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Chapter 27

I wore the most form-fitting, skinny jeans I own, the one pair of black high-heels I owe because who really likes to wear heels, and a black and white, plaid cami which hugged my curves. I did a three-sixty in the mirror I had in my closet and I had to admit I looked smoking'. I hope Ashley loves it!

When I walked out of my closet Ashley was still on the damn computer, with her back to me. She must have heard me coming out because she spoke up.

"You know this video of us is pretty hot." I giggled as she turned around. "Did you…" she trailed off once her eyes took in my appearance.

"Did I what?" I asked with a smile.

I loved how her brown eyes were roaming over every inch of my body. Just the reaction I was looking for. I let her stare at me for a few minutes. If anyone else was looking at me like she was, I would feel a little violated. But when Ashley looked like she wanted to throw me down and have her way with me… I loved it. She just made me feel so sexy. I decided it was time to break her out of her daze.

I walked closer to her. "Ashley!" I said loudly.

"Huh?" She finally looked up at me. "What were you saying?" She stood up from my chair so she was eye level with me.

I grinned. "Actually… you were the one that was about to ask me something." I reminded her.

She looked down again, getting a good look at my cleavage, and grabbed my hips. "I don't remember what I was going to ask." she stated as she met my eyes again.

I wrapped my arms around her neck, bringing her closer. "And why is that?" I asked already knowing the answer.

She smirked while biting the side of her bottom lip. Doesn't she know that is a big turn on for me? "Because I have the sexiest girlfriend alive."

I brought my forehead to rest on hers. "Are you sure?" I whispered.

Instead of answering she pulled me against her and planted her lips on mine. It was a heated kiss that sent goose-bumps all over my body. She flicked her tongue onto my bottom lip and I instantaneously allowed her entrance. I ran my hands through the softest curls I had ever felt and pulled her head closer. I needed more of her. I wanted to taste all of her. I was addicted.

Soon she slowed our kiss down and pulled away, panting softly. "Does that answer your question?" she smirked.

"Mmmhmm." I was in too much of a fog to say anything else.

All of the sudden Ashley turned her head towards my bedroom door. "Did you hear that?"

I furrowed my brows in confusion. "Here what?"

Ashley let go of me and walked to my door, opening it quietly. I stood behind her, listening for any noise. It was then that I heard the front door close. My heart started thumping. If that's my Mom or Dad I'm dead!

"Spencer?" a male voice called.

"Oh thank god!" I sighed with relief. "Come on." I grabbed Ashley's hand and opened the door to leave, but my brunette didn't budge. I could tell she was nervous about seeing Clay after the whole videotape thing. "Ash it's only Clay."

"What if he doesn't like me now that the video came out? What if he thinks I forced myself on you?" she whispered anxiously.

"Ashley he's not like that. He knows I like you a lot." I explained. I squeezed her hand for reassurance.

We started leaving my room again as I heard my brother call for me again. "Spence I you're here!"

"Hey!" I said as the three of us met on the stairs.

"Spencer where have you been all day? Glen and I were looking everywhere for you." He sounded a little angry, but I could tell her was mostly just worried.

"I'm sorry Clay. Before we get into that could we talk about this… not on the stairs?" I asked.

He nodded and motioned for Ashley and I to go first. I was still holding her hand and guided her into the living room.

"Hey Ashley." Clay said.

"Hey." she said timidly as we sat on the love seat.

Clay sat down on our reclining chair and I proceeded to tell him where I was all day. "Ashley and I decided to ditch school because of the video going around."

"That's what I figured. So are you two ok?"

"I am right now." Who knows how I'll feel tomorrow… or Monday when I have to go back to school.

"Same here." Ashley added.

"I'm sorry Spenc. I wish I could have stopped whoever did it." he sighed while running a hand over his almost bald head.

Ashley gave me a knowing look, as if to say she felt the same way. I shrugged. "It's done now. I mine as well stop worrying about whose seen it and just deal with it." I thought out loud.

"Well me and Glen and Chelsea will be there for you. I know that for sure." he said confidently. "And you too Ashley."

I stood up and gave Clay a hug. "Thanks brother."

"Yeah thank you Clay." Ashley said while giving him a quick, and a little awkward, hug.

"Oh and me and Ashley are going out tonight so could you tell Mom and Dad I'm spending the night at her house."

He nodded. "Sure."

I took hold of Ashley's hand again and we started making our way to the front door. Then I remembered a very important detail. "Oh yeah, Clay?" I called before he went upstairs.


"Could you not tell Dad and Mom about the video."

"I won't but the school could call them and tell them about it."

Oh shit! How could I not think of that? What am I going to say to them if they find out?

Clay must have noticed my distraught expression. "Look…" he said walking over to me. "I'll intercept all the phone calls tonight, but you might want to start preparing incase they find out." He put a encouraging hand on my shoulder.

I nodded. "Thanks for everything Clay." I tried smiling.

"Don't worry about it. You two have fun." he said as he led out us the door.

We both waved to him as Ashley started the car. She pulled out of the driveway and we were off. "God what am I going to tell my parents if they find out?" I groaned while putting my hands over my face.

