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The wait was agonizing.

They were thinking hard about their decision, the pros and cons.

I just continued stroking Bella's hair while they thought. Holding her closer during all the cons.

They turned towards me and Bella, whispered a few words that I didn't catch due to the fact I was paying so close attention to Bella's mumbling, then turned back to Carlisle.

Then, I heard their words.

"Dr…I mean Carlisle, I think we've made our decision"

Carlisle straightened up ,along with I, and snuck a glance towards me, then turned back to her parents.

"Ok." Carlisle said waiting for their answer.

"Were going to give it a try, but if it doesn't work, were going to have to resort to our option."

I heard all I needed. I held Bella closer and whispered in her ear,

"Everything's going to be alright, my love, we just have to try a little harder to make things work."

The next Day

"Edward, I'm sure you've heard the plan"

"Yes." I answered holding Bella closer.

" I need you to explain the plan to Bella, then leave her to me" Carlisle said looking at Bella as he spoke.

Bella looked at me, confusion in her eyes.

"Ok…" I whispered.

He turned and left.

"Bella…" I whispered. "Carlisle has a plan. You probably aren't going to like it, it involves not talking to me, but it has to work Bella, or else you leave, and I honestly don't want that to happen." I spoke stroking her hair.

Her eyes held fear, and she clanged to me tighter.

"Bella, Carlisle's plan is to separate us, and try to coax you into talking to other people, try to make you better. Do you understand Bella?"

" No…" She whispered. "NO!!" She yelled and held tighter, crying.

"Bella, we have to. Just give it a try. I'll still be here, you just won't be able to see or hear me, okay? Just give it a try."

She nodded her head. I kissed her, and turned to where Carlisle had appeared.

"She's ready.." I whispered.

"Okay, come on Bella." She nodded, and hesitated to let go, but she walked off with Carlisle.

I fell back onto the wall and slid down.

"Just please, let this work." I whispered to no one in particular, and waited for the next events to unfold.

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