bitter & Sweet

Inuyasha felt his eye twitch as he observed his brother. He would have thought he hadn't heard him correctly, but Sesshomaru rarely said anything he didn't mean. That, and there were few ways to misinterpret what he had just been told.

"But you will. Because little brother I want you, and I will have you."

At the look in the demon lord's eyes he felt himself instinctively clench his fists, and while he loathed admitting it, he could feel the heat rise in his face. Not out of embarrassment, but out of anger. The look in his brother's eyes was nothing but a reflection of possession.

He'd been around humans, around Kagome and her modern books long enough to know that when such a thing was said between their species it was usually a deranged form of a love confession. The very idea of something so…absurd coming from his brother almost made him want to laugh.

He'd spent most of his life raising himself, with the occasional human female to wind things up, but it was almost always just him. And he sure as hell was no one's possession and he had no intention on ever being such a thing. His death would come long before he'd submit to something like that, especially at the hands of Sesshomaru.

Maybe it was his initial reaction of silence or that fact that he felt himself building up his anger, but his brother took that moment to speak up again.

"So uncharacteristically quiet, it's not like you. I expected a few dead servants at this point in time. It is why I brought so many in here," came the expressionless voice.

Inuyasha's eyes widened and he glanced at the said servants who looked equally surprised. Apparently they hadn't known they'd been summoned in case he needed to vent. He turned his attention back to the inu yokai in front of him.

"I'm not surprised you're not above sacrificin' your own help! But I've got no intention on takin' my anger out on them when you'll be more than enough! You must think me crazy to think I'm going to go along with this bullshit scheme of yours!"

"And did I not say you have no choice in the matter?" Sesshomaru raised a slight eyebrow before turning to the audience of demons in the room. "As Inuyasha seems to have capped his anger you're all to leave us."

"Ah, but My Lord," spoke up a younger female. She didn't get the chance to say much else before Sesshomaru gave her a look. No one else questioned his decision and the room was quickly emptied, leaving the inu brothers alone.

Though Inuyasha was quick to turn his back to his brother and head for the door in the same fashion Sesshomaru's servants went. He expected retaliation from his brother and as such was prepared when Sesshomaru meant to force him against the door. It was easier to side step his brother, but the elder was still a lot faster at correcting his mistake and Inuyasha still ended up being pinned to the door with a heavy hand pushing against his chest.

"Must I chain you to the wall? I can do that," Sesshomaru quietly warned.

"Or you can lemme go," Inuyasha growled out. "What's your damn problem anyway huh? You drag me away from my friends, leave me in a fuckin' cell for almost two days, then when you feel like seein' me it's to tell me I aint got no more rights 'cause you want me?! Just who do you think you're messing with Sesshomaru?! Do I look like some female bitch to you?!"

"Such coarse language…you may not look like one at the moment, but you will definitely be living the life of one very soon."

It was probably the bored tone in others voice that set him off, but Inuyasha found himself taking a sudden swing at his brother with one of his hands. He reveled in the feel of his claws making contact with the soft flesh of his older brother's face, ripping off the skin and drawing a healthy amount of blood.

He waited for his brother's anger to be returned ten fold. He expected to have the hand pressed against his chest pressed further and possibly through it. That was the way his big brother did things. While the pressure against his chest did increase Sesshomaru's head remained turned to the side where it had been smacked. He watched the blood start to roll down his cheeks as he continued to wait for a response.

He was surprised when Sesshomaru released his grip, and he watched him brush one of his hands against the bloodied cheek.

"You're going to pay that," he heard the demon lord calmly say. He watched as Sesshomaru raised his eyes from the side to meet his own. They flashed in hatred and Inuyasha couldn't help the chill that ran down his spine at meeting those cold gold eyes. "Or more accurately they'll pay for what you did."

Inuyasha felt something lurch in his gut.

Sesshomaru backed away from him still nursing his cheek, but the older demon never made a sound over the pain the wound had to be causing. He sat himself on the chair he had been occupying earlier and began to busy himself with tending to the side of his face.

'What the hell is he doing?' Inuyasha thought as he kept a close watch on his brother. 'And what the hell did he mean by "they'll" be paying for what I did?' He might have thought it, but he was already sure what was meant by that.

"You have them don't you?" he asked, his words laced with bitterness.

How could his brother not? When he had been captured the others were only a few meters away. Their presence would not have gone unnoticed by any demon that had been in the area. The only reason the group was always unharmed was because of him. Most demons that swarmed the area they had been resting in, were of the scavenger sort. Lowly cowards that wanted a quick and easy meal. They had no desire to fight, and as such his personal scent was enough to keep them far away.