"Hey!" Ashley grabbed one of my hands. "You look too sexy right now to be pouting like that." I pouted even more as a joke. She giggled. "Don't worry about it right now Spenc. Remember, this night is just about us."

Just like that my pout turned into a grin. "You're right." She rested her had that was entwined with mine on my thigh. "So where are we going?"

"The only thing I'm telling you is we're going out of L.A. That way we don't have to worry about who is going to see us." she explained.

"That sounds fantastic." I sighed contently. Having Ashley all to myself the whole night is going to be amazing.


"Where are we?" I looked around at the expansive, tarred area.

"What's it look like?" she countered.

"An airport."

She started walking around me. "Wow you're smarter than I thought Miss Carlin." she whispered in my ear.

It sent a chill down my spine and I almost forgot what I was going to ask next. "Bu-but why are we here?"

Ashley was standing in front of me again, smiling mischievously. "I told you we were going out of the city.

"I didn't think you meant out of the country though Ash!" I said getting a little frustrated. My parents will kill me if I'm not home in the morning.

"We're not going out of the country, I swear." She grabbed my hand and started leading me to the private jet.

I stopped right before we got to the stairs. "Ash…" I sighed. I was apprehensive about this idea Ashley had.

She turned around and noticed my worried look. She took hold of my other hand. "Spencer I promise we will be back by noon tomorrow. We're not going far." She smiled reassuringly. When I didn't respond she pouted. "Please?"

I rolled my eyes at her and cracked a smile. "Ok."

Her smile grew wide. "Thank you!" She pecked me quickly on the lips and pulled my up the stairs. Once inside we were met with a tall man who I assumed was the pilot. "Alright Teddy we're ready." she said to him.

"We'll start preparing for departure right away Miss Davies." he said with a slight head nod. Then he disappeared into the cockpit.

Ashley led me to the very backseat of the plane, which was more like a loveseat. The tiny plane was filled with luxury seating, a mini-bar, TVs equipped with play station threes, and Ipods in every seat.

"Wow." I said in amazement as I looked around. This is what I call first-class.

"This is one of my Dad's private jets." she explained as she pulled me down on the couch playfully.

I raised my eyebrows in shock. "One of them?"

"He has one for himself and his band when they go on tour and one for me and my Mother to use whenever we want."

I smiled and she gave me a what-are-you-thinking look. "You are so spoiled."

She pretended to be offended. "Hey!" She slapped my arm lightly, then broke out into a big grin a moment later. "You're right!"

We both giggled. Then the Pilot came out and told us we were about to take off. Now I was getting nervous. I buckled my seatbelt tightly and squeezed the arm rest so hard my knuckles turned white.

"Are you ok Spenc?" She put a hand on my forearm.

No use in trying to hide it. "I'm not too good with planes. Especially when they're taking off and landing." I admitted.

"Just when I thought you couldn't get any cuter." she smiled.

"Shut up!" I blushed.

The plane started taxiing and my heart rate picked up. "Come here." Ashley said. She pulled me by my waist and into her arms. "I wouldn't let anything happen to you." she said while looking right into my eyes. My heart skipped a beat, but not from the plane this time. Suddenly I wasn't scared anymore. "You know, I could think of a few things to distract you." she added while running her fingers ever so lightly up and down my arm.

That feels so good. I chuckled after a moment. "You always have to ruin romantic moments with your sexual innuendos."

"It's part of my charm." she smirked. Then I kissed her. "Hey we're in the air." She motioned to the small, oval window.

I looked out the window and we were indeed in the air. I couldn't even see the ground. She must have magic powers. When I faced her again I smiled into the kiss on planted on her lips. When we broke apart we just kept smiling at each other. I'm in love with her.

"Would you two like a beverage?" a flight attendant asked us. When did she get here?

"Yeah, can we have two glasses of champagne please?" the brunette asked.

"Right away Miss Davies." She walked over to the mini-bar and got our drinks ready. A moment later she returned and unhooked a drop-down table for us to put our glasses on. "There you go ladies." she smiled courtesy.

"Thank you." I said.

"Thank you Marcy. We'll let you know if we need anything else."

"You're very welcome." she said before walking off.

"Ok how are we drinking alcohol right now?" I wondered.

Ashley shrugged. "My Mom lets me as long as I don't drive or go out of the house."

I shook my head. "I wish I had parents like yours."

"I wouldn't go that far." I could tell their was a hint of aggravation in her voice. There was every time she spoke about her parents and Kyla.

"How come you never told me Kyla was your sister?" I asked curiously.

"Because I don't claim her." she said simply. She took a sip of her champagne. "You should try this. It's the best. She said lifting her glass a little higher.

She's trying to avoid the question again. I took a drink and tried to think of my next move. "Why don't you ever talk about your family? Why do you and Kyla hate each other so much?" I asked. I have to know.

She took a huge gulp of her drink, finishing it. "Can't you just leave it alone?" she argued.

I shook my head no. "Come on Ash, I'm your girlfriend. You should be able to tell me anything."

"I know." She sighed. "You're so easy to talk to." she admitted.

