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Chapter 4

Cloud followed Marrin over to the inscription office. Marrin went over directly to one while Cloud did so a bit more reluctantly, only three open at the moment.

"How may I help you, ma'am?" asked the lady.

"I'd like to register four of my children," he said gently.

"Of course. Names, ages and the years they have to be put in."

"Keenen Black, he'll be five on the sixth of next month, kindergarten."

The woman wrote it down and looked up at Cloud for the next expectantly.

"Alec Gainsborough, nine years old, in fourth grade."

"Different father?" asked the woman.

"No, foster child. He's only been with us for about two weeks."

"Oh, of course. Next?"

"Vicken Black ten years old. Fifth grade. Gabriel Black, eleven years old. He'll also be put in fifth grade. Is it possible to have them be in the same class?"

The woman looked up at Cloud, slightly shocked.

"Why would you want to do that? Parents usually want their children in different classes."

"Vicken has a condition similar to schizophrenia and Gabriel has to help him take his medication since he can't do it on his own."

"I'm sure the teacher could help him out."

Cloud sighed and shook his head.

"He gets too violent and needs to be forced into taking it as fast as possible. It's much safer to have Gabriel around him since he can tell the difference between how Vicken normally acts and when he has an attack."

The woman nodded after a few seconds.

"I'll put a note in it. Is that all?"

Cloud nodded and paid the amount asked. Marrin was waiting for him at the office door.

"All settled?" she asked.

"Yes. Hopefully it'll all go well."

"I overheard a bit of what you were saying. Is Vicken's condition hereditary?"

Cloud gave a slight nod, concentrating on not bumping into anyone as they left.

"From your side of the family or Seth's?" asked Marrin once they were out of the school.

"Seth's. We're lucky only Vicken has it so far. It's too early to tell for Zakiel, Rain and Snowe," lied Cloud.

It was known new that Cloud had given birth to twins. Cloud even went out with them, so some would stop coming over to see them at the house.

"Even your little girl? Oh my! Such a shame she might be affected."

"It is. We'll just have to wait and see until she's older, same for her brothers."

Marrin nodded, unhappy to hear that Claudia had nothing to do with Seth's children's genetic problem. Even though Seth's real name was Sephiroth and that everyone was weary of him, she still considered him quite the catch.

They got on the bus that would take them back to Kalm, Cloud drowning slightly. He would have preferred to walk, but Marrin opposed it, saying that Cloud shouldn't even be up this early after giving birth.

The rest was spent in silence, neither up for talking.


Sephiroth looked up from the book he'd been reading and smiled as he saw his lover there.

"Mommy!" exclaimed all except the twins and Alec.

"Hello. Was everyone good?"

"Yup! House 'till in one pi'ce!" said proudly Vicken.

"And daddy lest us help do pancakes!" added Gabriel.

"Wow, that's great. Can mommy have a word with daddy and Alec for a second?"

Soon enough, only Cloud, Sephiroth, Alec and the twins were left in the living room.

"Alec, I hope you don't mind, but I gave you a last name while I went to register you at school. It will help keep people away from you longer," explained Cloud as he sat besides the boy.

"It's okay; I didn't have one to start with. What's my last name now?"

"Gainsborough. It used to be the last name of a friend of mine. She died over seventeen years ago."

Sephiroth clearly recognised the name since he stiffened up. Even Alec was able to notice it yet he didn't question them.

"Thank you, I like it. Can I go play now?"

"Of course, dear."

Alec left and Sephiroth turned to Cloud immediately.

"Why?" he demanded.

"Because he reminds me of her. Not only in appearance, but also in character. And I'm pretty sure he's a Cetra. The Planet always needs at least one 'servant' alive to do its bidding."

"Why do you think it would be Alec?"

"No family at all, well raised and polite, not to mention he did have a wound when I first got to him. It wasn't an assassin; it was a kidnapper. Alec also tends to space out at times just like Aerith did."

Sephiroth looked directly into Cloud's eyes and saw how sure of it Cloud was. He sighed and kissed his lover gently on the forehead.

"Let's just hope whoever is after him won't show up again for a while," he mumbled.

"If they do, we'll take care of them."

"Of course. After all, you consider him like one of ours and no one is going to hurt my children if I have a say to it."

Cloud smiled, happy to have Sephiroth as a husband. He wouldn't have been able to settle down with anyone else at all.


George looked over at his wife, seeing her biting her bottom lip. It was clear she wanted to object to what was being said at the council. The council of Kalm was open for anyone to convoke, though they needed a very good excuse. The one to convoke it was presently talking about the Black family, which Silia didn't like at all, and precisely about Sephiroth Black, who lied to them all about his identity at first.

