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He raced towards the deep blue ocean and dived right in. His father had known that he couldn't swim and had taken him to go get swimming lessons. He didn't want to at first, but then finally gave in to his father's wishes. He wondered if he should call him Dad at first because he wasn't his father. He didn't have a father, or a mother because he was a clone. At least he had a name though. He didn't have to go through the world as Gemini. He had chosen his name months ago because he liked the name Jeremy and it had stuck. They had rented beachfront property and decided just to lay low for a while and have a vacation.

He swam through the waves and looked back and watched as his father put down the towels and then he too waded into the water and swam for a bit. They both tiredly got out of the water and sat on their towels. They watched the waves lap at the shore and stared out in space.

Jeremy wondered if Margaret would accept him into their family. His father had told him repeatedly that she would, but in the back of his mind he always wondered. He was excited, but nervous that he would meet Margaret.

Major Charles had been watching Jeremy and Emily from the porch as he excitedly ran towards the ocean. He was glad that he had convinced him to take swimming lessons. He remembered when they were in another hotel and he asked Jeremy if he wanted to swim. He had already brought Jeremy swim trunks and clothes already. He embarrassedly admitted that he didn't know how to swim. He knew that Jeremy wondered when he looked at him that he was seeing Jarod at that age. He had told him that he had never seen Jarod at that age except on DSA's. Emily had been nice to him when she found out and went out of her way to be nice to him and befriend him and make him part of the family.  He was happy that Emily was taking Jeremy under her wing. She was a good big sister to the boy. Before Emily was with them she had put an ad in the paper if they needed to get in touch with each other. They had put an ad in the paper

"Well, we should head up to the house now." He looked at Jeremy and Emily as he said that.

"Okay." Jeremy replied as he got up and picked up his towel.

They walked back to the porch and then inside the house.  They went to each of their rooms to get dressed. Major Charles went into the kitchen and started to cook dinner and Emily helped. He remembered when he had tried to cook for Margaret when she was pregnant with Jarod. He tried to make something and it turned out terrible. She teased him about it and they both laughed about it. They decided to go out to eat instead. He had improved over the years because he had to.

He finished cooking and set the dinner on the table he called his son to the table while Emily set the table. When he met the boy for the first time he wasn't really into talking to him right then because they were fleeing for their lives. After that then he talked to him and really got to know him. He then thought of him as his son. A son that he didn't know that he had, but no matter how he came into the world he was his son.