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The first part of this story was writen by Kinky-Vampire69 aka Grismar & was Co-written by me. Upon recent inspection, I've found that there were many grammatical errors that she missed, so I'm editing it. And Grismar gave up her side of the story, so I will be adding or taking away stuff as needed. We co-wrote chapters 1-3 and I finished the story. On a side note, unlike Grismar, I've never seen "The Quiet" so all of my work will likely stray from any and all similarities to the movie.


Bella has vowed to keep silent after losing both Charlie and Renee. After knowing her Grandmother can't take care of her, she is forced into Foster Care. At the same time, The Cullen family has decided to have a human in the house. Bella pretends to be deaf. First 3 Chapters written by Kinky-Vampire69 aka Grismar & I

.:. BPOV .:.

Standing at the grave, my grandmother wrapped me in her arms and cried. I stood there quietly, listening to the small amount of family members I had left grieve over my father. He was the only thing I had left to live for, the one that kept me sane after my mother had died. I regretted ever asking to go to that restaurant years ago.


"Oh Bella you were beautiful out there."

"Thanks mom," she tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear and kissed my forehead.

"Your splits were amazing, that must have hurt honey."

"Not really, I've been training for it," I smiled. After hearing our cheerleading team won second place, I could hear my mother and father screaming in the stands. I ran to them excitedly. Renee and I jumped up and down while Charlie dragged us out laughing. Our family was perfect, Charlie a chief officer, Renee a kindergarten teacher, and me a seventh grader. My mother was my best friend and my dad was always there when I needed to talk.

"What is it you want to eat Bella? It's your day today," Renee asked glancing back at me.

"How about we go to...Chili's!" Renee laughed at my enthusiasm; father was driving, talking about my stunts. We had stopped at a red light, when it turned green Charlie pressed on the gas. Right as we were passing through the intersection, a bright light hit us on the passenger side. Renee glanced at me and pushed my body against the other side of the car, our avalanche was dented to the radio.

Renee had died on impact, Charlie went deaf in one ear, but because of Renee, I had emerged harmless, well, minus the whiplash, but that was normal. I cried for her for months, I stopped dancing and singing. My life had no purpose anymore, but what little I had left revolved around Charlie.

Uncle Riccardo walked with his arm around my shoulder as they began to lead my father's body to his grave. Everything was so quiet so unreal. I didn't shed a single tear in front of anyone. I leaned over and kissed my father's cheek one last time before closing the casket. They lowered him down in the ground next to my mother.

Renee Swan

August 17, 1998

Loving Wife, Mother and Daughter

Charlie Swan

September 12, 2003

Loving Father, Husband, and Son

Everyone left me alone with them at their graves. I sat on my knees, plucking out grass.

The pain would not go away no matter how hard I tried. At the age of 14 I vowed not to speak a word to anyone other than my dad. A little later I heard soft footsteps on the grass. I turned around to see my social worker. My Grandmother, being 83, wasn't in the right condition to take care of me, thus, the Foster Care placement.

"Hello Isabella." I nodded toward her.

"How are you dear?" I shrugged my shoulders. "I have found a nice family with several kids that are excited to have you join them. You are going to move in with the Cullen Family," she explained, waiting for me to stand. Nodding my head, I followed her away from my parents.

.:. EPOV .:.

We were all in the dining room, expecting the new arrival. I didn't understand why we would adopt a human in a house full of vampires. Esme's reasoning was she wanted a person to cook and care for. Carlisle was at the head of the table looking at all of us.

"You all have to promise to treat her right."

"We promise," they all said in unison.

"One more thing we haven't told you yet is she's deaf," Carlisle explained, clasping his hands in front of him.

"No way!" Emmett said like a four year old.

"So, please try to cooperate with her. It's not going to be easy, but we will do our best to make her feel welcome and a part of the family. Understand?" we all nodded our heads agreeing. When the doorbell rang, Alice ran to answer it.

We walked over to see a middle aged woman and a beautiful brunette with brown hazel eyes standing in the doorway.

"Hello. I'm Aggie Rodriguez, Isabella's social worker."

"Hello, I'm Carlisle Cullen, this is my wife Esme and our children, please come in." Isabella followed timidly behind her.

