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Before you ask I have little to no idea except that I have had the urge to write for a while and this is the one that made it out in passable form. I haven't had it beta'd, maybe I will later, (but I rather doubt it).

He'd tried it. Having a child. The one he'd ended up with hadn't been as young at the beginning or as pure but he had been as pretty and tried much harder to please. He'd thought to start with a younger subject, maybe even a girl since they were supposed to be biddable. But girls were quietly stubborn, coy from the get go and he didn't like it. He didn't need another him, another snake in the grass. He preferred his attacks to come from the front and he laughed even as he thought that. Anyway, acquiring children wasn't particularly hard. They were trusting. Their parents were too when he combed his hair and wore his robes and remembered to not to smile too much. Something had gone wrong with his smile after… or maybe it had always been wrong and no one had told him. Koumyou wouldn't have been bothered by it and everyone else kept their tongues behind their teeth if they knew was good for them.


The child.

He gave up on the very young ones because he forgot about them. He didn't fail to feed them or bathe them when the thought occurred to him but days would go by between times that those thoughts fought their way past everything else. The slightly older ones got smart quickly and left. The very young ones… well, most he remembered in time to hand them off to someone else. Then there was the obvious problem with older boys. They argued about stupid things from the time that they were supposed to go to bed to the amount of food they received to whether it was alright to kill someone to satisfy a hypothesis. They said no and he said goodbye either through desertion with or without a beating or occasionally by testing the hypothesis on them, always with fatal results. The ones he just left were lucky enough to rebel on nights when the moon was high and the sky nearly devoid of stars. And if he favored and therefore destroyed boys with eyes so blue they were almost purple… well, never mind.

He finally found a child. A thin wreck with blond hair and an empty cast to his features; tall enough to fend for himself and blank enough to accept anything. Anything at all and that theory was tested by fire and water and blood. Koumyou didn't sit on his shoulder and tell him what he was doing wrong. He was never that close. Sometimes the scent of that pipe as he left the boy's room and it occurred to the former monk to give his foundling something other that prayer beads and dolls. To delight simply in his smiles and all that sentimental nonsense that hadn't seemed so stupid when he was the center of attention, when that pipe still burned and the owner of that slow rolling voice was around the corner instead of sitting on a cloud or wherever sanzos went when pushed out of the world. Before that ridiculously solemn and attractive and vicious little hell brat was dredged out of the river. Before. Before, before.

Then he'd light a cigarette and go on down the hall, his mind turning to the contents of the lab fridge.