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-Sesshomaru's inner beast-

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Chapter 3

After reaching the Western Palace, Sesshomaru began planning on winning back his former mate. Sesshomaru retired to his room after checking on his pup. He had never given his second mate Kagome's old room, which was only used by the lady of the Western Lands. Though the demoness had tried to move into the converted room, Sesshomaru hadn't allowed her to; it hadn't felt right to let her use it. For some reason he had never rutted with his second mate in his room, probably because her scent had irked him after a few hours.

Most unlike Kagome's floral scent. A scent that had always relaxed him, especially after a trying day. Thoughts once again back on the dark haired beauty, Sesshomaru smirked as he thought of something to help him gain Kagome's favour: Jushiro, their pup.

Using Jushiro would definitely reduce the odds against him. Sesshomaru knew that Kagome loved children and had missed her pup because she only saw Jushiro when he looked for her. Of course, using their son would be an unfair advantage, but what was that saying he had heard Kagome use? Oh yes… "All's fair in love and war". As far as Sesshomaru was concerned, this was both. To put it simply: He was at war with the dragon for Kagome's love.

Satisfied about the beginning faze of his plan, Sesshomaru drifted of into a light sleep. He would talk to Jushiro in the morning.


Rising early the next morning, Sesshomaru waited for his pup to come down to breakfast. "Jushiro, would you like for your mother to visit?", he asked calmly, after returning the necklace. The miniature version of Sesshomaru lit up in happiness and nodded enthusiastically. He really missed his mother, no matter how much he loved his father, nothing replaced his mothers love and touch.

Just as abruptly as it occurred, Jushiro's features dimmed. "She's not allowed in the Western Lands, you banished her, father," Jushiro said sullenly.

Sesshomaru winced inwardly, this was a sore point between him and his pup. Sesshomaru had a feeling that he never been entirely forgiven for this offence. "It was a… miscalculation, which I will be fixing" Sesshomaru said calmly.

Jushiro's face lit up again, "Mother can come home now?" he yipped excitedly.

"If she wants", Sesshomaru said indifferently.

"Can we go now? Please, father," Jushiro said.

"After you finish eating breakfast, we will go together to inform her of my decision. I know where your mother is currently staying," Sesshomaru said regally. He doubted that Kagome would move overnight.

Jushiro was excited: His mother could come home after a decade! He tried to sit still and finish eating, but it was proving arduous. After all, he was about five in human years. The small pup couldn't help but bounce on seat.


Kagome had packed her belongings. She knew from her courting with Sesshomaru that Renjiro would expect her to move into his house, or rather mansion. As she waited for him, she sensed Sesshomaru's aura as well as that of another demon which was overwhelmed by Sesshomaru's. Kagome sighed, she wasn't surprised that Sesshomaru had returned. She just hadn't expected it to be so soon.

Just as Kagome was about to demand to know why Sesshomaru was here, her breath was knocked out of her. Literally. The cause of her shortness of breath was a small bundle of energy, which had attached itselve to her hip. "Ju-Jushiro?" she gasped.

"Momma! Momma! I missed you! Father said that you can come back with us to the Western Palace! Come on Momma! Let's go," the excited pup yipped.

Looking in the direction of Sesshomaru, she saw the taiyoukai nod. Recovering from her shock, Kagome glared at the youkai who was responsible. Kagome seethed. Using Jushiro was an unfair weapon. Swallowing a growl, Kagome's glare intensified. The Western Lord was smirking at her! Scowling Kagome opened her moth to start her rant.

"What's going on, Kagome?", came the voice of Renjiro. Sesshomaru had stopped smirking by this time and was looking at the dragon through narrowed eyes. Ignoring the taiyoukai, who was silently glaring icy daggers at him.

Renjiro walked over to Kagome and put his arms around his waist. "Did you give my offer any thought?" he asked seriously.

Sesshomaru's eyes became slits, 'What offer did the peasant present to MY miko?' he wondered.

Kagome was just about ready to go over to a tree and start banging her head on it. She silently asked herself what she had done to upset the particular Kami which seemed to really dislike her. She was about to tell Renjiro she had decided to accept his offer to become his mate when her son reminded them of his presence.

"Uncle Jiro! Uncle Jiro! Guess what? Father said Momma could come back to the Western Palace. Isn't that great?!" Jushiro said excitedly. Sesshomaru was deadpanned, but had enough sense of mind left to prevent his jaw from dropping, though it was close. Since when did his pup call an overgrown lizard "Uncle"? Silently fuming, Sesshomaru decided that he did not dislike the lizard. He despised him.

Renjiro chuckled "That is indeed good news," he said. He frowned and looked at Kagome.

Kagome looked nervous "I was going to give you my answer, but I got…… sidetracked." Renjiro took in her packed bags and nodded smirking.

Sesshomaru was by this point was beyond livid. His miko and her suitor seemed to be speaking in a code which only they knew. 'What is this offer they keep on dancing around?' he snarled in his thoughts. He was about to demand answers when Kagome's said something which shocked him.

"Lord Sesshomaru, though I am honored and appreciate your offer, it has come at a very inappropriate time," she said politely. Taking in her packed bags, the way that the dragon held her, the courting mark and especially the mention of the mysterious "offer", Sesshomaru came to the right conclusion that Kagome had decided to mate the dragon.

For the first time in his long existence; Sesshomaru felt… uncertain. He hadn't thought Kagome was serious about the dragon. Sesshomaru had thought she had only used his offer to teach him a lesson. He was filled with a mysterious feeling. Unable to decipher the feeling, Sesshomaru quickly dismissed the nagging voice which told him it was fear. 'I, Sesshomaru, feel fear? Ridiculous!', he thought.

Before he could confront the couple about his suspicions, Jushiro butted in. "Don't you want to come home, Momma?", he asked confused and a little hurt.

