The Dancing Witch


It seemed like any other day for the witchlings except today they met me and everything was different after that. Well first I should probably tell you who I am, see im Serena Simpson Im 16 years of age and am an official witch but don't live in lunaverse. Im an orphan and work at a local café to earn money for my apartment. I have light blonde hair and ocean blue eyes but they are normally covered by a small pair of glasses. Just to let you know im actually very shy and don't normally talk this much especially about my self but hey when in Rome. Anyway this is my story and how I met the four third graders who someday become official witches.

"I can't wait my first real ballet and during school you think they'll sell steak!" Dorie's mouth watered at the thought of her favorite food.

"I don't think so Dorie seeing as its not a BBQ house, anyway im just excited we won't have homework." Mirabelle smiled in a relaxed manner then put her hands behind her head.

Reanne just laughed and looked at the sky then noticed they were going to be late if they didn't hurry. "Um guys...were going to be late."

The Three began to run and managed to make it to class just in time and sat in their seats excited they were going somewhere. Ms. Cooper walked in and smiled politely at class and wrote the word dance on the board. "I know you all are excited about the big field trip today but just to go over a few things can someone tell me what a ballet is?" Ms. Josie immediately raised her hand and stood up. "Ballet is a form of dance in which a person on the tips of their toes." Ms. Cooper nodded then began an explanation "Exactly ballet dancers use their movements to tell a story!" Then suddenly their was loud honk of the buses outside and the class ran out to get on.