too Soon

Pairing: NaruNeji one shot... sort of... hinted SasuNaru

Inspiration: Was bored during first period.


"Do you think you will ever be able to forget?" he asked reproachfully, dreading the answer before it came.

"I don't know."

He already knew.

"And this..." he motioned towards the bed, the rumpled sheets. "... it means nothing."

A pause; a sigh.

"It's more complicated than that."

"Enlighten me."

The blonde shut his eyes, breathing deeply from his nose. "Some things aren't so easy."

There was silence, broken by the occasional chirp of a bird that perched itself inside a tree outside of the window.

Somewhere there were two people shouting, a dog howled into the moonless night.

The boy on the bed, covered only in thin white sheets began to cry softly.

"Even still... you search for him."

"It's my obligation to bring him back. I don't have a choice."

"Your choice is here, in front of you... stay."

The blonde was tempted, but hesitant. He wanted to stay, but he needed to go. He longed to be here, with the person he knew could love him through all his faults, in all of his transgressions, when others called him a moron, when the rest of them turned him away. He was there.

To help a friend and gain a lover, that is what was done. Beliefs were changed, attitudes were altered, relationships were formed, in more ways than one. But now another friend was in need.

What was the right choice?

Stay? or go?

Love? or admiration?

Neji? or Sasuke?


Soft lips, pleading.

"Please, Naruto..."

Iridescent eyes, begging.

"... I want to... but..."

Hands coaxing, urgent.

"Stay with me... please."

A wet tongue broke through soft pleading lips, rewarded with a sigh. Strong, tanned hands buried themselves within loose chestnut brown strands of hair. Thin, pale arms pulled him closer.

Too soon was it over.

The bird outside their window finished it's song, fluttering away.

"I'm sorry."