"As I was walking by the old Miller's house, I heard something fall and break. I moved closer to see what it was about and heard Sephiroth and sweet Claudia talking. It was quite clear as to what they were talking about and I'm afraid he might be forcing Claudia into sexual intercourses!" practically sobbed the poor woman.

Loud whispering was heard before the mayor finally managed to calm them down.

"Now, tell us exactly what you heard."

"Well…he was trying to convince her that it was okay to…to do it and that all the children were already asleep. She protested saying she'd given birth only three weeks ago, but he replied it was alright. Claudia said she didn't want to fall pregnant once more so soon and he said he didn't care about it, he just wanted her body at the moment!"

"What a monster!"

"Women are not tools!"

"Why would a woman let herself be lowered that way?!"

"QUIET!" called the mayor, sighing in exhaustion as no one spoke. "She is the one who married him, knowing fully well whom he was. I highly believe we should let them be unless they ask for any help. Understood?"

"Yes sir," was mumbled across the Hall.

George helped his wife out, not sure as to what exactly she was feeling.

"Love?" he asked once they were home.

"I don't believe them. They clearly love each other. I've seen how they look at each other. They would never just use one another like that. Why can't people leave them alone?"

"It's because of whom Seth really is."

"But he's clearly changed! Tifa even talks to him at times, if a bit rudely, but she can see he's no danger to anyone."

"Let's just go to bed. We'll think more clearly tomorrow."

Silia nodded and went off to bed, soon followed by her husband. Across the street, a blonde woman returned home, slightly on the off side by what she'd just heard.


Sephiroth was helping George and a few other of the men arrange the main stage in the middle of Kalm when Claudia came over, face expressionless.

"What is it? Where are-"

Sephiroth was cut short when he was punched straight in the jaw, almost falling backwards as his head snapped back by the impact. Everyone just stared, shocked as Claudia then took a hold of Sephiroth's hair and dragged him towards their house.

"Ow! What the fuck is the mater with you?!" asked Sephiroth once he broke free from his lover's grip.

"I need for you to go home and watch our children while I go to Neo-Midgar. Unless you'll let Vicken and Gabriel baby-sit, of course."

"That doesn't explain why you need to rip my head off."

Cloud, having let go of Sephiroth completely, turned to head to his destination. Sephiroth was able to put it all together as he stared at his wife's back. He moved forward, took a hold of Cloud's arm and spun him around gently, putting his other arm around the blonde's waist.

They just stared at each other for a second before Sephiroth happily kissed Cloud, making the blonde almost melt in his arms. They kissed for a good five minutes before separating.

"I'll be home in a few minutes. The kids will be fine until I get there. You go on ahead to town."

"I should be back for supper. Make me something good?"

"Of course."

Sephiroth watched Cloud leave with a smile on his lips. He only looked back when George walked up to him.

"Wha…what just happened?" he asked, confused.

"Claudia just learned that she's pregnant. I'm surprised she actually didn't come at me with her sword. She's done it before," explained Sephiroth as he saw the surprise etched on the others' faces.

"She attacked you?"

"Yes, she has. Our relationship tends to turn violent at times, but we don't mind."

"Aren't you afraid of being a bit too violent?" asked Ethan.

Sephiroth thought about it closely.

"We don't do anything that could truly endanger the other, so we don't worry too often. Only when she's pregnant is the time I worry. She tends to keep on going at the same pace without thought of her condition."

"Must be scary. Has she ever miscarried?"

"Not once. My father also usually manages to calm her down too, when he's around," sighed Sephiroth. "Will you be alright to finish without my help?"

"Yeah, we'll be fine."

Sephiroth nodded and left, smile on his lips. The men all looked at each other.

"The more you learn about them, the more I'm uneasy," whispered one.

"And what's that about his father and wife? Almost sounds like they have a thing going on," whispered another.

George huffed in annoyance.

"Get out of their lives and back to work. We don't need much more distractions if we want to get this done.

None replied and they went back to work, the silence heavy and still.


Storm entered the house, carrying the backs along with his mother. Reno had taken the month off from work, giving the teen time to spend with his two new siblings before school started up.

"Where are the monsters?" he asked when he wasn't immediately assaulted by his brothers.

"Most likely tied up in the closet. Your father is the one watching them," answered Cloud with a smile.

"No mom, only you would do that. Dad would just throw them in the basement and lock them in there to get eaten by whatever mutates there."

