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Chp 1. The Crash.

The car swerved, I heard her screaming my name as the car tumbled down the steep hill, everything happened so fast, even with my vampire vision it was only blurs.

She hasn't trusted anyone but me since, not Alice, not Jasper, not even her own father!!

I will never forget the day it all happened, the day I couldn't save her.

The day Eric Yorkie's SUV crashed into Bella's, causing her to tumble down the hill while screaming my name. And I just stood there and watched it all happen! Not even moving a muscle!!

She finally stopped tumbling when the top of her car hit a tree, causing the major head injuries. It took till the screaming started before I realized what was happening. I raced down there, barley keeping a human pace, but by the time I got there she was already unconscious, her breathing heavy.

She hasn't acted the same since.

She hides behind my back only peeking at the person trying to talk to her before burying her head in my shoulder, the tears beginning to fall.

The doctors say it's the trauma of the crash.

I blame myself for forever changing my Bella.

If only I had acted sooner,

Then my Bella, would be my brave, never scared, Bella.


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