I wish I owned Nightwing

But I don't


A Lifetime Later

Nightwing roughly shoved his captive into the streamlined vehicle. It didn't really have a name. There was no way Dick was going to call his car the Birdmobile. That was just corny, even for him.

A soft grunt escaped the bound figure before he hauled himself into a sitting position. The kid had got him good, Slade had to admit. His head was still ringing.

The ride to the Bludhaven Police Station was taken mostly in silence. Dick had thought about moving back to Gotham after his Father passed away, but he hadn't. This was his city. He knew Batman would have understood that sentiment.

Finally the mercenary spoke. "Why do you bother?" Slade asked. "We both know they cannot hold me. You are not gaining anything." Deathstroke figured it would take him a week at most to escape custody.

Nightwing laughed. "Of course I am," at the other's questioning look he elaborated. "Immense personal satisfaction." It had taken him decades, but Dick had finally beat Slade in a straight out, one-on-one fight.

A small frown spread across Deathstroke's face as he observed the younger man. He knew Nightwing well, better than most. Which was why he knew something was wrong. The vigilante had been unusually aggressive in their battle. "What is bothering you," he probed.

Gloved hands tightened on the steering wheel. "Not that it is any of your business," Dick hissed. "But my little brother is dead."

Slade leaned back against the seat. So Kestrel was dead; like so many of the younger heroes, the third Robin had changed his name to show his independence. "So that is why you're angry at me," he stated carelessly.

It was the mercenary's tone that did it. Nightwing slammed the brakes before turning on the other. One hand shot up to rip the mask off his face. It wasn't like it mattered anymore. No one would recognize the face beneath it.

"Why wouldn't I be angry at you? This is your fault!" he yelled. The vigilante closed his eyes and took a deep breath, calming himself. "It's your fault I'm the last." First Alfred, then Lelsie. Bruce, Barbara, Cassandra, Tim, one after another his family had passed to where he could not follow. Even Jason was gone.

Slade was silent for a moment, stunned by the sight of the uncovered sapphire eyes. "The offer is still open you know," he stated softly. There would always be a place for the younger man if he wanted it.

"Forget it," Dick stated firmly. "I haven't changed my mind."

"Neither have I," Slade was just as stubborn as Nightwing.

Calmly the vigilante replaced his mask and they continued to the police station. Really, there was nothing more to say.


I see the relationship between Nightwing & Deathstroke

as a never-ending battle, neither of them will ever give up

Dick will always be a hero

Slade will always be a villain