The eyes of a blonde haired young boy slowly cracked open, then winced slightly when the bright light hit them. The blonde waited several seconds for his eyes to adjust. While waiting he noticed his body was unconsciously rubbing against something soft in a slow rhythm. Another thing he noticed was the gentle fingers running through his golden locks and foxy features. But the one thing that he noticed most importantly, was the purring sound coming from his throat.

His eyes widened. 'What the...! Why I purring? And why does my entire body feel so... nice? It's almost like that feeling I get when eating ramen, but, like a hundred times more, more... pleasing?'

The blonde opened his eyes, allowing his vision to come into focus. He blinked slightly he realized his face was grinding into something soft.

Along with the ears and tail the blonde had gotten from his tenant, he had also received other gifts that he had forgotten to explain to the Sandaime. One such gift was his improved eyesight, while another was an increased perception and understanding of his surroundings and anything else that interested him. As such, he mind worked much, much faster than that of a normal human's.

But enough of that, the current sense he was busy using was his increased sense of smell. And oddly enough, from the soft area his face was being rubbed against, he could somehow tell that his face was in contact with silk. A very soft and comfy silk too. Another thing he noticed was the scent of the person wearing it. He had unconsciously memorized it when he first met the person. With his new enhanced foxy trains he could recognize the person. 'K-kurenai-chan? What's she doing in Anko-chan's apartment?'

Naruto's eyes widened slightly when he heard Kurenai moan. "Mmmmm Naru-chan..." The blonde tried his best to stop his head from unconsciously grinding against the soft silky material, but while Kurenai's fingers continued running through his hair, he couldn't seem to control most of his bodily functions.

"K-kurenai-chan?", he asked.

Kurenai's eyes widened horrified when the blonde, whose face was currently between hair legs, had spoken. 'Oh Kami-sama! I-i can't believe what I just did! When I sat next to him and starting petting his new foxy traits he unconsciously got onto my lap, and when I started playing with them he just started rubbing his face there! I couldn't control myself!'

The black haired beauty tried in vain to remove the blonde from between her legs, when the blonde spoke again. "What's wrong Kurenai-chan?"

The ebony haired women blushed. "I-i'm a H-horrible person, Naru-chan!" The blonde frowned slightly. "No you're not. Your kind and pretty, Kurenai-chan. But... your voice sounded disappointed when I spoke. Why is that?" Kurenai blushed. "T-thank you, Naru-chan. I was just a little disappointed yes, but it's okay. The reason I was disappointed was, because.", here she seemed to mumble something.

Even with his advanced hearing the blonde couldn't pick it up. "Sorry? Can you please repeat that, Kurenai-chan?" The young woman seemed to blush even more if possible. "I-i... Y-your head was rubbing a very sensitive part of m-my body N-naru-chan." The young blond turned to look at Kurenai. "Do you want me to continue, Kurenai-chan?"

Kurenai's eyes widened. "W-what! N-no, you can't! I'd be a p-pedophile!" The young blonde's ears sagged while his tail wrapped around him, he then looked at Kurenai with moist eyes and a trembling lower lip. "B-but I don't care about that, Kurenai-chan! If it makes you happy, then I'm happy!" The young women blushed and pulled the blonde into a warm loving embrace, then placed a kiss on his head. "You're too kind for your own good, you know that? Please don't let other women manipulate you just so that they could be happy, Naru-chan..."

"Hai Kurenai-chan. Eto..."

The young women smiled warmly at the blonde in her lap. "Yes, Naru-chan?"

"Why are you in Anko-chan's apartment, and where is she?"

Kurenai giggled. "She's busy with work Naru-chan. You'll see her later. Until then... little you and me, will be going training, after you have breakfast of course."

"Hai, Kurenai-chan!"


An hour later the two could be found at the same training ground they had previously used.

"Now Naru-chan, today I will be teaching you the Kawarimi-no-jutsu. It's also a beginner jutsu much like the Henge you were taught." When the blonde nodded Kurenai continued. "The hand seals will mold your chakra so that most of the muscle fibres in your body will be overloaded with chakra. Now normally if they are overloaded they would be destroyed. However the Kawarimi's final seal insures this doesn't happen."