But if he had been captured, then surely…

"And if you're ready to listen they wont get the full extent of the punishment that is meant for you," was the response. It wasn't a direct answer, but Sesshomaru had told him all he wanted to know.

Somewhere, most likely in the very castle he was standing in, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara were being held as a means to make him cooperate.

Inuyasha smirked, though there was no amusement in it. "What exactly do you want from me bastard?"

"How quickly your demure has changed," Sesshomaru mused as his free hand ghosted over a piece of paper that lay on an adjacent table. Inuyasha watched his brother glance at the papers contents before tossing it in his direction.

Stepping away from the door that he had still been leaning against, Inuyasha approached the paper cautiously. Keeping his ears on alert for any sudden movements from the other demon he bent down to pick up the paper that was now resting on the floor. His eyes quickly flew over words as he absorbed their information. More than once he stopped to glance up at his brother before going back to reading. When he was done he held it up, snarling. "What the hell is this?" he demanded to know.

"Can you not read? It is a copy of our father's last testament."

"I can read it fine!" he practically yelled back. "I've never heard of this!"

"And why would you? You are the mistake of our father. A half breed created during his more foolish years. Why would you be contacted for any sort of legal matters regarding his death? You are a stain Inuyasha. It was best for all involved to forget your existence. You know this as well as I do."

Inuyasha found himself crumbling the paper in his hand at his brother's words, even though he knew better than to let Sesshomaru get to him. The words from his brother's mouth were not words he hadn't heard before. Still…it wasn't as if he could prevent them from hurting every now and then.

He glanced back down at the now crumbled paper and opened it back up before ripping it in two and releasing it from his hands. "There. Problem solved. Now give me back my friends and let us go."

"I had said it was a copy little brother. Do you think me foolish enough to give you the actual document? Unfortunately for the both of us, the problem is not solved. You read his testament so now you know our fates."

"Are you insane?!" Inuyasha questioned, his voice raising a slight octave. "Was father insane?! I fucking REFUSE to be your GODDMAN MATE!"


Sesshomaru was quite aware that his brother wasn't the most intelligent of creatures, regardless his patience was wearing extremely thin. He'd expected this sort of reaction, the fight, the swearing even. Though he hadn't thought his brother capable of clawing him; that was a mistake on his part. One which would never be repeated again. At the same time, he was wondering how often he would have to repeat himself.

He never repeated himself, and here he had already done it once and would probably end up needing to do so again.

"It is not a choice," he said again, after his brother had finished his outburst. "And as you have already realized along with capturing you I also have your humans and the small kitsune. To make this absurd argument shorter, you will, in fact, do exactly as I tell you other wise they will suffer the consequences."

Sesshomaru studied his younger brother, watching his response. Inuyasha seemed to be holding himself back. Whether it was from another pointless physical or verbal attack he didn't know.

"And if I think you're full of it?" Inuyasha asked back, almost challenging.

He raised his eyebrow and wondered if his brother was honestly that stupid. Why would he, a demon lord, hold an empty threat? As much as he detested his younger brother his personality was very easy to figure out. Inuyasha made entirely too many of his decisions based on his human emotions.

"And if I'm not, Inuyasha?" He answered back with a question of his own.

It almost amused him to see the inner battle going on inside of the half demons head. He was clearly battling with whether or not he believed him. But Sesshomaru was well aware that even if he had been lying, Inuyasha would still go along with his orders. Just to be sure of things, and he would continue to do so until he found reason to believe otherwise.

"I wanna see them," Inuyasha proclaimed after a long bout of silence. Amber eyes met gold, one impassive as ever, and the other with its usual stubborn determination at refusing to admit defeat.

Sesshomaru considered the request. Of course he had no reason to adhere to his brother's appeal. Either way the half breed would do as he was told, but he also knew that people tended to give in when they had solid proof.

"You can see one. The priestess, the demon slayer, the monk, or the kitsune."

"I wanna see them all!" Inuyasha barked.

"There is also the option of not seeing any of them."

Inuyasha growled at him and Sesshomaru watched as his body went rigid with frustration and anger. "You bastard…fine," he seethed. "Take me to Ka – take me to Shippo."

Standing unhurriedly he didn't bother to question why his brother was choosing to see the little fox demon rather than the miko he was so fond of trailing. He had been about to say her name, but something seemed to flash in his eyes and he quickly changed his mind. Though, that was of no concern of his.