"Hello Isabella, I'm Esme, this is Carlisle, and our children Emmett, Rose, Alice, Jasper, and Edward," Esme said while gesturing to each person. Isabella turned to the woman and did some hand signals.

"She says nice to meet you," Aggie returned.

"I have to go Bella, I'll see you later. Text me if you need anything," Isabella nodded her head. "She prefers to be called Bella, and she can read lips very well. She knows sign language so I'd learn it soon to make communication easier," she turned and squeezed Bella's shoulder and left down the steps. Once Aggie said good-bye, Emmett and Alice ran back to Bella.

"HI I'M EMMETT, JUST CALL ME YOUR MAJESTY!" Bella cocked her eyebrow and head. "OMG SHE'S DEAF! AHHH! SHES DEAF!" he ran around like a girl screaming. Alice stood in front of her and waved, and got a small wave back.

"Alice you're scaring her," Rose claimed. She said hello in the kindest voice ever. Esme took Bella's hand and led her upstairs to give her a tour, while Carlisle went to his study. Once only us five were left we began to talk.

"I feel bad. What is she thinking Edward?" Rosalie asked. Trying to listen, I was hit by a brick wall.

"I can't hear anything." The others glanced at me in shock; moments before we see Bella come down the stairs with a sketch pad. She sat down on the love seat, and began to doodle. Walking over to her I looked over her shoulder to see a beautiful picture of her parents. I tapped her shoulder softly.

"Are those you parents?" I pronounced slowly, she smiled and nodded yes.

"They're beautiful." she signaled thank you, and continued to draw.

I stood behind her watching her draw her parents. She was an amazing drawer. Could she get any more perfect? I knelt down and overlapped my arms and rested my head on them.

She was so beautiful and I couldn't understand how such a bad thing could happen to such a wonderful creature. But what would she think of me if she somehow found out what my family was? Would she run around screaming?

I just wanted her to feel at home and like she could start a new life with a new family even if she did still miss her parents. I needed her to be happy. If only I could read her thoughts. I don't understand how I couldn't. It's never happened before but then again, she is one of a kind.

.:. JPOV .:.

Bella seemed really nice. I could feel her sadness and I would've cried if I could, but seeing as I'm a vampire I can't do that.

I watched Edward look at her; I could feel that he really liked her. I sort of felt bad for him. He couldn't really talk to her and have her hear what he says. I could tell it made him feel sad.

Bella finished drawing and put her notepad down and sprawled out on the couch. Within minutes, she was fast asleep. Edward ran up the stairs and was back half a second later with a blanket. He laid it over Bella and walked over to me.

"Hey," Edward said.

"I can see you've grown a liking for Bella."

"Well I know what you're thinking . . . literally, and it's not what you think."

"Oh really?" I asked.


I looked over to Bella who was as still as a log. "Well it looks like she's waking up." I said as I felt Edward's emotions fly. I had to hold back my laugh when he abruptly turned around to face Bella and once he figured out I was joking, his disappointment was written all over his face.

I couldn't take it anymore and burst out laughing.

"That was not funny," Edward said as he started walking away.

"Wait," I said after I picked something up off of the ground.

He turned around waiting for me to tell him something. "Do you want to keep her scrunchy as a souvenir?" I asked laughing as I saw Edward give me a dirty look.

"I'm going for a run," he said as he walked out the back door.

I walked into the kitchen where everyone was sitting. "We are going to have Spaghetti today," Esme said.

"But we don't eat!" Rosalie complained.

"We have to eat for Bella's sake. She doesn't know what we are and I don't want her to know for as long as possible. I expect all of you to eat what you are given. You can throw it up later. Plus I want to try out my recipe from when I was human. I want to see if I can actually cook for a human, we might not be able to taste it but she will and Edward can read her mind to see if she likes it or not," Esme said.

"One little problem," Alice explained. "Edward seems to be immune to her thoughts."

"Oh!" Esme said surprised. "We just might have some trouble up our sleeves."

"Nope! I saw that she will be like this for a few weeks, not really in the mood to do anything. No trouble for now." Alice said.

"That's good to know," Esme said.