At the blonde's look of confusion, she elaborated. "What the final seal does is attach all the chakra-buildup within your muscles to an object. The most classic and commonly used attachment would be a wooden stump from any nearby tree. When the jutsu is executed you will swap places with the log and appear near the tree you chose, while the log takes your place."

When the blonde grinned and nodded, Kurenai finished up. "After you have done that, we will work on getting you to complete the second stage of the jutsu, which is using the henge on the log to make it look like you. Now these are the hand seals..."

Several hours later...


The blonde that had yelled the name of the technique was hit with three kunai only to disappear in a puff of smoke and be replaced with a log. Clapping could be heard coming from the ebony haired women. "Well done Naru-chan! You got this jutsu down just as fast as the Henge-no-jutsu."

"Arigato Kurenai-chan! Eto..."

"Yes, Naru-chan?"

The blonde looked cutely at the young women. "Can we go visit Anko-chan now?"

The exotic eye colored woman frowned. "I'm sorry Naru-chan, but you'll have to ask Sandaime-sama."

When the blonde nodded happily, Kurenai sighed. 'And hopefully he'll say no. I doubt anyone would want Naru-chan to see someone being tortured...'



"Naru-chan, I don't think it's such a good idea..."

The blonde stopped marching and turned to Kurenai who had been following him. "Why?"

Kurenai sighed. "Well... for one, interrogation isn't exactly a pretty thing. So please reconsider."

The young blonde pouted, folding his arms. "I don't care. I wanna visit Anko-chan!"

The young woman sighed again and nodded. "Alright, lets go..."

The twosome walked deeper into the Kage tower until they came across a darkened door being guarded by two ANBU. After Kurenai gave them the clearance that the Sandaime had given her and Naruto, they were let in.

Several minutes of walking through dark corridors they eventually reached a door with what appeared to be words carved into the door. The words read: 'The great Anko-sama's hell-hole. Tread lightly, faint of heart and mind.'

The blonde gulped and the young women sweat dropped. When they entered, they froze at the sight that greeted them.

A blonde haired girl, looking around thirteen years of age, sat in front of a smug looking Anko. She had long flowing blonde hair, gathered into a pony tail. Her eyes were a cerulean color, though much lighter compared to Naruto's, and she had a beautiful unmarred face.

Currently her face was twisted into a vicious snarl. "Pervert!", she yelled.

Anko laughed mockingly at her and waved her hand, "Yeah, that's what you said last night, my little kitten..." The blonde child seemed to blush, but the vicious snarl remained. "Stop calling me that!"

Anko smirked and was about to continue teasi- torturing the girl, when she was glomped from behind. She blinked slightly, then grinned when she recognized the chakra signiature.

Turning around, she embraced the young blonde lovingly. "Naru-chan! You came here to visit little ol' me? Hmm?"

Naruto smiled sheepishly. "Eto.. Hai Anko-chan. For some reason Kurenai-chan didn't want me to come see you work."

Anko blinked then turned to the young women in question. "I guess your lucky I'm not as... active, with females than I am with males when interrogating."

The blonde looked curiously at the purple haired young women. "Why is that Anko-chan?"

Anko winked playfully at Kurenai, then turned a wicked grin to the blonde. "Let's just say that... every boy that has ever come in here... either came out crying, or in small packages."

Naruto looked fearfully at her and took a step back. He unconsciously did what he usually did in these or similar situations... His tail wrapped around him while his foxy ears sagged, and his lower lip trembled pitifully and his eyes became somewhat moist.

Both Anko and Kurenai's eyes softened seeing the blonde in his pitiful state, while unknowingly to them, the thirteen year old blonde girl blushed and looked at the blonde boy with hearts in her eyes. 'Sooooo... cute!'

The cute boy then unleashed the greatest weapon in his arsenal... the pout! "Anko-chan, you meany!"

"KAWAII!", three distinct girls voices could be heard yelling. The two young women had crushed the blonde between them in a hug while the blonde girl tied up in her chair tried viciously to get out of her bindings.

