Chapter 11: Happy Endings

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The vicious wind ravaged the rain-soaked field of Odaiba's Chestnut Hill Park; the unrelenting onslaught of moisture rapaciously pounded the grassy grounds. A single figure stood poised in the center of the meadow, fighting to its barest of margins to keep erect under the savage bearings.

Taichi suddenly lunged foreword, kicking a black and white soccer ball high and far into the air. The twenty-two-year-old had to burst into a full on sprint as the ball was seized by the winds swirling about him, tauntingly taking the toy to the far recesses of the park.

The auburn-haired male cursed foully as he realized the ball was too far from his reach.

As he realized the ball was the wind's now, not his.

He felt the ground go out from under him, his muddied chucks sliding over the mush of grass beneath him. He landed in a loud resounding thump, the water sloshing about his frame and plastering mud stains over his already soaked person.

"God DAMMIT!" The eldest Yagami roared, curled fists slamming furiously into the soil under him. He allowed himself to collapse back-first into the ground, ignoring the disgusting squish heard in the motion.

The winds howled mockingly at the male and the downpour seemed to almost increase tenfold, the droplets attacking his unguarded face. He made no move to shield himself, figuring it was some sort of sick retribution for what he had done.

So when he felt his face suddenly relieved from the barrage, a pair of highly confused chocolate-brown eyes came fluttering open. The soccer ball from prior hung precariously over his face, efficiently blocking the rain fall.

He jerked up into a sitting position, shaking his head to rid his hair of the offending moisture. The person who had suspending the ball in mid-air, Yamato, plopped down next to the older male.

"How'd you know I was here?" The twenty-two-year-old inquired, gratefully taking back the once missing soccer memorabilia.

"Cause I know you, Yagami." Was the blonde's knowing answer, a faint hint of cynicism in his voice. He absently ran a hand through his soaked golden locks.

"Whenever you got upset, you'd run to the soccer field. Just like I'd hole myself up on the apartment roof and shred on my guitar."

"Or outrace crazy bitches on Docker Street"

The Wolves front man released a heart laugh, the darker-haired boy joining the gaiety as they fondly recalled the memory. After Yamato's mom had gotten a new beau, he had phoned Taichi for a late night cruise.

The brunette snuck out the room balcony and the two males drove aimlessly around Odaiba for a good two, three hours. It was around 3 in the morning (after several fast food stops), when they came to a stop at a red-light. The car adjacent to them suddenly rolled down their window, revealing the ever irritating Jun Motimiya.

She nearly lunged from the car when she saw the eldest Ishida and in turn, the blonde slammed the gas. It took a while but they finally lost her when they turned onto Docker Street, nearly wiping out three trash cans in the process.

"God, I'll never forget your face when we hit the first trash can." Yamato laughed.

"Yeah." Taichi breathed, a reminiscent look in his eyes.

"Good times though…good times."

A companionable hush fell the two, the ongoing downpour of rain filling the silence. The eldest Yagami flustered for a moment, muttering something to himself before sighing rather loudly, whipping about to face his long-time buddy.

"I'm sorry," The brunette paused, gesturing towards the small lesion at the corner of the singer's mouth.

"About that. I just lost my temper – god – dude, you know I didn't meant all the shit I said."

"Don't worry about it bro, I mean, I'm not exactly the type of person your parents would want for Hikari either." The last part seemed a little bitter, his pretty azure eyes darkening slightly at the realization. Taichi placed a knowing hand onto the younger male's shoulder, patting it lightly.

"As long as Kari is happy, they'll deal with it." He assured, eyes rolling upward as the rain began to let up. He grinned a little, the soccer ball twirling between his skilled fingertips.

"How bout a game, dude? Or you too much of a big rock star to play with an old friend?

The golden-topped singer blinked slightly then grinned himself, straightening to his feet. He patted away the wrinkles and excess mud from his person before continuing.

"Sure dude. But we all know I'll be kicking your ass, like old times." He announced as-a-matter-of-factly, legs parting as he placed himself into proper stance. Taichi sneered at his friend's remark, kicking the ball between his knees, head and foot in a fancy display

"You wish, Ishida. You wish."


Hikari fiddled with the hem of her suit-jacket, besieged with anxious worry as she sat in the editor's large office in Teen Vogue. After last week's tabloid fiasco, Ms. Tachikawa had dismissed her from work for the rest of the day.

The young intern was notified of her suspension for the following days, claiming that her final status was pending. But then, just this morning, Hikari awoke to a call from Ms. Tachikawa herself, requesting she come in today.

And now, after two painstaking hours of just sitting at her desk doing absolutely nothing, she was called into the editor's office. Ms. Tachikawa had kept the back of her chair facing the young intern, the sound of shuffling papers echoing the silent room.

Then suddenly, the Teen Vogue editor swiveled her seating, facing the eighteen-year-old with cold stare. She propped her elbows onto the table, delicately resting her chin onto her hands after.

"Well Ms. Yagami," She drawled in a monotone voice, expression unreadable.

"I have spent a great day and night reviewing your case. But being that this is your first time and your performance has been nothing but superb – up until this infraction however – I suppose we are inclined to our first, and final, oversight."

The eighteen-year-old wasn't sure if she had heard right or maybe she was misinterpreting something. All the young intern could honestly know without unwavering fact was that a wave of utter relief showered over her frame and it was like she could breath, blink – just function again.

"Thank you so much, Ms. Tachikawa! I promise it won't happen again!" Hikari gushed vehemently, her palms clenched together in pure gratitude.

