The Party

People were crammed into the club for my eighteenth. High School is over and my birthday party is kicking off the summer to the rest of our lives. I bit my lip as my lapis-lazuli eyes scanned the floor, all were familiar faces, all wanted to be close to me all through the tortuously long four years. I was just one of those people, not exactly popular, would never fit the criteria of the stuck up bitch that talked about everyone behind their backs. I was just nice, outgoing, and didn't keep my mouth shut when they pissed me off or hesitate if it came to a fist to face fight – I was the one throwing the punches and never getting hit with their attempts to bruise my slightly olive toned skin.

I walked through the gyrating bodies and listened to good music thrum through the speakers chosen by me. There was none of that generic rap, but rock, new and stuff from the eighties and nineties. My black high-heels clicked inaudibly compared to the beat blasting in waves through the air.

I wore a sensibly light little cotton – light enough to stay semi cool on this scorching June night – strapless black dress the length was to mid-thigh, a long sliver necklace with an ornate cross pendant hung around my neck, and my long dark curly brunette hair hung down reaching just above the small of my back and styled in its usual half up half down fashion with my bangs hanging in a curled fashion that imitated that of the 1920s.

I walked over to the bar and sat down on stool getting something simple and hydrating – water.

I noticed someone sitting beside me and noticed him at once. Who wouldn't recognize their own brother, – twin brother, at that – Gabriel, they would have to be completely blind, but even then I would have known he was there he's half of me. His dark curly brunette hair was in casual disarray and he had on a pair of worn ripped jeans and a black dress shirt with his sleeve rolled to his elbows. His long legs were stretched out before him and his feet placed on the ground.

Why isn't he enjoying himself it's his birthday too? He was leaned back against the bar his icy blue eyes staring intently into the crowd focusing in on one person -- the girl he'd been dating for months dancing so close to another guy with her lips locked on his as she was grinding her hips into his. "What's the matter Gabe?" I asked carefully and then my voice lost its volume and I glared at Celine.

"What does she think she's doing?" I fumed, it seemed I was angrier than Gabriel and he was the one who was being dumped and having his girlfriend, well ex-girlfriend now, making out with some other guy right in front of his face. "Luce, just leave it--" I didn't let him finish before I jumped up from my seat and sauntered over to Celine.

I tapped her on the shoulder where one of the straps of her red spandex type material dress – that clings to her every curve she could have came in just in her lingerie and she would have been just as exposed – slipped off. She turned a bit and caught sight of my eyes and shrunk back from me, but kept her cocky attitude despite how threatened she felt by me. "Hello, Lucia," she sneered and I smiled back. I hated my whole name, it sounds so Portuguese, everyone calls me Lucy or Luce and she's just doing this to piss me off more. That was a bad choice.

My lapis-lazuli eyes glaring into her light brown eyes, smiled and stepped away from her dance partner and walked up to me smiling now. I smiled as well and she didn't even realize it until she fell to the floor that I punched her in the face. She covered her now bleeding probably broken nose in her hands and at her retreat I said, "If you didn't want to be with my brother you could have at least broken up with him with a little bit of class."

People were staring and then I heard clapping as people watched Celine's retreating to the lady's room. Monique came up to me and said, "She deserved that, Lucy. She didn't even really dump Gabriel; she just was all over that dude. Who was he anyway, I didn't recognize him? He was definitely gorgeous though." She tacked on the bit at the end as an after thought.

Gabriel sat at the bar the rest of the evening and only slipped off the stool when it was midnight and the club our parents bought out for the evening was closing up. He and I were the last to empty out and we got choruses of happy birthdays from people as they herd out the door. I slipped my arm through the crook of his and we stepped out into the humid summer air. Gabe finally spoke up, "I can't believe you did that to Celine, Luce. It was wrong. I was going to tell you to leave it alone, but you obviously don't understand those words." He said as we kept walking down the side walk. Our house isn't very far from here a couple miles or two.

"Mereceu-o, (1)" I said and Gabriel retorted, "It was none of your business." I sighed heavily and we kept on walking and he didn't shake off my arm from his. "Não ser virado com mim, irmão. (2)" I begged. Stopping him under the glow of a street light. My lapislazuli eyes glistened in the light and I jutted my bottom lip out a bit and his face crumbled into a smile. "You really are something." He gave me and laughed.