The blonde blushed cutely when they let him down, then he turned to the other blonde present. When their eyes met the girl's blush seemed to multiply tenfold. Naruto smiled at her. "Hello! I'm Uzumaki Naruto, who are you?"

The young girl returned the smile, while still blushing, and answered her fellow blonde. "H-hello U-uzumaki-sama. M-my name is N-Nii Yugito."

Naruto smiled, "You have a pretty name Yugito-chan!", then he pouted. "Please don't call me with -sama. It sounds stuffy! Call me Naruto!"

The young girl had blushed prettily when he commented on her name, and had smiled brilliantly when he gave her permission to call him by his name. "Hai! Arigato, Naruto-k-kun."

During their interaction, Anko's jaw had dropped. She turned to Kurenai with a incredulous look on her face and whispered to her. "I've been trying to get that girl to tell me her bloody name for the last three hours! And here Naru-chan just waltz in and gets it! Life is so unfair! Taku..."

Kurenai turned away from Anko grinning and looked at the blondes talking animatedly to each other. She smirked. 'Now I see why the old monkey let Naru-chan come... He knew this would happen!'

Back with the two blondes, Naruto was currently asking Yugito a question. "So why are you being interrogated, Yugito-chan?"

The young girl snorted. "Well duh! I'm a shinobi of the hidden village of Kumo! My team was trespassing, and suffice to say... they're dead and I'm not."

Naruto looked at her sadly. "I'm sorry, Yugito-chan. I didn't mean to pry."

The blonde girl stared oddly at the blonde boy then burst out laughing. Naruto turned to Anko and Kurenai and saw both of them shared the same look of confusion as him. He turned back to Yugito. "Eto... Yugito-chan? What's wrong?"

The girl snorted bitterly. "My team never really... cared, about me. And the be honest the feeling was mutual. It's ironic that I live in a village where everyone hates my guts, and here, in enemy territory, I'm actually treated like a human."

Naruto processed what had been said, then recalled a passage from Jiraiya's book.


Chapter 6 Your best 'friend'

...During my travels I've come across many damsels in distress. And being the awesome shinobi that I am, naturally I saved them all. One thing they all had in common was some tragic past, or a horrible past event, or anything that saddens them.

From all of these women I learned a very important and valuable skill... compassion! Women will love you if you show them you care about their horrible past, or what ever the hell happened to them. The key is you have to show both concern and tenderness to them. Open your 'heart' as women would say. And above all, be sincere. There is nothing a woman hates more than people that lie or that are insincere. Compassion is your friend here, guys!...

End flashback

The blonde sighed mentally. 'Her treatment at her home is so similar to mine it's surreal... Wait a minute! Hitomi-chan!? Can you hear me?'

'I'm here Kit. What's wrong?'

'This girl in front of me lived a similar life to mine, can you maybe tell if she's like me? You know, like having something sealed inside her or something?'

'Give me a second to check. I'll need you surrender control over your senses to me for several seconds.'

'Hai, Hitomi-chan.'

Several seconds later

'It seems that you were right Naru-chan! A dear old friend of mine is sealed within her. The Nibi no Nekomata. Her name is... Soyuki.'

'Arigato, Hitomi-chan.'

Returning his previous blank gaze to Yugito he smiled sadly at her, confusing her somewhat. "I see... The Nibi no Nekomata is sealed in you then?", he asked gently.

Yugito's jaw dropped. "How...!?" Naruto answered her by patting his tummy and smilingly sadly. "Simple... Her friend is sealed within me."

Yugito's eyes widened in surprise. 'What does he mean, Soyuki-chan?'

'I only ever had one real friend amongst the others, kitten. That was the Kyuubi no Kitsune, or Hitomi-chan to me. Ask the boy to tell you the name of whoever is sealed within him'

The blonde girl turned to the boy questioningly. "What's the name of her friend?"

Naruto smiled brightly. "Hitomi-chan."

Yugito's eyes widened, as did the Nekomata within her.

'What!? Why is he so familiar with Hitomi-chan? I wonder... Kitten! Allow me control of your eyes for a moment.'


