Sinful Virtue, Virtuous Sinner: The Prologue

The Internship

Chapter 1: Welcome Aboard

Synopsis: Hikari lands an internship as an amateur photographer. She is required to attend all local band shows & snap live action shots. With The Wolves starring in every show Hikari & Yamato grow closer. Too close for Tai's liking. The tabloid rumors aren't helping either.

I'm not exactly sure where this urge to write a Digimon fic came about…heck; I haven't watched it in years. This is my first Digimon fic. Well, I have been trying to branch out so…I guess this is my first step.

Thing's To Clear Up:

- I am well aware that the name of Yamato's band is The Teenage Wolves; I just figured that Yamato being twenty-one in this fic…the teenage part seemed a bit of a misnomer.

- Don't flame me for not following the plot to key, or making them slightly OOC. It's my bloody story; take it or go sod off. :

- The title is perhaps the most unoriginal piece of shit ever. So any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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Uncertainty…no, not quite. Perhaps, apprehension…no, that wasn't it either.


Yes, anxious definitely was the perfect term for how she felt right now. Anxious.

Eighteen-year-old Hikari Yagami tried her best to stop fidgeting, though the rest of her body refused to comply with her mind signals; continuing to twist a thick hank of her chestnut-brown tresses about her fingers. She released a highly indignant sigh and finally clasped her hands neatly in her lap, fingers lacing tightly.

"Is something the matter?"

The slight girl felt her cheeks redden instantly; obviously underestimating the level of her sonority. Hikari lifted her gaze towards the person across from her; forcing a tight smile and shaking her head in decline.

"No, of course not."

The auburn-haired girl nearly released a sigh of relief as the other female turned away, but quickly caught herself; not wanting a rendition of the previous incident. As continued silence seemed to flow on; the eighteen-year-old allowed her mind to drift.

Hikari herself had only graduated but several weeks prior and had originally intended to use the summer vacation of her senior year as a time of relaxation before college. But when a series of flyers appeared at in the mail, claiming that the newly established Teen Vogue building in town was holding an internship for up and coming photographers, she couldn't possibly pass up the chance.

So after thoroughly discussing this with her parents, who didn't seem the least bit displeased with her decision, she quickly applied for the spot. The eighteen-year-old was more then surprised to receive a call requesting she come in for a personal evaluation merely two days later.

And now here she was, seated in a lavish chair of upholstered leather in the office of Japan's Teen Vogue editor, Mimi Tachikawa.

Miss Tachikawa looked no older then she, Hikari surmised, assuming her to be roughly about twenty-two or so; though no older then twenty-five. Her head full of thick honey-brown locks were pulled back into a tight, glossed down bun.

She was outfitted in a sleeveless button-up blouse of pastel pink, neatly tucked into a snug-fitting skirt of pristine white, the hem just reaching the knees. Other then that she wore a pair of shiny pink stilettos and a wide belt of white leather, cinched tightly about her narrow waist.

All in all, she seemed far more appropriate at a local party then seated as editor in a multi-million industry.

The woman in question was situated in her own leather-lined recliner chair opposite the eighteen-year-old, a large manila folder spread out across the fine oak table before her. Every so and then, her deep amber-brown eyes would glance up away from the papers and straight towards Hikari, which only helped further to heighten the girl's anxiety.

And then, quite suddenly, Ms. Tachikawa gently set aside the large yellow folder and gracefully folded her hands onto the table.

"Well, Miss Yagami," The Teen Vogue editor began in a slow drawl, tone terse and almost haughty.

"The furthest experience you've held was taking pictures for your local school newspaper. You've stated in your personal essay that you have never truthfully read a Teen Vogue magazine from front to back. And further, you found that your interest swayed half-way through the magazine itself, claiming it to grow boring. Am I correct?"

Hikari fathomed ever ounce not to cringe and run out in that instant, instead nodding her head slowly in affirmation. Her brother was right; she should've lied about that part. But the young brunette was never good at lying, even if it were out of the benefit of ones she loved, let alone herself.

The eighteen-year-old let out a tiny sigh, however, realizing that she'd spend her summer dawdling away on her sofa watching soap operas after all.

Mimi Tachikawa gave the slight girl a quick look over, expression unreadable and almost foreboding. Then, all at once, it changed into bright jubilance, the editor rose to her feet and extending her hand.

"I do hope we can change that, Miss Yagami. Welcome aboard!"

Hikari nearly felt her heart lodge in her throat, pretty crimson red eyes bulging out in astounded shock. Had she heard that right? Welcome aboard?

Staring dumbfounded at the floating extremity before her, the auburn-haired teen quickly caught the expectant hand with her own and gave it a good shake.

Miss Tachikawa then released a light-hearted giggle, handing the new intern her portfolio and other credentials. She then seated back onto her massive recliner chair, carefully crossing one leg atop the other.

"While I do wish for you to enjoy your experience at Teen Vogue, as a member of the Teen Vogue family, your actions not only reflect you but us as well. I expect you to be on best behavior in and out of the office, or I will be forced to let you go." Her tone was chilling, her gaze practically spewing daggers.

"Oh I perfectly understand that." Hikari was quick to respond, forcing that swirling pit of uncertainty that had opened within her stomach to shut closed.

Mimi grinned at that, hunching over and pulling open the top drawer of a near by cabinet. She shuffled through the massive piles of papers, growing a bit irate after a minute before expressing a loud exclamation of joy.

She then swiveled back to her place behind the desk, opening a large pale blue folder and further sifting through its contents.

"Since you are a complete amateur at this whole thing; I'm going to assign you the easiest case possible." The brown-haired editor announced as she suddenly pulled a thick handful of papers from the folder.

"This month, we're doing a feature on local up and coming bands." She informed lightly, reaching over and handing the thick booklet of papers to the eighteen-year-old.

"And naturally, we'll need some photos to go along with the articles. So, you'll be manning that situation. You will have to attend each and every show and snap live action shots. We want them while they are playing, not fixed positions of them standing in a perfect row like choir boys."

Hikari nodded lightly at that, allowing herself to pour over the pile of papers in her hand. They were flyers for local band shows, all thankfully within the Odaiba district.

The slight brunette felt her brow quirk almost instantly, catching sight of a familiar band name played across each of the papers. The Wolves were playing at every show, from the looks of it.

Her best friend's brother was lead guitarist of the band and practically her own brother's best friend. Hikari grinned slightly at herself, head shaking at the pure luck of it all.

"Well Miss Yagami, I do hope you can prove to me that I chose the right decision. There were many previous applicants, all with amazing amounts of background experience." Ms. Tachikawa murmured, that previous cordial warmth fading into that familiar icy-cold mask.

The eighteen-year-old straightened considerably at that, her own face lacing over with confident determination.

"I promise not to disappoint you, Miss Tachikawa." The slight girl declared firmly, extending her own hand for a friendly shake.

The Teen Vogue editor only smirked, nodding, as she took the girl's hand into her own.

"I'm sure you won't. You have a nice day, Miss Yagami."

Hikari flashed a kind smile and murmured the same in turn, spinning her heel and making her way out of the office.


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