Espada no naruto


Summary: After dying by the hands of Pein and Konan, he gets a special job. One that must not be failed. One that will strike fear in people's hearts. Bleach X-over. Sakura bashing.

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"Do you hereby forever pledge loyalty to my Espada and me?"


"Welcome to Las Noches, Wonderwice."

"Thank you…Aizen-sama"

Coming out of the shadows where he was watching, the spiky haired blonde smiled. How alike he and Wonderwice were, yet they were different in some ways. Both of them supporting Aizen in his attempt to take over Soul Society. However, didn't pledge loyalty to Aizen; he supported him out of free will.

"Amusing, huh, Gaara?"

A second person came out of the shadows and into the light.

"Hn…" But the blonde could tell that he was amused; the corner of his lips turned up on one side in a smirk, and his gold-slitted black eyes seemed to dance.

"Ahh… Ichibi no Gaara and Kyuubi no Uzumaki Naruto. What brings you two here? All is going well with the council of nine lords, I hope?"

"Yes. Very well indeed."

Now that they were no longer in the shadows, one could see their featured quite clearly, seeing that the white walls of Las Noches reflected the light from the moon. Uzumaki Naruto, former vessel of the former Kyuubi and the current Kyuubi, was dressed in normal shinigami apparel, with a white arrancar coat. Hanging by his waist was his zanpakuto Hirasenmaru, humming slightly.

The wielder, on the other hand, has spiky blonde hair, crimson slitted eyes, and a fox like face. Behind him, nine blood red tails lay there, swinging lightly. He also had a nice six-pack, but it was hidden by the slightly baggy shinigami clothes.

Even though he wears shinigami clothes and an arrancar coat, he was neither. All the nine lord council were a fusion between shinigami and hollow due to their bijuu and their souls mixing when they die, therefore, they belong to neither group. Naruto included. Another way of obtaining a seat in the council would be by defeating the jinchurriki in a death battle. Then their position and status as a demon would be transferred to the challenger if won.

Gaara, on the other hand, was a different story. His vivid red hair was still there, but his tattoo on his forehead wasn't. It was replaced by the tattoo for 'hate'. He wore the same attire as Naruto, but his obi (? Is that what you call it?) was light brown color, compared to Naruto's red. His zanpakuto, Chigetsuei, worn on his back, the belt held together by a gourd-shaped clasp filled with sand.

"It has come to our attention that some souls from our world have been sent to Soul Society after death. Our theory is that Akatsuki and the former tailed beasts caused an unbalance in our world, so some crossed over into Soul Society." He said, fully serious. The 'dead-last' 'dobe' attitude long gone. This kind of attitude would get you killed in seconds.

"Also, we have a new…addition to our group. " Gaara said, his one lone tail gesturing to the door.

"Welcome, Uchiha Sasuke… the newly chosen Lord Hachibi."

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"It has come to my attention that we are the most fitted for this next SS-classed mission; infiltration of Soul Society."


"Uzumaki Naruto, do you hereby swear loyalty to Soul Society?"


Jap-English translate

Hirasenmaru: Light Spiral Ring

Chigetsuei: Blood moon

Nine Lord Council (different from Espada)

Ichibi: Gaara

Nibi: --




Rokubi: --

Shibi (? Is it shibi or nanabi?): --

Hachibi: Uchiha Sasuke

Kyuubi: Uzumaki Naruto

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