"Then you will follow me," he stated as he brushed past his brother. As he placed his hand on the door he glanced back at his brother who seemed to be killing him with his eyes. "You will naturally behave yourself on the way. No outburst or anything of the sort. I'm being very lenient with you and my patience has disappeared." He wasn't quite sure exactly how his tone came out, but the effect was exactly as he would have desired it to be. Inuyasha looked a bit tamer.

But still…if looks could kill.

Sesshomaru turned his attention back to the door and made his way through it without another word. On the other side, a hoard of his servants and guards stood still at attention waiting for him to say something to them, but they were ignored. He could feel their eyes turn from him to his brother, who was walking behind him.

"Lord Sesshomaru!"

Sesshomaru inwardly sighed at the sound of Jaken even though he turned at the sound of his voice. The imp was running to quickly catch up with him though he felt no need to slow down his pace for the servant.

"My Lord," Jaken said as he tried to catch his breath while taking quick long strides to match his slower yet longer ones. There was something akin to a bow from Jaken before he nodded his own head slightly to permit Jaken to speak.

"His chambers have been set up as requested by you days ago my Lord," Sesshomaru noted the way Jaken spat out the word 'his' and the way the imp looked to Inuyasha. "You are headed to them now?"

"No," he drawled out lightly. "We're to visit the kitsune."

"The," Jaken paused as if he hadn't heard correctly. "My Lord, why are you-"

"When have I ever given you permission to question anything that I've done?" Sesshomaru wondered out loud.

"Y-you haven't Lord Sesshomaru, I merely-" the imp let out a squawk when Sesshomaru kicked him out of his way as he made a sharp right turn.

"Your voice is grating on my nerves, go do something away from me."

Jaken sputtered out some sort of retort before doing just that.

"He may be a pain in the ass but you don't have to treat him like that," Sesshomaru heard Inuyasha say from behind him.

"When you have your own servants, if ever, you may treat them as you wish. Until then you will not tell me how to treat mine."

Inuyasha snorted and muttered something under his breath, but he didn't see the point in responding. He was starting to get a bit weary and was already cursing his father's good name. It had only been a few hours since he'd been "graced" with his younger brothers presence and already he was starting to wonder if it was worth carrying on the inu yokai power.

But Sesshomaru knew that was just the effect his brother had on him. Duty reigned over personal feelings, and he had a duty to his father. Besides, after he had his heir Inuyasha could be disposed of. He would just need to endure a years worth of trails and then his life and aspirations could continue as if they had never been interrupted.

The two of them wordlessly passed through a series of corridors, going down a few flights of stairs at certain points until they came across a set of stationed guards in the lower cells. Ones that similarly held Inuyasha only a few hours ago.

"Where is the cell holding the kitsune?" He asked the demons in front of him.

They both bowed in respect before the one on the left answered, "The end cell Lord Sesshomaru. He has been very quiet this entire time. He has not raised a fuss, nor has he been eating his meals. He seems very content to deal with -"

The guard was interrupted in surprise as Inuyasha flew past him and headed down to the last cell. "Shippo!?" He yelled out.

Sesshomaru eyed his brother as he ran off before looking back at the guards. "Continue with what you were saying."

"Ah, yes my Lord. The small kitsue seems very content to deal with his fate."

"Where have you placed the rest of Inuyasha's pack?"

"In different wings of the castle my Lord, as you demanded."

Sesshomaru made a noise of approval before walking down the darkened hallway to the same cell Inuyasha had disappeared down. What his brother would eventually figure out was that his castle was a maze of cells, all in the lower dank levels. He had made sure that his entire group was far away from each other. It wouldn't do to have them conspiring together to plan an escape.

No...the human spirit was easier to crush if they believed they were alone. And Sesshomaru did eventually plan to get rid of them all. It was simply a matter of time and planning.

"Shippo!?" He heard Inuyasha call out again, and then as if on cue he was given a response behind a thick door.

"Inuyasha!? Inuyasha!?" Cried out the small little kitsune.

Sesshomaru settled himself to the side, listening to the interaction with only slight interest.

"Inuyasha where am I!?" The tiny voice behind the door questioned. "Where's Kagome, and Miroku, Sango, and Kirara!? What happened!? The last thing I remember was I sleeping next to Kagome and then someone grabbed me and I was gagged and blindfolded, then I was thrown in here and no one's told me what's happening! Are you okay!?"

"Goddamnit," Inuyasha growled quietly as he listened to Shippo's cries. "Shippo shut up for a second!"

The little fox demon's cries melded into quiet sniffles.

"Good," he responded after he felt Shippo had calmed down. "Now are you hurt? At all?"

