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Chapter 1

Kagome stared out her bedroom window in the Western Palace. Today marked the day that she had been mated to Sesshomaru for half a centaury. A very long half centaury at that. Sango and Miroku had rebuilt the slayer village, and had died of old age, the demon Slayer had followed the monk a few months after his death. Rin had died of a sickness a few years back, and her dear Shippo was training his fox magic with some far off distant relatives.



After she, Inuyasha, and the rest of the group, including Sesshomaru, had defeated Naraku, Inuyasha had collapsed and joined Kikyo in death, courtesy of the mortal wounds Naraku had given the puppy eared hanyou. His half-brother had left after giving his corpse a disdainful look.

The Shikon no Tama had been re-absorbed into her body, not only increasing her spiritual power but making her immortal, according to Koga, whom they had run into soon after the battle.

The wolf demon had mated with Ayame after accepting that Kagome's feelings for him were those of a friend and brother. The well connecting her era to the feudal era had sealed, leaving Kagome stranded from her family. Her only consolation being that she would live to see them again.

Sesshomaru had taken her as his mate not long after, needing a strong heir, and having a son with both miko and youkai energy was something the dog lord couldn't resist. Kagome, having still been mourning after the death of her first love, willingly grasped the lifeline that Sesshomaru seemed to have been offering.

However after she had given birth to his son who, surprising them all, had been full demon, Sesshomaru had made it clear that after his son had matured enough, he would be taking a mate of his choice.

End flashback


Fifty years later, their son Jushiro was deemed old enough to understand that his father's choice of mate was purely for political reasons. Jushiro, though he loved his mother, would stay with his father while Kagome would be banished from the palace.

Kagome sighed. This would be her last day spent at the Western Palace. Sesshomaru had found a 'suitable' Inu demoness to be his mate, and while Kagome doubted the demoness' faithfulness, Her warnings to Sesshomaru were met with an icy silence.

Taking a final look around the room, Kagome gathered her belongings and left, leaving the western lands without looking back.

Sesshomaru watched her leave, dismissing the odd feeling that was tugging at his heart. 'Rin has made me soft' he thought, turning away from the window.


10 years later

If someone had listened to the palace gossip, it would have come as a surprise to no one when Sesshomaru caught his 'mate' being unfaithful.

Sesshomaru had been in his gardens, when he had caught his mate and one of the visiting Lords' guards rutting. The guard had foolishly thought that his lord would save him from death, and had paid for his stupidly with his life, along with that of Sesshomaru's mate. The lord had wisely said nothing, after discovering the death of his guard.

Sitting in his study, Sesshomaru glowered, he hadn't thought that his mate would have dared to wander from him. Per the usual, karma had decided to bite him on the ass, and Kagome's warning continued to echo in his head.

Leaning back in his chair, Sesshomaru wondered what had happened to his first mate. He knew Jushiro had kept in contact with her, as they had frequently sent letters to each other.

Jushiro had even visited Kagome a few times every year, escorted by guards of course. Even though Sesshomaru was cold, he knew that preventing them from seeing each other would cause his son to resent him, which would cause future problems for the Western Lands.

Sesshomaru always wondered how his son found Kagome, as Jushiro and his entourage always left the castle in a different direction.

The Taiyoukai left the study in search of Jushiro. He would ask his son about the location of Kagome. Perhaps banishing her had been a mistake, a term that Sesshomaru was becoming uncomfortably accustomed to recently.

Sesshomaru shook his head. He didn't make mistakes, he was the Killing Perfection after all. He had simply made a couple … miscalculated decisions.

He found his son training in the dojo. Hiding his aura, he watched with hidden pride as Jushiro executed the sword movements perfectly, exceeding what was expected of a demon child.

The boy was almost, a mirror image to himself, with hisamber eyes, and facial markings. The only visual difference was instead of Sesshomaru's silvery/white hair, Jushiro's long hair, tied into a low ponytail, was pure silver.

Even though he followed his father in looks, he had inherited Kagome's warm personality. That, though, was hidden whenever he fought, replaced by the mask of cold indifference he had learned from his father.

Sesshomaru made presence known and ended the sparing session between the guard and his son with gesture of his left arm.

Dismissing the guard, Sesshomaru drew his son aside to talk in private. The guard bowed, closing the dojo door as he left.

"Father" Jushiro exclaimed as he smiled up at his father. Sesshomaru's eyes softened slightly as he heard the warm greeting.

"Jushiro, do you know where to find your mother?"

Jushiro looked sad, he shook his head "No. Momma is always moving from village to village".

Sesshomaru frowned inwardly. Jushiro brightened as he took off a necklace that had been hidden under his haori "But Momma said that said long as I wore this, I would always find her no matter where she was." He said as he handed it to his father.

The dog demon inspected the necklace. It was simply a gold chain, with a crescent moon pendant, however Sesshomaru could feel Kagome's power, infused in it.

Sesshomaru put the necklace on, "I have something to discuss with your mother. I will return the necklace to you when I return." Jushiro nodded.

Jushiro hesitated "Father… would you mind if I got a second father?" he asked.

The alarm he felt never showed on his face. Sesshomaru simply raised an eyebrow in question. Jushiro, who had never liked his fathers second mate for some reason, continued, "The last time I saw momma she had the courting mark. Does that mean that I will be getting another father?"

As Jushiro was next in line for the Western lands, he had had to learn a lot about youkai society, including the different markings.

"Hn," he replied as he left the dojo. Jushiro sighed inwardly, he knew better than to press his father for answers.

Sesshomaru felt his beast strain against the bounds that controlled it. His beast was angry and alarmed when it had heard that another demon was sniffing around his woman. He had never wanted to release Kagome from the mating bond and now it had competition.

For some reason, even he didn't like the idea of another sniffing around Kagome.

This sudden thought brought him face to face with the facts he had been denying for decades. He cared about Kagome. Seeing the sky darken, Sesshomaru decided to look for her in the following morning.


Deciding that the sooner he had Kagome back by his side the better, Sesshomaru went to find Kagome, praying to any Kami who would listen that he wasn't too late. He felt the necklace pull him in the direction of the northern lands.

Whisking through the night sky, Sesshomaru cursed himself, wishing that he had not looked at his feelings for Kagome as weakness. If…or rather when he found her, he would make her see that she did mean…something to him.

She had to take him back. He didn't think his beast could take it if she didn't.


Same day/night with Kagome

The stars were starting to show in the evening sky. Kagome looked as the dragon demon kissed her hand and bid her farewell for the evening. Renjiro had been courting her for about six months, and was still waiting for an answer.

Kagome played with her midnight coloured hair 'I could definitely fall in love with him' she thought as she watched the dragon in his humanoid form disappear into the night.

She blushed as she remembered how romantic he had been during the courting 'Yes in time I could truly love him. In the morning I will tell him I will accept his offer.' She thought decidedly.

Inside the house she was now calling home, Kagome was preparing her dinner when she felt a demonic presence approaching. The miko frowned. The demon, she assumed, was hiding its aura as she couldn't sense anything beyond his, or her, presence. Kagome didn't have time to ponder the situation though, as her door flew open.

"Sesshomaru?" Kagome asked, her shock showing clearly on her face and in her voice.

Sesshomaru took in her expression, "We need to talk." he said in a chilled tone.

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