Elite Beat Agents: Chapter 12, A Christmas Gift, or What it Means to be an Agent.

Are you Ready?

Lucy's tear fell to the floor as her mother slumped in her desk, crying her eyes out. Lucy prayed for her father's return, still not aware of exactly what her mother meant.

Daddy, please come home…

Kahn watched his master screen solemnly as he turned on the intercom to call his agents to him. He thought out what his agents could possibly do for this situation, and what it really meant to be happy...

Could we do it? Kahn thought, Could we really bring back the dead?

The Divas came in first, followed by Agents 1 and 2, and then Morris and Derek followed, with Spin arriving late.

"My agents," Kahn began, "Our job in this world is to ensure others happiness, but I am not sure if we can truly do this."

"If it is to help the people of the world, we will accomplish it no matter what." Chieftan said resolutely.

"Very well then," Kahn said, "A 7 year old girl by the name of Lucy has lost her father. Can we help her cope with her loss?"

"That doesn't sound too hard," Missy said, "I'll find a good song, hold on."

"For older people it would be an easy task, but how are we supposed to go through something like that with a child?!" J asked, "I mean, children her age should never have had to deal with loss like this... I mean she 7! How can we help her cope with something she can't even unerstand?"

"A child…" Starr pondered this for a moment before speaking up again, "Commander, Please assign my team to this task!"

Everyone stared at the blonde diva for a moment. Starr stood tall at this statement and held a fire in her eyes that didn't seem to want to be quenched. She was going, and there was no stopping her.

"Starr," Kahn said slowly, "You are my prized student, no one here has shown so much talent for what we can do... Do you really think you can accomplish this mission?"

Starr didn't hesitate at her answer, she was prepared for anything...


The snow was piling up around Lucy's house as February was reaching it's end. Thick sowflakes were visible through the windows of the small house, coating everything it touches. A black car witha yellow star drove up to the house, stopping just right into a parking are. The three Divas got out of the car, pepared to accomplish what was necessary for Lucy. If they only knew what measures they would have to take...

"Daddy, please come home…" Lucy said out loud, only to hear her mother cry even harder. A knock followed, and the three Divas were at the front door, ready to work there magic…

"Who are you?" Lucy's mother asked, looking at the questionably dressed women in her front yard, "And why are you dressed like that?"

Starr pulled her badge out of her pocket while Missy got out the cd player and prepared the song.

"Elite Beat Divas here," Starr, Foxx, and Missy said in unison.

"Whatever unhappiness befalls someone, we are sent to make thing right again," Starr said proudly, "Ma'm, please leave everything to us."

"Thank you, but I'll be fine," Lucy's mother said, "I would rather you not get involved..."

She walked back into her room and slumped in her desk again, crying softly.

"Please..." Lucy said to the divas, "Help daddy back home, ok?"

"We'll do what we can..." Foxx said.