"Um," there was a pause before a response. "No."

"Good…but I heard you haven't been eating? You gotta eat idiot!"

"B-but," the whimpering was beginning to start again. Sesshomaru watched as his brother leaned a fist against the door as he shut his eyes.

"Eat!" Inuyasha barked. "I'm gonna get you out of this, and I'm sure Kagome and the others are okay." Though he said this, Inuyasha peered to glance over at him, his eyes blazing with demands. Telling him that his pack better be okay. But he was immune to such threats, especially since he held the upper hand.

"Okay…but Inuyasha what's going on? Are you hurt? Where are we?"

"You always did talk too much," Inuyasha almost chuckled. "I'm okay, and as for where we are…it's probably better that you didn't know but we're holed up in my asshole brother's place."


"Yeah," Inuyasha snorted. "So until I find a way out of this you stay strong and try to raise as much hell as possible, got it?"

There was sniffle behind the door, but it was also mixed in with a light laugh. "Okay."

Sesshomaru shifted in his position, an obvious sign to Inuyasha that his conversation ought to be coming to a close.

"I gotta go Shippio, but I'll come back to check on you alright?"

The demon lord noticed that his brother hadn't looked to him for approval on that. He'd have to remind Inuyasha later that his every move would be decided by him.

There were a few more hushed words between the two before Inuyasha reluctantly turned back to face him. His face was twisted in an array of different emotions, but the only thing Sesshomaru did was begin his walk back to the main entrance of the cells.

Once they had passed through and were making their way back up a flight of stairs Inuyasha spoke, his voice trembling with fury. "How long does this have to last?"

"Until I have an heir," he responded simply.

There was a moment where it seemed Inuyasha was taking this information in and when he had…

"An HEIR!? Are you fucking blind? I have a dick!"

"I am aware of that."

"Then how exactly do you think you're gettin' a kid from me!?"

Sesshomaru stopped walking to turn around and look at his half brother. Inuyasha's face was in its usual resistant mode, and his face was red. 'Surely he must get tired of using so much energy in reactions?' He wondered to himself.

"Though you were never accepted, you were still raised in human society and as such there is much about the demon world that you are still unaware of. You may be male, but there are ways to make you reproduce. Certain herbs and such."

"You think…you think I'm gonna let you fuck me and impregnate me!?"

"You are to be my mate, what did you assume that meant?"

"I dunno! That I'd stand by you while you slaughtered villages and signed papers about whatever! And I never said I'd be your mate!"

"Inuyasha, you now have the proof that I control your packs fates, you now know that is the power I wield over you. Do you really mean to defy me still? I could have your little fox killed with a nod of my head. I believe it's time you submitted to your new future."

He could see the wheels turning in his younger brothers head once again. Inuyasha was struggling to do something he strongly didn't believe in. He would have to submit, to him, of all beings. The half demon looked to have the strongest urge to kill him, but he knew that would be futile. Never mind that his brother didn't have the power to do so, he was still inside his castle, filled with demons that obeyed him. Demons that would destroy him and all those he held dear if anything were to happen to their lord.

It was a lose-lose situation, and there was no way out of it.

"Why me?" Inuyasha muttered out. His head had turned down to stare at the stairs beneath his feet, but now his head was raised, meeting Sesshomaru's own eyes. "There're plenty of fertile female demons that could give you an heir. Why the half breed brother you can't stand, and who can't stand you!? Why bother makin' both our lives more fucked up than they already are!? It doesn't make any sense!"

"Do you not remember father's will?"

"And that's the only reason!?" Inuyasha growled out.

"What other reason do you suppose there would be?"

"How should I know!? Maybe it's for your sick twisted enjoyment? Or because you're getting back at me for carrying the sword you always wanted?"

"Don't delude yourself into thinking this is anything more than a son fulfilling his fathers wishes. Now if you are done, I no longer have the time to cater you around. The waxing gibbous isn't too far from us, and there are things to plan."

He swiftly turned back around and started to walk back up the stairs without another word. There was hesitance on Inuyasha's part, he could feel it, but eventually he heard the steps of his brother following behind him once more.

What more could the half demon really do? Everything was in the demon lord's favor. Yet, as that may be, Sesshomaru didn't expect things to run smoothly. Inuyasha was probably in a bit of shock. He must have been, because while he had wondered over a male getting pregnant, he hadn't raised much objection to the idea, or that the one getting him pregnant would be his own brother.

Though he eventually expected to hear some sort of argument about it. After all, his brother was annoyingly predictable.


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