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She watched as the people gathered for the wedding and smiled at her fiancé as they sat down. She was truly happy for Jarod and his family. She had met Daniel Thompson a month after she had left Jarod and Allison's house. They had fallen in love and months after he had proposed to her and she had accepted.

She smiled as the bride walked down the isle and watched as Jarod took her hand. At the reception she watched as the groom and bride danced. She watched as his father, mother, Jeremy and Emily interacted with the happy couple. She also watched as Sydney, Michelle and Nicolas interacted with the happy couple. She was glad that Jarod's two families were getting along for his sake. It had been tense for a couple of times, but everything had settled down.


Years Later

She held the bundle of Joy that was Jarod and Allison's baby boy, Adam Jacob Charles. Her husband was beside her making faces at the baby. He was a cute baby she thought to herself. He had Jarod's eyes.

"He's adorable."

"He is." Jarod smiled at the happy couple. He was happy for Miss Parker and her new husband. Daniel really brought the best out of Miss Parker and for that he was glad. He, Allison, Sydney and Broots had attended her marriage to Daniel.

"Hopefully soon we will have one of our own." She smiled adoringly to her husband. He in turn smiled at her.

"Are you expecting?"

"No, not yet." Replied Madeline. Miss Parker had told everyone that she wanted to be called Madeline now.


Years later

Jarod stood there with Madeline and Daniel's baby boy, Jason Trevor Thompson. His son was playing with his toys in the living room, but had already seen the baby. He smiled at the happy couple and at his wife that were sitting on the couch as he sat down.

"Who would have thought that after all the grief that the Centre had caused us that I would be married to a wonderful woman and have a son. Have my family back with me." He nodded to Madeline "And you have a husband that makes you happy and have a new little baby boy."

"It is amazing isn't it?"  She smiled. "We finally got that ever after storybook ending you wanted."

"Yes, yes we did." He smiled back.

The End