To the surprise of all those present, Yugito's eyes change in color. No longer were they a bright cerulean blue, but instead they were now a dark purple with a slit in the pupil. Naruto found himself staring at the purple eyes in wonder.

The blonde nearly jumped from where he stood when he heard an unfamiliar voice speak in his mind.

'H-hitomi-chan?', he heard the unfamiliar voice speak.

'It's good to see you again Soyuki-chan, It's been a long time...'

'Indeed it has. I wish I could be there with you, It's really been lonely these last few years, Hitomi-chan'

'Then get your container to become a citizen of Konoha. You could ask her to visit my container regularly and we could catch up. And I'm sure you'll just love little Naru-chan here, he's a wonderful host!'

Naruto could feel the unfamiliar voice smirk. 'Could it be? Does the great Kyuubi no Kitsune have a crush on a little boy?'

The blonde's eyes widened slightly at this bit of information. 'Of course! You would too if you got to know him! He's the kindest and cutest person I've ever had the joy of getting to know. You should too, Soyuki-chan...'

Naruto's jaw hung and his eyes widened in surprise. He had no idea Hitomi felt 'that' way about him! Now that he thought about it... A lot of woman seemed to be giving off similar signals than those of Hitomi. His eyes widened even more when he realized why they all treated him like that. He gulped slightly, but firmed his resolve, knowing that if they felt that way about him, the least he could do is care for them and insure that they would be happy and remain so. He vowed to himself to become strong enough to protect them all.

The blonde didn't know it, but on that day, that the conversation between the two females happened, would be the day that lead him to becoming something not even the great tailed demons themselves would have possibly been able to comprehend.

He got out of his daze when they spoke again. 'Alright, I'll give him a chance Hitomi-chan. And see what the great 'Kyuubi no Kitsune' sees in him. But for now, I'll convince my own host to follow your suggestion. Goodbye Hitomi-chan.'

When Naruto looked at Yugito again her eyes had returned to their cerulean color. She now sported a few odd looks on her face, ranging from confusion to surprise, and eventually settled on eagerness.

She looked up and adressed Anko. "Hey, Anko right? Can I please speak to the Hokage?"

Anko blinked and narrowed her eyes. "Why? You going to try something?? Heh?!"

"That's quite alright Anko-chan..." A voice spoke up from behind the purple haired woman.

Everyone turned to the voice and were surprised to see a kind looking old man smiling at them. "I'm already here. Now what did you wish to see me for, Nii-san, wasn't it?"

Yugito nodded and chose her next words carefully. "Hokage-sama. I wish to make a proposition to you."

The old man nodded, listening to what she had to say. "Go ahead, Nii-san."

The blonde girl looked into his eyes and spoke. "I'll give you all the information I have from Kumo, including weaknesses in our defense and information on any Gen-,Chu- and Jounin that I have."

The old man nodded his head not giving anything away. 'Now I'll scratch my beard deep in thought, pace around just for kicks, then nod at her to continue.'

"I'll also tell you of the plans our Kage are making that revolve around your village. It's something that is going to happen in the next few weeks."

The old man narrowed his eyes. 'Score five points for pulling of the suspicious look perfectly! Now I'll still look grandfatherly but stern. It's sure to work...'

"I'll allow you the freedom to leave this village safely and my respect, if you tell me what they are planning right now." 'Not that i'd release her... but she'll fall for my act, i have no doubt. Heh.'

Yugito bit her lower lip and nodded. "The delegation for the treaty between our villages that will be sent is only an act. They plan to kidnap one of the Hyuuga heirs and attempt to poison the Hyuuga head's wife to keep the head busy."

The sandaime nodded slowly. 'Interesting... Very interesting... This could really help us. Now I'll give her my patented grandfatherly smile, pat her head and ask her to continue. Heh heh...'

The old man did as his thoughts indicated and spoke. "And what would you like for the other information you offered, Nii-san?"

The blonde girl nodded, now becoming very nervous. 'Here goes...'

"I'd like to become a citizen of Konoha, maybe a shinobi if you'll let me, and..."

