Description: Antien Potter, second son of the savoir of the Wizarding world, had never seen Hogwarts, but when he enters his 6th year at the school his father once called home, events will be put into motion that will change the course of the wizarding world.

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Started: March 12, 2008

Chapter I:

The date was September 1, 2018, twenty years had passed since the wizard known as Voldemort was destroyed and his evil cleansed from the earth. Not many people, short of those who were at Hogwarts that fateful day really understood what really happened that day. Even then, so many things happened in such a short time that for the residence of Hogwarts at the time, the memories were hazy at best.

The Galad and Weasley families disappeared for a few years while the Wizarding world recovered and got used to the new found peace. Estel Galad never went back to using his edain name save for legal matters, but it wasn't that he wasn't proud of the Potter name. He just felt that it didn't fit the person he had become.

The Wizarding World barely ever saw the likes of Estel Galad had his own family, while the rest of the Weasley family, minus Balan and Amariel, went the rest of the Weasley clan went back to the lives they had before the war.

That was why a whole mess if red headed people bombarded platform 9 ¾ on that September morning. It was the start of another term at Hogwarts. The scarlet steam engine seemed more imposing to the alumni of Hogwarts than it did when they first saw it themselves all those years ago, yet they could feel the excitement in their children.

"Careful now!" One of the women called as one boy got to close to the tracks. Her long brown hair was once called bushy, but now it had long been tamed.

"Leave him be, Meleth," a red head said. "He's just excited." The smile that was on his face only widened at his wife's glare as he helped their daughter with her trunk. Two red haired men walked by after that wearing identical smirks which suited them to which she only sighed.

Behind the twins came a red haired woman and a black haired man. Little was actually known about this couple. The red head's hair was pulled back in an elegant twist that looked like it was missing an adornment, while the black haired man had his hair pulled back in a low pony tail. Patron's of King's Cross Station only saw this family once a year in its entirety, the other times it was only the woman that picked her child up. This year it seemed different. This year their second child was heading to Hogwarts. Only there seemed to be a problem. He looked like he was going into his sixth year.

And he was.

Antien Potter, second son to Harry and Ginny Potter was just entering Hogwarts and he was going into his sixth year. For the first 15 years of his life he spent under the tutelage of his adoptive grandmother, Vayna Galad for his elven gifts. It was only when he mastered those gifts did he and the family feel that he was ready for Hogwarts.

The 16 year old stood just over two meters tall, taller that his father ever got. His features were sharp yet there was a softness that his family said he got form his mother. His hair was black with a red tint to it a gift from both sides of the family and he was the only one of his siblings to receive the green eyes of grandmother Lily. Yet the only thing that he seemed to receive from his elvish family was his pale skin and that alone told the people around them that the boy was different.

"Ready for school, brother?" James asked clamping his hand on his shoulder.

"Considering the scores I got?" Antien answered. "I am ready as I will ever be."

James scoffed. "What are you talking about? You received the best scores since Aunt Hermione when she finally took them, and you didn't even go to Hogwarts. Personally, I don't know how you did it."

Antien just took a sidelong glance at his brother. "Two words: Ada, Vayna."

James just laughed as their mother came over to help them.

… … … … …

From across the platform Estel watched the two interact with melancholy in his eyes. "Are you alright, Estel?" Amariel asked as Balan struggled to reign in their children and steer them toward the train.

Estel sighed as he watched Rodwen assisting them with their trunks with their sister dancing around them. 'I don't know,' he answered slipping into elvish. 'Something is changing. I can feel it.'

'Yeah, our children are going to Hogwarts. I mean James is going into 7th year. Who knew we were getting so old?" Balan said while struggling against Hugo.

'That's not it," Estel responded, considering James was his son he knew it wasn't it. Rodwen looked up feeling eyes on her and watched Estel carefully with concern in her eyes. He sighed again before going over to her.

"Estel?" she asked.

'Later, Rodwen,' he whispered, not wanting to worry the kids. 'Ready to start school ions?' he asked his sons, smiling. Antien groaned as if sick of the question, but they nodded nonetheless. 'Okay, do you remember what we talked about?'

'Yes, Ada!' James said irritably. 'Don't speak in elvish unless we are sure we are alone.'

'Be careful what we talk about in English.'

Makes sure we write to you if anything happens that is not normal.' Though his tone said 'what exactly is normal?'

'And only use Wizard's magic,' Antien finished, rolling his eyes at his brother. That last rule really only applied to Antien as James wasn't really gifted in Elvish Magic, as Antien came to call the Art.

Estel only smiled and mussed their hair as best he could with the height difference and much to James' annoyance. The whistle sounded and parents around them hurried their children on the train.

'Be careful, you two,' Estel said as he pushed them to the door. They nodded and whispered 'yes, dad' before saying goodbye to their mother and hurrying on the train. The pair of parents watched the train pull away and disappear around the bend before the silence was broken.