I smiled. "So you'll tell me then?" She was looking at the floor, so I tilted my head to get a better look at her face.

"It's kind stupid, now that I've had plenty of time to think about it. But I know you'll get it out of me eventually." she laughed softly.

"True." I nodded with a confident smirk.

She finally was able to look up at me and began her story. "My Mom was completely in love with my Father. That head-over-heels, over-the-moon, reach-for-the-stars kind of love. For a long time my Dad loved her just as much. We were the perfect family, I thought. Then one day my Dad confessed he had been hiding another family. He had a girlfriend and another kid." Ashley's voice seethed with resentment as she spoke about this other family. "He had been living a double-life for years. His other girlfriend found out about my Mother and I and told him to choose. Guess who he picked?" Ashley's eyes started watering and I pulled her into my arms for comfort. She buried her head in my neck. "That's why I hate them. I hate Kyla… I hate her fucking mother… I hate my Dad!" she sniffled. "I haven't seen him since they day he left."

How could he just leave them like that? His own daughter! If I ever see him I'm going to slap him upside his moronic head! "I know this won't help at all, but I'm so sorry." I said while rubbing her back softly. "I shouldn't have made you tell me." I'm officially an idiot.

She pulled back and looked at me. "It's ok. I needed to get that out." She wiped some tears off her cheek. "You're like my own personal therapist." she chuckled.

I smiled sadly at her. "How could anyone want to leave you?" I asked seriously.

She scoffed. "There's plenty of reasons."

"I haven't found one."

She leaned in and kissed my avidly. I love this! I thought. "You're too good for me." she stated once we parted.

"No way."

She leaned back and sighed with relief. "If you want to know anything else you better ask now, so I'm not redoing my make-up over and over."

I giggled. "Just one thing." I held up my index finger. Her silence told me I should continue. "Why does Kyla live with you?"

"Because her Mom died a few years ago. Leukemia." she added. "As you know our Dad's always gone, so my Mom offered to take her in."

"Wow… that's really big of her." I so couldn't do that.

Ashley just nodded and then stood up. "I'm just gonna hit the rest room. I'll be right back."

"Ok." I said before she disappeared down the narrow hallway behind us and to the bathroom.

Just then my cell phone started vibrating. I took it out of my purse and saw I had a few text messages. Two from Chelsea and two from Kyla. Ooops… I should've called them and told them how I was doing. I bet they're worried. Just as I thought all the text messages said "how are you", "are you ok", and one from Kyla asking where Ashley was. I sent them both messages saying I was good now and Ashley was taking me on a date. As soon as I shut my phone Ashley came back out of the bathroom looking as fine as ever with her make-up fixed.

"Ok now I'm worthy of your eyes." she smiled while plopping down next to me.

"Oh whatever." I giggled. "You are so beautiful, you don't even need make-up."

"Ok Spencer." she smiled, sounding sarcastic.

I chose to ignore her comment. "I bet you look even better when you first wake up in the morning."

"Well I guess you'll be finding that out tomorrow morning." she smiled.

That's when it hit me. I'm going to be spending the night with Ashley. The whole night. I'm going to be waking up next to her. Or am I? Are we going to sleep in the same bed? Are we going to be in the same room? Does she want something to happen with us tonight? Do I want something to happen between us tonight? I swallowed the lump in my throat, feeling more nervous than ever. I can't believe I didn't think of this stuff until now!

"Spencer?" Ashley put her hand on my thigh to get my attention.


"Are you ok?" she looked at me with concern. "You look kind of scared. I swear I don't look that bad in the morning." she joked, trying to ease the tension.

I shook my head. "No it's not that." I tried smiling, but it barely showed.

"Oh… you probably think I planned on seducing you tonight, huh?" she chuckled.

"Yeah…" I shook my head slightly. "… I mean no! I just hadn't thought about us spending the whole night together until now." I admitted.

"I'm not going to pressure you into anything Spenc." she said quickly.

"I know Ash. That's not what I'm worried about." I looked down, a little embarrassed as to the real reason why I was apprehensive about tonight.

Ashley leaned over and turned my head slightly toward hers. "Then what is it?" she whispered.

"Excuse me Miss Davies?" I could tell it was the flight attendant by her familiar voice.

I saw Ashley roll her eyes before turning her head to the flight attendant. "Yeah?" Her voice sounded slightly irritated. I, on the other hand, so thankful she interrupted us.

"I'm so sorry to interrupt you, but the Pilot asked me to let you know we'd be landing in five minutes." she smiled politely, and a bit timidly because of the glare Ashley was giving her.

"Thanks." the brunette said curtly.

The flight attendant nodded and took off in a flash.

Ashley turned back to me, her face showing no signs of aggravation anymore. "Sorry about that. What were you going to say?"

"Uhh…" Suddenly, the plane took a quick swoop downwards and my hands instinctively went to the armrest and squeezed the life out of it. "I hate landing." I shut my eyes tightly as I felt us descend again.

Ashley entwined her hands in mine. "How about I tell you where we are? Is that a good distraction?" she asked.

You know what? That is a good distraction… considering I've been wondering about that since we arrived at the airport.


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