Time seemed to halt entirely. Making the agonizing seconds tick by as if each were an eternity. The one I have loved for so long and hadn't even realized it went beyond mere lust and my brother, dear brother that may live just long enough to get well and then be foolish enough to try to reclaim me from a vampire that could kill him so easily. My breathing became shallower and the coolness of the floor was stinging my bare feet.

I was finally becoming more alert and felt Lestat's sinful touch. The back of his hand lightly grazed my arm and I shivered and I heard his chuckle. That snapped me back completely and without even hesitating I snapped my elbow into his ribs and I got the satisfaction of his surprised grunt. He still didn't relinquish me he wasn't playing games anymore and this was a fight for my life so I used all I had.

I quickly turned in his arms and snapped my fist forward into his face and he became unbalanced for real this time. I ducked out of his grip and took for the stair, but all too soon His hand gripped my ankle pulling me back to him. I grunted as he roughly pulled me back into his arms. "What of doing anything I ask, love?" He asked with a coolly. If I hadn't known better I wouldn't have thought he was angry. He turned me around pressing me tightly to his chest and stared down into my eyes.

I jerked but he held me fast. "I said I would do what you ask, however, I failed to mention that I would not come to without a struggle. I will not simply bend to your will." I said glaring into his blue orbs that were devouring me. A smile spread across his face – much to my discontent – which was not damaged in the least and he laughed, not a sinister chuckle a full out laugh. He brought one arm up from my waist only to tighten with the other.

He took my chin in his hand gentle yet rough all in one motion. "Ah, but you will not give me a struggle dear Lucy. You see the more you struggle the more time I have to think over our agreement. Either you come willingly or I may just send someone for your love." He said and I stiffen, "You see," he turned my head slightly to access my neck with more ease. "I have gotten your attention."

"You will not hurt him." I ordered and he laughed yet again. "I will keep my word if you keep yours, chéri (1)." He said kissing down my neck making my muscles tighten. "Go to hell." I growled, he tightened his hold, "Oh, but I'm already there. Vampires are damned creatures, are they not?" He said and I bit down on my lip taking the agony of the feeling of his lips upon my skin, the wrongness of it, the wishing for it to be someone else.

I tried to free myself of him once more but he held me carefully so I would not interrupt him and his lustful pleasure. The pleasure the anticipation of taking virgin blood and body, the mere concept had him even in my dreams aroused in his twisted demeanor. "Visions, doux, doux (2) Lucy. They were predictions of the future yet you never heeded their warnings. You thought them to only be dreams, illusions of your very colorful imagination. It sweetens your blood. Just as your strong will and determination does as well making you far surpassing irresistible. You should be thankful I was able to prolong this as long as I had. It was extremely difficult to not take you the first time I laid eyes on your wondrous physique."

I sucked in a breath and he began kissing me neck once more causing a shiver to rack through me. My eyes fluttered closed as I felt rushing around me and soon the back of my legs were press to silk. Then I felt it and my eyes shot open. I gasped and my nails gripped the back of his shirt, I bit my lips so hard and suddenly it drew blood and tears spilled down my cheeks. His fangs were sunk deeply into my neck.

I didn't try to scream for no one would hear me and if they did no one would help. I didn't struggle for I knew it was futile, because I knew what he wanted and he, like me, would not stop until he took it every last drop of it. My nails ran down his shirt and soon I was becoming limp as he drank in gulps savoring every last drop of me. Soon enough he was laying me on the coverlet of black silk.

I watched with fatigued eyes as he slid a knife across his wrist and came to sit by me limp body. My heart was pounding of its own accord trying to make more blood to supply to the rest of my body, my breathing was erratic and yet I could control neither. I was completely helpless of my actions. He brought his wrist to me hovering over my moist – with my own blood – lips. I turned my head away with all my lingering strength and he groaned. "toujours aussi tenace (3)." He said and soon enough his wrist was away and then his hand gripped my chin as he forced his lips upon mine.

Soon enough my lips were forced open and I felt the metallic taste one my tongue. At first I refused to swallow but there was so much of it and soon it was forced down my dry throat. Then the sensation took over. My body set ablaze and it felt I was being ripped from my body like every piece of me was being broken and then hammered back together. I convulsed and I was covered with sweat and tears were streaming down my face. "It's almost over. You are only losing your mortality and exchanging it for that of eternity. A new world." He said and brushed my damp bangs from my forehead.

I remained silent, it went on for what I thought was an eternity in itself and then it finally ceased. My heart no longer beat frantically because now it was silent and my eyes dared to open. I came in contact with his blue eyes. "beau (4)," He said and then said; "Now it is time for the rest of what I ask." He said and I looked into his eyes. A surge ran through me and I found something new other than my loathing for this man before me.

A lust I couldn't begin to understand. The power of him. In his eyes and his body. I was very much attracted to it and at first did protest his advances as he slid down the straps of my red silk dress but soon I had taken over relishing every moment as he took me over completely. I will always get what I want and right now Lestat is it. After this if I want something I have the strength and the beauty to possess it.

All my silent little heart's desires shall be met.

A/N: Well lovely readers I am sorry to report but this is the end of this story of Lucia Oliveira. I assume you now find that she was much like Lestat himself. She will live eternally in the form of a being she once hated and now revels in the possiblilties it brought with it. Thank you for all your reviews they meant a lot to me. Love you all…forever. brunette-in-black

French Translation(s):
(1) darling
(2) sweet, sweet
(3) always so stubborn
(4) beautiful