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Alternate New Moon – Edward and the Cullen's left and two months later Victoria catches up with Bella. Victoria antagonized Bella first, hitting her, pushing her, taunting her. Victoria knocked Bella over and Bella hit her head, knocking her out. Victoria realizes there's no more fun left and bites her, drinking from her, but not draining her. Bella starts transforming in the middle of the woods, where Victoria left her. Jacob and the pact come across her and realize they can't do anything for her. They move her further into the forest, where people from Forks won't find her.

She wakes up after three days and doesn't remember a thing. She wanders for a year, living off what she can find in the deep forest; animals and the occasional hiker. She is uncomfortable and stays to herself, never going out of her way for food.

After the year she runs into another vampire, Brandon. He can change the appearances of himself and others. Bella then realizes her power; she can block or allow anybody's power. Part of the gift allows her to sense what other vampire's powers are. Brandon, who was a spy for Her Majesty's Secret Service, enjoys playing with his food first and teaches 'Juliet' how to play and hunt humans. Bella doesn't mind because humans taste better than animals and she doesn't remember her human life, so humans are really just like another form of animal.

After 10 years her routine is broken. After 9 years of perfecting her acting with Brandon, they're caught. They accidentally wander into another coven's hunting grounds and kill within it. The coven is not happy and decides to meet with the intruders.

What happens when that coven is the Cullen's, and Bella doesn't remember them and they don't recognize her because of Brandon's power. Will Edward and Bella end up together again, or will they end up parting ways again?


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