Carlisle, being the fatherly figure that he was had to interrupt our conversation. "I think everyone should go take a shower and wash up before we eat. We don't want to catch a cold or anything." He said laughing. We all knew that we couldn't catch a cold but we obeyed our father and I ran upstairs and took a quick shower.

.:. EM POV .:.

"My humps my humps my lovely lady lumps!" I was skipping around since I was the first done. YEAH! I sat down next to Bella watching a very weird little human.

"Edward," she whispered, an evil smirk formed on my face.

I leaned in like I was watching a really good movie or show and I guess it was like a show. I scooted closer to the couch so I could listen more, even though I had vampire ears it was just something I was used to doing.

I was now pushed up against the couch listening closely to her breathing, waiting for her next words.

"Oh Edward!" she said like those old movies where the girls fling themselves at the guys and embrace in a big hug. Out of nowhere her arms shot out from underneath the covers and hugged me.

I had to get someone's attention so I softly said, "Jasper," and he ran down the stairs. He took one look at the situation and burst out laughing. He walked over to me and untied her hands that were around my shoulders and put them at Bella's sides.

"Ok note to self: Never get that close to humans that are sleep talking, or just sleeping in general," I said mostly to myself but Jasper heard me.

"Jasper she talked, well more like moaned."

"She said something? What'd she say?"

"She said 'Edward, Oh Edward'" I said in a perfect imitation of her that had Jasper on the floor shaking from trying to hold back his laugh.

"Sure whatever man!"

We got up and walked to the kitchen and sat down to wait for the rest of the family to sit down. Edward walked into the house muddy and soaking wet.

"Edward!" I said looking at him. "What are you doing? Are you trying to be dirty and wet for Bella?" I asked as Jasper and I burst out laughing slapping the counter.

Edward gave us a dirty look and ran upstairs to take a shower. The girls were downstairs in a matter of seconds.

Alice was wearing jeans and a red v-neck. Rosalie was wearing a mini black skirt and a red v-neck that showed most of her stomach. She looked too sexy for her own good and I had to wrap her up in my arms and place tiny kisses along her neck.

.:. EPOV .:.

I finished my shower and put on a button down shirt with black jeans. I walked down to the kitchen where I saw everyone sitting at the table. Esme was cooking and it smelled really good.

"Edward, could you go wake Bella up and tell her it's time to eat please?" Carlisle asked.

I turned around and walked towards the girl I had thought about during my run right before I was distracted by one of my thoughts and tripped and fell face first into a mud pile knee deep,

I knelt down beside the couch and lightly shook her shoulder. Her eyes fluttered open and I saw the brown depth of them look into mine.

"Hi Bella. It's time to eat, supper's ready," I said as I stood up and extended my hand to her.

She sat up and took my hand and I pulled her up and walked her to her seat, which was beside me. She looked adorable when she had just woken up with the red pillow lines along her cheek. I just couldn't take my eyes off of her.

.:. BPOV .:.

Someone was shaking me, waking me from a weird dream of Edward and me doing things only a married couple should be doing. There was Edward, he was, a god, hovering over a pathetic me. His hands were saying it was time to eat. He gave me his hand, letting me take it. I yawned silently, and rubbed my eyes. I followed closely after him into an elegant dining room.

Esme was sitting to the right of Carlisle who was at the head of the table. Alice was to his left Jasper next to her. Rosalie was seated next to Esme then Emmett. Edward was across from Rosalie and I was across from Emmett. He kept smirking at me, and wiggling his eyebrows.

'I know your secret.' making a confused face his smirk became more pronounced. Oh god he knew I could hear exactly what they were saying.

'I know you can hear me, and you're just faking.' I could feel butterflies in my stomach and I couldn't breathe. He kept eye contact with me seeing if I would crack, right when I was about to Esme broke the tension.

"Emmett what are you doing?"

"Nothing mother," he smiled sweetly at me, and turned back to his plate, stabbing it with his fork.

I looked over to my right to see Edward staring at me and I quickly turned my head away and blushed. I saw Jasper glance up at me then Edward and I saw him smile at Edward. I saw Edward smile and look away also. That made me curious.

The dinner was really good and it made my hunger go away that I didn't realize was there. Esme tapped me on the shoulder and I looked up to see what it was she wanted.

