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It was happening. He just called Agent Gracen and found out that they were going to be raiding the Cente and arresting the people in charge. He would be free soon and so would his family. They would finally be free from running for their lives. He was so happy and couldn't wait until it was over.

The next day he got the paper and on the front it had a picture of The Centre. Corporation in Delaware raided and people inside arrested was what the headline said. The article went on about what they were arrested for and the charges were for.

He hoped that his parents saw the same thing and could come out of hiding soon. He wanted to piece his family back together. He went back to his hotel room and went to his laptop to see if there were any new messages.

He knew that Angelo was now living with Sydney and hoped that he could survive in the world. He wondered how he was doing. He picked up the phone.

"This is Sydney."

"How are you doing? How is Angelo?"

"I am doing good and so is Angelo. He's doing very well for being inside the Centre for all these years."

"I'm glad."

"Did you find your family?"

"No, not yet. I'm hoping to hear from them soon."

"I hope you hear from them soon."

"Thank you, Sydney."

He hung up and then dialed another number.


"I still see you're answering the phone the same way."

"A hard habit to break."

"I see."

"How are you doing?"

"I guess. Don't know what to do since I don't have a job anymore."

"Well you are a red file. You could get a job anywhere you know."

"You mean be like you?"


"I don't want to help the little guy."

"You don't have to."

He hung up the phone and went for a walk.