'So… lunch at your place?' Balan asked. The other three rolled their eyes before walking through the barrier, Lily in tow behind her mother. 'What?'

… … … … … …

James settled uneasily into his seat as his brother and cousins watched him warily.

'What is it?' Antien asked.

'Did Ada seem… unsettled this morning?'

'Yes, but that doesn't mean –'

'I think this time its different,' James interrupted. 'Vayna and Legolas weren't there to see us off and I would think that with you starting and all…' he trailed off. 'Something is changing. I can feel it.'

… … … … …

'Ada?' Estel called into the manor house, Rodwen and the Weasley's not far behind. 'Naneth?'

'In here Estel!' a voice called from the direction of the kitchen.

'Where is Ada?' he asked at they settled at the table.

'Something came up in town and he and the twins had to take care of it,' she answered from the stove. 'And since he forbade me from going and seeing young Antien off this morning I've been here.'

Her adoptive children seemed concerned at that. 'What's wrong?' Rodwen asked.

"Same thing as always,' she answered settling the food in front of them. They didn't ask how she knew they were hungry just dug in. 'How was he?'

'He seemed nervous, but overall it was pretty smooth,' Rodwen answered.

'Where's Lily?'

'We dropped her off at mum's house before we came here,' Estel said before leaning back into his chair thoughtfully.

Vayna eyed him carefully before asking the question that she had wanted to ask since they got there. 'Now what's wrong? I know Balan only comes for the food, but it has been awhile since all four of you have visited.'

The three turned to Estel and he shut his eyes before leaning forward in his seat.

… … … … …

"Potter, Antien." The entire hall broke out in whispers while his relatives rolled their eyes. The lithe form stepped forward as Professor Connors placed the tattered old Sorting Hat on his head. James waited impatiently for the outcome of his younger brothers sorting, only he was sorely disappointed.

"Uh, Professor? The Hat won't sort me."

Headmistress McGonagall, how took over leadership of Hogwarts after the death of Albus Dumbledore, leaned forward in her chair. "What are you talking about, Mr. Potter?"

"The Hat said it is unable to sort me." Antien went from looking at the headmistress to looking for his brother. It took a moment, be he managed to catch his brother's eye and communicate the problem.

James stood and drew all eyes to him. "Headmistress? May my brother and I speak to you in private?"

McGonagall nodded and the trio left leaving the questioning glances from his relatives and the whispers behind.

… … … … …

'Something is changing,' Estel said. 'I can feel it.' Vayna sighed into her tea. 'You've felt it too.' It wasn't a question.

The she-elf nodded and stood, depositing her dished in the sink before tuning back to them. 'I've felt it since Rodwen's birthday, when I first saw Antien.'

'What are you talking about?'

Vayna sank into her chair suddenly looking very tired. 'I had a vision…' The other four stiffened. 'The moment Antien was born.' She smiled. 'In fact I was woken by his cries, but I saw him and James at Hogwarts. They were simple talking while standing in the hallway near the library. As I walked up beside them the turned and smiled. That was it, but I knew that things were about to change when I saw Antien looking exactly as he did in my vision. Then you announced that he was going to Hogwarts and my suspicions proved true.'

'But what does it all mean?' Rodwen asked.

'It means that we re once again called to Hogwarts.' The five turned in their seats toward the door.

… … … … … …

"I may know why the Sorting Hat was unable to place my brother," James said as soon as the door closed behind them.

"Then please, Mr. Potter, enlighten me, because as far as I know this has never happened."

James took a deep breath. "Well, that is where you are wrong. The old professor eyed him questioningly. "It was almost unable to place me."

"But it placed you in Gryffindor."

"Only after fighting with its self for five minutes, but that is besides the point." James turned to Antien and his brother nodded. He seemed to stiffen for a moment as his features started to change. His dark hair grew to just below his shoulders, his face sharpened and his ears became pointed. "The reason he is unable to be sorted is because he is an elf."

"But you are as well are you not?"

James nodded. "But I was not born with my heritage, Antien was."

… … … … …

'Ada?' Legolas Greenleaf stood flanked by the twin sons of Elrond, Elrohir and Elladan, who both had identical looks of mischievousness in their eyes. However they parted to reveal the small form of Nymphadora Tonks Lupin Tonks and Remus married soon after Estel and Rodwen. Their own son, Teddy named after Tonks' Father, was about to turn nine. If he wasn't with her it mean that he was with his maternal grandmother, Andromeda.

She nodded her greeting before getting to the point. "Remus sent me with word from Hogwarts." How they were able to communicate with him their and Tonks working at the ministry Estel had yet to find out. "Something has happened and the kids are fine," she added quickly dispelling their fears. "Antien was unable to be sorted."