Carden Adair sighed as she made her way up the stairs of her apartment, her faithful hound Phantom trotting beside her, panting

I sighed as I made my way up the stairs to my apartment, my faithful hound Phantom trotting beside me, panting. "Aw, what boy," I teased as my dog yawned, "Getting old, there?" Of course, it wasn't very surprising that either of us should be tired – a five mile jog will do that to you.

But my brow furrowed as I saw my apartment door cracked open. "Uh, Kaya," I screamed uncertainly for my roommate as I pushed the door open fully, poking my head in to check left and right. Tommy's tail stiffened into a straight line, and I knew something was up.

"Kaya?" I was more scared this time as I looked around the kitchen/living room, glancing only briefly at Kaya's closed bedroom door. I jumped slightly at the sound of an angry upstairs neighbor stomping for me to be quiet before I leaned down slowly, observing the apartment one last time before I unhooked the leash attached to a very rigid Tommy.

"Track," I ordered, and Tommy's nose obediently fell to the floor, sniffing all around the apartment before the dog pushed his way into my bedroom. Of course, being a skinny dog, he didn't push it open enough for me to see what he was sniffing, but my dog's quiet bay before trotting back to me side confirmed my suspicions - whatever was here had come for me.

Ducking passed the view of the open door, I grabbed a knife from Kaya's stock of fine cutlery in our kitchen. Screw the blood, I'm saving her life. Flexing my knuckles around the black plastic that was the knife's handle, I bit her tongue and made my way towards my bedroom door.

I straightened against the wall, trying to discern some sound of movement in my bedroom. What's this goddamn freak doing in my bedroom – floating on fucking air? Tensing my muscles, I turned and pushed the door open fully, my eyes immediately falling on the intruder.

Yellow-gold eyes glared at me as the intruder stood next to my bed, almost daring me to throw the knife that I gripped in my hand. Of course, I threw the knife, and the man disappeared in a black puff of smoke, the knife sticking harmlessly into the wall.

I flinched at the sound it made as it stuck in, but grabbed the knife I kept on her dresser instead of retrieving Kaya's precious stainless-steel knife. Flipping the rigged pocket knife open, I glared around, letting Tommy push by me to smell where the intruder had been. He bayed as it stood next to the spot, and I relaxed, accepting that the demon had left.

Flipping my 'special' pocket knife closed, I found the timing ironically perfect that my cell phone should ring. I dug my phone out of my purse, which I'd left hanging on the door, and answered without looking.

"Hello?" "Carrie? It's James." "James," I was, to say the least, relieved to hear my watcher's voice, "Thank goodness." "Are you alright?" "Yeah," I took a deep gulp of relief, "Just, you know, came home and found someone in my bedroom."

"What?" "James, it's nothing, I'm sure." "Who was in your bedroom," James questioned, switching out of watcher and into protective father mode with an ease that would've worried his boss. "Some," I paused, trying to figure out what creature had been in my room, "Demon, I suppose."

"A demon in your bedroom? How do you know it was a demon?" "He disappeared," I sighed, falling backwards onto my bed, "But he wasn't like any demon I've ever seen." "Why?" "He had really intense yellow eyes."

"Azazel?!" Under normal circumstances, I would've laughed at my watcher's voice crack, but I couldn't seem to find humor in the situation, "Huh?" "Azazel was in your bedroom!?" "Who is Azazel," I questioned, groaning.

"The only demon documented with yellow eyes - a powerful demon that is known to have been killed not a few years ago." Again, James's voice cracked, but I couldn't bring myself to laugh at him. "You were sure he was dead?" "If he hadn't been dead, then we would've known. He was attempting the apocalypse when he was killed by a hunter." I rolled her eyes, "Well, if a hunter could deal with him-"

"Carden, this is not a joke. Azazel is a serious demon with serious plans, and if he wants you then he will find a way to get you. He will kill everyone you love until you're so broken and angry that you'll do anything to either kill him or make it stop, both instances which will probably end in your untimely death!"

"Uh, James, a hunter killed him," I calmly pointed out, flexing my prejudice muscles, "How evil can he be?" "These weren't your run-of-the-mill, average, joke-hunters that you normally have to bound and gag to get your job done, Carden – these were the Winchester boys." "Ooh, scary," I replied sarcastically before narrating to my watcher, "I'm thirsty."

James sighed, obviously exasperated I hopped off the bed with the intent to get a soda, "Carden, I don't think you comprehend what kind of trouble you're in, Azazel wants hell on earth and has the mental capacity to do it, and him wanting anything to do with you is the equivalent of twenty black cats dancing under a ladder on glass from a mirror that they smashed!"

"I should've gotten the knife while I was coming to the kitchen," I replied thoughtfully, completely unaffected by his metaphor. "Are you even listening?! Your life now hangs in the-" "Yeah, yeah-" I plopped onto the couch and flicked at the top of my soda can, "Azazel wants me dead. Rawr rawr rawr." "It's a bit more serious than a mere roar, and what's worse is that he might not even want you dead, he may want y-!"

"James, why did you even call?" "You left your weapons bag at my house, and under the current circumstances I feel that you should return to retrieve them immediately." "Pull the stick out of your butt, I've got Brady." "I don't feel that your little pocket knife that your brother fiddled with will do much when the army of demons come for you."

