Confess to Each Other

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Summary: There are 5 transfer students coming to Gakuen Alice, at different times. Mikan and Natsume have finally confessed to each other with the help of 2 of the transfer students. How will Mikan and Natsume thank them in return? Will the 3rd person out of the five transfer students help Mikan and Natsume give their thanks? Or will she just ignore it? Will the third person be happy for everyone? Or will she be envious of them, but pretends to be happy for them, when she actually isn't? Read and find out!

Chapter 1: Prologue


Name: Keiko Takashi

Age: 16

Alice: Elemental and Invisibility

Hair: Raven and waist length

Eyes: Red and Bloody like Vampires; darker than Natsume's eyes

Star: Special Star

Ability Type: Dangerous and Special

Mission Name: Red Death

Personality: Quiet and secretive. Rarely laughs and smiles. Always evil and mean to everyone, except to people she cares about. Gets into fights a lot. Doesn't believe in love and thinks she doesn't have time for it.

Name: Akito Takashi

Age: 16

Alice: Elemental and Lightning

Hair: Short and Raven

Eyes: Green

Star: Special Star

Ability Type: Dangerous and Special

Mission Name: Lightning Flash

Personality: Smiles all the time and laugh at anything. Nice to everyone, except when he's on his missions.

Name: Kae Alcala

Age: 16

Alice: Silver

Hair: Blond and Shoulder length

Eyes: Purple

Star: Special Star

Ability Type: Dangerous and Special

Mission Name: Silver Wolf

Personality: Helps her friends all the time. Kind to everyone, except for people she hates and when she's on her missions

Name: Kai Soma

Age: 17

Alice: Black Holes

Hair: Black and always spiked

Eyes: Brown

Star: Special Star

Ability Type: Dangerous

Mission Name: Black Death

Personality: Mysterious and rarely smiles. Doesn't believe in love until an event occurs. Has few friends he considered "true friends"

Name: Rika Sakurano

Age: 16

Alice: Gravity

Hair: Brown with Blond Streaks

Eyes: Olives

Star: Special

Ability Type: Dangerous

Mission Name: Gravitation

Personality: Adventurous. Likes so do sports. Funny and always cheers people up. Is a class clown with Koko and Kitsuneme. Becomes cold during missions.

It was a beautiful morning, or so it was until a scream ruined it. It was heard from outside the classroom and from Mikan's grandfather's house. Mikan's grandfather was dead, but with help from her friends, she was able to smile again and pray to her grandfather every night. Mikan's grandfather's spirit heard Mikan scream and wondered what happened, but knew she was old enough to handle it on her own.

Mikan was late to class, so she ran using her speed alice she took using her SEC. Mikan was running too fast, that when she turned from the corner, she couldn't stop herself from running, so it caused her to bump into Natsume. Mikan fell on the ground so her skirt was flipped up so Natsume saw what it was. "Sorry." said Mikan rubbing her butt. "Why say sorry if it happens everyday, Polka?" said Natsume. "Or should I say Ichigo kara?" added Natsume. "Hentai!!" yelled Mikan and walked into the classroom. Mikan ran to give Hotaru a hug when she made sure that the teacher wasn't here. "Hotaru!" said Mikan.

Baka! Baka! Baka!

Went the baka gun. Mikan was flown to the other side of the room. "Mikan-chan, are you okay?" asked Yuu. Mikan's head was bleeding, but she used her illusion alice to make it look like it wasn't bleeding. "I'm okay." said Mikan. The door opened and since Mikan was leaning on the door, she fell on her back. Mikan got up immediately. "Ohayo, Ruka-kun. Ohayo, Natsume." said Mikan. "O-ohayo, Sakura-san." said Ruka. "Hn." said Natsume and walked to his seat. Ruka followed Natsume to his seat since Ruka's seat was next to Natsume's seat. Mikan went to her seat which was next to Natsume and sat down.

Mikan bowed her head and the illusion was deactivated. Mikan touched her head and there was blood on her hand when she looked at it. Natsume thought he saw something red on Mikan's hand so he took a peek through his manga and saw blood on Mikan's hand and that there was blood dripping on her head. Natsume's eyes were wide, but no one saw because the manga was on his face. Natsume bit his lip trying to keep his urge from carrying her to the hospital to get it treated. When Narumi came into the classroom, Mikan used her illusion alice and the blood wasn't there anymore. Natsume knew that Mikan was a multi-alice because she was his partner for missions.

"Ohayo, class." said Narumi. "Ohayo, sensei." said the class, except Natsume and Hotaru. "Today, we have 3 new students." said Narumi. "Please welcome them." added Narumi and the transfer students came into the classroom.

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