The Teen Vogue editor merely smirked at her employees words, reaching over to take a sip of her coffee. She fiddled with a gold band encircling her left ring finger, the large diamond stone twinkling under the bright lights.

"Yes. This won't happen again. Now go take leave for the day." The twenty-two-year-old raised a hand to silence the other girl's objections, casting her a laughing stare.

"And by the by, Ms. Yagami, it's Mrs. Izumi now."

The intern blinked several times at first, confusion puckering her delicate features before she finally understood her employer's statement. The brunette beamed wide and happy, reaching over and giving the twenty-two-year-old a congratulatory shake.

"Congratulations, Ms. Tachi—Mrs. Izumi!"

Mimi grinned, her cheeks a faint pink as she nodded in recognition, airily waving with her hand.

"Yes, yes. Now go enjoy your day off, Ms. Yagami and don't let me read about it in any papers."

The youngest Yagami nodded twice, not wanting to push her luck any farther. She quickly murmured the same before rising to her feet and exiting the office.


:Several Months Later:

Hikari managed a heavy, tired sigh as she vigorously churned the cake mix with a wooden spoon. She tediously and carefully began to crack open her fifth egg, still a bit fumbling as to avoiding any egg shell fragments, before continuing the stirring process.

The Wolves were headlining Japan's Music Fest tomorrow and they were going to have their own stand for band CD's, t-shirts and other memorabilia. She had happily offered to supply some sort of snacks for the fans, as more of an incentive to approach the stand, but didn't realize the amount of work it would entail.

The chiming ring of the oven sounded, signaling the fourth batch of cupcakes was done. She hastily poured the cupcake batter into the respective muffin tins before turning to the steaming oven.

She released a yelp of surprise as collided face first into a very tall, very hard, very familiar figure. The brunette reeled back slightly, startled, but Yamato was quick to reach out and balance her, his arms settling snugly about her tiny waist.

"Yamato!" The eighteen-year-old snapped irritably, reaching up to her chest.

"What have I said about sneaking up on me?"

The youngest Yagami frowned slightly, piqued, as she turned back to the oven below her. She snagged a pair of oven mitts onto her tiny palms before slowly opening the oven door, a soft cloud of hot air wafting out of the opening.

"You know, you make the cutest face when you're mad" Yamato murmured softly from behind, his arms still resting soundly about her lean middle. He suddenly twirled the female about, tugging her front to press up full flush against his.

"I'm not going to get the cupcakes done if you continue doing this, Yamato." Hikari felt inclined to inform, trying her best to ignore that deliciously good feeling of his flesh against hers.

"I don't want those stupid cupcakes." Was the blonde's murmuring reply, gently pressing his lips against the nape of her neck in a chaste kiss.

"I want," He managed in between, beginning his dangerous decent as his lips trailed the side of her neck.


Hikari sighed a little as she melted completely under his hold, allowing the stirring sensations bubbling from her belly to consume her. He reached down, grasping her by either hip and hoisting her onto the kitchen counter. Several utensils, spices and containers skidded off onto the floor with the motion in a loud clatter.

He moved in, bending slightly to press his lips onto hers.

"I love you, ya know." She admitted in between and the blonde promptly stopped his motion, his face hovering uncertainly over her own.

Deep sapphire blue orbs stared, rounded and wide, clouded shadows of doubt lurking in their fathomless depths. His chest constricted with uncertainty as the slight brunette's words echoed in his mind.

He loved her, he did, with every trembling fiber in his being. He just couldn't – wouldn't – say something to her he couldn't keep, couldn't mean. His father had and look where that got him…

The golden-topped male straightened slightly, head shaking as he suddenly swept forward and seized the tiny female by her lips.

His kiss was gentle with intention, softly massaging over hers as he desperately searched for truth, for affirmation, for her. And she was there, warm and welcoming, laughing at his bad jokes, standing in the rain for his bad gig at Johnny's Taco Stand and all the time smiling, listening, loving.

He finally reared back from the kiss and the slight brunette happily nestled her face into the front of his shirt, soaking in the warmth and scrumptiousness of his smell. An arm suddenly reached up, raking through her beautiful chestnut strands.

"I love you too." It was barely audible but managed by her super-sensitive ears, that fuzzy butterfly feeling bursting in her ten million times over.

She released a squeal of joy before throwing herself at the nineteen-year-old, the boy doing a little more then grunting and falling backside first onto the linoleum floor. The flour-ridden Hikari placed millions of kisses across the boy's face before finally stopping onto his lips, lingering in a meaningful liplock.

He pulled back slightly; face flushed with excitement and smiling just the same. He took a moment to revel in her beauty, flour and frosting smearing her hair and face.

"What about those cupcakes, though?" He questioned earnestly enough. The eighteen-year-old shook her head, eyes rolling some before she hastily yanked the offending apron off her person.

"I don't want the cupcakes," She announced in a mimicking voice, assuming a haughty look in her taunting jest. She grinned a little, allowing herself to sprawl over about the male beneath her.

"I want you. Now kiss me!"

Yamato Ishida growled a little as he suddenly snatched the slight brunette by the waist, shifting about and pinning her under him. He stared down at her, face stunned from the quick motion.

"As you wish, mam."

He bent slightly and captured her lips with his own, rough with demanding hunger yet gentle with tender care. They kissed witlessly, only aware of the other and their love shared between.

It seemed there were such things as happy endings, after all.


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