Dear Faithful Readers,

Yeah, this an Author's Note -- sorry :(. I always hate when writers get my hopes up for a new chapter, only to squash it with the likes of an Author's Note. But recently I have had the exquisite pleasure of forgetting to post important news in my latest chapter. Thus, a note is born! Any-hoo, due to a rather large group of reviewers complaining about Kyle & Bella's relationship, or hoping that Edward and Bella end up together, I have drafted a poll -- Kyle vs. Edward -- which could determine the future plot of this story. So, vote (its on my profile)! And in case anyone cares, I have a picture of what the brook in chapter eight looks like, which is also on my profile. It's an actual picture of the Hoh forest (cool!)! In other news, reviews have reached the one hundred mark! Yay! As a first-timer I'm thrilled to know that you guys actually like this story!