The sandaime's eyes narrowed. 'She already asking a lot, what more could she possibly want?'

The huge blush that now adorned her face answered him. "I-i... I'd like to spend some time with Naruto-kun every once in a while if he'll let me..."

The old man chuckled. "I don't see any problem with your request, Nii-san. We still need to find out where your going to stay, though. I'm sure Anko wouldn't mind another living with her, she does have an open bed from what I understand?"

Anko blushed a deep crimson red. 'There's only two beds in my apartment! How did the old geezer know? Is he spying on us?! '

"H-how did you know that, Hokage-sama?"

The old man grinned. 'Now to do the mysterious act! Heh.'

"I have my ways Anko-chan. After all... I am the Hokage."

The sandaime beamed inwardly when everyone directed a look of awe in his direction. 'Heh... Still got it!'

"I'll give you the day to get accustomed to your new life Yugito-chan. I'll have a messenger pick you up tomorrow to bring to my office so that you can tell me everything. Good bye."

With that the old geezer vanished in a flashy storm of leaves, grinning at their looks of awe.

Anko grinned and turned to them all. "Well that was interesting. Let's get you cleaned up at the hot springs kid. There's no way in hell you're coming in my apartment looking like that."


When they got to the hot springs, Anko paid for everyone and they proceeded inwards. Naruto, who was just about to enter the male locker rooms, to go to the male side of the hot spring, gasped when Anko grabbed his arm and dragged him with her. Naruto blinked stupidly, but allowed her to pull him.

When they got to the locker room, Yugito and Kurenai looked curiously at Anko and silently questioned her. Anko seemed to understand and spoke. "Naru-chan will be joining us.", she stated blandly.

Naruto, blinked then turned to Anko. "But Anko-chan, I'm not a girl, so I can't go with you."

Anko smirked at the blonde with a I-know-something-you-don't kind of smirk. "Kurenai-chan, have you noticed something odd whenever Naruto uses the Henge technique?"

Kurenai frowned at the odd question and thought back to when they were training the young blonde. Her eyes snapped open in realization. "I remember seeing him get hit, but the Henge didn't dispel. What's that mean?"

Anko grinned smugly. "From what I can tell, Naru-chan uses a very large amount of chakra whenever he uses the technique. That can be attributed to Hitomi sealed within him. But, when normal ninjas with high chakra capacity's put that much chakra into their henge, even they don't do what Naru-chan does..."

Kurenai frowned, then told Anko to continue. "So, this means...?"

Anko sighed. "Naru-chan, use Henge, and turn into your very first henge when you only just learned the technique."

The blonde nodded, did the hand seals and called out the jutsu. "Henge-no-jutsu."

Anko grinned at the cute girl, now a bit taller than Yugito's length, that had taken the boy's place. "Okay now, close your eyes, and tell me if you feel anything Naru-chan."

She then placed her hand on the blonde girl's head when she had closed her eyes.

The blonde spoke in a feminine voice. "Your hand is on my head, Anko-chan."

Anko nodded, and ignored Kurenai's disbelieving gaze. The purple haired young woman moved to behind the blonde girl. With a mischievous smile, she pulled the blonde to her and cupped her... assets.

The young blonde gasped. "A-anko-chan. W-what are those that your touching?" Anko smiled and gently fondled what she held in her hands. "These, Naru-chan... Are your...", here she squeezed what she held, causing the blonde girl the moan in a pleasing tone. "Breasts."

Kurenai was the first to snap out of her daze. "Y-you mean Naru-chan really changed his body? As in permanently?" Anko nodded and continued fondling with the blonde in her grasp's breasts, while sporting a very healthy and crimson blush. "I'm sure you've noticed when Naru-chan here releases the technique, she doesn't use 'Kai'. Instead she just henges herself back to what she previously looked like. Meaning... she literally changes her sex unknowingly. I think having Hitomi sealed in her is a big contribution to this."

Anko looked up from the petite girl she was paying special attention to, and noticed the looks the other two were giving her. Her eyes widened in surprise. 'They're jealous?!'