We are both Americans born and raised in Manhattan and kept our tie to our Portuguese culture. We have an accent only it isn't Portuguese just a wicked New York accent. Our parents made enough money to be comfortable and spoil us. At home we all speak to one another in broken Portuguese – half English, half Portuguese. Talking to Gabe in Portuguese always calms and softens him up from his anger. We kept walking but stopped at one point when I realized these stilettos weren't the best shoes to walk in, or stand in for that matter. I slipped them off my feet and walked barefoot from then on, holding them in my left hand.

We came to a street that had one lamp post and if flickered vigorously it reminded me of a strobe light and I felt like there was something wrong…very wrong. When we were half way down the street the bulb of the lamp post flashed its final flicker of light for a few seconds. The brightness of it made me stop because when it first went out everything was as black as pitch. I blinked furiously and forced my eyes to adjust to the dark.

When I could see again I saw a man on the side walk before us. He is standing under that lamp post that just burned out. There was something wrong…about him. Not like in as in the way of a crazy person roaming the streets, but as in murder with a lust for blood. I clutched Gabe's arm tightly and whispered, "Nós devemos girar ao redor e ir uma maneira diferente. (3)" I spoke in Portuguese, just out of precaution, so if there was any way that man could hear me; he would not be able to understand me. Gabe regarded me with a roll of his ice blue eyes, "We're just about there. Paciência (4), Lucy." He told me and pulled me forward on my reluctant feet.

"There's something wrong let's walk around the other way. Please, Gabriel?" I asked in English I was past that man hearing at this point I just want to get away. Something is going to happen I can feel it in my bones and my blood. A freezing breeze gust through the street, too icy for summer, I was the only one who felt it. "Gabriel, please?" I begged. It was beneath me to beg, but if it kept something happening to us I would get down on my knees and grovel.

"Stop being ridiculous." He said and walked forward and the man turned to face us. I didn't fear him, but there was something unholy about him. Despite his striking features and really sexy figure, I would have thought him an angel if I didn't feel the way I did. "Please," I whispered to Gabriel. "Stop." He replied annoyed.

With in seconds what I thought would happen occurred only not in the way I expected. The man grabbed Gabriel before he could take another step out of my grasp and had him by the throat. I felt like I was choking literally, all my air was being cut off as if I was being choked as well. I was struggling for air, but I still refuse to be helpless. This person is not going to ruin my birthday.

I took the spike of my shoe – which was pretty damn sharp – and slammed it into Gabriel's attacker's neck in a place that would injure him, but not kill him. He staggered from my brother and had my shoe stuck to his neck. Gabe was gasping for air and I ran to him. "There's no time let's go, NOW!" I ordered and we took off in a run as well as he. The only problem was that he couldn't seem to gain his breath properly and the cement was rough under my bare feet when going at this speed. We paused for only a second and there was the man again.

He was about to advance when I whipped my other shoe at him – my only weapon – and he smiled after he dodged it. "Go to Hell." I said and I saw the most infuriating smile cross his face. He was mocking me, the asshole. Then he was upon Gabriel. He had him by the throat and lowered his mouth to the junction of his neck and shoulder. I had already fallen from dizziness of the feeling of suffocation and now I felt a piercing pain course through me and then everything went black, I was trapped in my own head for the time being, the safe place for now.

Someone lifted me and then I drifted further I could feel nothing, but the pain that put me here. Just the memory was excruciating.

A/N: Hey, it's brunette-in-black and I hoped you like this new story I thought of on a whim. It was more because I'm reading some of Anne Rice's amazing work. Anyway, I wanted to add a little more me as in the culture. There's a lot of Spanish, French, and others but I never see Portuguese so I made my main characters other than the attacker Portuguese and the attacker isn't exactly my property, he belongs to Anne Rice. You should be able to figure out who he is.

Here are the translations to the
Portuguese that was said in order:

(1) She deserved it
(2) Don't be upset with me, brother.
(3) We should turn around and go a different way.
(4) Patience.

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