bitter & Sweet

He wasn't quite sure what roused him, but his senses were starting to become alert. Whether it was the slight chill in the air, the faint aroma of stale food, or the squeak of a mouse he didn't know. As he opened his eyes and glanced around with blurred vision he tried to make sense of what was happening and where he was. It wasn't the soft forest ground, or the sturdiness of a tree.

In fact he wasn't leaning on anything. His body was sprawled over a smooth, hard, and rather cold surface. He most definitely was not outside.

At this realization the pain hit…Inuyasha suddenly let out a restrained cry as he clamped his right hand against the pain protruding from the left part of his neck.

What the fuck?

On closer inspection of his own body he realized it wasn't just his neck that held such shooting pain, but his legs as well. He couldn't feel any opened wounds, just soreness. Without moving his body he turned his nose upward, trying to sniff his surroundings a bit more, but he could smell nothing beyond the scent of the food that might or might not have woken him.

"Where am I?" he muttered to himself and took that moment think back to what he last remembered.

It had been the night of the waning crescent moon, but the moon hadn't been noticeable with the cloudy sky. He, Kagome, and the others were a few miles parallel to the main road. They had turned off it to camp for the night, and the rest of his group members had just drifted to sleep. He, on the other hand, had decided to perch himself on a tree and stay up as a watch. He hadn't divulged to anyone else, but there was something about the air that had disturbed him. It had for awhile. He had decided ten miles back, that they were being followed.

At the same time he hadn't sensed any danger from their stalkers and as such hadn't bothered to tell the others. It could have been that someone else was merely traveling in the same direction they were. It wasn't uncommon during the spring months. All animals, nomadic humans, and demons alike were making their way from winter homes back to summer homes. So he had shrugged it off, but kept himself awake just to be sure.

After hanging in the tree a few hours, nature began calling out to him. He took one last glance at his sleeping friends before he went off in search of a place to piss. It was just when he had finished, just when he released a sigh of contentment that his senses were suddenly alerted.

But by then it had been a little too late. He felt something hard connect with the side of his jaw and in his fight to stay conscious his hand reached out and clawed his opponent, or at least whatever it could get. He had hard a distant cry of pain before he dropped into darkness…and now he was in darkness again, only this time he was conscious.

Letting out a loose ring of swears Inuyasha tried to take another approach at finding out where he was and who had captured him. But like all his other senses his sight was of little use to him. The room he was in, for it had to be some sort of room, was bathed in complete darkness. So much, that he closed his eyes briefly to shake off a wave of dizziness at not having anything to focus on.

'Well sitting here doing nothing won't get me out of this,' he thought to himself. He slowly attempted to stand and found that while sore, his legs were not harmed in any other fashion.

Opening his eyes again he took slow, deliberate steps as he inched his way in no particular direction. The last thing he wanted to do was fall on his ass from hitting something. Though he had to admit, being blind in every sense of word was doing little to calm his nerves. If he could at least feel, see, or hear something more definite he wouldn't be on edge. Everything he felt was just barely so, and as he started to wonder what sort of being was capable of sneaking up on him, he started to wonder if the same being had captured Kagome, Miroku, Sango, and Shippo as well.

"Okay, that's one wall," he muttered as his hands knocked gently into something solid. Not necessarily leaning on the wall for support, but allowing his left hand to trail against it he followed the wall until he came in contact with a perpendicular one. He continued to do so until he concluded with firm knowledge that he was in a small square room. Cell was probably a more accurate word. At the same time he hadn't felt any door hinges…

As he began to debate possibly going over the flooring his ears turned away from the front of his head.

Something or someone was coming…

His breathing quieted and he stood absolutely still. One thing he had to be thankful for in his present situation was that his captor hadn't been smart enough to chain him to a wall. He at least had free reign of movement and he intended to use that to his very advantage if need be. As a plan of escape was starting to form in his head, his ears kept a close listen on the sound of the light steps that were making their way toward wherever he was.

Everything in him was getting prepared to react. His breathing may have quieted, but his palms began to sweat and his heart started to hammer against his chest. It was the thrill of attacking something he had no knowledge about. While he knew he ought to wait to see what and/or who he was up against, the demon in him didn't appreciate the captivity it was being placed under.

When the footsteps stopped Inuyasha turned to face where the door must be if his sense of hearing hadn't been tampered with. He was sure he hadn't felt hinges on any of the four walls, but that didn't mean there wasn't one.

