Title: Momo the Mouse

Main Characters: Momo; Toushiro

Explanation: So I was thinking to myself, what if all of the Bleach characters were rodents? I love rodents, so I just had to make a story out of it.

I do not own Bleach

Momo the Mouse

Momo scampered along the side of a stream in the early morning hours. Momo was a deer mouse. She had rich, chocolate brown fur on her back and sides with bright white fur on her belly. She had perfectly manicured whiskers and bright, playful eyes. She stood up on her hind legs for a moment to view the beauty of the stream.

The stream itself was shallow, being only a few inches deep. The water was crystal clear and there were all sorts of stones at the bottom. The water ran at a swift pace, but not enough to be dangerous. Momo enjoyed swimming in the stream and diving to the bottom to collect the pretty pebbles at the bottom. The water was cool, a relief in the warm summer months. At the edge of the river, there were numerous pebbles, with scattered wildflowers growing further on. Then there were banks of dirt that were several feet high, and above that was the forest. The large trees shaded the area, making it pleasantly cool. It was truly her favorite place on earth.

"Hey Momo!" a loud voice said, breaking the tranquility. Momo squeaked in surprise, her little heart beating fast. She turned to see her friend Rangiku the squirrel standing behind her. Rangiku was a fox squirrel, and she was much bigger than she was. She had bright orange fur and a big bushy tail.

"Rangiku! What are you doing here?" Momo asked in surprise.

"We came to have some fun with you," another voice said. Momo looked up and saw Renji jumping off the bank onto the ground near them. Renji was also a squirrel, but he was a red squirrel, so even though he was twice Momo's size and several times her weight, he was still smaller than Rangiku. He had reddish fur and a furry but not bushy tail.

"Hey! Don't forget me!" another voice yelled. Momo watched as Rukia the vole tumbled down the steep bank of dirt onto the gravelly riverside below. Rukia was a vole and had black fur. She was much smaller than the others, being slightly smaller than Momo. She had a hairless tail like Momo, but it was much shorter.

"I didn't forget you," Renji said, "You were just too small to keep up."

"Why you!" Rukia said, launching herself at Renji and forced him to the ground with incredible energy for her size. As the two quarreled, another voice joined them.

"Hey, what did I miss?" Izuru said. Izuru was a golden mouse. He was only slightly larger than Momo, and greatly resembled her except for his fur, which was a bright golden color. Renji and Rukia immediately stopped fighting.

"Oh, hi Izuru," Renji said awkwardly. There was silence for a minute.

"Well what should we do first?" Rangiku asked.

"Lets go swimming!" Momo said immediately. The others agreed. They all ran for the water. Momo jumped in first. It was quite chilly but very refreshing. Rukia and Izuru followed. Renji then jumped, creating a big wave that splashed the others, causing them to laugh. Meanwhile, Rangiku was edging her way slowly into the stream.

"Come on Rangiku, hurry up!" Renji called.

"It's cold," Rangiku complained, "I have to adjust first." She didn't see Rukia swimming up behind her.

"Boo!" Rukia shouted. Rangiku gave a yelp and fell face first into the water. She emerged a moment later, her thick bushy fur now soaked in water.

"Why'd you do that?" She asked indignantly, "I'm going to have to do something to you now!"

"You were taking to long" Rukia said, "and if you want to try anything you'll have to catch me first." She dived down, her small body allowing her to move much faster underwater. Rangiku's waterlogged fur prevented her from moving quickly, though she still tried. They soon all joined in, splashing and chasing eachother.

Momo and Izuru were wrestling in the water. Renji had joined Rangiku in trying to catch Rukia after she had snuck up behind him and grabbed his tail. Neither could catch her though.

"Ha, I guess you two are just too big!" she yelled while surfacing before diving back under. What she said was true; Rangiku was so large that the water only reached up to her middle and for Renji it reached to his chest. But Rukia's small body allowed her to dart through the water with great speed and agility.

As they all played, they suddenly heard a loud slapping noise. They looked over to the riverbank to see two large figures standing there.

"May we speak with you for a minute?" one of them said. They swam back to shore to see what the two wanted. As it turned out, the figures were a beaver and a silvery mink.

"Can we help you?" Rukia said, slightly irritated that their play had been interrupted.

"Yes, I am Aizen and this is my associate Gin," the beaver said, the mink named Gin smiled deviously. "We are here to inform you that we have chosen this location to build our new pond. We will begin damming up the stream soon so you'll probably want to leave here."

The five friends stared in shock. Leave the stream? This was their favorite place in the world. They had grown up here. It was here that they played and swam.

"Y-you can't do that!" Izuru said.

"That's right, we've been here way longer than you have! You have no right to take it!"

"I think you'll find that we can take it," Aizen said, slapping his tail on the ground to create a loud noise that caused them to wince.

"We have claimed it as ours and it is ours," Gin said, "Get over it."

"Why you!" Renji said, advancing forward, but Rangiku put her paw on his back.

"Don't Renji," she said quietly. They were a beaver and a mink; they stood no chance against them.

"Well goodbye then," Aizen said with a chuckle, "We'll begin our construction tomorrow." The two left and the group was silent for a minute.

Suddenly, Momo began to cry. "What will we do?" she sobbed.

"We'll just have to find a new place to play," Izuru said.

"But we'll never find a place as good as this!" Momo wailed.

"We don't have any choice," Rangiku said, tears forming in her eyes as well, "We'll just have to do what we can."

"She's right," Renji said, "There's nothing we can do, so we'll just have to make the best of things." Momo nodded.

"I-I'm sorry guys, I just need to be alone for a bit," Momo said. She then ran off along the stream.

"Momo!" Izuru yelled, ready to go after her, but he was stopped by Renji's paw on his back.

"Leave her be for now," he said quietly.

Momo ran along the stream crying. Her favorite place on earth; the place she had grown up and always played with her friends at was going to be destroyed and there was nothing she could do about it. As she cried, she suddenly noticed something odd. There was something on the side of the stream. She scampered down to the side of the stream.

To her surprise it was a mouse. He had handsome snow-white fur and was quite small. He was unconscious, and Momo decided that she would bring him back to her home to help him.

Thanks for reading everyone! I know this probably seemed a bit unusual, but I think that it's really cute. By the way, Gin will be the only non-rodent in this story. Having Gin being a type of weasel was just too good to pass up. Please review everyone.