1The Dancing Witch

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Chapter 3:

That afternoon as the students were getting on the bus the witchlings were curious "did you all get this strange feeling about that girl." Reanne said looking out the bus window. She turned to see the others nodding in agreement. Ellie thought for a moment then spoke "She seemed to have a familiar feeling!" Dorie's mind then it clicked and she whispered "Do you all think she was a witch!" Mirabelle looked at her curiously "maybe but she looked different then the others in the lunaverse do and she wasn't wearing an orble!" They all shrugged it off then noticed they were at the school.

Soon after the elementary school students had left the theater some of my fellow high school friends had come to talk to me with big smiles on their faces. My friend Katie was ecstatic about the performance and seemed to take notes of the whole thing and remind me of her favorite parts. Meanwhile my other friend Elizabeth was telling me quietly that she enjoyed and would like to see it again sometime. Suddenly my eyes focused a someone behind them someone who'd I expected to have stayed home. It was Alix Simpson, a person who was my best friend and my crush. He was a tall boy with light green eyes and amazing brown eyes that seem to glow. Anyway he simply smiled at me and gave me a thumb's up. My face became a bright red and though it wasn't much that gesture made my toes curl. When he spoke my heart seemed to stop as he said the words "you looked awesome up there!" My throat became dry so all I could respond was a simple nod.

Then when it came time to leave I waved and walked back to get my things. I changed into a pair of ripped jeans, a white t-shirt with a loose blue tie on top, and a pair of sneakers. I put my orble around my neck and then thought about those girls. As I was walking out I overheard some of the other dancers talking about a store called the DoReMi Magic Shop and decided to pay a visit. I took my bike then began to pedal to the street I heard it was on. The girls were on their way as well as they ran down to the shop trying not to make Patina mad again. When they arrived they quickly went to work and began selling to customers. As I pulled up I noticed the bright sign and building that had a warm atmosphere. Then I reached for the door and instantly felt the warm air of the inside.