Both chuckled before moving to the kitchen. There, they looked out by the window and found Sephiroth playing with the boys outside, Snowe and Rain placed on the ground in a little park to take in the sun a bit.

Storm placed down his bags and went to the back door before charging in the melee. Sephiroth noticed him by the corner of his eye, caught his arm and threw him away. Storm easily rolled back to his feet, smirking.

His smirk then fell when his brothers jumped on him, plus Alec. Sephiroth took that time to make his get away into the house. Cloud had staid in to put the stuff away, so he noticed all of it by the window.

He smiled as his husband entered the house.

"No food?" he teased.

"I'll get right on it now. I just lost track of time playing with the little ones," hummed Sephiroth as he hugged Cloud from behind, rubbing his lover's belly gently.

"I would like that."

"Not that I mind or anything, but why is Storm here?"

"Reno took the month off. I decided to take our baby back home before school started up."

"Good idea."

They separated and Sephiroth started supper while Cloud worked on the unpacking.

"How is Tseng going?" asked Sephiroth.

"Awake and aware, though he can only move his head. He can feel it when we touch his hands and legs too."

"That's good. His nerve system is still intact. How is Reno taking it?"

"Very well. He acts like a woman taking care of hi injured crush. And from what I saw, Tseng and Storm get along quite well."

Sephiroth turned to look at his wife, smiling. After a few seconds, Cloud stopped and looked at Sephiroth.

"What is it?"

"You're beautiful."

Cloud actually blushed as he saw the sincerity in Sephiroth's eyes.

"When you blush, when you glare, when you sweat, when you cry, to me; you're always beautiful. Be it you are pregnant or not, dressed as a man or a woman, covered in mud, water or blood, I would never wish to be with another. I love you," whispered Sephiroth.

He'd moved closer to his wife and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. Cloud didn't push him back, opening his mouth to accept Sephiroth's tongue inside. They stood there like that for a few minutes before separating for a breath of air.

"Why are you telling me all this right now?" asked Cloud.

"Because I haven't told you in a long while. I also want you to remember that I'll not be leaving you for another."

Cloud smiled a bit.

"It's about how that Marrin woman's been acting, right?"

"Part of it. I've heard rumors saying they think we're beating each other."

The blonde chuckled.

"Don't we?"

"Hmm, but they also believe we beat our children," pointed out Sephiroth.

"The only time we hit them is to punish them for something and even then it's nothing more than a little tap on the wrist. They get it tougher when you spar with them."

"Then let's not spar too much with them. We'll also have to make sure the boys don't beat on each other too."

Cloud rolled his eyes.

"Don't ask for the impossible."

"I'm not. Just for a little bit of restraint."

"Good luck with that. I invited Reno and Tseng to the festivities next week. They'll most likely sleep over too. I don't want to leave Tseng alone with a drunken Reno to take care of him."

"Did Tseng agree to come? And how will he manage?"

"Wheelchair and hopefully he'll be able to move a bit more by then. The mako is slowly making his muscles wake up," answered Cloud. "And yes, he did agree."

Sephiroth nodded and went back to cooking under Cloud's gaze. The children only came in when supper was ready and they brought in the little twins with them too.


Sephiroth was waiting on the front porch when Reno and Tseng arrived, Reno having walked, pushing Tseng all the way. Sephiroth smiled as he noticed that Reno had cut Tseng's hair to shoulder length and had left the bangs go free, cut just bellow the eyes.

"Hello Tseng, Reno," greeted the silver haired man.

"Hiya There, Seth. Waiting for someone?" teased Reno.

"Not really, just an idiot and an old friend. Did you put a leash on him this time, Tseng?"

Tseng chuckled lowly.

"I forgot. Maybe if you call next time before we come to visit I'll remember."

"I will. Come inside; the festival only starts in a few hours."

Reno and Sephiroth easily helped Tseng into the house and brought him to the kitchen, where Cloud was wiping Zakiel's mouth. Cloud smiled over to Tseng.

"Nice day out, isn't?"

"Yes. Perfect for a festival."

"Mum! Who's he?" asked Vicken as he came in, pointing directly at Tseng.

"An old friend of ours. Be nice and don't point. He might break your finger when he's back on his feet."

Vicken hid his hands behind his back and stuck his tongue out at Reno. The redhead made a face back. Tseng chuckled at it.

"Who would have known you still had the mentality of a ten year old, Reno."

"I don't! He started it!"

"Just like a child," replied Cloud.