Kagome quickly went into damage control: "No! Of course I want to come home, sweetheart. It's just a bad time." Seeing the confuse look on her pup, Kagome continued "You see, Jushiro, Uncle Renjiro and I were about to take an important step in the courting ceremony," knowing that Jushiro would understand, as he had studied the ceremonies from an early age.

Jushiro nodded in disappointment. Though he hadn't learnt much about mating rituals, he knew how important the courting ritual was. Suddenly his face lit up "I've got an idea! Uncle Jiro can come with us to the castle, too. Right, father?", he said pleadingly.

Sesshomaru's feelings were in turmoil. Kagome had just about confirmed his suspicions. The lizard had obviously showed he could care and protect her, after all, he was only a minor lord. That meant that the only thing left was for them to mate. Though he loathed to provide for the lizard with the Palace of Moon's hospitality, it didn't look like he had much choice. It seemed that this was the last chance he had left.

Sesshomaru was still uncertain of what to do when his inner beast added his input -Must have mate- it insisted. Though he and Kagome had not been mates for over around a decade, his less logical side adamantly insisted that Kagome was their mate, nothing Sesshomaru had said had deterred it from the sentiment.

"Please father?" Jushiro pleaded. Sesshomaru gave a curt nod. Thinking about it more, Sesshomaru realised that this could work in his advantage. He was Lord of the Palace of Moon. While it was true that he would have to put up with the presence of Kagome's mate-to-be (not while he drew breath, he thought), which would be a nuisance, Sesshomaru knew that he would have the advantage.

Renjiro looked startled "What about my lands? I can't just leave them," he said reluctantly. He didn't want to leave his soon-to-be-mate with another alpha, particularly her former mate.

Kagome frowned, thinking. "I know. Let Arisa take care of them. You trust her, and she knows how to look after your estates. I know that she wouldn't mind," she said brightly.

Renjiro frowned thoughtfully. It was true, his younger sister could take care of his affairs for a while. In fact she enjoyed doing so. Renjiro didn't need to worry about Arisa trying to steal his lands from him. They both cared a lot for each other and were very close, besides, Arisa really wanted Kagome as a sister in law. "Good suggestion, Kagome. I will return in an hour, after I sort out all the affairs that need to be taken care of," he said decidedly.

Kagome smiled at him brightly. "I will wait here," she said. Renjiro kissed her possessively on the lips before he departed.

Sesshomaru swallowed the growl as his inner beast rattled against its restraints. The taiyoukai wasn't stupid, he knew that Renjiro was claiming Kagome as his. 'Enjoy it while it lasts dragon. This is not over. Not until Kagome bears a mating mark. Be assured it will not be yours she will wear, but MINE,' he thought arrogantly.

Renjiro returned before the hour was up. He had made all the arrangements necessary. Arisa had been more than happy to look after his estates in his absence. Carrying his belongings and money, Renjiro rejoined the two inu's and the miko. The black haired dragon had a feeling that Sesshomaru was up to something. He was going to keep a very close eye on the inu taiyoukai. Renjiro didn't like the situation, not at all.

Sesshomaru smirked: By the time he had finished romancing Kagome and sweeping her off her feet, Renjiro would be nothing more than a distant memory. In fact, Sesshomaru was determined to make Renjiro's courting look like a scrap of rusting metal in a junkyard.


A little while later, they had arrived at the Western palace, the Palace of Moon. Renjiro, much to Sesshomaru's displeasure, had carried Kagome during their flight. "My Lord, you have returned!" Jaken squawked, tripping over his own feet in a clumsy attempt to bow. "What is that wench doing here? Is the dragon a commoner or a new servant?", Jaken asked. Jushiro looked furious that the retainer had insulted his mother.

Kagome felt her anger rise. She had forgotten how much the green toad had annoyed her. "Shut up you smelly toad!," she snapped.

"Quiet wench! I am a youkai! Therefore I am superior to you. I AM not a toad I am an IMP!" Jaken squawked angrily. Kagome counted slowly to fifty, the toad was really asking to be purified.

"Silence, Jaken! You are addressing the mother of my heir. Are you implying that my pup is of lower blood than you are?" Sesshomaru snarled.

"Of course not, My Lord! Master Jushiro is of the noblest blood. Forgive this lowly servant for…" the "imp" spluttered.

"Enough. Jaken, show our guests their rooms. Ask Hitomi which rooms to place our guests in. Tell her that we will need two rooms" Sesshomaru said coldly.

"Ri-Right away, My Lord!" Jaken stuttered. Sesshomaru sighed mentally, and wondered why he put up with the annoying toad. Hitomi was a rabbit youkai and a very good house keeper. Sesshomaru had informed her that he intended to return Kagome. He knew that she wouldn't have any trouble setting up an extra room with such short notice, after all, visiting dignitaries occasionally picked-up uninvited… "guests".

Renjiro shot a death glare at Sesshomaru. It hadn't escaped his notice that Sesshomaru hadn't corrected Jaken about calling him a "slave" or a "commoner". The minor Lord was certain that Sesshomaru was trying to win back Kagome. Well, if Sesshomaru thought that he was going to give up his claim, he was sorely mistaken.


Kagome wearily followed Hitomi as she was led to the room she was staying in. She didn't like the situation. She didn't like it at all. Sesshomaru always had a reason for what he did. She had a feeling that is reason for urbanising her was going to complicate her life. "Here you are, Lady Kagome," the rabbit youkai said cheerfully. Kagome smiled and thanked Hitomi, who bowed before scampering off.

'Shit! I think I'm screwed,' Kagome thought panicking. Kagome didn't usually swear, but, in this case, it pretty much summed up the situation: She was in the staying bedroom reserved for the Lady of the western Lands.

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