There was a moment of silence and then a loud screeching noise as something was dragged across, what must have been, the flooring. He clenched his jaw in apprehension at the sudden abrupt noise and continued to wait. The light steps picked up again, only this time they probably took no more than three steps. But those three steps didn't seem to be moving closer or further away, they sounded like they were moving up.

There was the sound of fumbling and then Inuyasha watched in fascination as a little window he hadn't even noticed slide open. Light poured into the small chamber, but luckily he wasn't in the direct path of the light. He stood his ground and watched as a small head peeked itself through the window.

He was suddenly slammed with the things his senses hadn't been able to pick up earlier.

Lights, sounds…and the one he suddenly loathed the most at the moment, his sense of smell. Because looking at the small head he was instantly aware of exactly where he was. The owner of the head still seemed to be looking around as she hadn't noticed him, probably because of the darkness and her weak eyes.

Even if he hadn't been able to see her, her scent…no, her stench was more than enough for him to figure out what had happened.

Inuyasha didn't realize he was shaking with anger until a low growl escaped from his throat and it was then that the little girl spotted him. Her eyes widened in slight horror and she let out a piercing scream. It was more likely out of startled surprise than fear, but nevertheless her scream seemed to wake his current place of residency and the place was suddenly alive.

The little girl quickly shut the window before Inuyasha had time to rush toward it to prevent her from doing so. He heard the sounds of something crash to the ground as her light feet carried her away at a speed far quicker than the one she had approached him with.

It was as if his senses had been asleep because they seemed to be fully functioning now. The smells, the recognition of the human child…

As he heard distant concerned calls shouting for the girl who had scampered off, none of them could have possibly matched his own as he shouted upward where he knew his yells of pure anger would be most heard.

"SESSHOMARU!" he bellowed, arms clenched to his sides. Though he didn't stay that way for too long. It was only a few seconds later before he ignored his earlier sore muscles and banged both angry fists against the door he now knew existed. "SESSHOMARU!" he yelled out again. "Let me out of here you goddamn bastard!"

He began kicking as well, to further emphasize how pissed off he was. Then, when he seemed to be getting no reaction from that he began clawing the walls. Never mind that they were clearly made of stone! He even went as far to try a number of attacks, and while the walls shook ever so slightly the door remained locked and solid.

"I know you can hear me asshole!" He tried calling out again. "And the second I get outta here I'm ripping your fucking head off!"

It seemed like hours later before he got tired of his own antics. He sat himself back down and sat in perfect stillness as he fumed. Switching tactics he began to envision all sorts of ill fates for his "dear" brother the moment he saw him. He wanted one hell of an explanation for his capture! He hadn't even done anything to his full demon brother as of late! What the hell was with the sudden confinement?!

Just as he had regained some energy back to begin pounding and assaulting his door he heard a heavier set of footsteps approach and this time he was good and ready. Standing back up he positioned his body right next to the door and aimed his fist at the level of the window. He was prepared to punch the hell out of whoever should be there.

But instead of the window opening, a small slit on the bottom was lifted and a tray of food was quickly pushed in before it shut.

"Hey!" Inuyasha called out. "You!"

The owner of the steps this time at least hesitated.

"Where am I?! Where the fuck is Sesshomaru?!" He barked out his questions.

"…You are very well aware of where you are. You are in the Western Lands inside its Lord's castle," a soft male voice answered him.

"And Sesshomaru?! I want to speak with him now!"

"Lord Sesshomaru does not wish to bother with you right now. He will call for you tomorrow and suggests it is better for you to eat your food, and remain silent for the remainder of the evening. You woke the castle."

With a swift kick to the tray that had just been given to him he banged a fist against the door. "I don't give a damn if I woke the entire Western Lands! You expect me to sit here in silence?!"

The owner of the voice began to take his steps back to wherever he came, but not before answering Inuyasha one last time. "You have no other choice. From the moment of your capture choices were no longer available to you."

When he called out again the voice did not answer and he knew he was left alone once more. Baring his teeth he let out a long frustrated snarl and punched the door as hard as he possibly could. He didn't even take notice of the sounds of his cracking bones. Not knowing what else to do and completely rejecting the food he had been given, wherever it was scattered, he backed himself until he came in contact with the opposite wall. He kept moving until he found a corner before settling himself down.

He had no intention on going to sleep not when his mind was racing with unanswered questions. The most prevalent of them being: 'what the hell is going on?!'


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