She grinned mischievously and let go of one breast and invited them over. "You two want to see if she's really, real? I'm sure she doesn't mind, right Naru-chan?"

The blonde whiskered girl shook her head and let out another moan. "Mmmmmmmm! No Anko-chan, I don't mind."

Kurenai cautiously approached the pair, silently recalling the event between her and the blonde in the morning. 'He said, as long as I'm happy he's happy? I hope I'm doing the right thing...'

With a slightly trembling had, she cupped the younger blonde girl's breast and with gentle care kneaded it. She smiled warmly when the one she was giving the ministrations to gasped, then moaned in pleasure. "K-kurenai-chan..."

Anko smiled at her friend's blush, then turned to the new addition to the group, and gestured her over. "Go ahead Yugito-chan, Naru-chan is enjoying this, just as I'm sure you will... kitten.", she said removing her hand from it's cupped position on the young blonde's breast, then put both her hands on the blonde's tummy, gently caressing it and drawing circles. Unconsciously she lowered her lips to the whiskered girl's ear and gently nibbled on it.

Yugito looked unsure after understanding the situation somewhat, but a voice within her urged her on. Letting go of her doubts, she placed her smooth fingers on the young blonde's breasts, and kneaded them in fascination. She blushed several brighter shades of red when the girl gasped, and moaned her name.

They then carried on with their gentle ministrations on the blonde girl for several minutes.

Anko looked up from nibbling the blonde girl's ear when she noticed something different. She grinned with a bright blush when she noticed the whiskered teenager was taking small quick shallow breathes. The purple haired woman realized what was happening and did her part to contribute by gently biting into the blonde's neck and making her ministrations go even lower.


The three women that had been doing the ministrations looked up from their work and noticed that the blonde was taking short gasps with a huge blush on her face. They also noticed how weak her legs were. But, most noticeable of all, they noticed the liquid slowly appearing between her legs.

Kurenai was the first the speak. "Oh my Kami-sama... Did Naru-chan just?" Anko blushed prettily but nodded. "It seems when she used the Henge, she also changed her age, which allowed... eh, 'that' to happen."

Yugito looked at the gasping young blonde in concern. "Naruto-ku-chan, are you okay?" The blonde in question looked up and pulled the slightly shorter girl into a hug. "Arigato!", she moaned.

Anko smirked. "Well, now that we've, eh.. proved that the henge won't drop, lets get into the spring. I still want to 'clean' Yugito-chan here up.", she said smiling saucily at the blonde in question.


Much later everyone had finished their bath, and headed home. They had walked Kurenai home and then off to their own. Currently they were getting ready for bed, as they had just finished cleaning the dishes.

Anko was already under the covers of her own bed and had just snuggled into the foxy blonde who lay next to her, when she noticed Yugito standing at the door frame. "Yugito-chan, anything wrong?"

Yugito blinked, then blushed, embarrassed at having been caught. "No, I'm fine. Good night."

She turned around and was about to walk away when Anko spoke again. "Wait."

Anko stared hard at the blonde girl facing her, mentally deciding something. 'That look on her face... She doesn't hide it as well as I do, nor does she hide it anywhere near as well as Naru-chan for that fact. She's lonely...'

The purple haired woman, smiled warmly at the young girl and patted the bed next to her invitingly. "Get in, kitten." Yugito blinked owlishly, until what Anko had said sank in. Slowly a small shy smile along with a blush, graced her face after hearing the pet name

She got under the covers and draped an arm over the blonde much like Anko was doing. Naruto smiled cutely, and turned over to Yugito, then snuggled into her, wrapping an arm of his own over her defensively. The blonde girl smiled warmly with moist eyes, and pecked the blonde's forehead, then also fell asleep.

Anko smiled secretly, having seen the interaction. 'He faced her and snuggled her just to let her feel safe, and secure that we don't mind her presence. He's either psychic, or just really that kind and considerate...'

She then relaxed and pulled herself closer to the blonde, also placing a soft chaste kiss on his head. 'Regardless of whether the other's share or not... I'll fight tooth and nail to make sure Naru-chan remains a part of my life.'

With those thoughts, she also drifted off to sleep.


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