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Jarod was finished with his latest pretend when he gathered his things together and left. He wondered when he would ever have a normal life. He left his red notebook on the table for Miss Parker and the rest to find and then left the house and went to the car.

He would drive until he thought that he would be far away from the place he had left and he thought that it was safe enough. Then he was going to collect papers and find out where he would go to next. He wondered when this would stop and hoped it was soon.

He drove all through the day and finally at night he finally felt it was safe to stop for the night. He first went to a local restaurant and ordered some food. He had stopped for lunch at a drive through, but he was still hungry. After he was done he put his bag and laptop inside the hotel room. He would see if there were any messages for him tomorrow. He was tired tonight and decided to get some sleep.


He sat the laptop up after he had gotten some breakfast and waited for it to load. He clicked on his e-mail and something from Angelo popped up.

Time to bring Centre down. Have DSAs and files with me. Have some of your files too.


He sat there looking at the message and thought. Could this be? Could the Centre be truly gone from his life and from his family's life? He would have to see for himself to see if it was true. He shut off the computer and took his belongings with him and got back into the car. He hoped that Angelo was right and he could finally have the Centre out of all their lives.

He quietly made his way to the vent hole that he had crawled out to freedom so many years ago. He shivered because he always hated being in this part of the world. He crawled for a long time until he saw Angelo in front of him.

He followed Angelo to a place where he had files, DSAs and other things. This must be his hiding place he thought to himself.

"Your files and DSA's." Angelo said as he handed a batch of files that were together by a string.

"Thank you." He replied as he gathered them up. He couldn't wait to see what they said but he had another job to do right now.

"Take these files too. About Centre and what they do. Other bad files too."

He grabbed those files with him. He wondered how he was going to carry these out and what about Sydney and Miss Parker? Would they get in trouble too if he did this.

"No worries. Sydney and Miss Parker are not on these files and others and you and all you family are not on these files. I'll help."

"Thank you Angelo."


He quickly got out of the Centre the same way he had gotten in and went to the car. He then sped out of the area and decided once again to get as far away from The Centre as he felt comfortable. He hated being inside the Centre even if it was to get information.

He drove to another town and decided he should stop for now. First he would get something to eat and then get something for tomorrow too. He didn't think that he should go out to eat the next day, so he could get a look at the files and the DSA's.