"Bella, we are going to have to take this very slowly. I only have so much control and I desire you too much," he said.

I should have felt frightened by that statement, but I just wanted him so badly. I really did trust that he could not hurt me. "I have no problem with slow, Edward."

He was back in my arms and kissing me on the mouth with an urgency that I had never felt from him. His hand moved to caress down my side. He moved his mouth to my neck and slowly moved his hand under my shirt. He gently cupped my breast and I held very still until I was sure that I could control myself. My nipples hardened and were pressing into the rough lace at the top of my shirt. Edward lowered his head and slowly touched his tongue lightly to one swollen bud. I almost leapt off the bed as his touch sent an electric charge through my body.

"Edward!" I gasped. "Please don't stop." He had no intention to at this point. His other hand slid under my shirt and he gently massaged one nipple while his tongue continued the slow tease of the other one. I felt the muscles in my groin start to involuntarily contract. With one swift movement, he raised me up and removed my shirt. I did feel a bit self conscious but Edward quickly took back up his slow examination of my breasts with his mouth and I had to expend too much energy on not fainting to be embarrassed. Edward was doing fine with the slow thing, but it seemed to only be creating an aching need for me to have him more quickly.

"Bella, your body is truly fascinating," Edward groaned as he raised his head momentarily to look at me. I pulled his mouth to mine and ran my hands to the top of his waistband. His breath was ragged. "Not yet, my love."

He moved lower until his mouth was at the top of my thigh. He gently put his hands between my legs. My legs opened by their own accord to allow him access. He slowly kissed my inner thigh. "Bella, Bella, Bella..." he whispered over and over with every breath he took.

I realized that I was holding my breath. I exhaled as he finally allowed his hand to slip inside my shorts. He rubbed one finger slowly against my opening. I don't remember moving, but I suddenly realized that my shorts were not on my body anymore. I didn't know if they were even in one piece anymore. Edward now inserted two of his long, cold fingers into me. I could feel the wetness and heat envelop his fingers. He very slowly moved his fingers in and out; in and out. The rhythmic motion was intoxicating and despite my best efforts to be still, I found myself moving my hips up to meet his hand. Just when I thought I could not take any more, he again lowered his mouth and his tongue found my enlarged, swollen clit.

I grabbed his hair into my hands. I didn't even recognize my own voice as the moans escaped my mouth. "Edward, wait! Stop!" I tried to plead. But, it was too late. A series of small earthquakes shook between my legs. My muscles repeatedly tightened around Edward's fingers and I could do nothing but lie there and try to breath.

Finally Edward slid back up the bed so that he was lying beside me. I could tell by his smirk that he was quite pleased with himself. He remained quiet and played with my tousseled hair while I tried to compose myself. "Bella, love, you look like a wild cat," he purred.

"Edward," I started angrily. "That was so unfair! I did not want this to happen like that. I wanted us to..."

"Shhhhh, shhhh," he said as he laid a finger to my lips. "Let me try to explain. I do want to take the next step with you. But, since the night I agreed to try this, I have worried about not pleasing you."

"Well, you shouldn't have worried about that."

Edward smiled again, obviously proud of what he was just able to accomplish. "Bella, I am not sure exactly what to do next. I don't know how my body will work with yours. Or if it will work." He looked solemn now. "I still want to try, so don't be upset. However, in case this next step doesn't work out, I didn't want this night to be a complete disappointment for you. I wanted you to experience that feeling of pleasure in a human way." He gave me a sly smile now.

"Okay." That was pretty much all I could give as a response because his hands were moving up and down my body from my neck, between my breasts and down my stomach threatening closer and closer to that sweet spot. "You are distracting me again, Edward," I smiled, already over my brief anger that he really had not lived up to his end of the bargain.

This time I joined in the body kissing. I ran my hands over his chest and found his nipples just as hard as mine. I took one into my teeth and bit gently as I circled it with my tongue. Edward tensed, but in pleasure. "Bella, now that is what is not fair. You get to use your teeth."

