A/N: This is a new story that I've bounced around in my head for a while

Waning Moonlight

A/N: This is a new story that I've bounced around in my head for a while. I'm not abandoning my other story, I'm just taking a break because I have a major writers block in that story. Yes, I know, it's a weird name, but it's the best I could think of with JacquieWhitlock's help. Thanks Jacquie! Anyway, I hope you like this story. This is the preface. Enjoy!

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My alarm clock's buzz was punctuated by my screams, my nightmare waking me up as much as my clock's alarm. I struggled lifelessly with my tangled quilt. It had wrapped me up like a mummy while I thrashed in my dreams. I managed to free my arm so I could turn the alarm off.

"Another day, another nightmare," I mumbled to myself as I shuffled to the bathroom, staring down at the floor with my dulled eyes. When I reached the bathroom I made it a point that I didn't look at myself in the mirror. I didn't need to know what I looked like, if I looked one tenth of what I felt, then I looked like a train wreck. I felt like a train wreck. Ever since he left me I couldn't live. I tried to put on a happy face for Charlie but it was pointless, everybody could see what a mess I was.

The rest of my morning went by in an uneventful blur of pain. Pain because every second he wasn't with me my heart ripped a little bit more. Charlie had already left for work as I cleaned up my dishes from breakfast. Once I put my dishes away I hurried to get out of the house. I hated spending time in my house. Every time I walked into the living room I remember him, every time I laid in bed, trying to sleep, I remember him.

I rushed out into the cold air in the Thursday morning. I reached up to get the key from its hiding place, but it wasn't there. Did Charlie forget to put it back last night? No, Charlie, the police officer wouldn't forget to leave the key for me because he hated the thought of someone being able to break into the unlocked house, even though he left a key outside where anyone could use it if they could find it. I looked all around the front stoop, looking for any signs of the shiny metal of the keys when I saw it. Not the key, something much worse than an unlocked house, something much scarier than a few stolen items.


My head was ducked as I searched for that stupid key when I saw it, not the key but a patch of red amongst the green trees. I stood up and squinted in the direction of what appeared to be a fire. I took a few steps forward and sniffed. I didn't smell a fire, so it couldn't be that, it did move like the fires in those documentaries. It can't be a fire, so what is it? That's when it hit me. I stiffened and walked toward my truck, not caring about that stupid piece of metal I had been hunting for. My zombie appearance had dropped and I was panicked, the first real feeling besides despair and depression I've had since he left. I hurried to my truck, hoping Victoria would stay amongst the trees. Maybe it's not really her, maybe I'm imagining things. I looked over my shoulder and the red patch was gone from the trees. I exhaled in relief as I turned around so I could watch where I was going when I hit something hard, so hard I bounced back and hit the ground. Geez Bella, you were so worried about an imaginary vampire you ran into your own truck! But when I opened my eyes I saw my truck safely parked several feet away. I raised my eyes skywards, to see what I had hit. My eyes locked onto another pair of eyes, the black furious eyes of Victoria.

I scrambled back as I tried in vain to put as much space between Victoria and I as possible. She just took one step forward and closed the gap, her eyes narrowed in fury and disgust.

"You pitiful human," she spat, her eyes never leaving mine, "all you had to do was keep Edward so that when I killed you, he would be upset! But you couldn't even do that, you miserable, useless human!" She spat the word 'human' like a curse word. To her it probably was.

She reached down an encircled my throat with one of her small white hands. Using her one hand she picked me up and raised me up so my feet dangled above the ground. My hands clawed uselessly at her hands as she ran into the forest, never loosening her grip. I started to feel faint from the lack of oxygen when she threw me against a tree. I gasped for air as she slowly stalked forward, shifting into a feline predator stance. She was enjoying this.

"Why?" Was all I could choke out as I fought for air. She continued forward as she spoke.

"Your Edward," She spat his name. I flinched, trying to force the memories away. "Killed James, my mate. So I decided that it would be most fair to kill his mate, but you're not his mate anymore, are you?" I fought back tears as she cut me deeper than any knife could. "He tired of you. How sad! But I've had my eyes set on you for too long, so after I kill you I'll go after him." Her speech pulled to a close as she stopped inches away from me. I was shaking violently, tears streaming down my face. Victoria smiled maliciously at me. Then she struck.

Victoria grabbed my arms and whipped me around, throwing me into another tree. I bounced off it and fell to the ground. I heard a crunch and a blinding pain shooted through my head. Then I heard a victorious growl from my predator as she bent down and clamped her teeth to my neck. The pain I felt in my head was nothing compared to the pain I know felt. I was losing consciousness as I heard a growl. I slowly drifted off into the fiery pain that I was lost to


I was on patrol in the forests' of Forks when something shifted. I didn't understand it at first, but both Jared and Paul felt it as well.

What the heck was that? Jared was confused where Paul was angry, as always.

Sam, I think it's trouble, lets find it! I rolled my eyes as we ran towards the change. After about a mile the smell of the woods changed. My hackles rose at the smell, it was disgustingly sweet and cold. My instincts told me what it was. Vampire. I ran faster towards the smell when I realized we were close to the forest by Charlie's house. I pushed myself harder as I pounded towards the origin of the smell. I liked Charlie, he was a good guy. He didn't like our feelings towards the Cullen's, but he still was a great friend to Billy and he always treated us fairly. I had found his daughter in the forest when the bloodsucker had left her there.

As we closed the gap between the parasite and us I could smell that it wasn't a Cullen. We broke through the last of the trees and saw a cold one bent over poor little Bella. I wasn't sure if we were too late. Paul growled as we launched ourselves at the parasite. Paul hit her first and threw her off of Bella while Jared ran back into the trees so he could change. He returned in sweatpants as Paul and I tore the red headed leech to pieces. Jared ran straight to Bella, checking to see if she was still alive. He cursed under his breath as he approached our pile of the cold ones remains. He pulled a box of matches out of his pocket and set the bonfire to life.

"Bella's still alive." Was all he had to say. I dropped my head while Paul growled again. Paul and I ran back into the forest so we could transform and change into what was left of our clothes.

"What are we going to do?" Jared asked as we returned. I shook my head.

"We can't bring her back to Forks because she's changing into a bloodsucker as we speak." Paul took a step towards the girl lying helplessly on the ground.

"Don't you dare hurt her Paul!" He stopped; he couldn't ignore a command given by the alpha.

"Then what do we do Sam? She's one of them now! We can't just leave her here, someone could find her in three days and then we would have to kill her, so can't we just get it over with now?"

"Do you really want to kill Charlie's daughter? Billy's best friend's daughter? Besides, she could die before she changes, we don't know, but right now she's human and we have no reason to kill her." Paul actually looked a little guilty as he looked down at his bare feet.

"But we can't just leave her here. Someone could find her, and if she does change then it's dangerous." Jared said, running his hand over his head in frustration. He didn't like this situation any more than I did.

"We'll move her deep into the forest, maybe into the next state, where no one can find her. We'll just have to pray that she does die instead of becoming one of them." I scooped Bella into my arms and took off deeper into the woods. Jared stayed behind to look after the fire, and Paul scouted around in his wolf form, watching for any more bloodsuckers.

We ran until we found the perfect place. No one would find Bella there.

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