"Oh, shut up, you cross-dresser."

"Not in front of little ears, please," said Sephiroth as he made two cups of coffee for his guests.

Reno took his gratefully while Cloud helped Tseng drink his own. He could lift his arms, but he didn't have complete control of his actions and couldn't use his hands at all yet.

"Thank you," mumbled Tseng once he was done drinking.

"By the way you're going, you'll be able to move on your own in a few weeks, I believe," observed Cloud with a smile.

"I hope so too. It's quite embarrassing to have Reno help me do everything, even go to the bathroom."

"I hope he doesn't tease you or anything," replied Cloud, sending a warning glance over at the redhead.

It made Tseng chuckle.

"No worries about that. He's too scared I'll punish him once I'm back on my feet. He can be quite the skittish boy at times."

Reno made a face, making Cloud and Sephiroth laugh.

"So, where are the rest of your family? I'd like to see them all," said Tseng with a smile.

"Well, this little one is Zakiel and that little troublesome boy there is Vicken. You already know Storm so it leaves the twins, Keenen, Gabriel and Alec, which are all in my bedroom," answered Cloud, nodding for Vicken to go get the others.

"Is that where the twins sleep?"

"Yes, until Vincent comes back and we ask him if Storm can move in the basement with him. I doubt he'll mind since there's so much space down there. We'll then move the twins into Storm's room."

"Vincent lives with you? Where is he at the moment?"

"Off to visit Cid Highwind."

"Was he not the pilot from Rocket Town?"

"Yes, he is."

Their conversation was stopped as the children came in, Vicken and Gabriel fighting. Snowe slept into Storm's arms while Rain looked all around in Alec's. Keenen came in running to hug Reno's leg.

"'Cle Reno!" exclaimed the four years old, all happy.

"Hello big boy! I heard you'll turn five in a week. S'it true?"

"Yup! Me'll be big boy!"


Tseng was watching this in amusement. Rarely did Reno let himself be this childish without it being a defence mechanism.

"That little one's Keenen. The black haired one is Gabriel. Snowe and Rain are easily identifiable by their names and that just leaves Alec, our third new addition to the family."

Tseng looked over at the boy and his eyes widened. Alec half-bowed to Tseng politely.

"He looks a lot like..."

"He does," said Cloud once Tseng didn't look like he'd finished his sentence.

Alec blushed and his behind Storm, but the teen moved further into the room to give Cloud the little girl he held.

"Here you go, mom. I still need to go finish cleaning up their bed."

"Be quick about it," added Sephiroth.

"Yes sir!"

"Beautiful family you have there," said Tseng once Gabriel and Vicken had stopped fighting to eat the cookies Cloud handed them.

"They mostly get it from Sephiroth's side of the family," replied Cloud.

"No, I'd say the mix is equal. So, by what name should I call you once we are with other people?"

"Claudia Black while Sephiroth is Seth Black. We stuck close to our real names."

"Understandable, Mrs. Black. When will be the next one coming?" he teased as he looked at the children.

Cloud sent a glared to Sephiroth, who didn't look affected by it at all.

"Actually, I just learned last week that I was pregnant, again."

Reno's and Tseng's eyes widened in shock before the redhead turned to Sephiroth.

"Goddamn man! He's human! Not a baby machine! Can't you give the guy a break?! Isn't seven plus one enough for the moment?"

"Not my fault we are both so fertile. And protection is so troublesome since we're both free of the risk of sexually transmitted infections."

"Still doesn't mean ya gotta knock him up every chance ya got!" he almost yelled before turning to Cloud. "You'll just let him get away with this?"

Cloud actually smirked there.

"Of course not. He is the one dealing with me during my pregnancy. He'll learn fast enough how dangerous I can get."

"Guess you'll have to castrate him then. After all, if he doesn't get you're dangerous after you killed him twice on record, I don't know what else will work," joked Reno.

Sephiroth sent a short glare over at the redhead.

"Doubt it. What will be the fun of keeping him then?" asked in mock seriousness Cloud.

"Mum? Wha' Costrute?" asked Vicken.

The four adults and Storm looked over at him before chuckling.

"Nothing you need to know about for the moment. You'll learn it eventually," said gently Cloud.


Tseng was amazed by how the boy just accepted the answer like that, no questions asked.

"It's almost time to go. Did everyone go to the bathroom?" Sephiroth asked the children as he looked at his watch.

"Yes dad!" they all replied.

"Alright, guess we can just go then."

They left the house, not even bothering to lock the doors since they would only be ten minutes of walk away.

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