I moved my hand down to his waist and undid the button on his pants as I continued kissing down his cold, hard stomach. Edward was very still. I urged him to help me remove his pants. And, then there he was in his entire naked splendor. He looked like a sculpture of a Greek god. I looked into his eyes to get the reassurance to move ahead. I lowered my hands and put them around his penis. I stroked him lightly the same way I did his arm that first time in the meadow. I didn't move from his hungry eyes. His penis grew large and erect. I gasped a bit wondering how I would be able to fit all of him inside my body.

"Ahhh, Bella, that feels so good," he moaned. I increased my grip and moved a little faster. Edward's sounds indicated that he was enjoying it. I then lowered my own mouth to him and took in the head of his penis. Again, Edward went very still, but did nothing to stop me. I moved slowly with my mouth and let my hands continue to work him up and down.

Very quickly, he sprang up and flipped me over so that he was on top of me again. "You can not imagine how badly I want you," he said as he started kissing me deeply again.

"Yes, I can imagine because I want you just as badly," I whispered.

He found my nipple with his mouth as one hand found my center again. I, too, kept my hands on him, fearful to let him go. He moved his hands until he could tell that I was ready. "Bella, we will have to go very slowly now. I know this might hurt a little for you. I want to try not to hurt you at all. But, you know it is so important that I stay in control of myself."

I nodded that I understood. My legs opened and my knees pulled up to allow him access in between my legs. He slowly guided the head of his penis into my opening. He stopped. I looked at him encouragingly." He moved in a little deeper. Then my traitorous body betrayed us both. My hips suddenly jumped up and ground fully onto him. I screamed out at the sudden feeling of fire inside me as my insides stretched to accommodate him. I heard Edward take in a sharp breath and then he was frozen. "I'm so sorry, Edward" was all I could mumble.

He laughed slightly. "Are you okay, Bella?"

"I'm fine. It does hurt but I think it will be okay once we start moving again. I guess that's another Oops moment from me."

"I expected that it would go something like that with you. I knew it would be either attack me or faint. So I was somewhat prepared for your reaction. I'm glad it was attack," he teased. He started moving ever so slightly and slowly.

I tensed as the pain increased initially. "Still okay," I assured him. Steadily the pain lessened and I started to feel intense pleasure from the fullness of having him inside me.

Edward was kissing me in a way that made me light headed, and I could only give myself over to him completely. Then he stopped!

"Oh, Edward," I groaned. He was obviously enjoying this torture that he was putting me through.

"Bella, love, you are so enticing. But, I think we will be safer if you are on top."

I didn't care what position he wanted so long as he kept going. He effortlessly flipped us over again without breaking our connection. I took him in fully now. I groaned with how good it felt. Edward pushed my head up so that he could kiss my neck as his fingers pinched my nipples slightly. I started moving up and down. I straightened up so that I was more sitting on top of him. He used one hand to slowly help me with my movements as his other hand again found my engorged clit. We moved together as one. Edward gazed at me with his eyes on fire. We quickly picked up the pace. I felt the sensation start to build inside of me once more. This time, I felt the muscles in my feet tighten and a tingling sensation started up my legs.

"Edward!" I pleaded. He grabbed both hands around my hips and thrust himself in deeply, but still not too forcefully. I arched my back as I felt the spasms coming. My vision blackened for a moment and I saw hundreds of little pin pricks of light as my body exploded into a convulsion of orgasm.

Edward groaned with his own pleasure and I felt his penis throb inside of me as he reached his own climax. He continued moving until he was spent and then slowed down our motion. For some reason, my muscles kept contracting ever so slightly. This caused him to laugh. "It tickles," he protested as I gave him a look.

I reluctantly moved off him and joined him in the laugh. It was ridiculous how weak my legs felt.

"Bella, I could not have dreamed of anything more perfect," he laughed as he pulled me into his ever protecting arms.

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