"Drama queen." "Fine, I'll come drop them off, but then I'll need to see your cell phone before I go." "You know, you hurt Brady's feelings. You owe me wall putty." "Why on earth do you want wall putty?" "I threw a knife into the wall," I replied simply, as if James was stupid for not knowing. "Oh, dear lord."

I laughed at my watcher as he hung up the phone, and I flipped my cell phone shut. I groaned, "Now I've got to get the knife out of the wall." I've jogged a total of ten miles and did a two hour intensive work-out, and now I've got to pull my knife out of the wall. Stupid Azazel, couldn't come before the work-out, could he? No, consideration of others is too much to ask from hell-on-earth bent psycho-demons.

"Tommy, pull the knife out of the wall," I called hopefully, only to have Tommy hobble towards me and look at me with large, wishful eyes. I groaned, "You want food, don't you." It wasn't a question at all, but an accusation.

His unblinking eyes answered my question, and I pushed myself off the couch, "Great, now I've got to pull the knife out of the wall and feed my dog. Damn Plott Hounds, eating all my dog food."

By the time I'd managed to wrench the knife out of the wall, which was considerably harder than normal because I was on my slayer-adrenaline-rush when I threw the knife, and feeding Phantom, James was banging on my door, ranting about how if I don't open up he'll consider me attacked and break down my door, and refuse to pay later.

"I'm coming, sans Azunteicht." "Azazel, the demon who wants you dead is named Azazel," James cried as I opened the door for him. I smirked as I caught my bag of weapons from him, "I thought it wasn't certain he wanted me dead. He may want to use me to bear his demon spawn." "Oh, Lord forbid," James fell onto the couch in an almost swoon-like-manner.

"My cell phone is on the coffee table," I reported to my watcher, "What do you need it for, anyway?" "I wanted to speak with your Aunt Ellen." I poked my head out of my bedroom, where I'd retreated to hide away my stash of weapons, "And why in the world would you want that?"

"I called the headmaster on my way over and talked to her about the situation-" I groaned, "Why would you ever bring the school into this?" "I work for the school, you know," James replied smartly, looking down at me as I cuddled into one of the lounge chairs, grabbing my half-drunken soda off the table, "Well, what did they say?"

"They agree that you being the target of a demon attack is nothing good-" "It wasn't an attack," I protested, "He didn't even touch me!" "Yes, well, the target of a demon stalking, then-" "It's not stalking - he was in my bedroom!" "That qualifies as stalking, now will you let me finish?"

I pouted before downing the last of my soda and listening to James in his pompous British accent, "The headmaster and I agreed that you aren't to be left alone." "Well, that's just fine - I'll move in with you the last month of school - it'll save me rent." "No, no, Carden, you aren't understanding me, you're not to be left alone... at all."

I was quiet as I listened to my watcher expand, "We're going to have to find your protection for the summer." "What do you mean protection," I questioned, "I'm going on the vacation with Landon this summer - he and I have been saving for the past year for this vacation; it's the last possible bit of childhood I can enjoy before I have to go to graduate school and get a job and everything. I mean, you guys can't want me to have protection for that."

"Not only protection," James sighed, letting his eyes fall and making my stomach knot, "But the headmaster and I agree that you shouldn't leave the possible reach of our slayers." I paused, sure that whatever I was hearing I was hearing it wrong, "What?"

"You can't go to Italy with Landon, Carden." I gulped passed the knot, which was making it's way up my stomach to my throat, "That doesn't even make sense." "Carde-" "James, I'll be out of the country. You really think that the demon will be able to find me when I'm a fucking ocean away?!"

"Carden, ple-" "James, this is ridiculous! You've put me through training more intense than our own army; I'm legally certified at removing impaled objects; I'm more well-versed and capable at martial arts than Jackie fucking Chan, and I can't go to Italy for the summer because a demon wants to use me to end the world?!"

"Ca-" "Demons have always tried to use Slayers to end the world. It's, like, the job description of a slayer to NOT be used to bring about the destruction of the world. And I can't spend a summer with my boyfriend in a place where the odds of this demon finding me are one in a million?!"

"Carden, this isn't just a demon or a vampire or a ghost. This is one of the most well-known, most dangerous demons that has ever escaped the clutches of hell, and not only has he done it once but now he's managed to do it twice, after dying! No one person can face this demon alone." "James, a hunter could kill him." The knot turned into the infamous golf-ball as it lodged itself in my throat, and I felt my eyes start to well.

"And that is why I need your Aunt Ellen - if anyone can get us into contact with the Winchesters, it's your Aunt. And if they won't take you, then we'll have no choice - we'll have to send you to Italy to get away from the demon." "And if they do accept, if they do take the job?" I was trying to suppress the crying. "Then you'll spend the summer with them and then move in with me for the duration of your graduate schooling."

I held my breath, trying to process the sudden flow of information. Not ten minutes ago I was teasing James for thinking the demon was such a big deal - now I've got the boss telling me it was break the plans my boyfriend and I have had our hearts set on since the beginning of the year or get fired and probably die because of this stupid demon.

"I hate my job."