Description: Antien Potter, second son of the savoir of the Wizarding world, had never seen Hogwarts, but when he enters his 6th year at the school his father once called home, events will be put into motion that will change the course of the wizarding world.

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I do not own that of J.K. Rowling or that of JRR Tolkien.

Started: March 12, 2008

A/N: I know it has been months since I last updated this story, but it is here now. I have been struggling with how I will get to the ending that I had envisioned since first starting this tale back in 2008. I do not ask for any reviews because I do not write for reviews. I write for my own enjoyment and the enjoyment of my readers. If you are so inclined to leave a response, then it is most welcome. Until next time, my dear readers!

Chapter XVI:

Antien remained calm as Minister Raelin pulled him through the crowded ministry halls. He was silent as Raelin roughly pushed him through the Wizengamont Chamber doors. He didn't speak as he was forced on his knees in front of once-was Chief Warlock's seat and he remained that way as the dark figure before him stood and slowly glided forward. Raelin pulled at his hair and forced his head up to look at the sneering face of the cloaked man.

Antien could not only feel the darkness that radiated from the man but he could see it in his eyes, eyes so blue that reminded him of Naneth Vayna.

'Ah, Antien Estelion,' the man sneered.

Antien bowed his head mockingly as best he could being restrained. 'Hir nin.'

The man sneered at the sarcastic title before glancing at the minister. "You have done your job. Release him." At the wave of a hand Antien felt his head released and the minister step away from him. "You do realize that you will not escape," he said as he moved up the dais.

"That remains to be seen, hir nin," Antien countered. The man turned sharply glaring at him.

Then he smiled. "You hold much faith in those you call family but they will fail you in the end. They always do."

"You sound as if you have experience in the matter," Antien replied sarcastically.

The smile turned into a sneer. A hand came up and Antien felt his head whip back as the Raelin backhanded him. His tongue darted out to taste the blood that had collected on his lips. He spared the Minister a glare before turning back the man in black. "Well then, it seems that you have more than a little experience in the matter."

"You have a lot of cheek for one so young," the figure commented sitting on the throne like chair.

"I learned from the very best."

He smiled. "Then you will have to learn how to be silent."

Antien snorted. 'Not bloody likely.'

'And why is that?'

'I am the middle child. I learned very early how to be loud.'

The figure chuckled. "Then you will have to learn some respect, if you are going to serve on my council."

… … … …

Alexa looked on the controlled chaos with utter confusion. All around her she saw Antien's family loading the ship that had appeared from the Black Lake. Both sets of twins, James and the rest of men were carrying crates of food, clothing, books and miscellaneous items from the castle. The women were organizing the crates dividing them to what cabin they were supposed to go to. Alexa sat on the shore on a rock watching the family work wondering where her place was.

"I was like you once," someone said. Alexa turned to head to see Tonks, Auror friend to Estel and wife to Remus Lupin. She was holding a bag full of books no doubt from Vayna's classroom and looking at Alexa with concern in her eyes. "It is because of Harry that I got to know this world inside our own."

"There is so much that I don't know," Alexa whispered.

"There is so much that this world has forgotten." Tonks said, leaning against a tree. "And we have the opportunity to remind them."

"What does that have to do with me?" she asked.

Tonks smiled. "Harry will need his family before the end. Especially when he is about to lose so much."

Alexa turned back the shore and watched the group. She hardly understood wizarding culture only to be thrust into another. She felt Tonks' hand on her shoulder and took the proffered comfort. There was a sudden shout and Alexa saw Vayna collapse and suddenly be surrounded by the rest of the family. Both Alexa and Tonks rushed to the ship.

"What happened?" Tonks asked quietly.

No one answered for a moment before Elrohir all but whispered, "Valar, please, bring them quickly."

… … … …

'You realize that I have never actually been here before, right?' Estel whispered as the two hid just outside the visitor's entrance.

'It's okay,' Locien responded watching the entrance while analyzing those coming and going. 'I have.' His features sharpened and Estel knew he was remembering his former life.

'So what is the plan?' Estel asked.

'I have been going over the plans for the Ministry that Lucius made me memorize,' Locien whispered.

'To do what? We don't even know where in the Ministry they are.' Estel watched as Locien's smiled sheepishly at him.

'That is true.'

'Plus they know we are coming. So why not just walk up to the door and ask where they are?' Estel asked and Locien for a moment considered the idea.

"Because you are liable to get your selves killed that way," a new voice said. The pair of elves turned and saw Neville Longbottom fully dressed in leather battle gear.

"Uh, Neville?" Estel gestured to the armor and Neville smiled.

"It's amazing what you can find in old family vaults when you put you mind to it." Locien stifled a snort.

Estel smiled. "Uh, what are you doing here?"

Neville returned the smile. "I would think that is rather obvious."

Estel gestured to the sword at the man's side and Neville's mood turned grim. "I have been training to use it since the Battle of Hogwarts. Knowing you, there would have been chance to use it and I was right."

Locien snorted again and Estel sent him a glare. "If you are sure then." Neville nodded. "Then what is the plan?"

"Glamours until we find out where they are." Estel groaned, sick of covering himself in the magic and Neville grinned at him. "I know but I have been needing to come to the Ministry about Herbology I figure I can get you in that way."

"Then you are going to have to do the magic Neville," Locien said. "At least on me."

Neville shot the elf a strange look and Locien looked grim. "It's a long story but basically when I came back I lost all my gifts including my magic."

Estel's lips formed a thin line and Neville looked concerned. "No problem." Neville cast glamour over Locien while Estel fashioned one for himself. "Ready?" The two nodded and they stepped from the shadows.

… … …

Antien's knees were really starting to hurt, but he knew that the man was waiting for Antien's father to arrive. Antien felt the magic shift and he knew that his father had entered the building. With his head bowed he smiled. Now it was only a matter of time until everything fell into place and the Line of Elendil once again took its place and took upon it the mantle of leadership in a world that surely needed it.

Behind him Antien could hear the human Minister muttering even if he could not make out the words.

"Will you shut up!" the man commanded and Raelin suddenly was silent. Antien didn't dare look at the human knowing that he was only silent through magic of the most cruel kind.

'Ada,' he thought. 'Come faster.' Antien felt the evil in front of him shift but didn't dare open his eyes for fear of what he would See. 'Time is running out.'

… … … …

'… Ada, come faster…' Estel stopped dead in the deserted corridor. 'Did you hear that?' he asked his companions who looked at him strangely.

'No…' Locien answered.

"Estel?" Neville asked looking at him nervously.

Estel stood for a moment listening for the voice.

'… Time is running out…'

'Antien!' Estel breathed and tore down the hallway. His companions could only watch until they came to their senses and ran after him.

... ... ...