"We needed to find you a place to sleep so we decided to have you sleep in Edward's room." She said trying to pronounce her words so I could read them which only made it harder but I could hear her so it was easier but this time I wasn't so sure I understood her.

I said, 'come again' in sign language and she said it again and my mouth hung open and the whole family looked at my reaction and me and started laughing.

I looked up at Edward who had the same look on his face. And for once in a long time I heard myself laughing. Everyone who had been laughing stopped and stared at me shocked that I was laughing. Shit I'm going to blow my cover!

I looked down and blushed as I stopped laughing. Edward tilted my chin with his fingers so that I was looking at him. "You don't need to be embarrassed from laughing, everyone does it," He said and I once again grew red and turned my face away.

I looked up at Esme who was watching me with curious eyes. "I hope you don't mind sleeping in his room Bella," Esme said and I said I don't mind in sign language and she nodded her head.

Out of nowhere the pixie girl I believed was named Alice, laughed and I saw everyone's head look at her so I followed their gaze trying to play the part of being deaf. I found it extremely harder than I would've thought.

She shrugged her shoulders when everyone gave her questioning eyes. She just looked at me then Edward and burst out laughing. I shrugged my shoulders and signed to Esme if I could put my plate in the sink and she nodded her head yes.

I grabbed my plate and scooted back in my chair making a high pitched noise which I jumped at and got up to run my plate underwater. Edward, Alice, and Esme were close behind me.

Esme told me that she would show me to Edward's room and I followed her. I heard Alice and Edward arguing behind me about who was allowed to go to Edward's room with me.

Edward finally gave up and let Alice come with. Esme walked backwards so I could read her lips. "Here's Edward's room," she said, opening the door and walking in. "You can sleep on the bed if you want, I really don't care. It's up to you and Edward," she turned towards Edward. "You know sign language right?" She asked.

"Yeah, I had to learn it about 5 years ago."

"Right. Ok well I guess I'll leave you guys to sleep, you both need your rest. Goodnight Bella," She said to me. "Behave Edward," She said to him and I snickered.

Esme and Alice left the room and I started laughing out loud.

"You think that's funny?" Edward said when I looked up at him. I nodded and went to get my clothes I would change into for bed out of my suitcase beside Edward's dresser.

I heard Edward talking to himself about how everyone in the house thought everything he did was funny and I had to bite my bottom lip to keep from laughing.

A thought hit me and I had to bite my lip harder to keep from bursting out laughing and rolling on the floor. I headed into the bathroom.

.:. EPOV .:.

Bella was in the shower, rushing myself, I changed into flannel pants and a blue muscle shirt. I lay on the bed with my hand behind my head. Emmett was acting rather strange, and Rose and Alice were singing some Italian song. The restroom door opened and Bella came out only covered in a small pick fluffy towel, coming to her mid-thigh. The room was too dark, and I'm really sure she didn't see me sitting on the bed, lustily staring at her perfect body.

She was facing me when she slipped on her blue boxers followed by her black shorts. I wanted to move but my body was reacting like a normal teenage boy. She unhooked the towel and ruffled it in her hair. As she tossed the towel on the bed she took her bra and slipped it on, fitting her perfect breasts into each cup. There was a huge bulge forming in my pants, but I couldn't make it go away. Once her shirt was on she grabbed the towel and took it into the bathroom.

I took that as my cue and ran out the door and down the stairs, straight out of the house; ignoring everyone's calls. I just witnessed an angel naked and changing in front of me. The pain in my jeans was slowly easing away, clearing my mind from every rude thought I should not have.

When she had bent over I couldn't believe it. "Bloody Hell," my English accent slipped out.

I couldn't believe what just happened and her body was amazing. I couldn't stand being this far away from her. I felt a pressure in my jeans and I needed to change into less fitting pants that had more room.

I walked back home and up to my room. Opening my bedroom door, Bella was already asleep; breathing lightly. I eased my way under the covers and pretended to sleep. Not minutes later, she rolled over and placed her leg between mine and her arms around my waist. I could feel her warm breath on my neck and the aching bulge started forming again.

This was going to be a long night.

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